How to Setup a Squarespace Store using Shopify Widget

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Squarespace Shopify widgetHow do I set up an eCommerce store with Squarespace without using Stripe?” This is a frequently asked question from a lot of our readers.


Well, the core challenge with Squarespace Commerce for some users is that Squarespace tightly integrates with Stripe, a payment gateway processor, into its platform.

So as a Squarespace user, your only option when building your online store is to use Stripe as your payment processor (at least at the moment).

While Stripe is a very good payment processor (don’t worry – Squarespace has tightly integrated Stripe into the website builder, so you don’t have to touch codes to configure it in your Squarespace website), their services are not offered in a lot of countries around the world. Currently, they are only available in 34 countries including the US, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

They have beta testing in other countries such as Brazil, and India.

So if you are not living in any of the countries listed, you won’t be able to use Squarespace to power your online store. At least not with Stripe.

You can see an updated list of which countries Stripe is available here.

So if you can’t or don’t want to use Stripe, what other options do you have?

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There are a few main reasons why you might want to ask this question:

  1. You live in a country where Stripe isn’t available there, but you want to use Squarespace because of its designer online store templates and user-friendly sales tools.
  2. You like Squarespace, but you don’t want to use Stripe as you already have another payment processor (such as PayPal).
  3. You have a lot of products to manage (such as 30 or more, or even hundreds), and you need much more powerful e-commerce tools that Squarespace may not offer at the moment.

The answer to any one of the questions is “yes”, then you’ll be glad to know that you can use other payment gateway options other than Stripe.

One good way to do this is to integrate a Shopify Widget into your Squarespace website.

Now, there are pros and cons to this which I will cover later in this article.


If you haven’t heard of Shopify before, it is one of the best e-commerce online store builders available in the market.

If you sign up for an account with them, they offer you the ability to use their Shopify Widget (or Buy Button) which basically enables you to embed your products or even your entire Shopify store into another website (such as a Squarespace website).

Squarespace shopify buy button - embed button

Shopify is a very powerful and flexible online store builder and currently allows you to connect to over 70 different payment gateways (versus Squarespace which only offers 1 option).

So it almost doesn’t matter where you are living around the world, or if you already have a preferred payment processor (that isn’t Stripe), you can use Squarespace to build your website, and bolt on the Shopify Buy Button to power your store.

You no longer have to be limited to using Stripe only, to power your ecommerce store on Squarespace.

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Inserting your Shopify products, or your entire Shopify store into your Squarespace website isn’t challenging at all.

You have to have a Squarespace account, obviously. You now have to sign up for a Shopify account. Once you have done that, you just have to visit the Shopify Buy Button in their App store and get the App which is free for you to use.

Squarespace shopify buy button

Next, you should set up your products in Shopify (such as upload your images, descriptions, product variants, pricing, etc).

Then, you should set up a payment processor of your choice within Shopify. Again, you are no longer stuck with Stripe, and you choose from multiple different payment processors.

Now you are ready to embed your products or store into Squarespace.

What Shopify Buy Button app will do is produce a snippet of code for you, and you will need to copy and paste this code into your Squarespace account. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Squarespace shopify buy button - embed code

You will basically use the “Code Injection” tool from Squarespace to “inject” the Shopify Buy Button codes into your Squarespace website.


The advantages of using Shopify Buy Button with Squarespace is pretty clear:

  • More payment processing options (not limited to using Stripe)
  • Easier to manage a lot of products, as Shopify is a pure, commerce-focused platform

Some of the disadvantages of using Shopify Buy Button include:

  • At the end of the day, as helpful as the Buy Button is, it is still not “core” to Squarespace. Any time you integrate two different platforms, it’s never “ideal”. This is not to say that they don’t work well together as both Squarespace and Shopify are world class platforms. It’s just like modifying a car with parts that are not originally from the manufacturer. It’s never “ideal”, but will work just fine.
  • If you use Shopify to power your online store on Squarespace, you won’t be able to use some of the integrated sales tools provided to you from Squarespace, such as their real-time shipping cost estimator. However, you can use Shopify’s own integrated commerce tools, which arguably is even more powerful than Squarespace’s.
  • You will need to sign up for a separate Shopify account, which at the minimum, is $5 per month for its Starter plan. You can offset this cost by not having to sign up for Squarespace’s Basic Commerce plan ($28/month), and just choose with either the Personal plan ($16/month) or Business plan ($23/month).  This should save you money each month, while giving you the option of using Shopify’s powerful commerce tools.


At the end of the day, although Squarespace’s e-commerce tools are good (better than average), it can’t quite rival Shopify, as Shopify is a focused, dedicated e-commerce store builder.

So using the Shopify Buy Button with your Squarespace website gives you an added option to power up your online store tools if you really want to use Squarespace as your main website builder.

You’re no longer subject to payment processor restriction (Squarespace only offering you the option of using Stripe).

But keep in mind that as mentioned above, with the advantages of using Shopify Buy Button comes along with some disadvantages, such as the need to combine both platforms together (instead of just focusing on using one single website builder).

The last point we’d like to make is that just in case you don’t know this yet, but Shopify is a full online store builder with hundreds of premium themes offered to its users. We just don’t want you to get the impression that Shopify is only an e-commerce widget.

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