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Last updated on November 9, 2018
BigCommerce review

BigCommerce Review Highlights

Very comprehensive set of e-commerce tools “out of the box” that packs a huge punch.

Grow your sales with minimal effort by leveraging on different social channels.

Have an App store which you “bolt on” more advanced tools to take your store to the next level.

BigCommerce review


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Last Updated on November 9, 2018

There are plenty of BigCommerce reviews and we have our own unique view of why BigCommerce is an e-Commerce store builder that you should consider testing – if you are serious about creating your own online store.

Building a business is by no means a simple task – trust us, we’ve been through our fair share of failures, and successes.

You will feel overwhelmed, stretched in 20 different directions, a never ending to-do list (seems to get longer every day), and wondering where did your personal life go?  That happened to us.

What we found is that finding the right tools to leverage on, and automating a lot of day-to-day repeated tasks, will substantially reduce anxiety and free up time so you can focus on other important aspects of your business (and life).  BigCommerce is one of those online store builders that have the capability to free up your time.

BigCommerce powers over tens of thousands online stores and has processed over $9 billion in transactions.  That shows legitimacy and credibility right off the bat.

bigcommerce reviews - stores

Take a look at these online store examples here and you can see what BigCommerce can do for you.

It is serving business owners in over 150 countries, who are operating online stores that range from hundreds of dollars in revenue, all the way to tens of millions of dollars.  So if you have a small, medium sized or even a large e-store that sales millions of dollars per year, BigCommerce will work well for you.

Best Large Business Website Builder

4.5 out of 5

Template Design

4.5 out of 5 stars

Ease of Use

4.5 out of 5 stars

Features & Flexibility

5 out of 5 stars


4 out of 5 stars


4 out of 5 stars

In this BigCommerce review, we’ll discuss important considerations you should think about when you decide on how to build your store and some of the key pros and cons of BigCommerce.

We have used different e-commerce platforms over the years. With our store, we wanted something easy to use that had the features we needed. BigCommerce made setting up our store simple with great SEO features and seamless integrations with MailChimp, Facebook, Ebay, PayPal and Google. Consider us very satisfied clients! – Ben & Mary Daniel


Pros About BigCommerce
#1 BigCommerce gives you a very comprehensive set of e-commerce tools “out of the box” that packs a huge punch

In our view, out of all the other e-commerce builders, BigCommerce offers the most helpful and practical tools that you will actually use – all included as part of their monthly package.

From integration with email newsletter tools (auto responders), creating coupons / promotion campaigns, unlimited product variations (e.g. different t-shirt colors and sizes), shipping and tax configurations, secure payment gateway integrations, handling returns, store statistics reporting, social sharing, product wish list, product reviews, etc.  They really set you up with a lot of tools you need to help you succeed.

#2 Bigcommerce helps you grow your sales with minimal effort by leveraging on different social channels

You can set up your store on Facebook and sell there, and the store is fully integrated and synchronized with BigCommerce.  You can also integrate your BigCommerce store with eBay, Google Shopping, and a whole range of product comparison sites such as Shopzilla, Bizrate, Beso, Nextag, PriceGrabber,, and MySimon.

If you think about it, BigCommerce is basically giving you massive leverage to get your products out in front of prospective customers, so you can increase your chances of generating more sales.

All these social channels will be fully integrated with your BigCommerce store, so you get exponentially more exposure to potential customers, without having to do that much work.  We haven’t seen any other e-commerce store builders out there with this extensive capability, so we’re impressed.

#3 A large App Store so you can add more advanced tools (if you need to)

Although BigCommerce already provides you with a comprehensive set of tools (more than a lot of its competitors), should you feel that you want more, they have an App store which you “bolt on” more advanced tools to take your store to the next level.

These Apps are created by third party developers and include more advanced tools for accounting, shipping, promotion / marketing, order management, live chat, email marketing, analytics, etc.

You don’t necessarily need them as BigCommerce’s basic tools are already sufficient, but these Apps are definitely handy when you are ready to scale your business to the next level.  These tools help you promote your products more effectively, automate your daily mundane tasks even further, and just gives a lot more firepower without taking up any more of your time.  Some of these Apps are free, and some are paid. But they are well worth the payment as they can help grow your business while freeing up your time.

Try BigCommerce Risk-Free for 15 Days

Cons About BigCommerce
#1 BigCommerce only offers you 7 free templates

BigCommerce only has 7 free templates which is quite limited when compared to its competitors such as Shopify (Shopify has 24 free templates).  When it comes to premium / paid templates, BigCommerce has 76 at the moment, and they range from $145 – $235 per template.

In contrast, Shopify has over 140 premium / paid templates available – more options is usually better. We know that this is something BigCommerce is working on improving, so hopefully they will issue more updated storefront designs soon.

#2 BigCommerce offers you over 100 free templates, but they don’t actually show you all the templates until you sign up – we found this uncomforting.

When choosing the right e-commerce builder, one of the first things we want to understand is what template designs are available.  Showing what templates are available is a pretty standard practice for all website builders on the internet.  The only way to see any previews or demo sites is to search through BigCommerce’s blog where they do announce new template releases.  But this only includes the recent new template releases and not their entire collection.  Searching through the blog to look at some of the newer templates is just extra work that we don’t find helpful.

[UPDATE – February 2016  You can now see BigCommerce brand new premium themes (both free and paid) here.  As mentioned in our point above, BigCommerce released a number of new, mobile friendly themes that can make your online store look updated and very professional.]


Even though BigCommerce offers support hours beyond the “standard business hours” (such as 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday), we wished they would offer 24/7 support across the board.

Although they offer 24/7 support via email and Live Chat, BigCommerce is yet to offer 24/7 phone support.  However, if you really want to be able to call someone, you can always call a phone support number that is not toll-free from the country you are based in.  So in a way, BigCommerce always has phone support available given global time zone differences, but if you live in North America and will have to call Australia for support, long distance charges will apply.

[UPDATE – August 2014 BigCommerce now offers you 24/7 support across all support channels (including phone, email, live chat.  This is a significant improvement and shows that they really do care about providing first class support, so that you know you can find support even at 3am in the morning.]


BigCommerce recently launched “BigCommerce Next“, which introduced new mobile-friendly designer themes, blogging function (to help get more visitors to your online store and to optimize for Search Engine Optimization), 1-click integration for payment gateways, shipping and Apps, managing your store through your mobile phone, and BigCommerce University which gives you free lessons on how to grow your business and sales.

Here is a short 2-minute overview on how it all ties together to help you grow your business:


BigCommerce is ideal for you if you want to start an e-commerce store, or if you already operate a brick and mortar store, but want to expand your business by selling your products online.

BigCommerce serves a broad range of industries, such as fashion, electronics, health, gifts, jewelry, sports, homeware, etc.  No matter what industry or niche you are selling to, BigCommerce has a comprehensive range of tools to make this an easier process for you and to help you succeed.  (See BigCommerce examples across various industries here)

BigCommerce Reviews - Industries

Operating with technology can be difficult at times, and it is not (and should not be) your only focus when running your business.  So leveraging the help of e-commerce store builders such as BigCommerce to help you manage the online technology side of things, can allow you to focus on other important parts of your business (such as marketing, product development, customer relationships building, administration, etc).


As mentioned above, BigCommerce gives you a comprehensive set of tools to build your online store.  As with all new things, you’ll have to invest a few hours to learn the basics and once you do that, you’ll find that it’s not too difficult to get your store up and running.

If you need to add more tools through their App Store (more on this below), each App feature / tool will be fully integrated into your BigCommerce store with just 1-click – very streamlined and simple indeed.

If you run into challenges, you can always reach out to their Client Success team for guidance (Live Chat, Phone, Email support, “BigCommerce University” – more on this below).

BigCommerce Reviews - Ease of Use

BigCommerce gives you the tools to:

  • Create unlimited product options (price, weight, image, inventory levels)
  • Setup product rules (e.g. adding $5 to larger t-shirts, free shipping for orders over $200, etc)
  • Sell non-tangible products such as digital downloads, event tickets, services, etc
  • Organize your products into categories (easier for your prospective customers to find what they need)
  • Manage and process orders – see which orders are still pending or shipped. Invoices, packing slips. All are managed from the BigCommerce control panel.
  • View your entire inventory at a glance
  • Manage returns (refunds, replace, offer store credit, etc)
  • Accept payments from more than 60 different payment processors in different currencies
  • See your best-selling products for the week, month, all time or anywhere in between by revenue or units sold
  • Identify and reward your best customers. View top 20 customer lists for any date range by revenue or number of orders.

Using BigCommerce can benefit you by doing a lot of “heavy lifting” work for you, so you can focus on other parts of your business.


As mentioned in the “Top 3 Pros and Cons” section above, BigCommerce offers you 7 free and 76 paid premium templates for you to dress up your e-commerce store.

Presenting a professional and beautiful looking storefront to your visitors help builds trust and credibility.  When’s the last time you stopped browsing a store because it looked confusing, messy and unattractive?  We do that all the time.  So having a presentable online store is very important in inspiring trust and credibility.

BigCommerce Reviews - templates

Since 2014, BigCommerce has been moving towards revamping their collection of storefront designs.  They’ve introduced updated designs, and their paid templates look pretty good (ranging from $145 to $235 per paid template. Majority of them $170 or $195).

Their designs were quite outdated before, so they’ve come a long way in this regard.

As mentioned above, we feel that BigCommerce needs to introduce more free and premium / paid templates to offer its users more design choices, in order to be competitive with Shopify in this aspect. We understand that it is one of their priorities so hopefully more will be introduced soon.

What you can also consider doing, is explore their marketplace to find qualified design experts who can create a custom design storefront for you.  A good designer is not cheap, but well worth it if your business is up and running and you want to take the design to the next level.  You probably wouldn’t want to deal with a “cheap” designer anyway.

Another alternative is to hire these expert designers to tweak / modify the free BigCommerce template that you have selected.  This is a more cost efficient way forward.

Just note that if you aren’t afraid to dabble a bit in HTML and CSS codes to modify your storefront yourself, BigCommerce allows you the freedom to do so.

BigCommerce Reviews - Codes


As mentioned above, BigCommerce offers you an extensive number of Apps so you can add more functions to your e-commerce store to automate a lot of day-to-day tasks.

These Apps help add more firepower to your sales & marketing initiatives, as well as helping you manage more mundane, administrative tasks such as fulfillment, shipping, inventory management, bookkeeping, etc.

BIgCommerce reviews - Apps

While BigCommerce already provides you with a lot of basic tools as part of their package, these Apps are designed to give you even more advanced features when you are ready to apply these advanced tools.

As discussed above, some Apps are free and some are paid (with trial periods).  While these Apps do have monthly fees, they’re well worth it if you need these advanced functions to save yourself time (and pain).

For instance, you can add live chat functions to your site to improve customer service and answer pre-sale questions, add customer review / rating widgets so your visitors can see what people are saying about your products (peer reviews can influence shopping behavior), or automate inventory / fulfillment process so you don’t have to manually process orders and print packing slips all day long.

You can pick and choose which App you want to add to your store.  Or if you don’t find certain App necessary or helpful, you don’t have to add it.  You have full control over that.

The Apps are here to further add more marketing power to your store, and streamline your business to save you time.  They add a lot more functions to your store without taking any more of your time, allowing you to concentrate on other parts of your business or life.


An e-commerce store builder is not complete without mobile features, and BigCommerce does a good job here.

BigCommerce allows you to switch to the mobile theme so your visitors can purchase from your store directly on their mobile phones or tablets.

BigCommerce Reviews - Mobile

When you are in BigCommerce’s dashboard, you can see a preview of what your mobile store looks like.  Just click into the preview to navigate around your mobile store.

If you know a bit of code, you can even customize certain parts of your mobile store.  If you don’t feel comfortable with codes, you can always hire someone to help you get this done.

One disappointing aspect of BigCommerce is that they no longer offer you a mobile app for you to manage your store “on the go”. They used to have a dedicated app where you can operate your store remotely away from your computer, such as track sales, get sales notifications, process order, update products, etc.

It’s a shame that they’ve discontinued it, but let’s hope they introduce another one soon!  If this is an important feature for you, Shopify does offer it.


BigCommerce Customer Support

BigCommerce offers 24/7 customer support hours to you.  You can reach them on the phone, email and Live Chat 24/7.

Bigcommerce reviews - support channels

BigCommerce Tutorial Resources

BigCommerce offers you a comprehensive knowledgebase, video tutorials so you can find a lot of answers in there.  They include multiple screenshots so you can follow along to resolve any issues you are experiencing.

They have also set up a BigCommerce University which is completely free and includes a series of lessons for you to watch, covering topics such as how to build your online store, how to attract shoppers (SEO), how to turn shoppers into buyers and how to build brand loyalty.  All these lessons are completely free.

If you need further assistance, you can always call, live chat or email their dedicated support team for further help.

BigCommerce Community Forum

BigCommerce has a large community forum where you can post questions and have them answered.  You can also find a lot of previously asked questions and their relevant answers.

This forum works well because, in addition to receiving responses from BigCommerce’s support team, other BigCommerce users (real business owners) can also contribute to the discussion.  They may share some invaluable tips for you to solve the issues you may have.


As part of your monthly plan, BigCommerce will host your online shop for you and gives you an unlimited amount of bandwidth.  So in theory, if you have 10 million visitors per month, you won’t get charged a penny more than your monthly plan.

The good thing here is that BigCommerce will manage the entire hosting process for you so you can focus on other important parts of your business, such as getting more customers, supporting them or creating more products.

BigCommerce will take care of security upgrades for their servers and perform all the technical details to ensure your website is always up and running, and doesn’t get hacked.

BigCommerce Reviews - Hosting

They also provide you with top notch security to ensure that your customer data is always secure.  Your online shop will be Level 1 PCI compliant and the shopping cart also includes an SSL certificate to keep you and your customer’s information secure.  You can also mention this to your visitors so they know it is safe to purchase from you.

BigCommerce also backs up your data automatically, so you don’t have to worry about losing your store if something crashes.

All these e-commerce hosting benefits are all included in your monthly plan with BigCommerce.  This way, you don’t have to mess around with techie things so you can concentrate on growing your business.

BigCommerce Reviews Hosting CDN


If you are looking for a free e-commerce store builder, then BigCommerce isn’t something for you.

But if you are looking for an industry leading, capable and features-packed online store builder that you can leverage on to grow your business, BigCommerce is definitely a candidate for you to consider.

We’ll cover the essentials here, but you can head over to our review of the cost of BigCommerce for an in-depth breakdown of its plans and the value for money you can expect.

Although BigCommerce does have some flaws (who doesn’t?), overall we do find really tremendous value in the services that they offer – considering the tools you get, the free templates and also extended customer support.

BigCommerce monthly plans range from $29.95 per month (Standard Plan) to $249.95 per month (Pro Plan) to their Enterprise plan (that is if you already have an established online store and has a high volume of transactions, generating over $1 million dollars in annual revenues).

As you progress up the plans, you get more tools available to you.  With the Enterprise Plan, a dedicated BigCommerce team will help you with setup, data migration, and of course, you get priority support.

For the Standard and Plus plans, if you purchase an entire year worth of service, you can get a bulk discount of 10%.

BigCommerce reviews - Pricing

Click to see BigCommerce pricing plans in detail

One interesting aspect of BigCommerce’s pricing plans is that while you are free to select any one of the plans (the higher the plan, the more tools / features you get), they do require you to upgrade to a higher plan if your store exceeds certain sales dollars threshold.

For instance, if you start off with the Standard plan ($29.95 per month), once you exceed $50,000 in sales dollars over the previous 12 months, you will need to upgrade to the Plus plan ($79.95 per month). If you exceed $150,000 in sales dollars over the previous 12 months, you will need to upgrade to their Pro plan ($249.95 per month). If your store exceeds $1,000,000 in sales, then you will need to enroll in their Enterprise plan.

BigCommerce Pricing Plans Price ($/ month) Sales Threshold
Standard $29.95 Up to $50,000
Plus $79.95 Up to $150,000
Pro $249.95 Up to $1,000,000
Enterprise Custom Unlimited

This pricing structure is quite different from other ecommerce builders where you can choose whichever plan to subscribe to and don’t require you to upgrade should your business generates more revenues.

We think the main reason for this unique pricing structure is that BigCommerce does not charge its merchant any transaction fees, which is not uncommon for other hosted ecommerce builders.

A lot of other ecommerce builders charge a 1% – 3% transaction fee per sale, on top of payment processing fees, which effectively eats into the business’ profit margins.

This transaction fee exists primarily to cover bandwidth costs. More sale transactions usually mean more visitors / shoppers on your website, which means that your ecommerce builder needs to allocate more resources to power your online store.

So charging a transaction fee for each sale is a common way for ecommerce builders to “recoup” the extra resources allocated to your store.

With BigCommerce, they don’t charge any transaction fees (which we like), but as you generate higher sales dollars (which usually means you are taking up more bandwidth to host more shoppers), they require you to upgrade to a higher plan to help “recoup” the extra resources your store takes up.

Do keep in mind that even though BigCommerce doesn’t charge transaction fees, as mentioned above, you still need to pay a payment processing fee, which your payment processing provider (such as PayPal, Stripe,, etc) charges you every time you accept a payment.

There is no way around this as it is a standard cost to enable your customers to pay you through Visa, Mastercard, etc.

If you want an ecommerce builder that does not charge you any transaction fees and allows you to remain in a lower pricing plan even though you’re generating a lot of revenue, take a look at Shopify.

The catch is that you will need to use Shopify Payments (their payment processor) to power your payment collection system. If you don’t, then they do charge you a transaction fee per sale.

One noted e-commerce feature that you get when you upgrade to the Plus or higher plans is that the Abandoned Cart Saver tool will be made available for you.  This tool is a must-have.

It basically automatically emails your visitors who have entered their email addresses in the checkout cart (demonstrating they have an intent to purchase) but didn’t complete the purchase for whatever reason (maybe they got distracted by a phone call, or had to deal with kids).

BigCommerce Reviews - Abandoned Cart Saver

Statistically, this tool can recover “lost” revenue by an average of 15% – meaning that it will increase your revenue by an average of 15%!  Think about it this way – If your revenue was $1,000 per month, using this tool, it can be $1,150.  If your revenue was $10,000, this tool can make you an additional $1,500!!  This tool is included in the Plus, Pro and Enterprise plans (it’s a must have!)


Overall, BigCommerce is a very strong and reputable online store builder.  We are specifically impressed with 3 things:

1) A broad range of helpful, practical e-commerce features and tools that can help you lay a foundation for success.  They provide you with more tools as part of their package than their competitors.

2) They integrate many social channels (such as Facebook Store, eBay, Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, Nextag, etc) so you can extend your business reach outside of your website.  All your products are automatically synchronized so you are effectively promoting your products a lot further than just your storefront.  This is a very easy way of exposing your products to a lot more people, while not taking up very much of your time.

3) BigCommerce Apps – to add more / extend functionality to your online shop as you grow your business

In addition to that, they are continuously introducing beautiful, professional and mobile friendly templates so that your online store can look good and sell more.  If you want to take your design to the next level, you can also hire qualified, professional designers, developers, and other independent BigCommerce services provider to help you grow your store.

You might not need this service right away, but know that when you reach a point where you are ready to scale your business, these services providers (and Apps as mentioned above) will help you along your way.

Don’t forget that BigCommerce also offers its users 24/7 technical support, through the phone, email, social media or live chat.  This means that if you run into issues with your online store, even at 3am in the morning, you will be able to reach BigCommerce’s support team.

BigCommerce offers you a risk-free 15-days trial to see for yourself if they fit your needs.  So there is no financial risk to you to try them out.

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Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! We wanted to build a website to start a side business, and felt overwhelmed, confused & scared about how to actually do it, which builder to use, and making wrong decisions. After years of trials & errors using different website builders, we're here to share our experiences with you.



About Jeremy

Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! We wanted to build a website to start a side business, and felt overwhelmed, confused & scared about how to actually do it, which builder to use, and making wrong decisions. After years of trials & errors using different website builders, we're here to share our experiences with you.

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57 Responses to BigCommerce Reviews | 10 Key Things You Should Know

  1. #

    Big Commerce is the worst platform I have ever seen. Their support is horrible and if you have site issues and your site goes down you are in big trouble. They do not offer COMPLETE backup services and support will leave your site wiped out for days because they do not care about their customers.

    The themes are slow and outdated looking.

    Servers are slow.

    Their so-called engineers are not engineers at all. Seriously, it’s clown school at Big Commerce. Should have used another e-Commerce provider 🙁

    • Lucy Carney

      Hi Eric,
      Thanks for joining the discussion and for sharing your experience – I’m sorry to hear you’ve had these problems with BigCommerce. If you’re thinking about changing your ecommerce provider both Shopify and Wix rated highly in our research; I’ve included the links to our in-depth reviews for both. Of course it depends on what type of store you have but they’re both worth having a look at!
      If you would like to see more options here’s a link to our ecommerce comparison chart where you can compare different ecommerce providers and find one that’s better suited for you than BigCommerce.
      Thank you so much for reading and hope you find this helpful,

  2. #


    After six months of putting time into my website, I didn’t have a SINGLE sale whatsoever. Support was never available for help until atleast next day and usually a week later. Paid over $100 for a decent looking template. Supports only answer was to purchase this or that at very expensive prices.

  3. #

    Great article, shame that the platform falls short of expectations. After months of issues and then an unforgivable issue over Memorial Day weekend when our store was taken offline and no one could assist until the next business day (three days later!), I would never recommend BigCommerce to anyone.

    • Fred Isaac

      Thank you for the comment Richard. Sorry to hear you’ve had difficulty with BigCommerce, have you tried Shopify?

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    nice blog.thank you so much sharing with us.yesterday i was checking randomly and i found something very important site.buildabazaar.oooalso a very good site for seo blogs.

  5. #

    After having so many problems with Bigcommerce not supporting my customers browsers I had to move to another platform. I was getting customers emailing every day that they could not add items to their carts and the only response from tech support was for me to ask my customers to download supported browsers. Not good enough for such a large platform.

    After 10 days I couldn’t take it any more and spent all night moving my listings elsewhere where I am having so such problems.

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Rowan, have you considered Shopify?

  6. #

    Do not waste your time with Big Commerce go to Shopify they are way easier to setup and you do not have your sku’s just disappear like they do in big Commerce. If you are running only a couple sku’s it would be probably fine. But if you are doing more then 50 you should stay away. This platform, it designed to suck your time. If you plan on growing this is the platform that will like.

    This is obviously a paid fro review the Big Commerce. Take if from a user of the system.

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi David, I can assure you our reviews are based on our own experience using these tools. We do rank Shopify as the number one for ecommerce in our comparison chart!

  7. #


    My only regret is not switching away from Big Commerce to Shopify sooner.

    Yes, both have strengths and weaknesses but you will pay thousands per month to Big Commerce if you have any level of success. To add insult to the injury, its based on an annual rolling average. If you hit a 400k+ sales you are getting bumped. Here is the kicker, if you fall below, they continue to charge you the higher tier until you call and request a downgrade.
    If this does not tell you about their ethics, I don’t know what else will.

    Big Commerce seems to have a smaller selection of apps as well.
    The templates are much more limited. But the truth is, I left because of the pricing.
    With Shopify, I was able to design a better site visually and in term of functionality ( apps)
    The end result? I pay a reasonable monthly fee with Shopify and because of the redesign, my sales are up approx 20%.

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Robert, thank you for the comment. We do rank Shopify as number one for ecommerce, so can’t say you’ve made a bad choice. However, we reckon BigCommerce’s pricing structure is fair because it only upgrades you if you reach a certain size and need extra support. If you’ve hit this sales threshold, the extra costs will be absorbed.

  8. #

    EXPENSIVE and they fall short in some features.
    If you plan to grow up your business, big commerce will charge you for your success. More sales, more charges. Another critical technical issue they have and they cannot resolve is the lack of drag and drop feature to sort items into each category, this is a KEY feature for stores with many items that need to be organized -displayed into different categories. in a fashion way. If you have an item that fits into 2 or more categories, the item will repeat the same position in those categories. cannot be arranged unless you start duplicating items. If you want to move up or down an item, you have to make a huge work on CSV format. Ridiculous. Another issue to take in the count is the lack of good apps, they do not offer the most popular. I think there are other good options out there before moving your e-commerce here and then face the issues. Once you grow up is hard to move.

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Lauren, thanks for getting in touch.

      We’ve got a more in-depth review of BigCommerce’s pricing here:

      You might find it an interesting read!

      Personally, I think the pricing structure is fair because as you grow your store does need more maintenance. Also, BigCommerce doesn’t charge transaction fees on any plan so we disagree that they necessarily punish you for selling more. You’re right that BigCommerce is not as simple to use as a drag-and-drop platform like Wix (have you tried Wix’s eCommerce offering?). BigCommerce’s App Marketplace is decent in our view but does lag behind Shopify (over 1200 apps and counting!)

      Hope this is helpful!


  9. Jeremy

    Hi Tom,

    It sounds like you’ve had a bit of a frustrating time on BigCommerce. I haven’t encountered such issues with custom shipping before, but have you reached out to the BigCommerce support team for advice? They’re usually really quick to reply to queries, just search ‘custom shipping’ on this support page. That’ll hopefully solve your issue.

    If not, I would point you in the direction of Shopify Plus, which caters to more sophisticated stores earning over $250,000 per year and who I know have a number of 3rd party apps in their App Store that deal with this exact issue. One in particular I’m thinking of is ‘Bespoke Shipping’, which could be a solution – give it a look in the App Store and see if it fits.

    Thanks for reading,
    – Jeremy

  10. #

    I just tested BigCommerce Shipping functionality and I have bad news for those who want advanced custom shipping methods set up (via Post Office, EMS etc.). I was unable to create custom shipping methods without them having conflicts with each other showing a triangular exclamation mark warnings. With BIGCOMMERCE it seems one can not create: Registered Mail, Priority Mail, EMS, FEDEX, UPS, First Class Mail, Air Mail etc. shipping methods, all non-live and all having several different charges accordingly to an order amount. I am able to achieve this with X-cart, but I want a hosted solution at this time. BigCommerce fails this one and is no good for me even if the rest of the platform could be great. All I tested is the most important feature for me: shipping. It’s fail.

  11. #

    I’m presently using Shopify because I was tired of dealing with Magento and wanted something hosted and maintained without all of the headaches, but invariably Shopify has its own set of problems, weaknesses and hidden costs that you’ll only become aware of once you get into it.

    Example: I wanted some simple functionality that ironically enough Magento, Woo and so many others offered for anywhere between 50-100 dollars as an add-on but one of the biggest developers for Shopify tells me that it might behoove me to go with the ShopifyPlus in order to get that! So I’d have to spend countless thousands in order to get one little thing? No thanks! And transaction fees are a slap in the face, too.

    So I went on a quest for something that had a better back end and easier csv import/export and ironic as it may sound I tried BigCommerce out to see what all the fuss was and whether all the criticisms were warranted. First of all the back end offers up plenty of tools and functionality so the csv import of my Shopify csv file was brain-damaged simple to do with field mappings that were clear and easy to implement. I’ve literally spent hours over and over again trying to get Shopify to recognize a csv export from Magento without burping and dying. BigCommerce isn’t nearly as fussy and worked right away. Even pulling images off of my Shopify store and importing them into my products. That was nice.

    But since Shopify doesn’t recognize the concept of normal categories, instead opting for tags, I had to do a lot of clean up in order to manipulate the thousands of products I have into their respective categories.

    Where BC could use improvement is in the bulk editing department. So while it allows me to do a filtered search it won’t allow me to bulk edit change in one go the categories or brands instead you have to individually reassign categories or do another csv import and change those items that way. Its doable but a pain. There are other shortcomings but it’s late and I’ve run out of steam. So far I’m only using the demo and I’m discovering things all the time.

    One thing is for certain… there is no perfect platform out there. Finding one that’s good enough would make me happy.

  12. #

    I having been using Bigcommerce since 2009 when it was open-source platform and called as Interspire. What attracted met to Bigcommerce was the ease of configuring it, and common-sense navigation. I could quickly find and setup things I wanted to.

    Its still the easiest to use platform, no doubt. But there are several problems which unfortuantely doesnt make it a good deal anymore, and I am planning to switch over soon.

    1. There have been several features merchants have been requesting them since years back. But they have never implemented the same. For example – ability to set Custom Order Status. They spend their time and resources on developing features that can attract new customers, but are least bothered about implementing features existing customers are yearning to have.

    2. Support is a joke, and expect your problems to prevail for a very long time. I had asked them to add a missing state of a country to the checkout process 2 years back, and its still pending !

    3. There new Stencil framework for developing the UI is developer friendly, but its insanely difficult for merchants with limited technical expertise to do small tweaks. Their previous framework called “Blueprint” was much user-friendly and one could do lot of on-browser changes. I believe they have gone backward in front-end design.

    Shopify has a very efficient simple way to organize various elements for your home page, on browser itself. With stencil all you can do is change colors, and size of elements on browser. for everything else you need to download theme, do offline edits and then re-upload. The process looks very rudimentary and you are stuck having to book developer everytime small changes are required.

    4. Bigcommerce is solely dependant on company called Pixel Union for new themes. The new themes are good looking but one can easily find bugs/shortcomings in each one of them. None of them look complete, specially when you have a big catalog to fit in.

    There is death of new ideas been showcased as only one company keeps contributing. Bigcommerce as such have developed only 2 themes and they are just ok. You wont find many bigcommerce themes available offline too.

    5. Most of the new features developed are for USA market, sometimes EU. Rest of the world is ignored. If you are a merchant outside USA, expect many modules would not be usable.

    6. It has very limited payment processors integrated. If you are outside USA, expect very few or no options available.

    7. Checkout process is very old-fashioned with accordion kind of view. Customers cant see which products they bought on the checkout page, which results in lot of lost conversions. Company has introduced a new check-out page, but it is limited to few payment processors and currencies. I still don’t understand the point why it cant be rolled out for everyone irrespective.

    8. Product Filters or faceted search is heart of ecommerce. It allows customers to find their products quickly, and it goes without saying that its a must-have feature. Bigcommerce was very late to understand and implemented this after thousands of merchants requested them for it. But they saw an opportunity and pain point, and capitalized on it by offering it only on their high-end plans.

    If you need to build custom filters, then you have to go straight up and opt for Enterprise plan. The whole Merchant community have been betrayed by this, and have no option left rather than to change platforms or upgrade to higher plans.

    As such I feel very pained to know that a platform I once loved is disappointing me further with every other day I stick to it. My search for an another platform has started…..

    • Jeremy

      Wow, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Very comprehensive and detailed.

      Have you tried Shopify? I’m curious as to your thoughts about them. We have a review about Shopify here, and also one the compares BigCommerce and Shopify here.

      Let me know if you have anything else to add!



  13. #

    BigCommerce Reviews : BigCommerce has proven to be a significant burden and a huge financial loss on a business processing over $650k on this platform.

    The customer service lacks basic knowledge of server issues, known engineering issues (including auto-refunds to customers), unknown third-party scripts placed by their engineering team, etc.

    I would not recommend it if you are migrating or considering scaling your business up.

    The new Stencil ‘upgrades’ are littered with external scripts that are not pertinent to the site. BigCommerce claims they are aware of the issue, but have done little to rectify it in over a month. The data is either being gathered and sold, or it is a major engineering issue which is causing drastic load times.

    Major issues:

    -Load times: Exceed 20 seconds according to Google Analytics. This is based on hidden scripts.

    -API Payment Issues: BigCommerce has emphasized their integration with Braintree. Yet, their API is significantly flawed. The system issues automatic ‘void’ pings to Braintree which has caused thousands of dollars lost.

    -Many services have been ‘offered’, some have been implemented, but nearly 50% of the services discussed seem to be canceled.

    In addition to the aforementioned, other issues relate to the terrible pricing structure. It requires constant upkeep to find workarounds for BigCommerce engineering issues. However, hosting fees exceed $6,000/year.

    I’ve been blamed many times for issues caused by engineering, but after discussing and providing multiple screenshots, the Customer service finally acknowledges that it is an internal issue. Unfortunately, this takes about 10 hours a month and there’s NO COMPENSATION for the issues they have caused.

    • Jeremy

      Hey Richard,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

      It sounds like you have a very successful business that requires better systems.

      Have you considered Shopify Plus? They’re an enterprise solution that’s built with scalability in mind and is catered to businesses that are generating $200,000 and up to millions in sales.


      • #

        Thank you, Jeremy- I just signed up for a 14-day trial through Shopify per your suggestion. The interface seems pretty similar and the access to the structure is very easy. I appreciate the suggestion!
        The hosting fees are more reasonable. BigCommerce is over $500/month for under 6,000 orders a year (per their new and everchanging pricing structure).

        As for BigCommerce, it seems as though they are having several issues at the moment. Unfortunately, you can’t view much of their community via However, they is a major issues with their staffing causing response-rates exceeding into weeks. Note: BC did state they are working on ‘improving’ their customer support by Q2 of ’17.

        • Jeremy

          Thanks for keeping me updated. I’m glad your trial of Shopify is starting off well. Do keep me posted on your thoughts!

          And thanks for the intelligence update on BigCommerce. It’s not easy to keep up with customer support with a fast growing business. But it sounds like Shopify has done a pretty good job with that.


  14. #

    I’ve been a loyal customer with Big Commerce since 2013. They recently tried to over night hit me with a 160% inflation which is a total bummer. I am currently looking for other options. Do any of you have experience with Shopify or wordpress?

    • Jeremy

      Yes – I do have experiences with both.

      Have a look at our Shopify review and also Bigcommerce vs Shopify comparison discussion.

      You’ll also find some helpful discussion about hosted (such as Shopify) and non-hosted ecommerce builders such as WordPress here.


  15. #

    DO NOT Recommend Bigcommerce at all. They have no respect for clients. I had a store with them for 2+ years. Beginning around Feb or March 2016, they announced a price hike for April jumping from a basic $25/month plan to $200/month plus extra for any sales that went over. They basically look at sales volume, which in my case was primarily sample boxes for tiles that I charged at cost to clients.

    Called in to cancel my plan. They cancelled my plan, closed my store and worse, charged me the $200 for the month. WTF! Since then I have requested to speak with a manager and over 2 weeks have not received a call. Also requested this under their support multiple times and no contact. Yeah, an amazing company to work with.

    Switching to Magento CE.

    • Jeremy

      Hey Benji,

      Sorry to hear about that. I’ve heard feedback from users (also see other’s comments below) that the new pricing plan was not too welcomed.

      I’ve highlighted that in our review above under the pricing discussion, that the current pricing structure is a bit disadvantageous to merchants who sell products at a lower price point, and at a higher volume. It sounds to me that you are within this category?

      I believe BigCommerce’s announcement at the time of the pricing change, was that it affected a minority portion of their users. But the majority users will not be affected.


  16. #

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to inform you about Bigcommerce Admin Order Android App.

    BigCommerce Admin Mobile App is an easy tool to manage your BigCommerce Site’s Store Orders from your Android mobile. It will give you almost every control on the Orders from your mobile.
    Download it from the Playstore

    Thank you

  17. #

    Hi Jeremy,
    Just manage to had a look on your article which really help alot.

    but i have a question in mind. if i were to build a eCommerce website for Peer to Peer business (IE; airbnb) is there any recommendation of website builder you could recommend?

    Thanks in advance =)

    • Jeremy

      Hello Scott,

      I’m not sure if Bigcommerce (or any other ecommerce store builders) will be able to help you build something like that.

      You might want to search for “Marketplace builder” or something along that line in Google. There are some marketplace builders out there that can help facilitate a place where people can buy / sell products or services.

      Good luck!


    • #


      Did you have any luck finding a good P2P platform for your site? I too am looking for a good P2P and to combine with a P2C platform. Any suggestions on what you found out there, I don’t see exactly what I’d like and not ready for a big $$ commitment for an enterprise platform yet.

  18. #

    The apple cart has really been upset over at Bigcommerce. Their new CEO notified customers of new pricing for 2016 (in anticipation of a public stock offering, apparently) which is kicking monthly rates up DRAMATICALLY for many users. The amount of turmoil is largely behind the scenes because Bigcommerce’s user forum is private. Many, including me, are going to bail. Doing research on other options is difficult because most hosted ecommerce “reviews” are paid for by the reviewed companies and aren’t very candid. If you really are considering Bigcommerce, don’t sign up without talking directly with their support people to get your pricing nailed down because the true pricing is very opaque. Word to the wise.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Scott,

      Sorry to hear that the pricing structure change has affected you.

      The pricing structure change is fairly new, so I’m curious to wait a few months to see if Bigcommerce is going to maintain it or update it.


  19. #

    I would highly suggest NOT using Bigcommerce because i just moved to them 12months ago from prostores and they just increased my monthly bill from $199 to $1800 a month. My store also declined 12% in 1 year using bigcommerce. They also only gave me a month and half notice of the HUGE increase so that it would be hard to move to another platform.

    • Jeremy

      Hi KRS,

      Sorry about your experience. I think some current merchants are also impacted by the pricing update as well.

      Have you considered Shopify? You can see our discussion comparing Shopify and Bigcommerce here.

      There are also some comments from others about the recent pricing updates from Bigcommerce as well.


  20. #

    Big-Commerce is a good platform but Magento is the best. Big-commerce provides lesser custmization and lesser features than Magento.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Technocrab,

      Magento has actually shut down their Magento Go platform, which was their hosted platform. So I think they are not focusing on high end enterprise level users, which are typically a lot more sophisticated and not as DIY as a typical Bigcommerce users.


  21. #

    It has been a little rocky moving from Americommerce (now Sparkpay) to Bigcommerce. For an existing store BC’s Migration service does not let you move in Quantity/Bulk discounts with your products and actually recommends you reentering the data manually. for us this would have been over 10K insertions. If you also have many options for a Parent SKU (size, color, and extra features) they do have a limitation on what they can bring over. You can’t move over as many things with a CSV as other programs and they insist on using APIs to move things over.

    We overcame the Migration Department’s limitations by spending about $550 with Cart2Cart instead of $325 Bigcommerce. Cart 2 Cart did a great job in moving over about 95% perfectly leaving us with a very manageable amont we could install without taking weeks of time.

    The base system is not bad, but you will find some backshop limitations and restrictions over have as standard. I am not sure how much the BC staff understand about daily merchant operations but the User Group seems helpful.

    • Jeremy

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Brill. Glad you found a workable solution for your store!


  22. #

    Oh please, Bigcommerce is amazing. They have a great customer service that cooperate well and have a nice sense of humor too. They have a huge variety of tools. I love their automatic abandoned cart email sending. I totally recommend Bigcommerce to all of you!!

    • #

      I’ve been a BigCommerce user for about 18 months. It has a lot of tools and is pretty powerful, but difficult enough to set up that the layperson can’t do it or maintain it. It’s not been a good platform for me as a photographer and their customer service is amongst the worst I’ve ever experienced. Their tier 1 people that you actually get to interact with seem to have absolutely no knowledge of anything and their tier 2 response (be email several days later) is invariably that it is not their problem. If I wasn’t in to this site for about $6k I would start over.

      • Jeremy

        Hey Jack,

        Sorry to hear your experiences and thanks for sharing them.

        Have you considered using Shopify? You can see our review here.

        I understand that you’ve already invested time and money into your site, but in my view, Shopify is a better platform in a variety of ways.

        I know it’s painful to start all over again, but if it improves your business and overall personal stress level, then it’s worth considering?

        You can always test out Shopify for a couple of weeks to see if it warrants a serious consideration.

        You can see my thoughts on comparing Bigcommerce and Shopify here.


  23. #

    I did my research and chose bigcommerce because of there support from product variants and custom fields which I need for imprint details.

    My first impressions were good and I was pleased to see the theme style editor but after I changed the colours I noticed that much of the theme was still in the old ones. I spent hours going through template files changing instances of the old colour. Then I installed WebDAV and connected so I could download and edit the coloured images and replace the old ones. Eventually got it working but I have to say the theme files are a mess, poorly structured and poorly documented. They say you can move panels around but some behaviour happens in sub files called snipppits which throws things off. Nowere could I find a comprehensive list of global variables.

    I could forgive the initial theme problems but when I used product level custom fields my problems started again. The short text, single line inputs take up far too much screen space and I need 10 of them So, I used the textarea type and had two boxes which I instruct customers to type 5 lines of text in to. Its a compromise but one I can live with. Everything was fine until I placed an order and found that the newlines in the textarea are reported as spaces so I can’t tell what text was on each line.

    I spent several hours trawling the templates but could not solve the problem so I spoke to tech support who replyed taht I should just use short text fields. I pressed them and they said taht there was nothing they could do although a template change might fix the problem and that I should use one of there expert partners as $80/h – which I cannot afford. BC tech support does not get it – they just don’t seem to care.

    On the off chance does anyone know how to fix this because if I can’t I’ll have to find another shopsite. Does anyone know if anyone else supports custom field on a product??

  24. #

    Trends are changing. Business owner are creating their websites following the trends for 2015. By the way thaks for the post.

  25. #

    We have several stores with these guys, and they are always changing things. They have great features, but not as many as l have seen with some others. I am really peeved now as l have downgraded one of my plans to it’s original one, and they have taken away the option for customer groups. Isn’t this a pretty standard feature for carts? Seriously, that is totally disrespectful to their clients, who pay alot of money as it is to use their service, and alot of us require a customer group option. I probably wouldn’t think anything of it, except for the fact that I have exactly the same plan with Big Commerce, on another of my stores, and i have this feature. They say l am still on the old plan. Why would they TAKE something from us? Its backwards….they should be giving more, if anything! They have made alot of money with me over the years, and they are making me make less by removing features?!

    A classic case of, ‘the bigger you get, the greedier you get’. Looking at other hosting options now.

  26. #

    In general I like the features of Bigcommerce, but I’m not impressed that you don’t get any sort of sandbox/development area for updating your current site or to work on new themes. This is something that is asked for all the time but BC just tell you to open another trial site and work on that, then just port over the changes. This in itself is a poor workaround but should you want to purchase a premium theme which can only be installed on a single site, then even this workaround is not an option.

    I’ve contacted BC customer support about this and my opinion is that they simply dont give a damn. I see that if you sign up as a developer you can get a sandbox, so this can be done, but I guess developer are a source of revenue for BC, whereas customers like myself are not providing any additional revenue.

    For me the lack of a sandbox coupled with BC’s indifference to this mean I’m looking elsewhere.

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hey Paul,

      Thanks for your comment and it’s an interesting issue for sure. I think this is a universal issue across the majority of website builders (both e-commerce and non-e-commerce related alike), including WordPress.

      It’s always a challenge for a non-developer to test out some new design ideas, including testing a new theme, tweaking a few codes, or just changing some layout configurations and want to see how the updates look “live” before actually going “live” to the public to see.

      Even for WordPress (open source platform), which is very flexible, as a non-developer, this issue / challenge exists as well. Developers know how to download the site and work on a WordPress site locally (meaning the site is saved on a computer and not online), making all the changes, see it in published mode, then upload it back online into the online version of the WordPress site.

      With hosted platforms, such as Bigcommerce, this is a universal challenge as users don’t have the ability to export the site to his/her computer, make changes, then upload again.

      So it would be awesome if this feature is made available for non-developers who are techie (or brave) enough do this. But I suspect / guess for majority of the users, this is not something that’s a “must have”.

      Thanks for adding this to the discussion though. I’ve never thought of it as a pain, but I can definitely see how it can be for some folks!

      – Jeremy

  27. #

    Thanks for the detailed review. I just signed up with them and I started to setup my store. I like the fact that they offer me so many apps. So far I have got the following Apps:

    OSI Affiliate Software

    Do you have any suggestions for other apps that I can use to get more sales to my store?

    • #

      Hey Robert,

      I’d like to recommend Printout Designer, it’s not directly sales related but it’s a nice little tool to create and customize all sorts of documents with drag and drop editor and bulk fulfill and bulk email it can save some time.

  28. #

    Despite this company being in business for a number of years now, their software remains plagued with bugs and they have brought out close to zero features in the last year despite having an “Ideas” section on their website now.

    Their transparency is terrible. They cannot provide dates on rectifying SEVERE bugs, some of which we reported up to a few years ago. Their priorities amaze us. A lot of their support is outsourced to Eastern Europe and the Philippines who do their absolute best to not ESCALATE tickets when they are BUGS. I have been told a few times on bugs that “this hasn’t been reported by others”, implying that certain bugs reported are simply not bugs and it is somehow user error.

    System administrators who are the only ones that can resolve issues only work during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 til 5 – they do not have shifts despite claiming to be a near 24 / 7 company). Their system administrators also take ages to respond to all their hundreds of escalated tickets, mostly presumably containing bugs. They will write “reports” in the USA for their engineering team in Sydney to follow up on. You will never hear an outcome. You will never know when or even if it will be sorted. None of them can provide resolution times. Their new features pending always end up taking months longer than anticipated.

    Considering this company? DON’T use them. One of the poorest companies I have worked with. Support over-stretched. Management have no clue at all. BigCommerce should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Lukas,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with our readership. We also highlighted in our “Bigcommerce vs Shopify” article that the lack of 24/7 direct support is an issue especially when it comes to running an online business ( Technical support is critical especially when your online store runs 24/7.

      I’d love to hear from someone from Bigcommerce on whether they plan on extending their supporting hours and updating some features.

      If anyone else has good / poor experiences working with Bigcommerce, please share your stories here! Would love to hear from you all.

      Thanks for sharing your experience again Lukas!

      – Jeremy

    • #

      Couldn’t agree more.

      You should of save your energy typing all this and simply put.


      They never fix anything. They dont listen. The support is a joke.

      I’m not some beginner struggling to understand this system I’m a full time programer.

      The theme documentation still has ver 1 and Interspire written on it.

      They make promises they dont keep. Then poor excuses as to why parts still dont work.


      ‘Considering this company? DON’T use them. One of the poorest companies I have worked with. Support over-stretched. Management have no clue at all. BigCommerce should be ashamed of themselves.’

      I couldn’t of written that better myself.

      • Jeremy & Connie

        Hi Billy,

        Thanks for sharing your experience with our readers. Have you considered Shopify? We have a pretty comprehensive review on Shopify here.

        From what we’re seeing, Shopify is adding more and more features to their platform, and are growing at a much faster pace than Bigcommerce. In fact a lot of big entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban & Daymond John (Shark Tank) are endorsing Shopify.

        – Jeremy

      • #

        After being their customer for many years, i am totally disappointed at BigCommerce especially as they try to milk the accounts. Now we cannot install our own EV SSL unless we upgrade to a plan that pays them thousands per year, and also pay 2.5x the fee for an EV SSL from them. I had to cancel my EV SSL that i purchased with GoDaddy for half the price. Complete monopoly and they should be sued for anti-trust anti-competitive behavior. Next stop they will want to share your revenue if you do not use their partner credit card processing system. This is a free country i install whichever SSL i want, i use whichever merchant service i want, BigCommerce is not to be trusted it anymore. I have been their customer since their interspire day, and today i am pissed off. Steer away from it. I am a current customer and none paid me to write this. I am truly angry and they are trying to fix their free SSL which is not working on my website. zero orders today and tomorrow to please their greedy management.

        • Tom Watts

          Hi Allen,

          Thank you for sharing your experiences with the community.

          Have you tried the free SSL that comes with BigCommerce lower priced plans?

          Unfortunately, BigCommerce can can dictate their terms so as to best work for their business. In this case that seems to mean only allowing EV SSL’s for top tier plans. I understand your frustration, but you might also consider this as BigCommerce putting a big vote of confidence in its own offering.

          If this proves a decisive straw for you though, have you considered exporting your shop and migrating it elsewhere? Shopify might be one to consider (I’ve linked to our review for you).

          Hope that helps,
          – Tom

    • #

      I also have similar experiences with Bigcommerce. Their support chat team usually doesn’t understand the problem or they just call it a “known problem” that their dev team are working on to fix asap. Their templates are not very attractive and use have “global variables” that aren’t actually global and only work within certain templates. Their documentation of these variables is sometimes confusing or not updated. I also find their backend system very sluggish and not responsive to mouse clicks at times.