Wix eCommerce Review 2019: Key Things to Know Before You Build a Wix Store

Last updated on January 23, 2019
Wix eCommerce review

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Easy-to-use ecommerce platform from our highest-rated website builder

Great value Wix eCommerce plans include unlimited bandwidth and custom domain name

Unrivalled choice of sales and marketing apps

Wix eCommerce review



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Best website builder with ecommerce functionality.

Want a feature-rich ecommerce builder, without giving up creative control over your brand and storefront design? Wix eCommerce could be the perfect choice for you. This builder is ideal for anyone looking to combine intuitive editing tools with ecommerce functionality, for a well-rounded online store.

Wix eCommerce Pros Wix eCommerce Cons
  • Never edit blindly – the Wix editor shows you how your edits are impacting the design of your storefront
  • Beginner friendly – the interface is easy to use, with a drag-and-drop editor and mobile responsive templates
  • Brand first, products second – strong focus on creating a developed and attractive brand to sell products through
  • Eye-catching designs – add product videos to give customers a better shopping experience
  • Multilingual sites – grow your business globally by creating multiple sites for different countries
  • No social media integration – doesn’t let you sell across multiple channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Lack of advanced tools – doesn’t offer abandoned cart recovery to catch customers who have left items in their checkout
  • Poor inventory system – inventory system lacks analytics tools and bulk upload option
  • Too much creative freedom – total creative freedom can get in the way of ecommerce design best practices

Overview of Wix eCommerce

You’ve probably already heard of Wix. You might have even seen the adverts, where people build websites quickly, easily, and without ever touching a line of code. But did you know that Wix can also help you set up an online store?

Wix eCommerce uses the same easy and intuitive drag-and-drop editor you see in those adverts, allowing you to build your very own ecommerce website. No need for coding, hosting, or stressing – simply pick your template, customize it by dragging and dropping elements like text boxes and images around your pages, and then hit publish!

All of Wix’s ecommerce plans come with a range of great sales tools built-in. You can see them in action on Wix sites such as https://www.vintique-watch.com/, which uses the builder to show off its watch collections.

Wix is the best website builder with ecommerce functionality on the market. It’s not a dedicated ecommerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce – rather, it’s a website builder which lets you add ecommerce functions to your website.

How do we know Wix is the best ecommerce website builder, beating other brands such as Weebly and Squarespace? We’re not just guessing – we tested them all, and got everyday people to test them too.

While Wix was the best website builder with ecommerce functionality, in the overall ratings it came second overall, with the dedicated ecommerce platform Shopify pulling ahead to take first place.

We looked at all the important areas, from features and pricing to ease of use. This article will take you through what we found, and tell you once and for all if you should choose Wix eCommerce to build your online store.

We’re not going to draw it out – here’s an overview of how Wix scored in our testing:

Best website builder with ecommerce functionality

4.3 out of 5

Ease Of Use

4 out of 5 stars

Design Flexibility

4 out of 5 stars

Customer Score

4.5 out of 5 stars

Help and Support

5 out of 5 stars

Value For Money

4.5 out of 5 stars

Website Features

4 out of 5 stars

Sales Features

3 out of 5 stars

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How Easy is Wix eCommerce to Use?

What use is a builder if you’re fighting to complete simple tasks every step of the way? Adding products, processing payments, customizing your storefront; none of these things should have you tearing your hair out.

Luckily, Wix is known for its beginner-friendly design and simple processes. It uses a drag-and-drop editor, so you can just drag elements like text boxes and videos to wherever you want them on your pages.

Customizing your storefront is also really easy. Wix is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builder, so when you edit your pages, you can see exactly how your site will look once it’s live.

wix editor easy to use
Wix’s editor is easy to use, whether changing backgrounds or adding text. Simply drag and drop items you want onto your pages.

If you drag a text box across your screen in the Wix editor, you know precisely where it will appear on the live version. This is different to other builders where you have to make all your changes in the backend, and only see the results when you preview your site.

The best part, though, is that you don’t need to know a single line of code. Wix helps you create a professional website for your business, without ever even thinking about the dreaded HTML or CSS.

If you need a site up quickly, why not try out Wix ADI? This uses Artificial Design Intelligence to create a personalized website for you, in just a few minutes. You just answer some simple questions, pick the designs you like, and then edit to your heart’s content until it looks just how you want it.

Because of all the features needed to run an online store, ecommerce platforms can often be complex to use and take a while to get to grips with. Wix, however, combines ease of use with a good range of ecommerce tools, as well as great customization for your storefront.

Further Information


Wix eCommerce Customer Satisfaction

One of the greatest tests of any builder is whether it can keep its users satisfied. That’s why we not only test each platform ourselves, but also get other people to use them and give us their feedback.

That’s how we know that Wix doesn’t just look the part – it leaves happy customers in its wake. When asked how likely they were to recommend Wix, our users scored the platform an impressive 4/5 overall!

Here are some of the things our users had to say about Wix eCommerce:

“Creating categories and adding products was really easy, putting in a size variant was really easy, editing the text boxes and images to represent the brand – all super easy.”


“It looks really professional, even after adding a couple of buttons on to the home page. It’s very clean – you can easily identify where things are, and how it would appear once published.”

The main thing our users fed back to us was how easy it was to use Wix to build their store. From adding ecommerce features such as products and size variants, to customizing the store’s branding, Wix received positive comments on its simple and flexible design.

Some found the level of creative control to be more of a hindrance, wishing for greater structure and a larger, more powerful set of ecommerce tools. However, they did admire the potential for creating a strong and unique brand with Wix, and enjoyed adding features such as product videos.

Overall, our users recommended Wix for small businesses who are keen to establish a strong and attractive brand. It has a good range of ecommerce tools, but is unsuitable for anyone looking to set up an ecommerce empire.


Wix eCommerce Sales Tools and Features

Wix has all the tools you need to get physical and digital products flying off your virtual shelves.

Attractive product pages are all well and good, but you need to keep things organized behind the scenes. Wix has a number of in-house features that mean your stores can function and thrive.

Product Types

Whether you’re selling handmade goods or digital downloads, Wix won’t stand in your way. You can set up your store to sell physical and digital products, from music to ebooks to hand-knitted scarves.

If your business relies on accepting bookings and people paying for classes, Wix has options for you too. You can accept payments for bookings through the Wix Bookings app, although you can’t list and sell these services as actual products.

Unlike selling platforms such as Etsy, where you can only sell handmade or vintage goods, there are no rules about the types of products you can sell through Wix. The online marketplace is your oyster – and yes, you can even sell those too!

Product Presentation

You don’t buy something online if it doesn’t look good. Only one product image, taken from an unhelpful angle? Distracting layout or annoying lack of product zoom? Say goodbye to a sale, because most customers will be looking elsewhere.

Thankfully, this is one of Wix’s main strengths. Its templates provide an attractive design for you to base your store on, with user experience and branding clearly important factors. Product zoom comes built-in, and gives the customer a much better idea of what it is you’re offering.

wix ecommerce product galleries
Wix provides attractive template designs to really show off your products and catch the customer’s eye

Don’t leave your customers in the dark about what they’re buying. Wix lets you add up to 15 product images for each product you upload, which should be more than enough to make your visitors reach for their wallets.

You can also add product videos to really show off your goods and provide an even better customer experience. These aren’t built-in to the templates, but are easy to add to your store using Wix’s drag-and-drop editor.

Payment Options and Fees

Wix offers all the traditional payments gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and Square. There are over 15 different payment options in total, so there should be something for everyone. Wix doesn’t support Amazon or Apple Pay, but there should be enough other options to make up for this.

All Wix sites come with an SSL certificate, which just needs to be activated to secure your site. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and encrypts your visitors’ information – this makes it essential for online stores, as it makes it safe to process payments.

Inventory Management

Wix’s inventory is not the most powerful on the market. You can sell unlimited products with no problem, but you can’t upload those products in bulk, which is a real shame!

However, Wix does support product management. With the Wix Stores app, you can choose how to manage your inventory, track product numbers and stock levels, and automatically mark items as out of stock.

While Wix makes it easy to keep track of your orders and inventory, it could go a step further to support stores with a larger product base.

Shipping Options

Shipping can be difficult to manage, especially if you’re delivering to areas with different rules and prices. Wix allows you to track orders from its dashboard, as well as set shipping and tax rules for your products. That’s pretty handy!

Multichannel Selling

Multichannel selling is an important aspect of running an ecommerce business. Selling across social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Amazon is a great way of getting exposure for your business and appealing to a wider audience.

Unfortunately, Wix doesn’t support multichannel selling. If you want to venture into multichannel selling, you’ll need to use a third-party app such as Ecwid, which integrates with your Wix site and adds extra functions.

App Market

The Wix Stores app is the beating heart of Wix eCommerce. You don’t need to download it or go searching for it, as it comes built-in to all Wix eCommerce templates. With Wix Stores, you can…

  • Sell unlimited products
  • Create product galleries to showcase your stock
  • Create discount codes
  • Get an optimized mobile store
  • Accept numerous types of payment, including credit cards and offline payments
  • Get access to online payment processors including PayPal, Stripe, and Square
  • Send automatic email notifications to your customers
  • Create newsletters – tell your customers about promos and new products using Wix ShoutOut and Lightbox
  • Get premium order management tools
  • Ensure top-level security with SSL encryption
  • Keep all your profits – Wix charges NO transaction fees

and much more. That’s an impressive list! You can see all the latest Wix Stores features on Wix’s website, but if that’s still not enough tools for you, don’t worry – you’ll find a huge supply of additional resources in the Wix App Market.

Here you’ll find a mix of free and paid apps – some made by Wix, others by third parties – offering advanced tools to add to your site. There are over 200 apps in total, with over 50 in the “Online Store” category.

Using the Wix App Market, you can find tools to customize your storefront, add live chats and coupons to engage customers, and even integrate with other ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and Ecwid.


Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO,  is an artform for some and a mystery to others. All it refers to is making your website as ready and easy as possible for Google and other search engines to find it.

Wix has built-in SEO tools to make life as easy as possible. All Wix sites are mobile optimized, and come with customizable options ranging from alt text to setting keywords for your pages.

wix ecommerce seo tools
Wix gives you the tools and guidance needed to optimize your site and give it the best chance of ranking highly in Google search results

You can easily get to grips with SEO by following Wix’s SEO Wiz. This asks you a few simple questions, such as the name of your website and its keywords, and uses your answers to create a personalized plan. There is also an SEO Guide to follow as your site progresses.

Further Information


Bonus: 9 Wix eCommerce Tips to help You Sell Online

If you want extra insight into how you can set up your online store with Wix, you’re in luck. Our Wix eCommerce Tips video gives you detailed, yet down to earth advice on how to build your Wix store, and how to make it a success!


How Good are Wix eCommerce’s Template Designs?

Despite its great ecommerce features and impressive app store, Wix really shines in its template designs and customization.

Wix has over 500 templates in total, and over 80 of those can be found in the “Online Store” category. You can even choose a blank template if you want to start from scratch – but with designs as professional as Wix’s, that seems like unnecessary work!

wix ecommerce templates
Wix has a wide range of professional, feature-packed templates for building online stores

All Wix templates are free of charge, so you don’t need to worry about any sneaky hidden fees. However,, if you want to make use of all the features included in Wix’s ecommerce templates, you will need to be on an ecommerce plan.

To select a template, simply browse through the selection (either by category or by using the search feature), click preview to see if you like the design, make your choice, and begin editing. Your credit card can stay in your wallet!

Previewing your template and making sure you’re happy with the design is especially important with Wix, because you can’t switch your template once you’ve published your site. If you do feel like a change, you’ll have to build a new site and re-enter your content again – and when time is money, this is less than ideal.

All Wix templates are mobile responsive and come with a dedicated mobile editor, so you can make sure your website looks great on all devices.

Design Customization

While Wix’s templates do look stunning, you’ll still want to put your own stamp on your site’s design. You don’t need to spend hours coding or learning tech skills to do this – simply add images, delete sections, create new pages, drag text boxes to new positions, and add any new features you like, anywhere on your site.

Creating your own brand and customizing your design is super easy with Wix. Its drag-and-drop editor means anyone who can click a mouse can create a totally unique online store.

wix ecommerce design tools
Wix gives you tons of customization options, so you can edit your design as much as you like. This is perfect for creating a strong online brand for your business.

This means your product pages will reflect your business brand, and make your website as recognizable as the products you sell. Customization on the checkout page is more limited, but you can still add your business name and logo.

If you want an even deeper level of customization, you can use Wix Code. Before the tech-phobes amongst you go running for the hills, Wix Code doesn’t actually mean you need to do any coding!

That may sound confusing, but Wix Code lets you create a database of information to help you create a more complex site, without the complexity of learning new tech skills – or the cost of hiring a developer.

Overall, Wix has got it covered on all fronts. It has a large selection of stylish, feature-packed templates and offers tons of creative freedom, with both beginner-friendly and more advanced customization tools. With all that creative control, though, just make sure you’re always designing with your customers in mind.

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Wix eCommerce Help and Support

When you get on an aeroplane, you probably don’t take much notice of the safety briefing or the emergency features. However, if they weren’t there, we doubt you’d get on the plane at all.

Signing up to a website builder with no customer support may not be as disastrous as boarding a plane without any safety equipment, but it could still cause you hours of frustration – and even money – if things did go wrong.

Wix won’t leave you free-falling if your website crashes, or if you have trouble finding your way around. It offers multiple support options, including:

  • Phone support
  • Social media support
  • Community forum
  • Email support
  • Video tutorials
  • 24/7 on-page editor support
  • In-depth knowledge base

Whether you want to talk to a real person on the phone, or prefer losing yourself in detailed help articles, Wix has something for everyone. It doesn’t offer a live chat option, but between its incredibly in-depth knowledge base and social media support, this shouldn’t be a problem.

wix help center
Wix’s Help Center has tons of support resources for you to browse. You can search for your specific query, or look through the different help categories.

If you sign up to the most expensive ecommerce plan, Business VIP, you get priority response to any tickets you submit. You are also eligible for VIP Support, which gives you priority phone support.


Wix eCommerce Pricing - Is It Good Value for Money?

With all these features, you’re probably wondering: how much does Wix cost?

Wix’s free plan is unusually generous. It gives you as much time as you want to build your online store and prepare it for launch. It’s also a great chance to try Wix out and decide for yourself whether it’s the right fit for you.

However, if you want to collect payments and make money – which we assume you do – then you’ll need to upgrade.

There are three Wix eCommerce plans to choose from:

  • Business Basic: $20 per month
  • Business Unlimited: $25 per month
  • Business VIP: $35 per month

All of these allow you to accept online payments, sell without paying any commission, connect your own domain name, remove Wix adverts, and use Google Analytics. All three come with unlimited bandwidth, while you also get $300 in Ad Vouchers and unlock the Site Booster and Form Builder apps.

wix ecommerce price plans
Wix has three ecommerce plans to choose from, ranging from $20 to $35 per month (billed annually)

Take a look at some of the key features of each plan in the comparison table below:

Feature Business Basic


Business Unlimited


Business VIP


Video Hours 5 hours 10 hours Unlimited hours
Remove Wix Ads ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Connect Domain ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 20GB 35GB 50GB
Priority Response ✔️

Business Basic plan ($20/month)

The Business Basic plan is your best-value option. It’s the cheapest ecommerce plan, and the best option if you’re just starting out. $20 per month is a very competitive price, and while Shopify is the superior service, Wix is the best value for money if you’re brand new to website building.

For just $20 a month, you get:

  • Wix Stores ecommerce platform, with all the features explored above
  • 20GB storage space for all your site’s assets, such as product galleries
  • Unlimited bandwidth, so you can attract as many customers as you want – your site won’t go down if you go viral!
  • Free custom domain name for one year, so you can get rid of the Wix branding in your web address and choose your own
  • No Wix ads on any of your site’s pages
  • Five video hours
  • Ad vouchers worth $300, so you can advertise your site on Google and Bing
  • Site Booster app (normally $60) to push your online store up the Google rankings
  • Form Builder app (normally $48) to create high quality booking and contact forms
  • Google Analytics for world class data on what your customers are doing, and how you can deliver what they want.

That $20 figure is the monthly price if you pay annually. The Business Basic plan costs even less if you pay for two ($17.50) or three ($16.50) years up front.

This plan is best for small ecommerce businesses that are finding their feet and just getting started with an online store.

Business Unlimited plan ($25/month)

The Business Unlimited plan is the most popular of Wix’s ecommerce plans. It’s best for growing businesses, and has the extra features to prove it. It’s still cheaper than Shopify’s lowest plan, and for your $25 per month, you get:

  • Everything from the Business Basic plan
  • 35GB storage
  • 10 video hours
  • Wix Logo Maker (worth $50), so you can create your very own professional logo
  • Social Media Logo files – get over 40 different sizes of your logo, ready to share across social media

If you’re looking to grow your business, the Business Unlimited Plan offers great value for money.

Business VIP plan ($35/month)

Wix’s most expensive plan is perfect for the well-developed business which needs more advanced tools. For $35 per month, you get:

  • Everything from the Business Unlimited plan
  • 50GB storage
  • Unlimited video hours
  • Priority response
  • VIP support

This extra level of service is perfect for businesses who need the full package, and can’t afford to be at the back of the queue when it comes to waiting for support. This makes the Business VIP plan best for established businesses.

Value for Money

You can build your store using Wix’s free plan, but to really put these features through their paces, you’ll need to sign up to one of these three ecommerce plans. Instead of a free trial, Wix offers a 14-day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t 100% happy, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

Wix is a great place to start for smaller businesses on a budget, because it’s much cheaper than other ecommerce platforms. It does offer less advanced features than dedicated ecommerce builders, but this also makes it a more budget-friendly option for small businesses.

So how does Wix compare to its competitors? Shopify’s prices start at $29 per month and range up to $299 per month. BigCommerce ranges from $29.95 per month up to $224.95 per month. Squarespace’s ecommerce plans vary, from $26 to a more reasonable $40 per month.

In our research, Wix scored higher overall than BigCommerce and Squarespace, so you can be sure you’re getting a top quality service at great value.

Overall, Wix averages out at cheaper than its competitors – especially if you’re looking at the long-term cost of scaling up your business.

Further Information

Wix eCommerce Review: The Verdict

This article has examined the ins and outs of what makes Wix eCommerce tick.

Wix is a great choice for building your first online store, and then taking it to the next level.

Its drag-and-drop website builder and integrated ecommerce features make it easy for beginners, while its extensive app market make it powerful enough to achieve your ambitions.

As you may know from our ecommerce comparison chart, Wix isn’t quite top of the ecommerce league. That honor goes to Shopify, which offers a few features Wix doesn’t.

But that’s because Shopify is an ecommerce specialist. It only lets you build online stores. Wix is an all-rounder, with a strong focus on creating a professional brand as well as selling products.

Wix’s impressive customization and beginner-friendly processes is where it really holds it own against platforms like Shopify. It also has the bonus of a free plan, and budget-friendly prices for those just starting out.

Wix is the best website builder with ecommerce functionality. If you’re setting up your ecommerce business and don’t have tons of products to sell (yet), Wix is the perfect place to get started, make money, and build your brand image.

Wix eCommerce: FAQs

Can you use Wix eCommerce for free?

No – you can’t sell through your Wix website without signing up to a premium plan. However, you can build your store and get it ready to go using the free plan, before then upgrading to an ecommerce plan. When you upgrade, you’ll unlock built-in ecommerce features, and be able to accept payments through your website.

Is Wix better than Shopify?

While Wix certainly does its best to give Shopify a run for its money, Shopify is still the best all-around ecommerce platform. It has much more powerful ecommerce features than Wix, and reasonable price plans. However, Wix is better for total beginners and small-scale sellers because of its easy to use and creative editor, not to mention its budget-friendly prices.

Can you integrate Wix eCommerce with other platforms, like Shopify?

If you have accounts with both Shopify and Wix, you can use the Shopify Buy Button to add ecommerce to your Wix website. This is really aimed at adding Shopify’s selling tools to a non-ecommerce Wix website, and does involve coding. But it is a way of combining these two leading brands if you want to make use of them both!

You can also integrate other platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay with your Wix store using apps.

Does Wix eCommerce have any hidden costs?

No it doesn’t! Wix doesn’t charge any transaction fees, unlike other ecommerce platforms, so you won’t get caught out by any unexpected selling fees. Apps come as both free and premium, so you don’t have to pay if you can find free ones you’re happy with (and there are plenty out there)!

If you get a free domain name with your ecommerce plan, just remember it’s only free for the first year, and will renew at its usual rate after that time is up.

What size business is Wix eCommerce best for?

Wix has three eCommerce plans, so there’s plenty of room to scale up. We recommend Wix for first-time sellers, and for small businesses who are looking to set up and start growing!

Wix is perfect for establishing your brand and expanding your business, but it doesn’t have the same powerful tools as ecommerce specific platforms. For a more developed platform, take a look at Shopify, which helps businesses of all sizes to grow. If your business is already large and well established, and you’re looking for more extreme growth, check out BigCommerce.

Found our Wix eCommerce review helpful?

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About Lucy Carney

You’re not alone! Building a website can be scary, especially if you’re like me with no previous coding experience. With the help of our experts I’m here as a friendly voice to help guide you into the exciting world of website building. If I can do it, so can you!


Lucy Carney

About Lucy Carney

You’re not alone! Building a website can be scary, especially if you’re like me with no previous coding experience. With the help of our experts I’m here as a friendly voice to help guide you into the exciting world of website building. If I can do it, so can you!

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      Hi Draper,
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      Thanks for your question! Wix is available in Japan, and you can even create your website in Japanese! So the eCommerce features should all be there for you to use as long as you’re on a suitable premium plan. This allows you to use Wix Stores and access premium apps! Unfortunately setting up real time shipping calculation is only available in the US and Brazil, but you can set up shipping rules (for example selecting shipping regions, the type of shipping such as flat rates, rate by weight, etc.) – you can read more about this in the Wix help and support pages – I have included the link for you. The same goes for tax – you can set up tax in Wix Stores and also manage your tax rules for specific regions or states. Again, I’ve put in the links to these pages in case you find them useful!
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    I am trying to use my Wix site to accept bookings for a city walking tour business. I have a premium basic shop plan which I thought would allow me to do this but doesn’t. I’m now confused about the two sets of plans. Which plan do I need to be able to use Wix bookings and accept payments?

    • Lucy Carney

      Hi C J,
      Thanks so much for joining the discussion, I’m sorry you’ve run into trouble with accepting bookings. To use Wix Bookings and accept payments you will need to be on a Premium Business plan – the cheapest one is Business Basic for $20 a month. While you should be able to use Wix Bookings for free, the Business Basic plan will allow you to accept payments and use the advanced features such as creating bookings for group services. There are three Business plans to choose from, so you can choose which best fits your budget. I have also included links to the relevant Wix Support pages, and here is the Setting Up Wix Bookings page which has a list of helpful links in case you need further information or support.
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for the great review.

    I will have about 5-10 products and value highly a great, unique lay-out with good payment methods (preferrably Mastercard, Visa & Bancontact). Besides that of course it should be easy of use and give the ability to grow with my business.

    I start small so I am a bit in doubt which ecommerce platform would be better.

    Do you have any advice?

    Thx in advance!

    • Natasha Willett

      Hi Nils,
      Thanks for the great question. It is really going to depend on how many products you are going to look to sell in the future. If you are looking at selling no more than 50 products and wanting a really ease to use builder then I would definitely consider Wix. They have all the website customization available whilst supporting you with a product inventory, which will make adding products to your site super efficient. They also support all the different payment options you want too. Why not have a little read over our Wix vs Shopify review to help with your decision.

  9. #

    Hi, Thank you for the informative review.

    I Have a few questions though.

    Can this platform be used for a drop shipping website or Business and if so is there an app or plug-in that will allow me to do the following.
    1. 1-Click Order Placement
    2. ePacket ID & Filtering
    3. 1-Click Add to Website
    5. Set Automatic Margins
    6. Automatically Marked Orders as Fulfilled
    7. Product Availability Alerts
    8. Product Price Change Alerts
    9. Easily create Free + Shipping version of products
    10. Import products from other market places such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Walmart etc

    In short can I integrate apps such as dropified, Shopmaster or Orbelo to work with my website to make importation and product integration to my website easier.


    • Natasha Willett

      Hey Everhard,
      Thanks for the great question. With Wix, it is currently not possible to connect your store with a drop shipping service. If this was a feature you really wanted I’d consider that you look at Shopify. Wix and Shopify are very different from one another as far as how websites and ecommerce works. Wix appeals to some with its drag and drop interface and its fully customizable website. However some would view Wix as being a little more limited on their function and ability to grow beyond a basic website, for example Wix does not have the ability to import products via CSV file. If you plan to sell just a couple of products that you manually upload it may be a solution that works for you, if you are looking at selling multiple products with lots of different variants then potentially not. Whereas with Shopify, this is an an ecommerce platform first. It is built to be a store. Shopify support the dropified app you mention whereas with Wix it is not. Why not check out our Shopify review to help identify whether this would be a better platform for you and your online store.
      I hope this all helps.

  10. #

    Hi! Thanks for the good in depth rewiew!

    I have a few questions though:

    1. Do you still get discounts if you subscribe to your newsletter?

    2. I will have about 5-10 products that is all digital and things to download such as game codes or softwares.
    Is there a function so that the codes get sent out automatically after purchase?

    3. Does it support MasterCard payments?

    4. Does it work in Sweden?

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Ming, our newsletter is packed full of discounts and tips, so it’s worth signing up to! Wix certainly does accept MasterCard – how do you mean does it work in Sweden?

  11. #

    Thank you for the wonderfully clear explanation!
    I have a question. I would like to build a site on Wix to rent out apartments. I want to charge a flat fee deposit for all customers and then charge a broker’s fee. Does this need an Ecommerce plan, as it’s not really a store? How would I set this up on Wix?

  12. #

    Hello! This article, and the article on Wix Pricing Plans are helpful and have clear explanations. I decided to use Wix and I’ve really been enjoying it’s easy maneuverability and user-friendly blogging tools.

    Right now I’m still in my free trial to get really grounded in how I want things to look and work. I’m a little uncertain right now as to how the Wix store works (with the eCommerce plan in mind).

    I set up my site to have a blog and a store. Rght now I see options to add items and a decent amount of customizing. After reading your articles I’m getting the feeling I wouldn’t be able to sell products unless I use the eCommerce plan.

    I would like to know what the store and product selling options are just in the free trial? Thank you for your awesome articles! They’ve been extremely helpful!

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Ellana, to sell products on Wix you need to be on the eCommerce plan or higher. This starts at $17 / month, but if even if you’re only selling a small volume of products you should pay that off easily.

  13. #

    Thanks for a great summary! I’ve been debating between Wix, Weebly, and Shopify, but after reading your review(s) I’m totally sold on Wix. I’m an artist who currently uses GoDaddy for a website, but it has no ecommerce functions on it which is exactly what I need to grow my online sales. Being able to add different apps onto a site at any time will help me stay current. I’ll be sure to tell my other artist friends to read your reviews if they are in debate.

  14. #

    Thanks for the overview Jeremy. I really appreciated that though this is an overview, you really included a lot of very helpful specifics. Approaching this in a “what you could do” (including mentions of apps) format was really helpful in deciding to go ahead with Wix. This is my first try at a store so my needs aren’t too deep at this point and I think Wix will work great for me right now. I’m already designing my site with Wix and now I feel much more confident in using their store.

    In fact, I liked this review enough that even as busy as I am, I’m going to look around the rest of your site. I hope you will enjoy this as a serious complement. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I also found your replies to questions added a lot of value for me. Kudos….

    • Natasha Willett

      Hi FJJ,

      Thank you for your comment, it really does mean a lot to hear the positive feedback from our readers.
      It’s great to also hear that you’ve had a generally very positive response to using Wix, it really is a good option for smaller businesses, especially considering all the tools and templates that are provided.

      Please feel free to share the article to others if you think other will benefit too.


  15. #

    Thanks for this review. I have been cramming reading reviews from all other web hosting sites for small business. I guess I am gonna try Wix.

    • Tom Watts

      Hi sea

      It’s good to know that our review could be of use to you.

      I know it can be a hard decision picking just the right website builder, especially if starting an ecommmerce website, so I hope Wix works out for you.

      Best of luck with your website building journey,
      – Tom

  16. #

    Thanks for this overview! It is sometimes hard to choose between so many options. It is true that you need to examine your business needs and choose according to them.

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Ritika!

      Great to hear you found the overview so helpful!

      Please do share our website with others by clicking on the social sharing buttons to the left of this page. I’d really appreciate it!! Plus you never know who else could benefit..

      – Tom

  17. #

    Great article! I had a quick question about opening a shop through Wix: do they have a limit on how many products you can list? Some of the other platforms I’ve looked at do. Thanks!

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Erin,

      I don’t believe Wix imposes a limit, but I’ve always found it is better suited to smaller shops that stock fewer than 50 product lines.

      The product uploading and management can be tricky beyond these numbers due to the way Wix eCommerce is designed. It’s just optimized for smaller ventures.

      Anything larger I’d suggest looking at Shopify.

      Hope that helps,
      – Tom

  18. #

    Hello.. is there like a promo for wix ecommerce . I am interested if there is

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Irene,

      If you sign up to our newsletter just above the comments, we can supply occasional Wix discount codes direct to your inbox.

      Hope that helps,
      – Tom

  19. #

    I am creating a Wix site that sells 3 products, each at a different price. I want to have a shopping cart where the customer can enter a quantity of how many they want and to have that shopping cart tied to my PayPal account. And when the customer is taken to PayPal to check out, I don’t want them prompted to enter their PayPal Account ID because some customers are turned off by that and leave. I want them to just be prompted to enter their credit card info and have it process through PayPal. I was thinking that PayPal Pro might give me these abilities but not sure if I can use PayPal Pro with Wix. Can I? I like that with PayPal Pro, you can accept payments right on your site. Or do you have a better suggestion for what apps to use to achieve my goals here?

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Loribella,

      It should be easy enough to set up a small store on Wix – it’s definitely geared towards smaller, more independent merchants!

      However, Wix currently doesn’t allow merchants to accept payments directly through its website.

      This is because you need to connect to an external merchant account (like PayPal or Stripe) in order to receive payments for goods.

      It’s worthwhile noting through, that even though customers are taken to PayPal’s payment page, they still have the option to pay via credit card, meaning they don’t have to have an existing PayPal account. So this is actually quite preferable as it gives customers more payment options – to use their PayPal accounts or use their credit cards.

      Accepting payments directly has been requested by Wix users, so we’ll almost definitely see it in the future (I’d be surprised if we didn’t), but until then you are limited to external gateways for the time being.

      It’s not 100% ideal, but still better than not being able to accept payments at all!

      Hope that helps,
      – Tom

  20. #

    I currently use WIX for my online boutique and for the most part I’ve loved it (almost 3 years now) But i’m finding my boutique friends are really progressing with Shopify, thoughts? I love my website but Shopify does have a lot more retail apps to use.

    • Tom Watts

      Hi EW,

      Wix is great for small, independent businesses – but Shopify is the way to go if you’re looking to scale up your offering and grow your business.

      It’s a lot more ecommerce-focused than Wix and is equipped to help you sell more thanks to a huge array of apps, more in-depth reporting and generally a platform entirely geared towards growing your business.

      Shopify is all about ecommerce, while for Wix it is one consideration among many.

      I’ve linked to our Shopify review, which should give you some food for thought.

      Hope that helps,
      – Tom

  21. #

    I love wix but my clients wants to use Shopify. He wants his clients to be able to log in and see their account history. I also need to tax some items (retail) and not tax others (wholesale) I heard WIX loads slowly. A friend of mine said that Shopify has an APP on WIX but its not there anymore. Do you know if Ecwid APP is as good as the Shopify APP that isn’t there anymore?

    • Tom Watts

      Hello Valerie,

      It sounds like a hard choice between two great platforms – so it definitely depends on what you want to achieve.

      Shopify is much better quipped to help you sell products and follow the analytics of sales.

      Wix is a more stripped-back ecommerce platform aimed at small and independent businesses. To this end, reporting and analytics are much simpler than on Shopify, so may not meet the detail your client needs.

      On the other hand, there still is a Shopify button for Wix, so that might solve your problem?

      Otherwise I’m not too familiar with Ecwid, so couldn’t say how it compares to Shopify.

      Hope that helps,

  22. #

    Great content with tremendous value. That being said, I am currently in the market for a strictly digital sales solution. My projected sales are between 100-500 downloads per month. 50% of these will be videos with the rest being mp3 format. Is wix a viable option for me, considering that growth is my ultimate goal? Thanks a bunch

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Trebor,

      This is a tricky one. I usually suggest users looking in to Shopify or Bigcommerce when talking about the sales volumes you are looking at.

      However, as your product is entirely digital, I don’t see any reason why Wix would be a bad choice. In fact, the only thing that would hold you back is scaling your operation up as the product management in Wix is a little lacking compared to more dedicated ecommerce platforms. You also lack in-depth analytics and reporting in Wix, which would prove handy for your growing business.

      So long story short, Wix is a good choice for the immediate future, but if growth is your goal, it’s worth widening your search.

      I’ve linked to our reviews of Shopify and BigCommerce too in case you’re open to other platforms.

      Hope that points you in the right direction,
      – Tom

      • #

        Thank you for your review of Wix. I am currently looking to build a site that is similar to TaskRabbit where a user can upload and post profiles. Not really commerce but without giving away the idea, a dating like site. Still trying to figure out which platform to use but haven’t been able to get a definitive answer on functionality. Do you think Wix and/or one of its apps could work for this?
        thanks in advance for any help.

        • Tom Watts

          Hi tracy,

          Sounds like a great idea you’ve got there.

          However, it’s going to be very hard to put it into practice using only a website builder. The functionality is a bit beyond what most platforms can achieve at this moment in time.

          For example, on Wix it’s currently impossible to create member profiles so this would immediately prevent anyone making an account and connecting to other people, undermining the purpose of your site!

          It may be worth talking to a developer to get costs for this more bespoke functionality.

          Hopefully that’s given you some food for for thought.

          – Tom

  23. #


    I’m at the process of setting up my online store through Wix, but the only thing I’m afraid of is buyers being limited when it comes to payment options. I’d like them to have a variety of ways they can pay(Visa, MasterCard, PayPal,Amex). Also, when going to pay for an item does Wix take you to a whole different check out screen to input cc information? I want the check out process to be safe and secured. Will upgrading to the E commerce plan solve my worries? I was thinking about adding a Shopify feature as well to help.

    • Tom Watts

      Hello Soni,

      To start selling anything on Wix you will need to be subscribed to either an ‘Ecommerce’ or ‘VIP’ premium plan. These are the only two that include ‘Wix Stores’, which allows you to connect payment methods and accept card payments.

      Wix has a much smaller pool of payment processors than Shopify or BigCommerce does, offering 5 at the time of writing as well as PayPal. Typically these will redirect the user to a payment gateway portal page for added security during the checkout process. It’s not ideal but any stretch and I know Wix are looking into developing an integrated payment processing system, but for now this is the way it is.

      Most users who use PayPal will already be familiar with being re-directed during the checkout process. It’s not a complete sales deterrent, you may see a few more abandoned cards but in the grand scheme it shouldn’t make too big of an impact.

      It’s also worth remembering that with PayPal, you can pay with all the major credit cards even if the buyer doesn’t have a PayPal account. So that should hopefully solve your concerns.

      I believe there’s a Shopify button available for Wix websites, so it could be a handy way of using both platforms together!

      Thanks for reading,
      – Tom

  24. #


    I’m an at-home-mom, looking to set up a very small internet business, selling health products. Budget and ease of use are key for me, and I have been comparing costs of basic online shops.

    Your reply below for the lady selling paintings (August 30th) says Square space offers a much cheaper online shop plan than Wix, but charges transactions fees whereas Wix doesn’t.
    Is this still the case? I’ve been trying to compare costs for basic online shops and it isn’t easy! Any help would be appreciated.

    • Tom Watts

      Hello Ursula,

      It sounds like you are looking in the right area by sounding out Wix and Squarespace as they are both great platforms for small business owners after a basic ecommerce store.

      You’re also pretty spot on with your costings too, although having a second look at the prices, Wix doesn’t look too bad either!

      Wix has an eCommerce plan for $17-20 per month or VIP plan for $25-30 per month, but doesn’t charge transaction fees.

      Squarespace offers month-to-month ecommerce plans priced between $26-40 and does charge transactions fees.

      It’s worth thinking about how many products you hope to sell each month to account for any fees you may incur, but hopefully seeing the figues laid out here will help you make a decision.

      Thanks for reading,
      – Tom

      • #

        Hello tom,

        I just bought a Wix ecommerce plan for $8.50 a month (half-off). I run a small business that sells used golf balls but will have a lot of different variations and products. I ship throughout the US, and i wasn’t sure if Wix had any good shipping integration and how I would handle orders. I will need to start from scratch as none of the templates look like what I need. Is wix the right choice? I know i can add ecwid, but i cant find the exact cost, I see $4.14 but also see $15/mo. What should I do? I looked into WooCommerce too but i’m not sure what it is. I will need to buy a domain, which is like free with Wix premium. Any suggestions? There is just so many platforms. Shopify seems the best, but at $79 for the plan id need i’m not sure if I can pay for that. Specifically looking for abandoned cart recovery, shipping &payment integration, and of course a good look for a website. I do not have previous web experience and I am not sure if all the add-ons needed for wix will make it cost effective.

        thanks in advance for your help.

        • Tom Watts

          Hi Kyle,

          Before committing to a platform it’s definitely worth jotting down your core aims that you want to achieve with your website.

          If you have a limited selection of products/options (less than 50) then Wix would be a decent choice for your ecommerce store. Any more and I would recommend Shopify.

          1) Re: ecwid Cart – I believe there is a free plan you can use, no? It would be worth looking into the restrictions on this type of account as it may solve your cart issues + save you some money!

          Otherwise, ecwid is $15 per month for the Venture plan (which is the cheapest paid plan).

          2) RE: domains – yes, you can purchase a domain through Wix with a premium account, but I would suggest getting one from somewhere like GoDaddy. Having a 3rd party domain is much more flexible in the long run, especially if you ever want to move to another platform in the future (e.g. you outgrow Wix).

          3) Re: specific features – Wix is a good choice for smaller stores, but currently lacks some of the features you want in a platform. It doesn’t have abandoned cart recovery for example. If these features are a ‘must have’ for you, then it’s worth looking at Shopify.

          Wix would be a good place to test the water on a small scale and see how you get on as the costs will be cheaper than on Shopify (at first at least). Then if you feel more comfortable and reckon you can grow your business on Shopify, you’ll have made a good base to build on.

          Hope that helps,
          – Tom

  25. #

    Just started using wix, but i am not a fan.

    – The system is not easy to use or intuitive. I’m well versed when it comes to computers, but this is somewhat of a nightmare at times. That being said, i’ve yet find a truly easy to use store builder. I’ve since learned it, but i could see people getting frustrated.

    – Pricing. Although advertised as free, you have to end up paying higher monthly premiums to sell. I paid for the ecommerce store platform monthly account, but in order to accept online payments, well that was another monthly pricing model. It just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. If I have paid for a monthly account for my e-store shouldn’t online payments be included? It’s like buying a car, only to be told that, tires are sold separately.

    I’m now looking at other options before the 14 days is up.

    • Tom Watts

      Hello george,

      I’m sorry to hear your experience with Wix hasn’t been too great so far. It would be interesting to know what in particular tripped you up in the editor?

      Personally, I’m a big fan of the Wix editor and found everything nicely laid out and convenient use from the left hand toolbar – but on the other hand, not every platform is going to be ideal for every individual – it’s very much about finding the one right for you!

      Have you tried Weebly? Their editor is another simple drag & drop affair, but is often regarded as even easier to use than Wix’s. It’s worth looking into if you haven’t so far.

      On your price comment, I’m very surprised to hear you were charged twice in order to sell!

      With Wix you should only need to subscribe to a paid ‘eCommerce’ or ‘VIP’ plan, which enables you to add ‘Wix Stores’ to your website and set up a payment processor with just a few clicks. What was the second payment you had to pay?

      One thing to be aware of is transaction costs or charges that are charged by your payment processor (e.g. Stripe, WorldPay, etc), but these costs are a fact of life for anyone selling products online and wanting to accept card payments for it – it is not down to the website builder.

      I hope that’s cleared up a few issues. I’ve linked to our review of Weebly also, which hopefully proves useful.

      Thanks for reading,
      – Tom

  26. #

    i currently sale tru ebay . the fees are just too high and i think i need to move on . They run me anywhere from $200.00 – $600.00 monthly depending on sales . i have been looking at wix but dont know if this is a good choice for me . i would like something simple with a paypal button . all of my items are CNC related conversiton kits or something in that line . Any input would be greatly appreciated .

    • Tom Watts

      Hello BILLY,

      From the sounds of it, Wix Ecommerce would be an ideal choice for you!

      Not only will it reduce your overheads (the monthly fee is very low compared to what you are paying now), but the site editor is easy to use and you can even add a PayPal button for quick checkouts.

      If you’re sold on Wix , then I’d recommend signing up to our email newsletter just above the comments as we can send you a 50% discount code for Wix, which will cut your 1st-year subscription in half!

      However, if you’re not entirely sure, then I’d recommend having a look at our ecommerce website builder comparison chart – hopefully that will give you some food for thought.

      Hope that helps,
      – Tom

  27. #

    this information is what i am looking for, Thanks Jeremy Wong for this unselfish effort. God bless you more.

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Ludivert,

      Great to hear you found the discussion so helpful.

      Feel free to share on social media if you think others could benefit too!

      – Tom

  28. #


    Is wix a good choice if I want to sell digital files
    after purchasing my digital zip can the customer login and re download again onto their phone?

    Not sure if wix can do this or if I should go with someone else

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Ash,

      I can’t think of a reason why Wix wouldn’t be a good choice for you to sell digital files.

      Their ecommerce offering is getting better every day and there are dedicated plugins and apps to help you get set up and start selling digital products, this one for example should prove useful.

      Likewise, Wix even have their own in-depth guides to help you make the most of digital sales.

      It is possible to create membership ares on a Wix website, but I think you’re probably referring to more of a ‘customer account’ like you may have on Amazon, where your purchases are stored and can be re-downloaded as and when needed. This isn’t currently supported by Wix’s ecommerce platform.

      However, it is supported by Shopify, who would be a good alternative ecommerce brand to consider if you are looking for something more sophisticated and in-depth.

      – Tom

  29. #

    Hi there. So I have been doing some research and I’m still undecided on which site would suit me well. I want to sell my painintgs, I will probably only sell a handful a month so I’m not going to get much traffic, what site would you recommend? I’m still wanting all the online store aspects of it all but something that will be easy to maintain. Thanks heaps!

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Lia,

      It really depends on what sort of functionality you would like on your site to help you sell your paintings.

      Wix Ecommerce offers basic online store functionality, which makes it ideal for newcomers to ecommerce who don’t want or need huge amounts of options to deal with. Designing your site and store couldn’t be easier either as the Wix editor is very intuitive and easy to pick up.

      Another benefit to Wix’s ecommerce offering is that Wix doesn’t charge transaction fees, so that can save you some money. However, the drawback is that you have to be on the Ecommerce plan which costs more per month.

      Your other options are BigCommerce or Shopify, which are both dedicated ecommerce sites but maybe a bit too much for you at this stage. They would be ideal if you were looking to expand your business and offerings, and need super in depth reporting tools and the like.

      Alternatively you could also look in Squarespace’s ecommerce options. Squarespace is a great builder for creating smart, sleek portfolio sites so this may make it appropriate for your artwork. The ecommerce plans aren’t shabby either and will be able to handle all your immediate needs. It’s important to note too that although SquareSpace does charge transaction fees, you can still run an ecommerce store on their cheapest plan, which is much cheaper than Wix’s Ecommerce plan. So it really comes down to your specific needs and budget.

      Hopefully that should give you some food for thought, if not take a look at our comparative ecommerce chart.

      – Tom

  30. #

    Hi Jeremy, I would really like your opinion about building a responsive Wix website. I’m building an online business were people will have to input personal information, and they automated email confirmations. I will also be selling about 5 different professional online services. Is this something best done on Wix or another website builder/hoster

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Shane,

      Wix eCommerce would be a decent bet if you’re looking to sell services online and you can set up automated email confirmations too through the Business Setup tab in the Store Manager. You also might want to consider looking at Wix Shoutout as it offers automated email campaigns that should cover your needs.

      Wix can enable you to make a mobile ready site, which is slightly different than a fully responsive one. We’ve got a discussion on that here.

      Have you considered any other ecommerce platforms for your store? Shopify covers most of your requirements and could be worth a look. Here’s our review of the platform.

      – Tom

  31. #

    So can I pay monthly for the plan I want or do I have to pay a annual fee

    • Jeremy

      Hey Slayy,

      Both monthly and annual payment options are available with Wix. With annual plan, you get a “bulk” discount. But you can always start off with the monthly option, test them out fully, then upgrade to an annual plan when and if you’re comfortable.


  32. #

    How much does each credit card transaction cost for Wix? I understand there are monthly fees associated with each package Wix has available, but are there any hidden fees?

    • Jeremy

      Hello Samuel,

      Wix doesn’t charge you any transaction fees when you sell a product, whereas other website builders usually do (around 1% – 2%, or 0% depending on which premium plan you subscribe to).

      However, you should note that a transaction fee from a website builder that you use is different than credit card processing fee which is charged from the credit card company. That’s the fee that the credit card company (such as Visa, Mastercard, or even PayPal) charge to help you process payments such as collecting money from the customer and depositing the money into your account.

      This credit card processing fee will always be there no matter which website builder you use as it is a service to help you collect money. All merchants, online or physical stores, have to pay this fee.

      But in terms of transaction fees charged by website builders, Wix doesn’t have any!


  33. #

    Can I use Canada Post as my shipment method?
    Is the price in cad or usd for ecommerce

    • Jeremy

      Hey Lyne,

      Unfortunately, I don’t think Canada Post is integrated with Wix’s ecommerce functions.


  34. #

    The problem I see with wix e-commerce is that wix stores is not multilingual; I am looking to add a shop page to an existing wix multilingual site and I don’t know what are my options!!!!!

    • Jeremy

      Hi Line,

      Take a look at our multiple language article. Wix has an App (free) that allows you to redirect your visitors to different language versions of your website. See if that works for you.


  35. #

    Why does Wix no longer have the Shopify App available!?!

    How do I use shopify for my online store if my website is Wix based?!?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Callie,

      You can still use Shopify Buy Button to integrate Shopify’s ecommerce functions into your Wix site.

      Check it out and see if that solves your problem!


  36. #

    I plan to sell children’s books with Wix’s e-commerce. Lots of color digital pictures to drag/drop on my website. Do u foresee any problems with the download of digital pics?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Abbie,

      Is your concern your website visitors will be able to download your pictures from your website?

      I think that’s a common concern across all website owners. Unfortunately, there is no 100% protection against people who save images from any website on the internet. In fact, there are automated bots out there that will “crawl” random websites and download images, too. It doesn’t have to be an actual person doing it. An excellent example is Google. If Google crawls your site to index it into its search engine, by definition it will share your content across its search engine.

      So the “copying” of your pictures isn’t malicious all the time. Sometimes they get shared as it’s just the nature of having an identity (such as your website) on the internet.

      Having said that, some people watermark their images so when it does get saved and circulated around the internet, your name or company’s name will still be on the picture assuming other people didn’t remove it.

      Some people password protect pages so the content on these pages will less likely be saved.

      It’s just the nature of the internet. Everything is shared.


  37. #

    So much great information- yet explained in a way that is easy to digest and is not overwhelming (rare). Fantastic job! Thank you so very much!

    • Jeremy

      Thanks, Trish! Good to hear that you found this discussion helpful.


  38. #

    Hi Jeremy….thanks for this info – helpful. I want to transfer from a current website builder. I already have a specific email that I also want to transfer because it’s on all my business cards!! Is that a possibility…without too much trouble?

    • Jeremy

      Hello Chris,

      You should be able to keep your existing email address without having to transfer it to Wix. It depends on where you have your domain name (website address) registered.

      We have a detailed domain names guide which you might find helpful.

      The idea is that you don’t always have to transfer your domain name to Wix in order to use Wix to build your website. You can just connect the domain name to your website from your current domain name registrar. Wix’s support portal has tutorials on how you can connect them.

      Should you keep your domain name with your current registrar, it’s then possible to keep your email services with that registrar (provided that they are happy to continue providing this service, which I don’t see why they wouldn’t).

      Hope this explains things!


      • #

        Thank you – I’ll check on it, now that I know what I’m asking for 😉
        I appreciate it,

  39. #

    Hi Jeremy!
    I will be offering 3 services to my B2B customers; a free trial package, upgrade package and a premium package. I would like to have them listed side by side for comparison and option to click on “buy button” at the bottom of each column for credit card payment.

    Would you recommend using Wix eCommerce template or just a regular (non-ecommerce) template since its only 3 service packages and not dozens of products like most eCommerce websites?
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Jeremy

      Hello Ruben,

      What you can try to do with Wix is to create a 3 column format which lists out your offerings, then at the bottom of each column, insert a button that links to ecommerce product pages where your shoppers can purchase your offerings.

      This way, you can outline the high level features / benefits for each of your offerings on one page, and lead them to a more in-depth products page where they can add the product to the shopping cart.

      Just something to consider and it should be achievable with Wix.


  40. #

    Hi Jeremy!
    I’m trying to choose between wix and square space.
    Im dealing with clothing. Ready to wear and tailoring.
    Mobile optimization and price are big factors for me.
    Which would be better?

    • Jeremy

      Hey Kenneth,

      It’s really hard to say as both website builders are quite different. We have a comparison guide here.

      Both Wix and Squarespace have ecommerce tools to help you sell products – both can get the job done. Wix has a dedicated mobile editor and Squarespace’s designs are mobile responsive. So both of them are mobile ready.

      Perhaps the best way forward is to sign up for trial accounts and see which one you prefer working with.


  41. #

    Hey, I am thinking of building my online shop with WIX. I have over 1000 products. Do you think WIX is a good choice? And what about email notifications? I need notifications for: order notification and shipment.


    • Jeremy

      Hi Gitana,

      If you have over a thousand products, I’d suggest you consider using a more advanced ecommerce platform such as Shopify or BigCommerce.

      Wix has a decent ecommerce function, but probably not equipped to handle thousands of products from a product management perspective. If you have less than a hundred products, then Wix will do just fine.


  42. #

    Hi, i am facing a problem for integrating a payment method with my wix ecommerce store (already done). I am from Egypt and there is only paypal that support Egypt. If you have another way to be able to integrate. As i have to leave wix and look for another websitebuilder to support my country. I really like wix and its really friendly user to me for more than one account i am doing through wix.

    • Jeremy

      Hey Hisham,

      Thanks for your email. I’m not entirely sure what other payment processors support Egyptian merchants.

      One alternative it to integrate Ecwid to your Wix website. Ecwid is a ecommerce plugin / widget that you can bolt on to your website. They might have a payment processor that works in Egypt.


  43. #

    Hi I am looking to open an ecommerce site that I am hoping has a good rate of growth. The factors I need some help with are:

    1. I will be having a quick turnover of a lot of products(like a foodmarket for example) will wix and its ecommerce support this?
    2. How many listings can I make for products?
    3.How many websites can be through one account of Wix? I have a wordpress account- I am clueless with it so will be cancelling but I would like to run more than one site.

    Any help is appreciated for a complete newbie


    • Jeremy

      Hello Chris,

      1) Yes, Wix can help you with this. You’ll just have to delete the older / expired product listing and insert a new one.

      2) With Wix, you can have up to 3 product options (e.g. size, color, material) and up to 30 option choices (e.g. small, medium red, blue, green, cotton, wool, flannel). So this gives you a good number of variations you can have with a single product.

      3) You can create as many different websites as you want to under one single Wix account. However, just note that if you want to upgrade to a premium plan, you have to do so one website at a time. So for instance, if you have 10 websites within your Wix account, you’ll need to upgrade them one at a time (if you want to).

      Hope this makes sense!


  44. #

    Wix is great, but unfortunately they do not have a shipping estimator tool. You either have to use a different e-commerce app they have, or estimate the shipping by weight. It’s a pain, but I’m hoping it is something they can provide soon. It would truly make them the best.

    • Jeremy

      Thanks for your feedback, MD. I do agree with you and hopefully Wix will implement this as part of their core offering soon, instead of using apps.

      I know that Squarespace and Weebly offer this feature if you subscribe to their highest premium plans. So hopefully it will be sooner rather than later when Wix matches them with a similar feature.


    • #

      Not having a shipping estimator tool is a TOTAL PAIN.
      Wix e-commerce plan is not cheap, they should be offering shipping system.
      I wish I had known that before paying.

      On the other hand, mercadopago (for south america) keeps your money over 10 days before transferring it to your bank account. Definitely not a good option.

      Not happy with my wix e-commerce plan. Not at all.

      • Jeremy

        Hi Estef,

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

        I agree with you in that I also hope Wix will offer a real time shipping cost estimator.

        However, most other website builders that offer this feature only offer this function within North America (US and Canada). As you can imagine, it would be challenging to be able to offer this service around the world (meaning being integrated with shipping services around the world which is practically challenging). But hopefully we’ll get there one day.

        Another thing, is that the website builders that provide this function costs a lot more than Wix’s eCommerce or VIP plans. Specifically, Wix’s eCommerce and VIP plans cost $16.50 and $24.50 per month. To get the real time shipping cost estimator function, here are the per month prices for the other ecommerce / website builders:

        Squarespace $40
        Weebly $49
        Shopify $299

        I’m sure there are some other services that will provide this function at a more competitive price point, but the ones I listed above are just some of the more reputable ones off the top of my head.


  45. #

    Does wix also include shipping system? In India?

    • Jeremy

      Hello Nargis,

      You can sell products using Wix in India if you use PayPal as your payment processing provider. As with all ecommerce platforms, you’ll have to manage the shipping yourself.

      If you want more payment processor options specific to India, check out Shopify which in my view is the best hosted ecommerce platform right now.


  46. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    I would like to set up a Professional “look” E-Commerce Store for Commercial Kitchen Equipment B2B business – with the options of

    (1) Different Discount level (if possible) via coupon or promo code depending on Total Purchase
    (2) Request for Quote options (with possible we can insert the price then customer can get the price from the platform itself thereafter) as some product is not standard product always need to work out the price (after we check with principal)
    (3) PreOrder

    I am not a IT Guy – prefer the “easier” platform with no technical know how….

    • Jeremy


      I’d also suggest you take a look a more advanced ecommerce builders such as Shopify and BigCommerce.

      They’re relatively easy to use (compared to more advanced platforms such as WordPress or Magento), and do have a broad variety of ecommerce focused tools.


  47. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    I am a travel agent who sells rooms/spaces for group travel. I need to be able to take deposits as well as full payments and allow people to make monthly payments until their trip is paid off. Ideally I would like my clients to also be sent and updated balance after every transaction, that may be asking for too much though but definitely the other items are needed. What would you suggest?

    Thank you so much,


    • Jeremy


      Typically I’d suggest checking out WixHotel which is a specific app that enables you to turn a Wix website into hotel booking website where your guests can browse rooms and reserve / book them.

      But it sounds like your needs are a bit unique, so I’m not entirely sure if what Wix has is sufficient. You might want to take a look, though.


  48. #

    One big issue I ran across with the Wix online store setup is that for each product, you can only have 3 options. period. So if I’m trying to sell a product has more than 3 options, I’m out out luck. For example, if I’m selling a particular holster I’d need at a minimum to list options for compatible model such as a Glock 19 or Glock 17, etc… the color, left handed or right handed user, mounting option such as belt clip or belt loop or double belt loop, belt size (1.5 in or 1.75 in), inside waistband or outside waistband, slide mounted optic or no slide mounted optic.

    So as you can see, having only 3 product options is pretty limiting. I’ll take a look as squarespace and shopify.

    • Jeremy

      Hi John,

      Yes, definitely take a look at Shopify. You’ll get a lot more flexibility with their platform. You can see our review of Shopify here.

      You might also want to consider Bigcommerce as well. We have a review about them here.


  49. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    I am looking to start a website and on line store and I like the WIX option for its great looks and simplicity. I have a couple different suppliers I sell and drop ship for. What is the best way to integrate an accurate shipping charge into each customers purchase? Each product is different in size and weight and customers may order multiple items at the same time, so each shipment is different.

    I know there are real-time shipping rate calculations that can be provided by postal and courier companies, but how can I add shipping to each order given shipments will originate from different suppliers/locations in Canada.

    • Jeremy

      Hello Dave,

      In addition to Wix, you might also want to check out Shopify (see our review here).

      They also have a drop shipping guide here that you might find helpful as well.

      Their platform can integrate with real-time shipping database and is much more flexible and advanced when it comes to ecommerce tools, as compared to Wix.

      Hope this helps!


  50. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    I am looking for some urgent advice please.
    I have been woth Shopify for over a year now setting up my store and am almost read and cannot get past the shipping stage, I have been working with them for weeks now and they still cannot offer the right solution. I have had problems with them for months and am so unhappy I want to leave.

    I have used Wix in the past but not for ecommerce so am looking for advice.

    Will Wix be able to cater for the below:
    1 – I need to be able to offer standard shipping in the UK and the UK Isles, but restricting some postcodes.
    2 – For the restricted postcodes I need to be able to add an additional fee
    3 – I need to be able to add a surcharge on a separate line for deliveries under £35.00
    4 – I need to be able to offer next day delivery to certain postcodes only

    Thanks for your time.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Jojo,

      Wix probably won’t be suitable for you. They’re a good website builder with basic ecommerce tools. So the level of customization you need won’t be available from them.

      Take a look at BigCommerce. They’re the main rival to Shopify and has a lot more flexibility than Wix.


  51. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you for the post. I would appreciate a recommendation. I am working on developing a commerce website. I want the flexibility to sell digital content (document downloads) as well as a subscription based service. I cannot distinguish between Wix and Shopify. Both are great, but I want to automate the service as I anticipate a large volume of customers and don’t want to have to manually address each transaction. Suggestions?


    • Jeremy

      Hello John,

      If you want to sell document downloads, I’d definitely choose Shopify here as Wix only caters to music downloads when it comes to digital products.

      Shopify doesn’t have a built in subscription based program for merchants, but their App Store has a number of apps that enable you to incorporate this into your product offerings.

      You can also see our review of Shopify here.


  52. #

    Hi Jeremy

    Thanks for explaining everything about Wix! It’s because of this article that I went with them.

    Now my problem is that I’m trying to integrate an affiliate program (some code) with the Wix shopping cart – and I can’t find what shopping cart platform Wix uses. Any ideas?


    • Jeremy

      Hey Deborah,

      I don’t think Wix currently offers the ability for you to sell through an affiliate program. They don’t have a tool built for this yet.

      You should take a look at Ecwid, they are a shopping cart service provider and it provides affiliate program to merchants.

      Visit Wix’s app market here, and search for Ecwid. You can integrate Ecwid with your Wix site pretty easily. But just know that Ecwid is a separate service and you will need to pay a monthly fee to use them. At least it’s an option worth reviewing.


  53. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for your comprehensive write-ups. I’m planning to create a store/blog. The site will be centered around a couple of main products and I want the blog articles to be a main feature too. It’s kind of a lifestyle product, so the blog will support it.

    I want to get a site up cheaply and quickly. Do you think Wix sounds like good option? If so, do you recommend me buying my domain through them, or is it better to purchase my domain via namecheap or godaddy?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Jeremy

      Hey Stephanie,

      I think Wix can do that, but definitely test them out with their free account before committing to an upgrade. You can test their web builder for an unlimited time.

      You should also take a look at Shopify, which is probably the best hosted ecommerce builder in the market today. They’re much more ecommerce oriented than Wix, but Wix is a bit easier to use. They have a free 14 day trial so doesn’t hurt to sign up and check them out.

      As for domain name, take a look at our domain names guide here. I always prefer to purchase my domain names through a registrar. It just allows me to better-manage the domains just in case I switch website builders.


  54. #

    Hello Jeremy,

    We are trying to build a large website, lots of info and lots of products. Customers would need to be able to purchase the products as well through the site. Is WIX designed to handle something like that? I read somewhere that it can only contain up to 30 pages I am sure we will have many more.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Angela,

      If you want to sell more than 20 products, I’d suggest that you consider using Shopify, which is a much more powerful ecommerce store builder. You can see our review of Shopify here.

      They have much more advanced selling tools than Wix, and is built purely for selling products.

      Hope this helps!


  55. #

    hey joe, i will be selling retreats and brave experiences, so i will have at least 100 customers pay per week and obviously even more when i all i promote and sell becomes extremely popular…
    i ham a lifestyle coach , so i will also be selling my services through here (all are at large pricing points).. can wix handke that, or should i go with Shopify.. i will not be selling any more tan 5 retreat packges and 5 adrenaline experiences based in Europe.

    but i will also be offering bespoke package. Whats your thoughts

    • Jeremy


      Wix can certainly handle high priced service / product items. However, Shopify can connect to over 70 different payment processors, while Wix only has a handful. So in a way, Shopify has a lot more tools and flexibility when it comes to selling tools.

      When it comes to ecommerce, Shopify in our view, is the best platform to build an online store. It’s powerful, flexible and has a large ecosystem of service providers if you want to hire one (eventually).

      You can see our review of Shopify here.

      Wix is easy to use, and they have great looking templates. But if you asked me Wix or Shopify is best for ecommerce, I’d say Shopify. But the drawback is that Shopify’s pricing plans are higher than Wix’s.


  56. #

    Hello Jeremy,

    Great review! Thanks so much.

    I’m reading in here that you can connect Shopify App to your Wix website. I just searched the Apps on Wix and there is no way to connect Shopify to Wix. Is there something I’m missing here?

    I’m currently using the Wix Store in my Wix website and it’s terrible. Here’s a list of issues:

    1) You can’t export a report of your orders
    2) You can’t cancel/edit/refund customer orders.
    3) Worst of all, you can’t get an SSL of your website, so it’s not a private connection and our customers get a warning when they visit us. It’s just terrible.

    I love the editing abilities of Wix to help you build a beautiful website, but when it comes to running your business, it’s absolutely horrible. I’m shocked there aren’t more people complaining on this forum.

    Thanks Jeremy. If there’s any advice you have for addressing some of these issues, it would be MUCH appreciated.


    • Jeremy

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for your detailed comment! You can definitely integrate Shopify with Wix.

      Take a look at the Shopify Buy Button here.

      You can insert the Buy Button into your Wix website and have Shopify manage the ecommerce side of things. We have a guide about this, but it is focused on Squarespace and Shopify Buy Now Button. But the idea is the same with Wix.


  57. #

    Thank you for the info on Wix. i have created a website on Weebly for an Equipment Rental business. It is information only. Now I want to build a site for a Party Rental business. This site needs for our customers to add items, colors, size, quantity, etc… to a cart. The trick is that we dont sell products, we rent them. We need the cart to be emailed to our customer service department, who, will in turn call the customer back to review the order and pay on our own credit card processing system. We don’t want the customer to have to pay for anything on the website. What is the simlplest and best site for doing this? Weebly forces the customer to pay by cc before the order is sent to us so we can’t use Weebly!

    Any ideas would be great! Would WIX work for this since they have offline payment in ecommerce?

    Thank you,
    Blake A.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Blake,

      I’m not sure if Wix’s offline payment function will be able to cater to what you need, but worth a test?

      Alternatively, why don’t you just list out your product options, then insert a contact form below the specifications and tell the interested party to contact you using the form?


  58. #

    Hello Jeremy,
    I am looking to create a new web site for a non-profit arts center that covers a whole spectrum of offering ie;live theatre, music acts, comedy, visual art galleries, community events. We have a site now that feels and looks heavy handed. We have a small amount of e-commerce (ticket sales, gift shop items, art work) that we have multiple outside interfaces.

    Would you feel WIX with its new tools and support would be the strongest site builder? We do updates of shows on a nearly weekly basis and have images to import constantly.

    Thanks in advance.

    Great articles.

    • Jeremy

      Hey Palmer,

      I think Wix is a strong candidate for you to test out. They should be able to do what you’re looking for, and give you the tools to help you manage your site on a weekly basis.

      Give them a try to get some hands on experiences with them. Alternatively, also check out Weebly, which is also a good website builder (see our review here). Though Wix is much more impressive from a perspective of updated designs and tools.


  59. #

    Hey Jeremy,
    What website builder(s) would you recommend for me to use for selling the 30+ children’s books I have written? I’d like drag-&-drop, WYSIWYG, statistics, email forms, and email service,

    • Jeremy

      Hello David,

      I’d say give Wix a test to see how you like working with their tools. You can sign up to a free account (no time limit), before deciding to upgrade or not.

      Also take a look at Weebly. They’re a good, easy-to-use, drag & drop website builder too.


  60. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    This article was very well written with an unbiased investigation of Wix to bring us facts rather than shoving an opinion down our throats. Top notch write up.

    And I would like to request some advice on selecting a good platform to start my online store.

    A little about what im planning to do:

    It will be an online store selling electronics and IT components.

    1. As you can imagine the inventory will be nothing less than 10,000. I will be partnering with local mail companies to ship products.

    2. Inventory and invoicing system is an absolute necessity.

    3. Ability to add/maintain inventory is a must.

    4. Product demos/presentation etc is also a must to make the store more visually appealing.

    From what I have researched on a 3 day marathon there are alot of pros and cons.

    For example, after testing Weebly Vs. Wix Vs. Shopify, I concluded that:

    1. Wix is the ultimate option to play around in terms of website designing and aesthetics.

    2. Weebly and Shopify provide bulk entry/import of products via csv files whereas Wix does not. If I was to go with Wix I have the painful task of manually entering thousands of entries one by one.

    3. I could not make head or tails of editing website in Shopify, placing stuff, arrangements etc.

    After reaching this point im confused what to choose. Any specific advice to address my issue would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Darian,

      Thanks for your comment. I would have suggested testing out Shopify given you are thinking of selling such a massive number of products. Based on that alone, I really think you need a much more powerful ecommerce platform.

      If you really can’t sort out the design aspect of a Shopify store, have you considered hiring someone to help you do that? Shopify does offer Experts and we have a discussion about that here.

      Alternatively, have you considered BigCommerce? They are also an advanced ecommerce builder – but be sure to understand how they price their plans. Their pricing structure is a bit atypical.

      If you do consider testing BigCommerce, I’d suggest you read our discussion comparing them and Shopify here.

      Hope this helps.


  61. #

    The major downside to e-commerce, is the lack of a email confirmation of your orders. This problem was already in 2013 and they still did not fix this. They also do not warn you upfront about it. It is a crucial feature and a basic one that free e-commerce platforms like prestashop and woocommerce have it, but a paid plan of six not. Go figure!

    • #

      Wix e-commerce I meant has that downside

      • Jeremy

        Hi Jo,

        Wix actually does have that function. Make sure you add the Wix Store App installed – go to “Store Manager” > “Store Settings” > “Basic Info” – there you can choose to send sales confirmation emails when your customers purchase from you.

        You can find more details about this in Wix’s support portal.


  62. #

    In your Wix Review 2016 article you indicated that Wix has the following payment processors for you to choose from: Stripe, PayPal, WireCard, Moolah (Authorize.net), MercadoPago (South America), PagSeguro & offline payments. So they don’t support the bigger ones like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express? Are the bigger ones supported in the Business Aps or Marketing Aps?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Jack,

      The main credit card companies that you listed usually don’t deal with store merchants directly. They work with payment processors, such as Stripe, PayPal, etc, and these payment processors work with merchants.

      So for instance, if an ecommerce store is using PayPal to manage the payment transactions, your customers can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex. The payment is just processed by PayPal, who works with the major credit cards.

      Hope this makes sense.


  63. #


    First off, your reviews are really good and I appreciate ’em, keep up the good work!

    Now on to business, I want to start a online store, not too big, I’m only 15. But I do have enough money per month, so it won’t be a problem. But my question is, which platform is better for me to use, Shopify of Wix? Since Wix is cheaper and they have the option to integrate Shopify I was thinking Wix, but Shopify has things that Wix doesn’t have. Can you help me out?

    THank you!

    • Jeremy

      Hi Soufyan,

      Thanks for your comment and glad our discussions are helpful to you.

      As for your question, it really depends on what you’re trying to get out of your website. Aside from pricing, Wix is easier to use than Shopify due to its pure drag and drop user interface, so it’s easier to design your site. With Shopify, if you want to make design changes, sometimes you still have to edit some codes.

      On the flip side, as you correctly pointed out, Shopify does have a lot more advanced ecommerce tools. So these tools can really help you out if / when your business starts to grow.

      Did you sign up to a free / trial account with both Wix and Shopify to see which one you prefer? It does help provide some clarify once you’ve had some hands on experiences with the actual online store builder.

      Also, consider taking a look at this ecommerce comparison table here, as well as our Quiz here. You might also find these helpful.


      • #

        Hi Jeremy,

        I have not taken a free trial yet, because I am still working on my business-plan, I don’t want to go all in without knowing what to do. I still have one question, what would you recommend to a younger person who wants to start a small scale business. Wix or Shopify? Or does your choice of product also influence the choice of website?

        I am trying to earn some extra money, after I’m done with my high school (6 years in the Netherlands) I want to expand my business, but that’s still 2 years away.

        • Jeremy


          If you are selling physical products, I’d definitely suggest Shopify as that will set you up with a solid foundation for future expansion.

          But as mentioned in my previous comment, Shopify is not as easy to design as Wix (pure drag & drop builder).

          Lastly, I’d encourage you to sign up to a free trial with both Shopify and Wix, so you can some hands on experiences working with them. You don’t have to upgrade to a paid plan if you’re not ready yet. But at the very least, you’ll have a better sense which one you might enjoy working with.


  64. #

    I have a question I want to start up an online Tarot reading business, I originally had a weebly site and did not get one visitor to it at all after nearly a year despite the little traffic grid that comes with it saying I did. I can’t remember what I looked up to find that out, I think it was my domain name which I purchased through GoDaddy. So if I get a wix site how will I know that I get visitors?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Tracy,

      Good question. Take a look at our website builder SEO guide here.

      If you just build a website, very little people will find it online. You have to promote it either offline (in person) or online (creating helpful content and reaching out to share them with authoritative websites).

      Achieving higher search engine rankings online takes work, and is no different than having a physical store and going out there to drum up business.

      Hope our guide helps a bit! It’s a big topic to digest and think through, but hopefully it will point you towards the right direction.


  65. #

    AWESOME review!!! Thanks a million times!

    I do have a couple of questions though; I’ve been told by people that even opting for the payment model(..I don’t want to use their free service) will not give me ownership of my domain name. I’m confused because when I researched this many websites said Wix WILL give me my own domain (without their name in the url) if I pay…but the people I’ve talked to personally, who have already tried it…said that Wix will own my domain name. Can you give me any information at all about this?

    My next question is; can I sell my movies digitally from using a website with Wix’s builder? You mentioned that to sell music I would need a music app, but what about movies? A lot of my content are movies made in After Effects and then compressed (using a better video compressing software) into files to be sold. Is this possible?

    Thank you so much and good day!

    • Jeremy

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for your feedback!

      With Wix, once you upgrade to one of their premium plans, you can connect your domain name to the Wix site.

      You always own your domain name and can transfer it to any domain name registrar of your choice. The only exception is the initial 60 days of owning the domain name where you cannot transfer it, due to ICANN rules. But once the initial 60 days pass, you can transfer it out of your current domain name registrar to another registrar.

      If you purchase your domain name through Wix, you own it, they don’t. You can transfer it out of Wix, and into GoDaddy (for example) after the initial 60 days of ownership.

      Or, you can just purchase a domain name from another domain name registrar (such as GoDaddy), then connect it to your Wix website. That way, you can have full control over which website you want to connect the domain name to. You can always disconnect the domain name from a specific website, and reconnect it to another website.

      We have a domain name guide here which will have more discussions about this topic.

      Wix doesn’t have a specific tool that allows you to sell movies. So in this case, you might have to consider using an external ecommerce widget (such as Ecwid) where it can be bolt on to your Wix site, and allow you to sell larger digital files.


      • #

        Thank you SO much for you help, Jeremy! I’ll definitely let people know about this website. You have truly been a blessing and a big help! i wish you the best and much success in all that you do. You take care, and thank you again!


  66. #

    I will be opening a small retail store and would also like to set up an online store as a secondary distribution channel. The pos system that I prefer is shop keep. However, they do not include an e-commerce website builder. Therefore, I am looking for a third party ecomm website developer. Do you know if wix can connect to shopkeep and access the inventory levels?

    • Jeremy

      Hello JV,

      I’m not sure actually. I just checked their App Market and didn’t see Shop Keep point of sales system.

      If it’s important for you to integrate your POS system with your online store (which makes perfect sense), have you considered Shopify? They have a POS system that can be fully synchronized with an online store built on their platform.


  67. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    I have a small ebay store and would like to open an online store for my products, as ebay won’t generate much sales anymore. I’m based in Japan and I only have a Premier Paypal account , which store builder can I use? I understand shopify requires a business paypal account to use the Express checkout. I don’t have experience creating a website either, but eager to try.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Jeremy

      Hey Eva,

      I think the best thing to do is to test out a few different ecommerce website builders to see which one you like working with the most.

      Generally speaking, Shopify is the best and most comprehensive online store builder. They have a lot of basic and advanced tools to help you scale up and grow your business once you gain traction.

      Having said that, there are “simpler” ecommerce builders out there, such as Wix, Weebly or Squarespace. Their tools are not as advanced as Shopify, but they’re easier to use due to their drag & drop user interface.

      Here’s a chart benchmarking them so you can see what we think about their platforms.

      I think the best thing to do is sign up for trial or free accounts and invest some time in testing them. That’s the only way you can be more certain as to which one you enjoy working with and that will do what you want!


  68. #

    I spent months building a site on Wix for my estore under the premise that I would be able to drop ship using the drop ship app and Shopify app. Now Im ready to launch ,and they eliminated all these useful apps !! Now I have to go to Shopify or another builder to start from scratch because Wix can no longer even do what is was able to before!!!!!

    • Jeremy

      Hey Robert,

      The Shopify App is removed, as Shopify now offer a “Buy Button” that can be inserted into your Wix site. This Pay Button is powered by Shopify and so you can access a lot of their check out tools.

      You can take a look at their Buy Button here. Once you reach the bottom of the page, clicks on “Wix” and you’ll see how the Button works with Wix websites.

      Hope this helps!


  69. #

    Thanks, Jeremy. After reading this article, I have some clarity on which e-commerce site builder I want. I have decided to go for Wix because I need to provide lot of information and educate my clients about the products.

    • Jeremy

      Glad our discussions here have been helpful to you, Suman! Best of luck on your online store!


  70. #

    Hey Jeremy,

    Nice review man. Question though, I read you mentioned the ability to integrate QuickBooks with a wix site (I’m helping someone with a small business design his site and he’s been using QB for his bookkeeping already)…. yet, when I go through the app market, I don’t really see anything for it.

    Is there a specific app used or am I looking in the wrong place? Any advice on this would be awesome, thanks

    • Jeremy

      Hello Dii,

      Thanks for your questions. I just checked Wix’s app market and indeed I can’t find Quickbooks anymore! Sorry about that and I have just updated this article.

      Wix now offers integration with Freshbooks, which is another reputable and popular accounting software. Though I’m not entirely sure if you’d want to change accounting software just to make it work with Wix.

      Another option is to check out Shopify (which in our view is the best hosted ecommerce builder in the market today – see our discussion here).

      They do offer Quickbooks integration, through their App store.


  71. #

    Hi Jeremy

    I have a website already build on Wix but since I need to operate in India , the payment gateway of wix is very limiting and I need to migrate to something like shopify. My domain is hosted on Godaddy. I have spend a lot of time on the website on Wix so wondering should I move to shopify completely or use the shopify button and continue with Wix. The button options seems to be limiting and hence wanted to seek your expert advice on the same. I am sure other users are thinking about this too.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Kamal,

      That’s a really good question. Shopify’s Buy Button does give you more options. Here is a page from Shopify that directly confirms that its Buy Button will work with Wix.

      Regarding whether you should move or not, it’s really up to how comfortable you are with using Wix. If it’s working for you already, then maybe you don’t need to build a new online store (as it takes time to get things set up).

      But if you feel that Shopify will offer more tools / features for you, over time, then maybe it’s worth considering making the migration sooner rather than later. You can also see our review on Shopify here.

      One thing to consider is that you can always test out the Shopify Buy Button to see if you like using it with Wix. All the products you set up with Shopify, should still be there if you decide to upgrade to a higher Shopify plan (implying you want to use them to build your store).

      Also, consider that if you use the Buy Button, you no longer have to be subscribed to Wix’s ecommerce plans. So you can downgrade your plan, and save some money there too.

      Hope this is helpful!


  72. #

    Except that security is an issue with Wix….right?
    We have a domain name from GoDaddy, but started with a Wix site.

    Wix does not have SSL security, that could create a security issue for our server.
    Is that correct?

    • Jeremy

      Hey Gary,

      The most important part of an ecommerce transaction that you need to protect is when your customer inserts sensitive information (such as address, credit card). For those pages on a Wix website (specifically the check out cart pages), you will get SSL protection / encryption. But on the other pages (such as your product pages), you won’t get it.

      But what’s there to encrypt when a visitor is just browsing through your product pages, right? So I think Wix is right on par in terms of transaction security.


  73. #

    Hi Jeremy-

    Thanks for the review. Would love your input on this – I’m torn between Wix and Shopify for my online shop. I do not have a tradition brink & mortar store front. My company is a new little start-up (limited $$$ to spend) and my product will be sold through little boutiques. So I’m looking for your expert opinion – if you were me….Wix or Shopify?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Carrie,

      It really depends. Wix offers you all the basics of running a good / functional online store, but Shopify is much more sophisticated and has a lot more advanced tools if your online store really takes off and grows.

      Also, Wix is more user friendly in my opinion you can manage everything using its drag & drop tools. With Shopify (see our review here), it’s not a pure drag & drop interface, and so if you want to make customizations to your design, it’s a bit more challenging. However, Shopify has a large ecosystem of designers / developers for you to hire if you want to. This does take some investment but at least it’s available for you in the future.

      So generally speaking, if you intend to remain smaller and want to be able to do everything yourself, then Wix is a good candidate.

      if you envision your store to grow and want the capability / tools to scale up your business, and have access to hire experts, Shopify is a good route.

      Maybe you can consider signing up to both platforms and give them a tree. Shopify offers a 14 day free trial period, and Wix is free to use (with options to upgrade if you want to).

      We also have a comparison chart here, which you might find helpful.


  74. #

    Hi Jeremy nice preview. I have a few questions concerning the Wix online store. How much will I pay a year for an online store? Can I merge it with my blog hosted by another host. Thanks

    • Jeremy

      Hi Frank,

      Wix’s ecommerce premium plan is $16.17 per month if you sign up to their annual plan. If you want to pay on a month to month basis, it’s $19.90 per month. We have more pricing discussion in our main review page here.

      You won’t be able to import or merge your blog into a Wix website. Wix does provide you the ability to create a blog within the website, so that’s an option.

      If your existing blog is quite well established already, you can just link out from your Wix site to your current blog.

      You can link it from the menu bar (so when people click on “Blog” on your Wix website’s menu bar, they will be brought to your separate blog site). Wix’s menu bar has that flexibility to do so.


  75. #

    Hi Jeremy I am trying to do my online store, I started with a Wix store template, take some time to learn how to work with it and how to add the items. A friend of my recommend me to use Shopify on wix, she said that will give me more options for the store. What I understand is that if I add the Shopify I do not need the ecommerce plan, I can go with a simple plan, correct?. My question is, should I keep working in my store template or get another simple template? how works this app with wix?, do you recommend it or just keep Wix ecommerce alone is enough. If I add the app, then all my items, I have to add manually in the app, or they will be export automatically.
    So many questions Sorry, I am new on this and I have so many . Thanks

    • Jeremy

      Hi Margarita,

      That’s a good question. Using the Shopify App through Wix’s App Market will give you more ecommerce tools. But you will need to re-insert your products in the Shopify dashboard so I don’t think it will automatically transfer all your existing products into the App.

      I also suspect that you don’t need to use Wix’s ecommerce plan any more, so perhaps you can downgrade to their Unlimited plan (but best to double check this with Wix’s support team).

      One thing to consider is that if you use Shopify’s app with Wix, you will need to pay another $18 per month, since Shopify’s ecommerce tools are very advanced and opens up a lot more options for your store. So downgrading your Wix plan will help save you a bit of money if you decide to use Shopify’s app.

      At the end of the day, it’s an interesting approach to continue to use Wix’s drag and drop platform (very easy to use), and combine it with Shopify’s leading ecommerce tools.


      • #

        I don’t see shopify as an option on wix! help! 🙂 Thanks!

        • Jeremy

          Hi Danielle,

          Wix actually got rid of the Shopify widget, but you can definitely still use the Shopify Buy Button on your Wix site.

          Take a look at the Shopify Buy Button here.


  76. #

    Hi Jeremy
    Wonder if you can help because wix have not replied. For a photography site where all of the images are available for sale it seems the only option is to create galleries for the images as normal on a photography site, but to then sell them a shop page is added and the images have to be added to that. It makes no sense, images have to be uploaded twice, a viewer has to leave the gallery and go find it again on the shop page. Is there a way I can have purchasing on the images in the galleries and not in a products page? Or is there an app I can add that will do this?
    Many Thanks

    • Jeremy

      Hello Phil,

      I don’t think that is a common feature, as it’s quite specific for photography businesses.

      Have a look at PhotoShelter, which is a website builder that is designed specifically for photographers wanting to sell pictures online.


  77. #

    Hi Jeremy, Thank you so much for your comprehensive comparisons between eCommerce website builders. Based on your analysis, I chose Wix and built a great web site. When it came time to build my actual store, however, I was surprised to find out that the only options I have for shipping charges are either to offer free shipping or charge one base rate to everyone.

    One of the bullet points of Wix’s store capabilities in this post is *Tax and Shipping Calculations.* My product weighs 5-lbs/ea, and I use USPS Priority Mail Regional Flat Rate boxes (offered to businesses only); so I’d like to charge shipping based on package weight and destination zip code, but I can’t get anywhere near that with Wix.

    I added the Free version of Ecwid to my site and am currently sifting through the instructions. Is this the best solution to my problem? Or do you have any other suggestions? I’d rather not have to use a premium app if I don’t have to.

    Again, thanks for your advice.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Deborah,

      I think Ecwid is a good solution for this. One of the main drawback of using website builders is that they don’t have very advanced ecommerce related tools. They’ll provide 80% of the tools to enable you to build a functional store. But to get to the last 20%, you might have to look for more powerful add-on’s such as Ecwid (or one of their apps in their App Market).

      Another alternative for you to consider, is to use a pure ecommerce online store builder such as Shopify. They are a “pure” store builder and so will have 99% of all the tools you want. However, the down side is that their monthly plans are a bit pricier when compared to Wix – reflecting the additional tools they provide you.


  78. #

    Hi Jeremy, in regards to the info above one part is not correct and is misleading to people like me. you get alot of posts about selling “digital” products through wix’s like member subscriptions etc and you even said in a replt to a lady that because you cant charge with the wix member log in app that a way around it is to sell a “digital” product through the wix store. i took the advice and have just realised that wix store does not support digital prodcuts. as per this from wix themselves.
    Currently, selling digital products for download (eg. eBooks, MP3s) in WixStores is not supported. WixStores is intended to sell physical products.

    But in the list at the top of this page you have listed it as an option please delete this and let people know next time thanks. This is making me wonder how many other errors are in your posts i hope its only a small oversite as i respect what you say.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Terry,

      You’re absolutely right. Wix used to allow you to sell digital products and so they must have updated this recently. I’m not entirely sure why but I will update our discussion here to reflect this. Thank you for bringing this up and again my sincere apologies for not updating this post quick enough.

      If you are still interesting in selling digital products, they have apps that cater to this in their App Market. However, you have to pay for these apps as they are created and operated by other companies. They just made it easy to integrate the tools into a Wix website (1 click installation).


  79. #

    thanks, Jeremy Wong.
    You’ve helped me make a pretty big decision.

    • Jeremy

      You’re very welcome Julie!

  80. #

    Hi Jeremy
    Thank you for your article. It is very helpful. However, I’m trying to search about the member page with E-commerce as I plan to have the regular pages for the public and the e-commerce page in the member site. No one mentioned that much.
    Can Wix be able to provide that function?

    I like weebly because it doesn’t have too many users now. But it seems Wix is better.

    My bottom line;
    1. Need the member page for E-commerce as a wholesale business. Not sure about the security for the customer if we use wix and 3rd party for the software. On the other hands, weebly will charge 3% but paypal will charge anyway. I’m very concerned with my customer security for E-commerce. Wix or Weebly?
    2. Need SEO great feature, the traffic site report.
    3. Blog &newsletter.
    4. Fast website working as my current site seems slow since I canceled the web hosting .
    5. I don’t have much items. Just start up business for only a year. need flexible to change.

    Please reply as I need to switch my web hosting asap.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Sky,

      I actually haven’t tried using the membership feature with an ecommerce set up with either Wix or Weebly. But I guess in principle it should work. You just have to create product pages, then protect them behind the membership wall so only your members can log in to purchase.

      As in security, both Wix and Weebly provide you with SSL security so when your customers check out, they are well protected.

      Have you considered taking a look at Shopify or Bigcommerce? Both are much more advanced ecommerce builders, and have much more ecommerce oriented features to grow with your business as you expand.

      While Wix and Weebly are good website builders, their ecommerce features cover mostly the basics. So if you need more advanced tools to integrate with your business, Shopify and Bigcommerce are much better down the road.

      You can also take a look at our ecommerce comparison chart here for more details.


  81. #

    Hi Jeremy, I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of the many people like me who are new at this. I am looking at starting a rock climbing club here in Australia. Would Wix be suited to my needs for a club site plus sell basic memberships and courses and can I maintain a basic membership database, thanks.

    • Jeremy

      hi Terry,

      Unfortunately Wix doesn’t have a built in membership subscription system, where you can charge members a monthly fee to access protected pages.

      Wix does have the ability for you to create basic memberships and only allow such members to access protected pages, but not the ability to charge them entrance fees.

      However, take a look at Sentry Login, which is an independent membership creator program that apparently works with Wix. They enable you to charge monthly fees for members.


      • #

        Thanks for the tips how do you set up basic memberships and only allow such members to access protected pages.

        • Jeremy

          Terry – just go to Wix’s membership app and add it to your Wix website!

          You’ll see tutorials on how to work with this app as well.


  82. #

    I’m a newbie and am looking for a site to help me promote my motivational speaking company / books / blog. I need customers to pay online for services and be able to buy my books online through Amazon. What type of site do you recommend? Thanks for the informative post!

    • Jeremy

      Hi JaQuette,

      Wix allows you to sell non-physical goods (they categorize it as a “digital” product). So you can have your customers buy from you, without you having to deliver any physical products.

      Just set it up so that they pay you, then you can reach out to them to provide your service.

      You can definitely set up your website using Wix, to promote your business. Wix’s drag and drop builder is quite easy to use!


  83. #

    If you build a website using wix and you have a store for selling goods. Is that free or just a free trial??. I did not see anything on cost of all the services I read about.. Sounds great but how much does that cost me? If it is free to me. Then how does wix make their money??

    • Jeremy

      Hi Suzie,

      If you want to use Wix’s ecommerce tools, you’ll have to upgrade to either their eCommerce or VIP plans.

      If you visit our Wix review article here, you’ll see more details about their pricing plans.

      But if you just want to test out Wix, you can definitely sign up for a free account and play around with their drag and drop website builder (there is no time limit to the free account).

      This way you can get a better sense of whether you’d like to keep using them to build your online store.


  84. #

    My daughter and I are creating a website to sell personalized softball jewelry using Wix but need to have the ability for the buyer to enter the name of the player, her team name, and jersey #. How do we add those fields in the shopping cart? Thank you in advance!

    • Jeremy

      Hi Daphne,

      I don’t think there is a way to insert a custom message in the shopping cart. But what you can do, is in the email confirmation message that you automatically send out to your customer, to ask them to reply to the email with the information that you require.

      Alternatively, you can use Wix ShoutOut to email your customers to request the information.

      Hope this helps somewhat!


  85. #

    Does Wix only use 3rd party shopping carts? Is that cause for concern? Does Wix allow for forms to be attached to purchases, for example when selling personalized products, can a form be attached to specify color, engraving, etc?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Roie,

      Yes you can integrate 3rd party shopping carts with Wix. Have a look at their App Market (our discussion here) and click on “ecommerce” to see the number of apps you can bolt on to your Wix site. Specifically, Shopify and Ecwid are good options.

      We also have a full discussion on Shopify here.


  86. #

    Thinking about using WIX for my sports photography events. I take photos of players and then would upload for them to be viewed and purchased. Would WIX be good for this? I don’t need them to be printed as I would do that myself. I would need to create individual event galleries for this. Also can I have multiple websites? One for sports, one for seniors and one for pets?


    • Jeremy

      Hi Klaus,

      Yes you can definitely upload your images into a Wix website to share with your visitors. You can also sell digital products with Wix. So when someone purchases a digital photograph from you, you can configure it so that your website automatically emails them the image. You’d have to use Wix’s ecommerce plan for this.

      You can create multiple galleries as well, and you can definitely create multiple different websites. But just bear in mind that when you upgrade your website to the ecommerce plan to take advantage of the commerce tools, you’d need to upgrade one website at a time.

      So if you have 3 different websites, and you want to use the ecommerce tools for all 3 of them, you’d have to upgrade all 3 of them separately.


      • #

        Thanks Jeremy!

        So let me see if I understand this correctly, each website would have to have an e-commerce subscription? What my plans were is to have a website with my main name and then four tabs below that show my different photography businesses. So there would be a tab for sports, a tab for seniors, a tab for pets and a tab for families. I only plan to sell images from the sports side of my business online. The rest of my business requires them to come into my studio to order. I’m thinking that the tabs would just be galleries and then each gallery would have sub-galleries. So it would be one website with a page for each business model. What happens if I go over the 20GB of website traffic? Thanks again!

        • Jeremy

          Hey Klaus,

          I think that works. So you just have to incorporate the ecommerce function on the sports related page. You can have all that under one single website I think, that should work.

          As for 20GB worth of storage, that’s a lot of storage room! I haven’t really seen any cases where a website goes over that, unless you are building a massive website with tens of thousands of very high quality images! So I wouldn’t worry too much about that (unless that’s your plan to upload tens of thousands of very large images).


          • #

            Thanks for the info. A second comment was posted by accident. sorry about that.

  87. #

    Oh my gosh thank you so much this is the most complete and comprehensive review I have ever read. This one review answered all my questions. I just can’t say enough how much this review helped me make a tough decision.

    • Jeremy

      Hey Laura,

      Thanks! Glad we can be helpful!


  88. #

    Forgive me as I wm new to web site building. What I need to be able to do for my on line store is to accept payment by credit/debit card. However, with the Wix checkout you cannot do this and neither can you buy an SSL certificate and add to your website. I do not want to force my customers to use PayPal or another method. Not having a proper functioning checkout like you would expect to see is a serious drawback for anyone in business who is building a website to sell on-line.

    Other than the above major issue I a really happy with Wix and found it easy to use.

    • Jeremy

      Hey there,

      PayPal actually offers users to pay either using their own PayPal account, or using credit or in some cases debit cards. I know for sure they allow people to use credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discovery).

      As for SSL certificate, the only place where it matters is in the check out page, which is where your customers are inserting sensitive information. When you use PayPal, your customers are making payments on PayPal’s site and they are secured so your customers’ information are protected.

      Hope this helps!


      • #

        Just remember Jeremy, that although PayPal has no cost for the customer when they pay, they do have a 3% charge to the seller when an invoice is paid.


        • Jeremy

          Hi Mary,

          Yes there will still be service charges from PayPal, charged to the merchant (seller of products). But I think paying a fee is reasonable as they manage the collection of payments, the transferring of cash into your bank account, security and any potential disputes.

          Charges from payment processors are unavoidable and it’s just a cost of doing business for the merchant.

          Thanks for adding to this discussion.


    • #

      Within PayPal, there is a way to pay with all major credit and debit cards. It does not cost the customer anything to use it. It is really just a trustworthy payment processing channel.

  89. #

    Hi Jeremy, Thanks for your dedication to the information you have provided to all of us looking for better website and ecomm solutions. I have been a WIX ecomm user for the last 6 years. I have 4 WIX ecomm sites/stores, and the ease of the IFrame platform is amazing! There are limitations, but I have found ways to “work the Wix system” to get the most out of the ecomm experience.

    Though Wix does not address the needs of a serious ecomm store, (unless you get very creative with the editing tools and app resources), it is still one of the best website platforms for those with no programming experience. Yes, there is a slight learning curve, but you will be up and running in no time.

    For anyone reading this who needs a DIY website solution, I would encourage you to look at WIX. Start with a free site and give it some time. You will be glad you did!
    Best Regards,
    London Greene – real merchant not a WIX employee!


    • #

      Since I am new to wix and so far love everything but a few things

      1. I can’t add tax by zip code
      2. Want more options than paypal to pay

      You said there are creative ways do you have any advice to help?


      • Jeremy

        Hi Dene,

        Check out Shopify’s Buy Button or Ecwid.

        While Shopify is a full ecommerce website builder, if you want to keep using your own website (such as Wix), while being able to convert it into an online store with a lot more advanced features (such as the ability to configure taxes, etc), Shopify’s Buy Button can do that.

        Ecwid is an independent ecommerce add-on that is also compatible with Wix. Ecwid adds a lot more advanced ecommerce related tools and options for you.