How To Make An Awesome Logo In 1 Minute – Without Any Design Skills

Last updated on April 25, 2018

Want to see how to make a logo like these ones below — without using fancy (and complicated) image editors like Photoshop?

By the way, each logo only took me about 1 minute to create…

(We’ll show you what tools we used to create these logos below)

If you prefer to spend weeks vetting graphic designers and hundreds of dollars on a one-of-a-kind logo, then this is not the right post for you.

What we do best here at Website Builder Expert is scouring the internet to find shortcuts and smart hacks to help design-illiterates and techno-dummies to create awesome websites – all without you having to hire a designer or developer!

Why?  Because we were once in your shoes, struggling to get started and it sucked.

So, true to our motto, we thought – “Um…there must be a faster, cheaper and easier way to make an awesome logo without hiring a graphic designer!

We want to show you a few quick (but not dirty) ways to make your own logo just like the ones above – it only takes a minute or so!

Say “hello” to logo makers and generators!

A logo generator is exactly what you need if you:

  • Don’t have time to post an ad, interview designers and wait weeks to get a design back (which you won’t even know if you like or not).
  • Don’t have a big budget to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom logo.
  • Don’t have any design chops or can’t use Adobe Illustrator to create your own logo.
  • Don’t need a one-of-kind logo design, but still need a professional looking logo.

If that sounds like you, keep reading… but while you’re here, check out our top 2 favorite logo makers:

Top Choice

5 out of 5

Ease of Use

0 out of 5 stars

Logo Designs

0 out of 5 stars

Logo Originality

0 out of 5 stars

4.6 out of 5

Ease of Use

-1 out of 5 stars

Logo Designs

-0.5 out of 5 stars

Logo Originality

-0.5 out of 5 stars

Logo Design 101 – How to Pick Your Logo

Before you dive head first into making your perfect logo, let’s get some basics out of the way.

While no folklore songs have been sung about logos yet, people have written books about logos and branding for many years.

So it’s fair to say there are some key success principles you should follow when creating your logo design.

A logo is like your brand ambassador – it represents and captures what your business is all about with a simple eye-catching image.

Simply put, a well thought out and designed logo can help people remember you!

Consider these:

how to make an iconic logo

All of these logos mean something to you.  They immediately help you remember the companies behind them just by looking at them.

When you see McDonald’s famous golden arches, the first thing that pops into your head will most likely be a pack of steaming hot fries – um… I’m loving it.

While a great logo cannot single-handedly propel you to international stardom, it is still a powerful visual tool to help etch your brand into the minds of your potential customers.


Best Practices When Making Your Logo

There is a common misconception that you need to be born with a healthy dose of design talent in order to make good looking logos.

While it sure makes things easier, it is not always the case – There is still hope for the rest of us!

There is a formula to logo design especially if you study what the world’s top brands’ logos have in common.

Here are the rules of thumb:

  • Use 1 or at most 2 colors in your logos. Limited color schemes make it easier to develop a color signature. For example, if we ask you to think about Coca-Cola, the color red will come to mind – it’s iconic because it is so simple (Note: the color you pick can heavily influence your customers’ psychology as there are certain meanings to certain colors. See and  to see how color can help influence your brand.)
  • Use simple graphics that are easy to recognize. Don’t use an overly elaborate logo design. If an 8 years old child can draw your logo with ease, you have succeeded.
  • Use a timeless design that will not look outdated with time. You remember those excessive baggy jeans that were all the rage back in the 90’s. Can you imagine yourself wearing them now? The same goes for business logos. If all goes well, your business will last for decades, so don’t pick a logo design based on a trend or fad. You want your logo to look good no matter what fashion is in style today.
  • Use versatile graphics that can easily be used in different formats. You may use the logo on your business cards, on your website or social media accounts. So how the logo looks on a computer screen may not look as great in a different format (such as on a t-shirt, cap, cards). So ask yourself these questions when making your logo design:
    • Will the logo work in horizontal and vertical formats?
    • Will it look good if it is in just 1 color?
    • Will it still be recognizable if it is scaled down like on a business card?
  • Use graphics that match your business or industry. Your logo is supposed to be a visual representation of your business. So naturally, you want a design that matches what your industry and the type of business you have. For example, if you need a logo for a toy store, use childish colors and font styles to match the business type. It will make your logo feel more “natural” to your customers.

If you just keep these basic principles in mind when selecting your logo design, and you will be miles ahead of your competitors.

It’s not rocket science, right?  You can totally do this!

Let’s keep moving.


Good vs Bad Logo Designs

You can always learn a thing or two from other people’s mistakes – so you don’t repeat them.

So, here are some case studies of poorly designed logos:


Why are they bad?

  • Too many color schemes that don’t create a color signature
  • Designs are too complicated – not easily recognizable
  • Designs are out of date
  • Lastly and most importantly, they just look so UGLY when compared to the good ones!

They broke some, if not all of the rules of thumb we highlighted above!

Now that we’ve gone through the basics, let’s start making your first logo!


What are Logo Makers and Generators?

Logo makers and generators are tools that allow you to make awesome and professional looking logos in a matter of minutes – even if you don’t have any graphic design skills.

This is a fantastic option for you if you:

  • Don’t have time to deal with hiring designers, and all the back and forth’s during the creation process.
  • Don’t have a big budget to allocate to creating a custom logo (we know budgets can be tight especially for new businesses).
  • Can’t design well or can’t use Adobe Illustrator to create your own logo.
  • Don’t need a one-of-kind logo design, but still need something professional looking.

There are both free and paid logo generators and we will be covering both types below.

To help illustrate some of the logo generators below, we’ve come up with an imaginary company called “Yummy Burgers” and created one or couple of logos using each of the logo generators below.


#1 Tailor Brands

COST: Free for Low-Resolution Image Download / $24 – $99 for High-Resolution Image Download



Tailor Brands is one of the best logo generators we’ve tested because they actually design the logo for you.

They don’t have a designer who you can talk to and design a logo specifically for you.

What they do offer you, is an algorithm that will automatically choose and recommend a number of logos based on the designs you actually like.

WHOA – are we talking about artificial intelligence here??

Something like that.

For other logo generators, how you typically choose a logo is by scrolling through an image library with hundreds of graphics. From the library, you choose an image you want as your logo.

So the whole process for other logo generators is very self-served.

But what if you have no idea how to choose a good logo design?

Tailor Brands is different because they take a completely automated, yet personalized approach to creating your logo.

No more scrolling through hundreds of graphics or font styles to choose the one you like – No no no.

Instead, Tailor Brands asks you few design questions to find out what type of design appeals to you.

Based on your answers, Tailor Brands will suggest and create a logo they think will best match your design style.

Sounds awesome and easy right?!

It’s almost like having a personal designer helping you, but you don’t have to wait and it certainly won’t cost you hundreds of dollars.

So here is how the process works:

  1. Insert your business name.
  2. Describe your business in 1 sentence (think about how you want people to remember you).
  3. Choose between the types of logos you like (you can choose more than 1 logo types):
    • Icon Based Logo – uses an easy to remember shape in the center of your logo design.
    • Name Based Logo – uses your company name as the key element of your logo design.
    • Initial Based Logo – uses your company initials as the main element of your logo design.
  4. What type of font design you like – they show you a series of font styles and you can answer “yes or no”. Based on the type of font styles you say yes to, the algorithm will know what design styles you like.

The whole process took me less than a minute and it was pretty fun as well. You’ll probably have a lot of fun too and it’s free for low-resolution images so at least you can give them a test drive!



Here’s the thing – an algorithm cannot replace a real person’s creativity, but it is the next best thing if you don’t have the time or a lot of money to splurge.

We haven’t seen this level of personalization in any logo generators we’ve tested and this is why we really like Tailor Brands.

Once you select one of the logos Tailor Brands suggested, you can customize it even further. You can choose your own color, change font styles, and adjust the logo graphics if you want to.

To make it easier to imagine how your logo design looks in real life, Tailor Brands also show you how your logo will look on business cards, bags, website, and more.

Who is Tailor Brands Good For?

  • If you have no ideas on what you want, this will be a good place to help you discover some logo designs you may never have thought of before.
  • If you don’t want to scan through hundreds of graphics to find the design you like.

Who is Tailor Brands Not Good For?

  • If you have a specific logo design in mind already.
  • If you like to browse around to find more inspirations.

Try Tailor Brands – Make a Logo Now


#2 Squarespace

COST: Free Low-Resolution Image Download / $10 for High-Resolution Image Download / Free High-Resolution Image Download for Squarespace users



Squarespace isn’t just an amazing website builder (see our review), but they also have a really good logo maker.

It is super easy to use and they offer you a decent graphic library. If you already have a website built with Squarespace, you can use their logo generator to create a high-resolution logo for free.

Why would you want a high-resolution logo image?

If you want to produce physical products or gifts, such as t-shirts, shopping bags, posters, cards, etc, you will need a high-resolution logo file.

If you just need a logo for your website, social media profile, then a low-resolution logo file will work just fine.

Squarespace logo generator allows you to insert your own business name and choose the font style and color.

How the process works:

  • Insert your business name.
  • Choose an image from the image library.
  • You can move the image to the top/bottom/left/right of your business name. You can even customize the image size using the built-in drag & drop tools.
  • You can customize the color and font style


We want you to have a realistic expectation of Squarespace’s logo generator. While it is one of the better logo makers out there, it is still free – so don’t expect the same level of graphic selection and customization as you would get with paid logo generators like Tailor Brands.

Having said that, Squarespace Logo Generator will allow you to create a pretty good logo for free in less than a minute.

Try Squarespace – Make your Logo Now

Shopify Logo Maker

Squarespace is a website builder so it’s convenient to use them to create your unique logo while using them to build your website (though you don’t need to as any other logo creators listed here will work as well.)

If you want to build an online store, our suggestion is to take a look at Shopify (see our review) as in our view, they are one of the best ecommerce website builders today.

Shopify also has a logo maker and you can access it here. Their image selection and design tools are not as broad as Squarespace, but it’s also free to use, especially if you are also using Shopify to build your online store.


#3 Graphic Springs

COST: Free to Try / $39 to Download Image File



Graphic Springs is a logo maker that we like as well.

While it doesn’t run on a cool AI (artificial intelligent) algorithm as Tailor Brands, Graphic Springs has one of the best logo customization tools we’ve seen.

The process of picking your logo is pretty straight forward with Graphic Springs:

  1. Insert your business name
  2. Pick a graphic as your logo

What is different about Graphic Springs is the customization part.

You can move the logo graphic to the top, bottom, left or right of your business name. You can even resize the logo image using its drag & drop tools.

Of course, you can change the color, font styling, and all the typical customizations you get with logo generators.

graphicsprings-logo-generator-maker-edittext graphicsprings-logo-generator-maker-editlogo

Who is Graphic Springs Good For?

  • If you want more control over the styling of your logo.
  • You want to be able to test how your logo will look in horizontal and vertical views.

Who is Graphic Springs Not Good For?

  • If you don’t have much customization needs and just want to find a logo quickly with all the color schemes already selected for you – Try Withoomph (our #5 pick below).
  • If you need personalized design suggestions – Try Tailor Brands (#1 pick above).

Try Graphic Springs – Make your Logo Now


#4 Hipster Logo Generator

COST: Free for Low-Resolution Image Download / $5 for High-Resolution Image Download


This is a really cool and simple logo maker that we used a lot when we were running our website design business.

It is super simple to use and creates nice logo designs with a Hipster twist.

Because the type of design will have a bit of a Hipster flavor to it, this logo generator may not be suitable for everyone.

If your business or brand really resonates with this type of design, Hipster Logo Generator will a good tool for you to check out.

Try Hipster Logo Generator – Make your Logo


#5 Withoomph

COST: Free to Try / $15 to Download Image File


withoomph logo generator maker

Withoomph is more of a traditional logo generator. It’s fast and gives you a lot of selections.

What I like about Withoomph is they give you a list of complimentary color selections. So even if you are not great with picking or combining matching colors, this tool will make sure the colors you end up using will go well with each other.


Compared to Tailor Brands and Graphic Springs, Withoomph definitely has fewer bells and whistles.

But what Withoomph lacks in customization abilities, it makes up with a vast design selection.

This is why Withoomph is on our list of top logo generators and makers you should try.

Who is Withoomph Good For?

  • Love to have tons of choices to get more inspirations.
  • Have trouble picking colors that complement each other.

Who is Withoomph Not Good For?

  • If you get confused by too many design choices and need more specific guidance rather than browsing through a massive library of designs – Try Tailor Brands (#1 pick above).
  • You need more customization abilities to make a generic logo design truly yours – Try Squarespace Logo (#2 pick above) or Graphic Springs.

Try Withoomph – Make your Logo Now



Conclusion – DIY the crap out of your logo!

Making your logo doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a lot of money.

You don’t even need to be a talented designer.

With the logo generators we recommended above, you can literally make a good looking logo in minutes without breaking the bank.

Making a logo with a logo generator is a great alternative to hiring a graphic designer. You won’t need to spend as much, and you can slap your logo onto your website on the same day (instead of waiting for weeks).

Don’t get me wrong.  Professional graphic / logo designers have their place and bring a lot of benefits to the table.  But there is a right time and place for them to help you out.

When you are just starting a new website or business, you might not have the luxury of a good budget to hire a professional designer. At least not until you “prove out” that your website can generate traffic and start producing some cash flow.

With a logo generator, you can hit the ground running right away, without the pressure to spend a whole lot (or anything at all).

All of the logo generators and makers we mentioned are free to try and some are paid.

We suggest that you play around with them and see what logo designs you end up creating and loving!

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About Connie Wong

Designing and creating your website (especially your first one) is not a simple task. If you're a designer like me, then you're already way ahead of the game. But what if you're one of the 99% of business owners who are not technical or creative? I want to share my website design expertise with you to help you build a professional looking website to grow your business.


Connie Wong

About Connie Wong

Designing and creating your website (especially your first one) is not a simple task. If you're a designer like me, then you're already way ahead of the game. But what if you're one of the 99% of business owners who are not technical or creative? I want to share my website design expertise with you to help you build a professional looking website to grow your business.


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