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Signing up for Squarespace? Hold that thought, because with the right promo code, you can save big on your new website builder. Squarespace often has an array of enticing promo codes and discounts, but how do you determine which deal is best for your needs? Here, we analyze the most popular Squarespace promo codes available today and provide recommendations on how to choose the offer that will maximize your savings when building your site.

What Are the Latest Squarespace Discount Codes?

Image of a Squarespace homepage mockup featuring a tablet with an open book and a water bottle on a table. Text overlay promotes website building tools and a free trial.
Squarespace homepage

If you’re after a discount code when signing up for Squarespace, you’re in luck. Take a look at the table below for all the available discounts currently available.

Discount type Code/Verification Discount Conditions
Discount for our readers WBE10 10% Save 10% off your first subscription: new customers only, for annual plans
Student discount Verification required 50% Valid for the first year on an annual plan, requires student status verification.

A Discount Code From Website Builder Expert

If you’re signing up for a new Squarespace website, using a promo code can help you save big right from the start of the best website builders around.

There’s even a code straight from us at Website Builder Expert. Simply enter the code WBE10 when you’re at checkout to get 10% off your plan. The only thing better than building your next website is doing it while saving money on a paid plan.

Plan Upfront annual price Discounted annual price with 10% off code Savings %
Personal $192 $172.80 10%
Business $276 $248.40 10%
Basic Commerce $324 $291.60 10%
Advanced Commerce $588 $529.20 10%

Go ahead and enter WBE10 when signing up to save 10% on your Squarespace plan

Are There Codes for Specific User Groups?

Students building their first portfolio or online store can save half by verifying their status. That halves your costs for the full first year with Squarespace, and all you need to do is provide your school email address to do this and get a whopping 50% off your plan.

Claim Your Discount

Are There Any Other Types of Squarespace Offers?

Even if you don’t use a discount code, there are still offers to take advantage of when signing up to Squarespace. For starters, you’ll get money off if you sign up for 12-month contracts (more on that shortly) across a range of Squarespace plans.

Naturally, many people who subscribe to a service prefer to go month-to-month as there’s less commitment. But hold on a second, as going for an annual plan on Squarespace will see you save some decent money. Indeed, you’ll likely save between up to 30% when choosing an annual subscription over month-to-month. Not too bad if we say so ourselves.

  • Personal Plan Discount: There’s a 30% discount available for the annual payment on Squarespace’s Personal Plan, effectively reducing the monthly cost to $16.
  • Business Plan Discount: Save 30% on the Squarespace Business Plan when subscribing annually.
  • Commerce Plan Discounts: If you’re interested in ecommerce, there are discounts of 25% off the annual payment on Squarespace Commerce Basic and 24% off the annual payment on Squarespace Commerce Advanced.
Plan Monthly plan cost Annual plan: monthly cost Savings %
Personal $23 $16 30%
Business $33 $23 30%
Basic Commerce $36 $27 25%
Advanced Commerce $65 $49 24%

All plans come with a 14-day free trial, so you can try before you buy. This can be a helpful starting point in the world of website building, especially if it’s your first foray into building your own site.

So, there you have it—discounts and codes galore when choosing a Squarespace plan. Get the latest discounts and enjoy saving when you sign up.

Image of a Squarespace pricing table. It shows four pricing tiers: Personal, Business, Commerce, and Advanced Commerce. Each tier has a monthly price and a short description of its features.
Squarespace pricing page, showing its four plans. In our research, Squarespace ranks 1st for for value for money thanks to great balance of price vs features. Source: WebsiteBuilderExpert

More Information

Offer Codes Terms and Conditions

Each offer code typically comes with its own set of terms and conditions. For instance, you can’t claim the 50% off code if you’re not a student with a valid school email address.

Most codes also have expiration dates, so it’s worth checking to see how long they are valid. Otherwise, you’ll likely be left disappointed when you get all the way to checkout only to find that the code has already expired.

Take our discount code, WBE10. It’s valid for your first purchase or upgrade, but you can’t use it continually to renew your plan. You’ll probably find it’s the same for any code you enter, as it’s rare to have a recurring code every time a plan renews.

How To Choose the Most Suitable Discount Code for You

With the array of Squarespace promo codes available, how do you determine which discount fits your specific needs? Here are some tips:

Assess Your Budget and Website Goals

Are you signing up for Squarespace’s Personal, Business, or Commerce plan? What features do you require? Establish a budget and site objectives first so you know which discounts align.

Check Eligibility Criteria Carefully

Many Squarespace discounts are exclusive to first-time customers, students, seasonal events, and the like. Verify a promo code’s eligibility rules before applying to make sure it is valid for your situation.

Compare Subscription Lengths

Some codes give higher percentages off yearly plans versus monthly. Weigh up the discount value against upfront costs to find your best fit.

Look Into Combo Deals

Occasionally, Squarespace pairs domain registration savings with plan discounts for greater value. It’s always worth performing a quick search for combination promo codes when buying both a domain and a subscription.

Read All Expiration and Usage Rules

Promo codes may expire, be one-time-use only, or have other restrictions. Check and understand any limitations so you don’t miss out on maximizing a code’s discount potential.

Keeping your personal website needs and these promo code tips in mind helps to identify and use the Squarespace discount that returns the most bang for your buck. Saving strategically from the start allows room in your budget for purchasing premium features as your site grows over time.

How To Apply Offer Codes at Checkout

Applying the codes is pretty straightforward, whether you’re using our 10% code or getting a student discount. If the code requires entering directly on Squarespace’s website—which is the case for most codes—you just need to enter it in a box on the checkout screen.

Image of a checkout page showing a website order summary for $192.00 with a discount applied. Annual billing with automatic renewal is selected.
WBE promo code in action.

You want the “Review Order” page, which comes after you’ve entered your address and bank information. Don’t worry, though, as you won’t be charged until you’ve reviewed the entire order and had the chance to enter the code. Once you’ve entered the code, hit “apply.”

For the student code, you’ll need to verify your school email address before applying the code. Just be aware  that some codes are one-time use, student-exclusive, or have other limitations. So double check the terms before applying a Squarespace promo to ensure you meet eligibility criteria. Then get ready to build your sensational new website at a discounted rate.

Summary: Squarespace Promo Codes

With an array of promo codes and discounts to choose from—including one from us—Squarespace makes building a professional site budget-friendly. Just remember to assess your needs, compare offers, and apply the right code for you. Do that, and savings await. Now, you can launch an eye-catching Squarespace website that looks amazing and fits your wallet.

For more, check out our Squarespace review to get the lowdown on this website builder.

Squarespace Promo Codes FAQs

It’s really easy! First, enjoy 14 days totally free with Squarespace’s trial. Once that’s over, choose the premium plan that best suits you. (We recommend choosing an annual plan to maximize your savings). At checkout, you’ll see a “Promo Code” box where you can enter your code and claim your Squarespace discount!
Yes! As long as it’s your first upgrade, you can use our exclusive WBE discount code to enjoy 10% off your new plan. Sadly you can’t use it to renew your existing plan, you have to upgrade to a new plan to claim the discount.
We totally get the love for these discounts, as they’re pretty awesome! But no, our exclusive WBE 10% promo is a single use code only. Once you’ve claimed your discount, you can’t use our exclusive WBE code again, so enjoy it while it lasts.
No, sadly you can’t combine these discounts! You’ll have to pick. If you’re a student, we recommend choosing the 50% student discount because it gives you a more generous saving. If you’re not eligible for the student savings, then our 10% Squarespace code is a super easy way to enjoy a discount on your plan.
Squarespace doesn’t currently have any discounts for military personnel. But if they do release any military discounts, we’ll let you know!
Yes! If you cancel your annual subscription within the first 14 days, Squarespace will issue you a full refund. You won’t receive a refund if:
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