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Squarespace is a high-quality website builder with good value, transparent pricing. It has four price plans ranging from $12 to $40 per month, and a 14-day free trial so you can try it risk-free. Its cheapest plan includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, a free domain, and is advert-free, making it a generous entry plan suitable for professional websites.

When it comes to templates and design features, Squarespace is easily the best, which is why we often recommend it for creatives. It’s a strong all-rounder, scoring an impressive 4.3/5 overall in our detailed research.

Below, we‘ll put our research into action and explain which Squarespace pricing plan is best for you, how to get the most value out of your money, and any additional costs you may need to consider.

Squarespace Pricing Plans

Squarespace Pricing PlansMonthly Plan Cost ($/month)Annual Plan Cost ($/month)Savings (%)
Personal $16$1225%
Basic Commerce$30$2613%
Advanced Commerce$46$4013%

Squarespace’s four pricing plans range from $12 to $40 per month (paid annually), or $16 to $46 per month (paid monthly). The cheapest is the Personal plan, designed for individual use with a great selection of basic features. The priciest option is the Advanced Commerce plan, equipped with the tools to grow an ecommerce business.

Squarespace Pricing: Need-to-Knows

  • Does Squarespace offer good value for money? Yes! You get a great range of features, including unlimited storage and bandwidth on its cheapest plan.
  • Is Squarespace expensive compared to its competitors? No, it’s not! For example, Wix costs $14 per month, while Squarespace only costs $12 per month.
  • Are there any hidden costs? No! (Read on for more detail on optional extra costs, such as email marketing).
  • Is there a free trial? Yes! You can try Squarespace free for 14 days – you just need an email address to get started.
  • Which plan do you recommend? While the cheapest Personal plan offers great value, our research shows that 40% of users are best off with the $18 per month Business plan.
  • Can you get Squarespace plans any cheaper? Yes! You can save money by choosing an annual instead of a monthly plan, getting value by picking the best plan for your needs, or using a discount code (like our exclusive code below). Or, combine all three!

Exclusive Squarespace Offer Code

If this is your first time signing up to Squarespace, then you can use our exclusive offer code and save 10% on any Squarespace plan! If you use this offer to sign up to an annual plan, you’ll save roughly 30% compared to the full price of a monthly plan. Simply sign up to a free trial, then enter the code WBE when it’s time to purchase.

Squarespace Pricing Breakdown

Below, we’ll discuss which plans are best for different websites. But if you’d rather get a personalized recommendation right away, just click ‘Start Now’ below, and we’ll cross-reference your needs with each Squarespace plan to identify your best fit.

Wondering which Squarespace plan makes the most sense for your goals? You don’t even need to leave this page to find out:

Which Pricing Plan Is Best for You?

  • If you want to build a website, you’ll need either the Personal plan or the Business plan.
  • If you want to sell online, you’re better off with either the Basic Commerce plan or the Advanced Commerce plan.

For example, we’ll say that Maria wants to make a simple website to promote her homemade cupcakes. She’ll need an About page, a Contact page, and maybe a photo gallery of her creations. Maria will need the Personal plan, because it offers a custom domain name, stylish templates, and SEO features to help her spread the word.

But what if, after a while, her desserts become so popular that she decides to turn her hobby into a small side hustle? In that case, Maria would need to upgrade to the Business plan in order to start selling small quantities of goodies online.

Let’s take a closer look at Squarespace’s four pricing plans:

squarespace pricing plans
Squarespace offers Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce plans
  1. Personal plan ($12/month): Designed for (you guessed it) personal websites, this plan still offers most of Squarespace’s features (that aren’t related to ecommerce). You’ll get a wide selection of templates, and receive a free custom domain, SSL security, and 24/7 support.
  2. Business plan ($18/month): You can sell online with this pricing plan, but there is a 3% transaction charge on all sales. It’s more suitable for businesses who just have the odd product to sell, rather than fully-fledged online stores.
  3. Basic Commerce plan ($26/month): This plan is practical for fully-fledged online stores. You’ll get specific tools to help you manage your store, like mobile-optimized checkouts, integrated accounting, and customer accounts. You can sell directly on Instagram, too.
  4. Advanced Commerce plan ($40/month): This plan is best for boosting ecommerce sales. Features like abandoned cart recovery, gift cards, and flexible discounts are all designed to encourage more customers to purchase from you. These features, coupled with advanced tools for shipping, complete Squarespace’s most powerful package.

Calling All Students!

If you’re a student and have a valid school email address, you can get 50% off your first year of Squarespace.

Heads up, though – you can’t use this discount alongside any other offer codes. But you can apply it to up to three websites under one school email address, which is pretty useful.

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Ready to Choose Your Squarespace Plan?

Between these four plans, there’s a best fit for every site.

Personal vs Business Plan

Personal ($12/month)

This plan is perfect for building simple, stylish websites, and gives you all the basics you could need for a well-rounded website. The features you get on this plan include:

The Personal plan is best for those just starting out, who want a small but beautifully formed website.

Business ($18/month)

The Business plan comes with more advanced features than the Personal plan, including:

  • Unlimited contributors
  • Advanced website metrics
  • Professional email from Google
  • $100 Google Ads credit
  • Promotional pop-ups
  • Ecommerce
  • Complete customization
  • Announcement bar
  • Premium blocks and integrations

Although it isn’t a full-blown online store plan, you can sell on the Business plan. You can accept donations and sell unlimited products, but remember that there is a 3% transaction fee on all sales (there is no transaction fee on Squarespace’s two ecommerce plans).

It’s no surprise the Business plan is best for small businesses. It has professional features, and comes with the option of selling through your website.

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Are You Building a Website?

These are the best plans if you don’t need an online store.

Basic Commerce vs Advanced Commerce Plan

Basic Commerce ($26/month)

The Basic Commerce plan provides all the ecommerce tools you need to set up a simple but successful online store. It comes with all the features of the Business plan, plus loads of extras:

  • Sell unlimited products
  • No transaction fees
  • Powerful commerce metrics
  • Inventory, orders, tax, and coupons
  • Label printing
  • Checkout on your domain
  • Customer accounts
  • List products on Instagram
  • Integrated accounting
  • Mobile optimized checkout

The Basic Commerce plan has everything you need to get your business off the ground, making it perfect for first-time online stores.

Advanced Commerce ($40/month)

The Advanced Commerce plan comes with everything included on the Basic Commerce plan, and also gives you specialized features to take your online store to the next level:

  • Subscriptions
  • Abandoned cart autorecovery
  • Advanced shipping
  • Flexible discounts
  • Gift cards
  • Orders API

These advanced features are designed to power growth in your business: abandoned cart auto-recovery sends automatic emails to customers who leave products in their carts at checkout, discounts and gift cards offer great rewards for loyal customers, and advanced shipping lets you calculate real-time shipping rates with ease.

The Advanced Commerce plan is best for online stores looking for growth.

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Are You Building an Online Store?

These are the plans best-equipped for making sales and gaining customers.

Which Squarespace Plans Have We Recommended the Most?

squarespace pricing plan recommendations
We've recommended Squarespace's Business plan the most

Our plan selector tool (which we’ve included above!) considers factors like website type, function, and size to match you with the perfect Squarespace pricing plan for your needs.

Do You Need More Information on the Top Website Builders?

Additional Costs

Squarespace has fixed monthly costs, with no hidden surprises. That said, there are certain things you may want to pay a bit extra for when setting up your website. While you don’t have to, we strongly recommend investing in a few basic features to set up your site for success. And if you’re building an ecommerce site, you’ll also want to know how transaction fees work.

Squarespace Transaction Fees

For online stores, a transaction fee is a percentage of a customer’s order total, including shipping fees. Squarespace doesn’t charge any transaction fees on its two ecommerce plans (Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce), but it does charge a 3% transaction fee if you’re selling on the $18 per month Business plan.

In other words, if you use the less expensive Business plan (rather than either of the two pricier ecommerce plans), Squarespace will take 3% of each sale you make.

The Business plan is only designed for small stores, so Squarespace charges this fee to cover the cost of processing those transactions. Since the ecommerce plans cost more, all transaction fees are waived by Squarespace.

Domain Names

You need your own custom domain name for your website because it gives you a recognizable and credible image with your visitors. When you first build your Squarespace site, your domain will look like this: www.yoursite.squarespace.com – but this isn’t memorable or professional!

squarespace domain name page
You can choose your very own personalized domain and buy it through Squarespace, hassle-free.

The cost of your domain name typically depends on the domain name extension (.com, .net, .us…) that you choose, and it will come to around $10-20 per year.

Email Marketing

squarespace email marketing
Squarespace’s all-in-one email marketing platform is designed to help you send beautiful, on-brand emails.

Sending emails is a great way of engaging visitors and growing your site’s audience, whether you’re promoting a sale, releasing new products, or sharing blog posts. Squarespace has multiple options for your marketing campaigns. When you sign up to the $18 per month Business plan, you get one professional Gmail and G Suite account free for one year.

But Squarespace also offers an all-in-one email marketing platform called Squarespace Email Campaigns. It lets you create custom emails straight from your website, meaning your marketing integrates seamlessly with your site’s branding. The cheapest Email Campaigns plan starts at $5 per month.

3 Key Ways to Save Money

Squarespace offers good value for money, but with a few tips from our experts, you’ll be able to really get the most bang for your buck.

Squarespace Pricing Tips

  1. Nearly 40% of users are best off with the Business plan: We’ve recommended the Business plan to 38% of the 8,000 readers who’ve used our Squarespace Plan Selector Tool. The Business plan ($18/month) is a happy medium for a lot of sites, because you can sell online without the higher cost of a full-on ecommerce plan.
  2. Pay annually, not monthly: At first, paying for an annual subscription may seem more expensive, but it’s actually the most cost-effective route in the long run. You can save up to 30% each year by paying for 12 months in one go. For example, the Business plan costs $18 per month when you pay annually. But it jumps up to $26/month when you pay monthly. 
  3. Use these extra discounts: When you sign up for your first Squarespace plan, enter our discount code “WBE at checkout to get 10% off the price. If you already have a Squarespace plan, then you can use this discount on your first upgrade instead! Squarespace also offers a student discount of 50% off the first year when you sign up with your valid school email address. Just note that you can’t combine these two discount offers, so if you’re a student, you’ll have to pick one!

Is Squarespace Free?

Unfortunately, no, Squarespace does not have a free plan (unlike other builders like Wix and Weebly) – the lack of which contributes to Squarespace’s relatively low value for money score of 2.6/5.

However, all Squarespace plans start with a 14-day free trial, so you can try it out without paying a dime.

squarespace logo

Are You Ready to Try Out Squarespace?

Browse Squarespace’s plans, explore its features, or get started today – your perfect plan is just a free trial away!

Squarespace Pricing vs Competitor Pricing

Compared to other top builders, Squarespace is not expensive. In fact, when you compare the starting prices of our top six all-around website builders, Squarespace’s Personal plan sits comfortably near the middle at $12/month.

…And that’s solely based on price. When it comes to value for money, Squarespace is one of the best. Its $18/month Business plan gives you access to a wide range of features, making this plan the one we’d recommend for website owners looking to get the most out of their Squarespace subscription.

Here’s an overview of how Squarespace’s prices compare to those of its top competitors. We’ve included both the cheapest plan (in purple) and the best value for money plan (in blue):

squarespace pricing vs competitor pricing

As you can see, Squarespace’s best value for money plan (the Business plan) is cheaper than those of its biggest rivals, Weebly and Wix, whose comparative plans come in at $20 and $23/month respectively.

squarespace logo

Squarespace's Business Plan Is Great Value for Money

At just $18/month, get access to unlimited storage, advanced website metrics, and ecommerce tools (plus lots more)!

Squarespace Pricing: Conclusion

You should now know which Squarespace plan is best for you. There are four Squarespace plans to choose from, and you always start out on the 14-day free trial – no payment details are needed until you’re ready to choose your plan:

Squarespace Price Plans: Recap

  1. Personal plan: $16/month ($12/month billed annually) – best for starting a small but stylish website
  2. Business plan: $26/month ($18/month billed annually) – best for small businesses
  3. Basic Commerce: $30/month ($26/month billed annually) – best for small online stores
  4. Advanced Commerce: $46/month ($40/month billed annually) – best for growing online stores

Based on the results of 8,291 users who’ve used our Squarespace plan selector tool, 38% of users are best off with the Business plan. This plan comes with premium features such as pop-ups, professional email, and basic ecommerce tools.

All Squarespace’s plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth, which puts it ahead of many competitors in terms of value for money. For example, Wix’s $14/month annual plan only provides 3GB storage!

Finally, you can save money on your Squarespace plan by choosing an annual subscription, and by applying a Squarespace discount code. Enter our exclusive code “WBE” at checkout to save 10% on your chosen plan.

squarespace logo

Are You Ready to Choose Your Plan?

Enter the code WBE at checkout to save 10% on your new Squarespace plan, and start enjoying premium features today!

Squarespace Pricing: FAQs

Squarespace is all about quality. You won’t find better template designs or in-house features anywhere on the market. If you’re looking for a cheap or free way to build your website, though, Squarespace isn’t for you. But, if you’re creative and want a sleek, professional site, look no further.

Nothing! That’s right, hosting is free with Squarespace – you get fully managed cloud hosting included in every Squarespace plan, at no extra cost. You don’t need to find your own hosting, or pay for extra services – just sign up, sit back, and enjoy your site stress free.

It’s easy to cancel your Squarespace subscription. You can turn off auto-renew, so that your site expires at the end of your billing term. Or, you can cancel immediately, by going into your Billing settings, and selecting “Cancel Website Subscription”. There are guides and videos to help you in the Squarespace Help Center.

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, by going into your Billing settings and selecting “Change Plan.” It’s easy to change plans based on your site’s needs – you’ll lose any premium features when you downgrade, or unlock more features when you upgrade.

Squarespace accepts four different types of currency – you can pay your Squarespace subscription in any of the following currencies:

  • US dollar
  • Euro
  • British Pound Sterling
  • Australian Dollar

If you’re selling through your Squarespace website, you can charge in any of the 20 currencies supported by Squarespace.

Yes! If you sign up using your academic email address, you get a whopping 50% off your first year using Squarespace! That means the cheapest Personal plan would only cost $72 per year instead of $144 – that’s a pretty big deal!


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  • Kenny
    I find nothing that tells whether Squarespace hosts multiple websites. I need to publish online magazines and keep past issues up as archives. This requires multiple websites. I like their templates and tools but it looks like you only have one website per account. Is this accurate?
    1 reply
    • Jordan Glover
      Hi Kenny, This is a great question! Squarespace doesn't offer multi-site plans, however, you can run multiple websites from one account. Each would have its own subscription and be paid for separately, but they'd all be linked to you. IF you'd like more information on this, Squarespace has published a very clear article on how it all works that you can access here: . I hope this helps! Jordan
  • percy
    Which plan is needed to use amazon blocks?
    1 reply
    • Zara Choudhry
      Hi Percy! Thanks for reaching out - that's a great question. So, for Squarespace, you'll need either the Business plan or any of the two Commerce plans in order to integrate Amazon blocks on your page. It just isn't available with Squarespace Personal plan. I hope this helps! Here's you can find out more on using Amazon blocks with your Squarespace page. All the best, Zara
  • Stacia
    Is there still a 3% fee for sales on the Business plan if transactions are made through Ecwid after it's embedded into the website?
    1 reply
    • Lucy Carney
      Hi Stacia, Yes, I believe that the 3% transaction fee would still apply. But I recommend contacting Squarespace support directly for more information about its integrations and exactly how fees work once Ecwid is embedded. Take care! Lucy
  • Carol
    Hi Lucy, I'm reading your reviews because my Weebly Professional Plan that I've had for around 6 years "has a bug" (according to the support chat person) updating my products from the Square item list for POS, something I've done often since Square bought Weebly. I have found that the Weebly Support pages on the import subject no longer exist, however I can still Upgrade to a plan that costs $38 a month. The support page for the Upgrade Plan says "compare to other plans", I scroll down and there is only the one plan for $38 a month, nothing to compare it to. Support chat person says she will email me when the "bug" is fixed. It's been a week since I started having this import problem. In the past this product import from Square to Weebly has taken 24 hours, and been very easy for me to do. It syncs all my items so customers can use Square to buy from my Weebly website.
    1 reply
    • Lucy Carney
      Hi Carol, I'm so sorry for the experiences you're having with Weebly! I hope our reviews can help you find an alternative that works better for you! Squarespace scored better than Weebly in our research, so you're definitely on the right track. Best of luck, thanks for reading and for sharing your experiences! Lucy
  • Karen
    Informative site thank you. I need to set up a website for a bed and breakfast business. It would need to facilitate information, photographs, contact information and possibly a live calendar. I want the front end to look modern, clean and user friendly for users and also easy to manage for me. I would also like to purchase my domain name via the web builder. Ideally I'd like no hidden costs, I want to know upfront what I may incur. Who would you recommend? Thanks in advance.
    1 reply
    • Lucy Carney
      Hi Karen, Thanks for reaching out! From what you've described I would recommend Squarespace, because it's got very modern designs and high quality features for your business needs. I'd also recommend you look at the Business plan ($216 for the year, or $26 month-by-month) because it offers a wider range of tools than the cheapest plan, such as a professional email. You can purchase a domain through Squarespace too. I hope this has helped, and best of luck with your bed and breakfast business! Best, Lucy
  • Phil
    I'm a student and am in the process of launching a new website (school project) and I was reading up on a website and it said that students get 50% off on Squarespace...... do any competitors to Squarespace also offer big discounts for students?
    1 reply
    • Lucy Carney
      Hi Phil, Yes, Wix also offers 50% off its annual plans in partnership with Student Beans. Hope this helps! Best, Lucy
  • Kim
    Hi, thanks for all the well written advice. I have been hesitating to start a website with Squarespace as I don’t understand how to deal with the domain name and email address I already have with VentraIP. Do I have to transfer both of these to Squarespace or do I just link them somehow?
    1 reply
    • Lucy Carney
      Hi Kim, Glad you enjoyed the article! You have a choice - you can transfer your domain to Squarespace, or simply connect it to your Squarespace website (while keeping it registered with VentraIP). Squarespace recommends transferring your domain so that you manage everything through one platform, but you don't have to do this! If you want to simply connect your domain to Squarespace, and keep it registered with VentraIP, this Squarespace guide should help! Squarespace also has a guide about asking your domain provider for help, to help you through the process. Hope this helps! Lucy
  • Christian
    Hello. I'm an aspiring photographer looking for a website builder to help me make a professional looking website. For now, I want my website to act as my portfolio and have a contact form. I'm sure I'll want/ add more in the future, but I need a good place to start for when I want to do more. Would you recommend Squarespace or another website builder?
    1 reply
    • Lucy Carney
      Hi Christian, Thanks for getting in touch! I can definitely recommend Squarespace for your project, it's a fantastic photography and portfolio website builder. It comes top in our list of the Best Photography Website Builders too! Best of luck with your website, Lucy
  • David
    Hello, I am a Personal Trainer and want to make my business more professional (and also facilitate online growth in the future) by using Squarespace. Some key features I will need are the ability to apply discounts to certain offerings (e.g. online programming) if clients are also purchasing other services (e.g. personal training sessions). Clients will also need to be able to sign up to a monthly rolling contract rather than just a one-off payment. Am I right in thinking I would need the Advanced plan? Also, is there any way to link the store with scheduling? If a client purchases a plan with 8 sessions, for example, is it possible for them to then book these sessions in?
    1 reply
    • Lucy Carney
      Hello David! Thanks for reaching out. I'm happy to say that, from what you've described, Squarespace can cater to all your needs. Here's a quick run-down of your questions: Yes, you're right - applying discounts this way will need the Advanced plan, as they're classed as "Advanced Discounts". Squarespace has a subscription feature that lets customers pay monthly. (You can see all of Squarespace's features here). Squarespace's scheduling feature lets customers view availability and book accordingly. I hope this has answered all your questions - and good luck with your website! Lucy
  • Jamie
    I’m interested in creating a cleaning buisness website that is basic with information about our mission and what we offer. Contact info and an area for testimonials, info about the owners, types of cleaning services we offer and what we do! . Also, I wanted the buisness to have a blog but on a different side tab??? Would that be possible ? The blog would speak about cleaning ideas and DIY’s and keep others up to date on how I clean around the house etc. the blog would be a way to connect with others who do not receive commercial cleaning services from us. Yet we still want to have a website four our commercial cleaning company to send clients to to see the types of services we offer. What would you recommend?
    1 reply
    • Hannah Whitfield
      Hi Jamie, Thanks for your comment, it sounds like you have some really exciting ideas for your site! Squarespace will work perfectly for what you have in mind - you can easily add a blog to your site, and they have an excellent support team if you get stuck at any point. Happy building! Best, Hannah