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Shopify was born when three friends launched a snowboarding shop called Snowdevil in the mid 2000s. Not satisfied with the existing ecommerce providers available, computer programmer Tobias Lütke decided to put his skills to good use.

Flash forward to today, and Shopify is a website builder that allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to create amazing online retail stores. Shopify’s features have attracted around 20% of all e-commerce stores – that’s 800,000 plus stores for context.

Their favor is due to Shopify’s range of pricing plans, its super customizable (and code-free!) nature, plus its wide range of marketing, point of sale, accessibility options.

To show you what’s possible, we’re serving up 15 of the best Shopify stores for your inspiration. Successful in terms of design, functionality, and revenue, these Shopify website examples are highly aspirational for both new and existing e-commerce store owners.

Read on to get inspired!

Shopify logo 2

Are You Interested In Building A Shopify Store?

Shopify is one of our top-recommended ecommerce platforms, scoring 4.6 out of 5 based on our research and user-testing. From its wealth of apps to amazing multi-channel options, Shopify gives you everything to great a professional online store that’s scalable.

1 Manitobah Mukluks

Homepage of Manitobah Mukluks online Shopify store
The use of colorful garments on Manitobah Mukkuh’s homepage is inviting, and persuades you to shop its range of moccasins via a call to action (CTA) button.
Manitob Mukluks online Shopify store example
The plain white background of this Shopify store’s web pages allows the company’s traditionally colorful wares to do all of the talking.
Manitobah Mukluks 3
Manitobah Mukluk’s Shopify store allows you to host promotions and special offers.

Manitobah Mukluks is one of the best Shopify stores in terms of the products’ presentation. The homepage features a full-width image that focuses on footwear while utilizing three punchy adjectives to implore its browsers to head to the ‘moccasins’ section of the store.

Once there, the company’s colorful wares ‘pop’ against a plain white background; drawing the visitor’s focus to the products.

Manitobah Mukluks is one of the best Shopify sites for directing visitors to its product listing pages. This type of vivid photography against a clean background shows the potential of showcasing your site’s products – and their prices – in an aesthetically pleasing, easy on the eye way.

More Information

2 Give Me Tap!

Give Me Tap's Shopify store homepage
This page features a wide video header of the people the site’s products benefit, and attempts to engage visitors with moving images.
A Give Me Tap! product page
Showing the different color options of each bottle demonstrates the versatility of Give Me Tap!’s key offering.
A Give Me Tap! Cobrand Bottle product page
The world needs new responses to trash and a lack of clean drinking water. So, each product page outlines the figures connected to buying that item, and reinforces Give Me Tap!’s sustainability credentials.

From the moment you arrive on Give Me Tap!’s Shopify store, you’re uplifted with a wide video header – which shows the beneficiaries of GiveMeTap products celebrating – that makes you stop and shop. Then, each product page uses bullet points to describe the company’s products, and inform people of their social cause. Customers can browse different color options at a glance, while product mock-ups help turn browsers into buyers.

This is one of the best Shopify stores for showcasing the potential of customizable products.

Shopify logo 2

Give Power To Your Customers

Letting your customers customize their products might seem far-fetched, but Shopify enables you to do that! Giving customers freedom is a great way to build trust and offers way more variety in your product.

3 BLK & Bold

Example of a BLK and Bold Shopify store page
BL K & Bold is understandably proud of its partnership with the NBA.
BLK and Bold B Corp Status page from its Shopify store
A ‘For the Youth’ page tells potential customers about BLK & Bold’s B Corp status. Below this sit details about the company’s youth pledge partners.
About Us page from BLK & Bold
This Shopify store’s ‘About Us’ section includes a photo of the two founders, Pernell and Rod, and describes their respective backgrounds and purpose.

BLK & Bold’s Shopify store plays on the abbreviated first word of their company name (black). Black headers and footers, images of branded packaging, and bold, outspoken font styles infuse the site with a slick, aesthetically-driven look and feel.

4 Allbirds

A screenshot from Allbirds' Shopify store
This Shopify store’s green background symbolizes Allbirds’ eco credentials.
Alllbirds Sustainability menu
The company’s ‘Sustainability’ menu is easy to follow. Informative and crisp, it helps ‘sell’ the shoe line’s unique selling points.
Allbirds' Our Materials page screenshot
Once again, sustainability is king. Here, the ‘Our Materials’ section of Allbirds’ Shopify store showcases the fibers that these ‘green’ shoes are made from.
Allbirds blog section
This blog-like part of Allbirds’ Shopify store directs you to articles. From collaborations with Adidas to consumerism and alternative ‘plant leathers’, there’s plenty to keep you occupied!
Allbirds' illustrations
Allbirds’ Shopify store is a great example of how a quirky illustration can catch the eye. It reinforces what the text is saying, while echoing the brand’s look and feel.

Allbirds is soaring in popularity with runners and athleisure fashionistas who value sustainable apparel. Established by two Kiwis – one based in renewables, the other an ex-soccer player – Allbirds draws inspiration from New Zealand’s sustainable merino wool. It’s also a great example of one of the most tactile Shopify example sites, particularly in the look and feel of its brand design, logo, and two-tone color scheme.

Shopify logo 2

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Did you know Shopify accounts for $316 billion in global economic activity? Click the link to find out why 2.1 million users just like you use Shopify every day – put it to the test with a free trial!

5 Gymshark

Gymshark's Shopify store's new releases page
These images of co-ords have a mirrored look, while a spot of creative photography makes this model look like a sporting giant.
Gymshark's Moving Forward page
Here, Gymshark’s Shopify store’s models are shown in various stages of movement, while the slogan ‘Moving Forward’ echoes Gymshark’s own kinesis within the fitness apparel industry.
Gymshark's store's multiple payment methods
As this screenshot from Gymshark’s Shopify store demonstrates, offering multiple payment methods can make the difference between a sale and an empty cart.
Gymshark's Shopify store's 'Quick Add' feature
Gymshark’s ‘Quick Add’ feature saves the customer valuable time when shopping.

Gymshark’s product’s colors, models, and photography practically screams ‘healthy’, and it’s an excellent example of how one person – with little more than passion, a garage, and a Shopify store – can make it big.

We’d advise apparel companies to include the ‘Quick Add’ feature in their own Shopify store, as this saves busy customers time and disappointment when viewing the sizes at a glance.

6 Ruggable

Ruggable's online store's homepage
Ruggable’s landing page makes the USP of this product clear – it sells washable rugs!
Screenshot of one of Ruggable's demo videos
Videos are a great addition to any Shopify store – particularly if they advertise your products, or show your audience how to use them. This demo video, for instance, demonstrates how the to clean a Ruggable rug.
Ruggable's multicolored rugs
Ruggable is a versatile, user-friendly Shopify store that offers many ways to filter its products.
Ruggable's FAQ page
An additional FAQ page – like this one from Ruggable – is a great way to answer commonly-asked customer questions, directly through your business’ Shopify store.

Ruggable’s Shopify store aims to inform customers of its USPs – namely, machine-washable rugs. With approximately 85,000 unique visitors each month, it’s no doubt an idea that many wish they’d thought of first! Ruggable’s FAQ page, demo video, and various product-filtering methods make it one of the most user-friendly Shopify store examples we found.

We’d advise apparel companies to include the ‘Quick Add’ feature in their own Shopify store, as this saves busy customers time and disappointment when viewing the sizes at a glance.

7 Pants and Socks

pants and socks landing page
The landing page does a great job of marketing the top brands, giving legitimacy to the site.
pants and socks product page
A white background with options showing off every other colour available gives customers all the info they might need.
pants and socks subscription
Pants and Socks offers a subscription service in which customers get a discount with regular deliveries of their product.

Pants and Socks offers men’s underwear and socks from top designer brands in both an online store and subscription model. Subscribed customers get a 20% discount and a choice of whatever product they want. It’s a great way to keep a consistent customer base, and it’s all possible through Shopify’s editor.

A great example of how you can adapt Shopify to fit your particular business model!


richard clews head shot Richard Clews
Richard Clews is the founder of 7-figure ecommerce company Pants&Socks. They focus on selling men's underwear and socks and use Shopify to power their store.

For our company's launch in 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic, simplicity was key for us, and Shopify is a very solid platform to launch a store from.

Our niche is specialty men’s underwear which is a high-margin product for us. We source our products through different vendors such as Calvin Klein, CR7, BOSS, and the French Connection.

  Shopify is very easy to use and quite simple to get a store up and running. The app’s plug-and-play features are very nice and quick to pick up. For our company’s launch in 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic, simplicity was key for us, and Shopify is a very solid platform to launch a store from. I also have had a lot of success with their customer service. They are quick to respond and very respectful and understanding towards what you face as an ecommerce small business owner. The inventory system is also really cool!

I would add a more advanced suite of tools for customization. Once you figure out how to use Shopify, you sometimes find that you want to be able to customize a function, tool, feature, or visual display completely and Shopify doesn’t provide access for this unless you really dive in and learn the programming language.
Nothing really, I was aware of the pros and cons of using Shopify and we consciously made the decision to forgo some customization for an easy-to-implement store.

8 Flourist

Flourist homepage
Flourist’s Shopify store’s homepage informs its visitors about the brand’s traceable ingredients.
Flourist's recipe page
Florist’s Shopify store offers inspiration for baking fans and new bakers alike. Enticing images persuade you to click on each recipe.
Flourist's Instagram feed
Showcasing Flourist’s Instagram feed draws customers into its social media ecosystem. New followers (almost) guaranteed!

Flourist’s Instagram feed and recipes section reflect its commitment to freshness and quality, while pics of mouth-watering treats catch the eye. Each carefully-presented example of honest food – made with Flourist’s fully traceable grains – encourages engagement.

New (and existing) entrepreneurs can learn from Flourist’s Shopify store’s integration of its Instagram feed.

Feeling inspired to set up your own Shopify store, but want to know exactly how much it’s all going to cost you, first? We’ve got your back. Check out our guide to Shopify Pricing for everything you need to know.

9 Bailly

Bailly coupon pop-up
This 10% off coupon pop-up greets visitors upon arrival at Bailly’s Shopify store.
Bailly podcast
Here, Bailly has included a link to its most recent podcast features, inviting the casual browser to engage further with its value-adding content.
Bailly Shopify store try before you buy page
This page offers Bailly’s Shopify store’s customers the chance to ‘Try before they buy’.

Bailly was created by two friends, with the aim of bringing more sweet-smelling cruelty-free and vegan perfumes to the market. Spurred on by the values of girl power – strength, empowerment, and independence – this is one of the best Shopify store examples where a company has really connected with its target audience (young women).

We’d recommend using its pop-up discounts, customer-friendly color scheme (those sorbet colors are a delight!), and podcast recordings to build your own loyal customer base.

10 Bebemoss

Bebemoss' Shopify store's values and CTA button
Bebemoss’ three main values are expressed here in illustration form, while its vibrant CTA button – tucked just below said values – is impossible to miss!
Bebemoss product page
Bebemoss gives each product line a name. Other Shopify stores use black text, but this Shopify store employs a soft pink font style to appeal to its target customers (moms and children).
Bebemoss make-your-own crochet kits page
Make-your-own crochet kits allow moms (and dads) to indulge in some of their own crafting.

Bebemoss has adopted a child-like color scheme and simplistic illustrations to emphasize the softness of its products. Also, Bebemoss’ potential customers (mostly moms) will be drawn to the DIY crochet kits, which are offered in a dedicated section of the site. This heart-warming Shopify store is bound to connect emotionally with customers; particularly due to its named products, such as “Azalea the Mermaid”.

We think that offering customers the ability to crochet their own deer or elephant is a wise commercial move – what about you?

11 Suta

The homepage of Suta's Shopify store
Suta’s Shopify store is geared towards demonstrating its vivid array of colored sarees.
Suta video
Here, Suta shows off the craftsmanship of each saree to potential customers in a short video.
Suta's Shopify store's Featured In section
Suta proudly tells visitors about where they’ve been featured, in order to build trust and authenticity with potential customers.

Suta’s range of sarees – first envisioned by sisters Sujata and Taniya – was inspired by their experiences of shopping in India. Including a special “Sarees under RS 2100” section allows a greater span of customers to try the company’s beautiful wares, while images and videos of models wearing colorful sarees reflect Suta’s vibrant Indian heritage.

One of many wonderful Shopify example sites, we were wowed by Suta’s “Featured In” section, which showcases recent press coverage, and shouts about where the brand name has been featured recently.

12 BioLite

BioLite's homepage
BioLite’s homepage shows the positive impact the company is making.
BioLite's Shopify store story timeline
BioLite discusses its mission to end energy poverty, and reduce toxic emissions by 90%. Its story is also shown as a timeline on its Shopify store.
BioLite's drop-down menu
BioLite’s Shopify store’s drop-down menu shows customers basic drawings of each product category, and helps them find what they need more quickly.

BioLite’s functional-looking Shopify store balances products and information perfectly. BioLite’s extensive product catalogue – which features line drawings on the drop down menu – helps customers navigate its wares, while its company timeline is an inspired way of enlivening an ‘about us’ page. But our favourite feature has to be the ‘Compare’ table, which allows you to compare and contrast different products with ease.

13 Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch homepage
Kirrin Finch’s Shopify store’s homepage reveals the brand’s purpose – conscientious menswear-inspired apparel.
Kirrin Finch's Shopify Store
Kirrin Finch Shopify store image gallery
Customers can hover over many of the images above, to explore the finer details of Kirrin Finch’s products.
Kirrin Finch's Dapper Scout page
Kirrin Finch’s Shopify store even allows you to apply to become a Dapper Scout. What’s that? Well, they’re community ambassadors... and super stylish people, obviously!

Kirrin Finch sells inclusive menswear-inspired apparel for women, through its excellent Shopify store. Identifying a need for tomboy styling, Kirrin Finch lives its brand, with relaxed-looking models and a ‘We care about size inclusivity’ announcement. By encouraging applications to become its community ambassadors (or ‘Dapper Scouts’), Kirrin Finch is one of the best Shopify website examples of how inclusivity can be achieved through ecommerce.

Shopify logo 2

Designed Around You

Don’t put up with finding stores to be “almost perfect”. With Shopify, you can easily create the perfect store for you — and we’re sure others will agree!

14 Lunch Skins

Lunch Skins Shopify store product page
Lunch Skin’s Shopify store shows its product in action - here, as a wrap for sandwiches.
Lunch Skins product bundle
Customers save 5% when they buy a bundle of products through Lunch Skin’s Shopify store.
Lunch Skins Accessibility Adjustments feature
The ‘Accessibility Adjustments’ feature on this Shopify store allows viewers to customize its profile to suit their needs.

Mom Kirsten Quigley couldn’t believe how much packaging built up in the home. Her Shopify store Lunch Skins – a kind of sustainable, multiple-use shrink wrap for foodstuffs, which emerged from this realization – showcases the product’s fun designs, and offers money-saving bundles for families on a budget. Lunch Skin’s Shopify store’s visitors can easily adjust the text colour, contrast, and even choose an ADHD-friendly profile.

As Shopify website examples go, Lunch Skins’ Accessibility Adjustments are pretty awesome; not only do they allow more people to experience the site, but also – by making their users feel included – motivate them to become loyal customers!

15 MakerGear

MakerGear homepage
MakerGear’s homepage celebrates the company’s ‘wins’ – here, achieving gold at the USAF Advanced Manufacturing Olympics.
MakerGear user guide
MakerGear’s user guides and open source software are available for all customers to download.
MakerGear's social links on product page
MakerGear’s Shopify store has social media links next to the product. This encourages people to share the item, and could lead to increased sales.
MakerGear's signup form
Visitors can sign-up for the MakerGear newsletter with this simple form.

Ever bought a product, only to lose the software or instructions? MakerGear’s 3D printer Shopify store offers free replacement downloads. Also, by offering its Shopify store’s visitors the ability to subscribe to its newsletter – and share its products via email or on social media – MakerGear has built a comprehensive, multi-channel ecosystem of customers.

16 SmartyPits

SmartyPits's Shopify store homepage
SmartyPits’s Shopify store homepage is one that makes you take notice. You can click the ‘How your purchase helps save lives’ button to dig deeper into the brand’s values.
SmartyPits's SmartyPicks of the month
‘SmartyPicks of the Month’ is a curated list of the company’s favorite Summertime fragrances.
SmartyPits's Subscribe and Save block
A ‘Subscribe and Save’ block outlines the financial benefits of subscribing to SmartyPits’s Shopify store.

SmartyPits’s Shopify store sells safe, aluminum-free deodorants, free from nasties. Repeating keywords like “aluminum-free” drives the company’s goals of health and environmentally-consciousness, while also serving as a neat little SEO trick!

Final Thoughts

We hope these Shopify example sites have shown you what’s possible for your business. Whether your goal is functionality, beautiful design, accessibility, or success in building a community, you can build the right Shopify store for you.

Rival these best Shopify sites and start building your own Shopify store. Good luck!


Anything within the law! Shopify lets you sell most things that one would reasonably buy, but they have their limits. Check their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) if you are unsure.
Although Shopify is primarily geared towards ecommerce, there is nothing stopping you from simply creating a non-commercial website with it. Shopify offers a free domain, hosting, plenty of apps, and all with great customization and support.
Tesla, Hasbro, Sephora, Whole Foods, Red Bull, Heinz – they all use Shopify.
Shopify’s major strength is its sales features and its ability to scale for large inventories. If you are making the venture into an online store, and wish for it to be a success then Shopify is your best partner. Tesla, Heinz, Sephora, and a number of other big brands trust Shopify for their online commerce, so if you have the drive Shopify has the means.
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