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Last updated on January 23, 2019
Weebly review

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Weebly eCommerce is pretty comprehensive when it comes to drag & drop website builders.

They’ve been improving every year.

They can truly help you build a robust ecommerce online store.

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Last Updated onJanuary 23, 2019

Weebly is one of the better drag-and-drop website builders on the market today.

Not only are there plenty of options available, Weebly eCommerce is also one of the easiest platforms to use for building your own online store.

We’ve researched and tested Weebly eCommerce. So we’re now in a great position to tell you exactly what it’s capable of and whether its worth the investment.

We’ll go into some of the online store features that Weebly offers, and how they can help you grow your business if you are selling products online.

Weebly has four pricing plans and each of them are slightly different when it comes to ecommerce offerings. We’ll go over these plans to help you assess what you get in return for each plan.

Overall, what you’ll find is that outside of pure online store builders such as Shopify or Bigcommerce (which are both dedicated purely to helping people build online stores), Weebly’s eCommerce platform is one of the better ones available amongst drag and drop website builders.

Great Value For Money

4.1 out of 5

Ease Of Use

4 out of 5 stars

Design Flexibility

3.5 out of 5 stars

Sales Features

3 out of 5 stars

Website Features

4 out of 5 stars

Customer Score

4 out of 5 stars

Help and Support

3 out of 5 stars

Value For Money

4.5 out of 5 stars

What we set out to do is empower smaller merchants to have the same checkout experience as Amazon. Let’s give them the tools to effectively compete. – David Rusenko, Weebly CEO & Co-Founder

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Ease Of Use

People use ecommerce website builders because they want to be in control of their own online store. It’s also a cheaper alternative to having it designed for you and means you can update the site whenever you want.

It’s vital, then, that you invest in an ecommerce website builder that’s easy to use. But how can you really tell how easy it’ll be? Well, fear not! We’ve gone out and tested Weebly with everyday people to find out exactly how easy you found it.

Overall, Weebly eCommerce came in as one of the easiest to use online store builders. People particularly liked its drag-and-drop editor, and well structured product inventory.

Here are just a few of their thoughts:

I liked how ease it was being able to drag elements on to the page and being able to easily identify what options it have on offer, its navigation bar is super clear.

Adding products was simple, literally type in the items name, add a price and product description. When adding a color variant, say I added blue, a little blue box would come up which was so satisfying.

This just goes to show that the combination of drag-and-drop editing and an intuitive dashboard makes Weebly easy to use. Even if you aren’t a tech whiz.

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Product, Storefront and Category Pages

A) Product Pages

One of the key things that make Weebly eCommerce stand out is their ability to allow you to create standalone, dedicated Product Pages for each of your products.

(i) Product Images

On these Product Pages, you can insert multiple images, with the main image and “sub-images” below the main image in a gallery where your shoppers can click on to see.

When you hover your mouse cursor over the main image, it will show you a zoomed-in version of the image, allowing your prospective customers to see your product in detail. The overall experience of this feature is very smooth and functions very well.

weebly product zoom

(ii) Multiple Product Variations

Weebly allows you to have full control over product variations to give your customers the ability to choose from various variations of the same product.  You can customize this in Weebly Editor and add multiple product options for your customers to select.

weebly product options

For instance, a common example is the ability for someone to purchase a large, green, collared shirt.  Weebly gives you full control to display variations (size, color, type) of your products, which is a very powerful and flexible feature in our view.

The example that we’ve provided above (color and size) is only an example.  You can setup whatever product variations you want to suit your needs.

weebly add product option

After you’ve configured your own product options, they will show up on your Product Page so your customers can select whichever variation they want to purchase from you.

This Weebly eCommerce feature gives you a lot of flexibility to run your online store.

(iii) Sales Option, Product Description, and Social Sharing

Weebly gives you a sales option, which displays the discounted price next to the crossed-out regular price. This is a very effective tactic to draw on people’s love for sales, and Weebly gives you this display option.

weebly product page

You can also add your own custom product description in your Product Page, and you have the ability to do some basic styling such as bold, underline, italicize, and insert numerical or bullet points.  Crafting an attractive product description can really help you sell more products.

Weebly has also enabled social sharing buttons for each Product Page, making it very painless and easy for your shoppers to share your products with their friends and family through their social network accounts.  They just have to click on one of the buttons and your product will be shared. This is a very powerful way to broaden your product reach, and this feature is free with Weebly eCommerce.

(iv) Drag and Drop Zones

Directly below the main image and the product variation controls, you have a full drag and drop zone where you can insert various Weebly elements into this area, such as more text description, slideshows, image gallery, maps, videos, contact forms, etc.

This enables you to add more details to your products, or even display product videos which are very powerful ways to engage your shoppers in convincing them to purchase.

B) Storefront Page

One of the nice options from Weebly is that you can insert a Storefront Page where you can pick and choose what products you want to display on this Page.

This allows you to highlight selected products to showcase to your shoppers which are particularly helpful in highlighting your best sellers, seasonal items or promotional sales. Your shoppers can click on any one of them to get to the product pages. A very effective way to direct your shoppers to relevant product pages.

weebly storefront

C) Category Pages

Weebly also allows you to categorize your products into different categories so your shoppers can start narrowing their search to get to what they want to see.

You can create multiple categories, and pick and choose which product to insert into each category.

weebly category page

Overall, enabling you to create Product Pages, Storefront Page and Category Pages, Weebly eCommerce gives you the much-needed flexibility to shape your website into a very interactive and full-featured online store.

Adding pages is quite simple:

weebly page types

Fully Integrated Shopping Cart

When you turn on your ecommerce function in Weebly, a shopping cart menu item will show up on the menu bar, and indicates to your shoppers how many product items they have inserted into the shopping cart.

When they go through the checkout process, your shoppers will remain in your store as they fill in their information, while having their Order Summary displayed on the same page to remind them what they are about to purchase.

If you upgrade to Weebly’s Business or Performance plans (more details about pricing below), the entire process will be under your custom domain name.  If you choose not to upgrade to these specific plans, the checkout process, while still styled in the same way as the rest of your website (to make sure you shoppers have a consistent experience), will be using a Weebly sub-domain.

For example, if you are using the Business or Performance plans, on the checkout page, the URL will read (example):

www.yourdomain.com/checkout (“yourdomain.com” will just be your own custom domain)

If you choose not to use the Business or Performance lans, the checkout page URL will be:

youraccount.checkout.weebly.com (“youraccount” is just your Weebly account name)

Weebly eCommerce - Shopping Cart

So if you subscribe to Weebly’s Business or Performance plans, your shoppers will not know that your website is powered by Weebly and you retain full control over the branding and checkout experience – your shoppers will be comforted by the fact that they are still on your website and not redirected somewhere else.

This is an important factor to consider, as when your shoppers are ready to purchase, you want to minimize any uncertainty they may have if they are redirected to an unfamiliar URL such as youraccount.checkout.weebly.com

Typically, if you have an online store and you want to conduct financial transactions (selling products) under your own domain name, you will need to purchase an SSL Certificate (which secures your shopping cart – this is the difference between just seeing “HTTP” in front of a domain name (unsecured) versus “HTTPS” (secured))

An SSL Certificate typically costs $70 and above per year (source: GoDaddy.com).  Weebly include an SSL Certificate as standard on all of its premium ecommerce plans.


Payment Options

Since Weebly is owned by the payment processor, Square, this is something it specializes in. Weebly’s setup process is all in-built, so getting started just takes a few clicks.

Weebly allows you to choose from 3 different leading payment processors:

  1. PayPal
  2. Stripe
  3. Square
weebly payment options

(i) PayPal (Requires Weebly Business or Performance plans – see more information below)

PayPal goes without saying, is probably the most well-known payment processor.  Using them conveys a sense of trust to your shoppers due to PayPal’s brand. This is a basic option that all website builders provide.

One downside of PayPal (for some people) is that upon final confirmation of purchase, your shoppers will actually have to leave your Weebly site to make the payment.

(ii) Stripe (Can be used with all Weebly plans)

Stripe is a fast growing payment processor which allows you to deposit money directly into your bank account. The application process for a Stripe account is fast and painless, so you can get up and running in a day.

The entire check out process, from beginning to the end, your shoppers remains on your site the entire time and the check out cart is branded as your own shopping cart. This helps preserve branding and redirecting your shoppers to another site.

It takes 7 days to transfer money directly into your bank account, mainly due to Stripe  needing to hold a reserve just in case if your customers have any complaints or chargebacks. Similarly, if you were to withdraw money from PayPal to your bank account, it will take 5 – 7 business days for processing as well.

However, at the time of this review article, Stripe is not available to all countries around the world.  They are available to merchants in the US, Canada, Australia, some countries in Europe, and some countries in Asia .

They are expanding geographically, but at this point, merchants outside of these countries will have to use PayPal or Authorize.net (limited – see below). Click here to see updates on where Stripe is available.

Just to be clear, you can still sell to international customers, you just have to be based in the mentioned countries to be able to use Stripe for your store.

(iii) Square (Requires Weebly Business or Performance plans – see more information below)

Square is a very fast growing payment processor who own Weebly. You probably know of them as the credit card processor that plugs into a smartphone so people can make payments with their mobile phones (so you can accept payments in person).

Your funds are deposited into your bank account in 1 – 2 business days which is much faster than Stripe.

Just like Stripe, your customers’ entire checkout process from the beginning to the end will remain on your website and is branded as your own shopping cart.

Currently, you have to be a merchant based in the US, UK, Canada, Australia or Japan in order to use Square.  But you can still sell to international customers, but you just have to be based in the countries mentioned.

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Other Weebly eCommerce Features

There are other practical and flexible ecommerce tools from Weebly:

(i) Mobile Ready (available to all plans)

Weebly built in a mobile shopping cart for all their websites that shows up on mobile devices, so that your shoppers can also purchase from their phones or tablets if they choose to. The checkout process is also secure (as mentioned above). So it’s nice that Weebly has catered to this as mobile shopping is a massive growing trend.

Weebly also has iPhone or Android mobile apps so that you can monitor and update your online store at all times while you are on the go.  You can add new products, photos, descriptions, product variations / options and update prices while you are away from your computer.  You can also get instant notifications to your phone whenever someone purchases something from you!

(ii) Filtered Product Search (available to Weebly Pro, Business and Performance plan users)

Weebly’s filtered product search allows your shoppers to find the most relevant products quickly.  You can search by filtering products by attributes like price, color, or whatever product variation you have set up (see our detailed discussion on product variation above).

The faster you can help your customers get to the product they want, the higher probability they will purchase from you.  This Weebly feature, if used properly, can help you grow your sales.

(iii) Flexible Shipping Options (available to Business and Performance plan users)

If you subscribe to the Business or Performance plans, you have the option to fine tune your shipping rates based on price, weight and also define shipping carriers (e.g. UPS, USPS, Fedex) and delivery time frame (ground, 3-day, overnight).

You can adjust the shipping rates based on geographical locations, and dig into sub-regions such as by state or province.

You can even offer free shipping on select orders.

(iv) Detailed Tax Control (available to Business and Performance plan users)

Don’t forget taxes!  With Weebly, they provide and maintain the current city, state and province level tax rates for the US and Canada for you.

If you are located in the US, they even have an Automatic Tax Calculator that will do all the heavy lifting for you. You just have to insert a US address and the relevant taxes will all be calculated for you. That’s pretty handy!

If you are outside of the US or Canada, you have the flexibility to manually define your own tax rates.

(v) Inventory Tracking & Management (available to Business and Performance plan users)

You can display and track your level of inventory for each of your product. But showing how many units per product is left available, you can let your shoppers know if you still have plenty of product in stock, or if you are temporarily out of stock.

(vi) Sell Digital Products (available to Business and Performance plan users)

If you are selling digital products (e-books, music, software, or other non-physical products), Weebly eCommerce allows you to do this.

Your digital product files are delivered via email with a secure link, so your customers can download their purchases that way.

(vii) Importing Products from Etsy, Shopify or from CSV File (available to all plans)

Weebly has made it easy if you want to import products externally (either from Etsy, Shopify or from a CSV file).

Just select the one you want to import from and upload the files.  Etsy and Shopify allow you to export your product details into a CSV file (think of it like an Excel spreadsheet), so you don’t have to manually recreate a lot of the information.

weebly import products

If you are not using Etsy or Shopify, most other online store builders can export your product details into a CSV file, so you can upload it into Weebly.

This makes switching from other platforms to Weebly eCommerce much easier and faster process.

(viii) Coupon Builder (available to Business and Performance plan users)

Weebly has a Coupon Builder that allows you to create and manage a couponing system directly in your Weebly store dashboard. You can create coupons by code, date, and quantity.  The coupons can be dollar-based or can be a percentage of the sale.

You can also restrict the coupons to be only used for specific products, for orders over a certain dollar amount and only for certain product categories.  You can even set up coupons to grant your customers free shipping!

In our view, this is a very comprehensive coupon building engine that gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of coupon set up, compared to some other ecommerce online store builders.

(xi) Quickbooks and CSV Export (available to Business and Performance plan users)

Have to deal with bookkeeping?  You bet, especially if you want to run a successful ecommerce online store.  Weebly gives you the ability to export your orders / sales into a file that can be directly imported into Quickbooks accounting software which is very handy.

Don’t use Quickbooks?  Weebly can export your sales data in a CSV file format (a basic spreadsheet), which is an industry standard file in that can be easily imported into most accounting software.

weebly export orders

The ability to export your data  will save you a lot of time and administrative work every single month.  Even if you are using a bookkeeper, they can just get your exported file, and upload it into their accounting software versus  manual data entry. The less time your bookkeeper spends, the less they charge you.

(xii) Gift Card Products (available to Performance plan users)

If you subscribe to Weebly’s Performance plan, you can set-up gift cards so your customers can purchase a certain denomination and the digital gift cards are emailed to whoever they want to gift this card to.

The recipients can then visit your online store and redeem the gift cards for your products. These cards don’t incur additional fees and they never expire!

A customer can just select the dollar amount they want to gift, insert their name, insert the recipient’s name and email, and insert a gift message (optional).  Once that is done, just add the card to the shopping cart and checkout as usual.

Once the purchase is complete, Weebly’s ecommerce platform will automatically email the recipient the gift card with a redemption code and they can apply the code to purchases of your products.  The recipient of the gift card can use the card multiple times, as long as there is still balance on the card.

(xiii) Abandoned Cart Recovery (available to Performance plan users)

Did you know that studies have shown that out of 100 shoppers that reach the checkout cart, about 69 of them decide not to purchase and leave your website?  That’s 2 out of 3 shoppers!

Shoppers abandon shopping carts for a variety of reasons. Maybe they got distracted and left the computer. Maybe they have questions that your website didn’t answer. Maybe they couldn’t find a coupon code (everybody loves a good deal.)

weebly commerce abandon cart recovery

Source: Baymard.com

For whatever reason, these shoppers had the intent to purchase but they didn’t.

The abandoned cart recovery tool allows you to automatically email them to start a conversation with them to encourage them to return to your store to complete their purchases. You can also email them a coupon code to motivate them as well.

The beauty of this tools is that studies have shown that a good portion of shoppers does come back! And this tool is engaged automatically without you having to do anything.

Weebly’s ecommerce platform automatically detects abandonment and fire off  “recovery emails” to them. You can style and customize your email messages as you please.

weebly commerce - abandoned cart stats

How does the system know whom to email?

Well, when your shopper populates his/her email during the checkout process, Weebly “remembers” the email and so when the purchase wasn’t complete, Weebly knows to email them to nudge them to return.

This tool could literally help you recover a lot of sales that would have fallen through the cracks. It’s well worth the investment in our view, even if you just get a hand full of shoppers to return to complete their purchases.


What’s Missing From Weebly?

Now that we can see that Weebly’s eCommerce functions have a lot of tools to effective help you power your online store, are they missing anything really important?

Here are just a couple of thoughts:

A) Multi-Channel Integration

Having the ability to sell away from your website is more important than ever. Selling on marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay, or social media like on Facebook and Instagram, opens you up to a massive audience.

Currently, Weebly does not allow you to sell directly on marketplaces or social media. This has always been seen as an ecommerce tool only ‘pure’ online store builders (like Shopify and BigCommerce) have.

Now, though, Squarespace allows you to integrate your products on Instagram, meaning social media browsers can purchase your products directly on the Instagram. We’re sure this is something Weebly will look to introduce, but at the moment, it’s a gap in its ecommerce offerings.

B) Extensive Checkout Options

While you may not want or need to customize your checkout page, it’s nice to add in your company logo. Or at least something to make it more branded.

At the moment customizing your checkout page’s aesthetic is not possible. Again, perhaps we’re being a little harsh as this level of control only usually comes with ecommerce-specific builders.

One other flaw is that there is no guest checkout option. A lot of first-time buyers from your store may not want to go through the hassle of creating account. The fact you can’t bypass this on Weebly may have an impact on your sales.

C) Advanced eCommerce Analytics

Another helpful tool that Weebly is missing is advanced ecommerce analytics.  For some other ecommerce website builders, at the right pricing plan, they will provide you with in-depth statistics so you can better understand the performance of your business.

You can have an overview dashboard that will summarize over a set period of time your revenues, units sold, the number of orders, conversion rates, etc. You can also dig into stats for each of your product, including where the customer came from (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc) and what device he/she used (desktop, tablet, smartphone).

These analytics insights are invaluable as you can gain a better understanding of where your customers are coming from, and which product are they purchasing.  

For instance, you can quickly filter through your sales statistics and find out that Product A is your best seller, and the majority of your customers that purchased this product used their smartphones, and they found your website via Facebook. Now, you can craft a plan to either further optimize this sales channel or work on improving other products since this specific product is doing well.

What you do with the information is up to you.  But at the very minimum, you should have this data at the tips of your fingers.

Weebly allows you to integrate your store with Google Analytics’ ecommerce tracking function.  But the user experience is not as good when compared to advanced ecommerce analytics dashboard that is built into other online store builders such as Shopify, BigCommerce or even Squarespace.

This is something Weebly could introduce to help you improve your business by keeping you better informed of trends and patterns based on your customers.


Weebly Ecommerce Pricing (worth it?)

You can use some of Weebly’s eCommerce features only if you subscribe to at least their Starter plan (you can’t access ecommerce tools with Weebly’s free plan). However, if you upgrade to their Business or Performance plans, you get substantially more powerful features.

As mentioned in various sections above, upgrading to their Business or Performance plans gives you:

  • Inventory control & management
  • Full shipping configuration options
  • Shipping & Tax calculator
  • Discount code engine
  • Ability to use PayPal, Stripe, and Square to power your shopping cart
  • Real time shipping rates (only available to Performance Plan users)
  • Abandoned cart recovery (only available to Performance Plan users)
  • Gift card products (only available to Performance Plan users)

A few other benefits you get from Weebly’s Business and Performance plans that we didn’t mention above include:

  • Unlimited number of products – with Starter or Pro plans, you can only insert up to 10 or 25 products, respectively
  • Zero transaction fees – with Starter or Pro plans, for each sale, Weebly charges you 3% of your revenues
Weebly ecommerce Pricing

Business & Performance Plan Pricing Structure

Weebly’s Business and Performance plans fee structure are as follows:

Weebly Pricing Plans 1 Month ($/month) 1-Year ($/month) Savings (%) 2-Years ($/month) Savings (%)
Business $35 $25 29% $21 40%
Performance $46 $38 17% $35 24%

Weebly eCommerce - Business Performance Plan Pricing

Also note that as per Weebly’s Terms of Services, its paid plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.  So if you are not satisfied with their plans, you can always cancel and request a refund.  This effectively takes all the financial risks away from you.

Weebly eCommerce Price Comparison

Weebly’s pricing per month is slightly pricier other drag and drop builders that also have good eCommerce tools.  Having said that, Weebly’s eCommerce features are some of the best amongst its peers:

  • Squarespace Commerce Plans – $40 per month or $26 per month on a 1-year plan (see our review here)
  • Jimdo Business Plan – $240 per year (equivalent to $20 per month)

If you were to benchmark Weebly’s eCommerce plan to other pure online store builders:

The higher plans for these pure online store builders are much more expensive. But obviously, their tools are much more powerful as well.

Having said that, we feel the Weebly eCommerce price for its Business and Performance plans are very fairly priced when compared to its peers and others.

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Weebly Ecommerce Review – Conclusion

Weebly’s ecommerce features stack up well against its peers.

It offers you the ability to have dedicated product pages, category pages, and storefront page, and make it easy for you to multiple product variations so your shoppers can pick and choose different styles of the same product to purchase.

It also has a very polished image gallery where your shoppers can zoom into the product images to get a much closer look at your product offerings. Weebly makes it super easy for your shoppers to share your product pages socially (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) to help you reach a broader audience.

The fully integrated shopping cart allows your shoppers to remain on your website throughout the entire checkout process, which helps boost your conversion rate as a lot of shoppers get concerned if they are redirected to another website (which happens a lot for a lot of online stores).

Weebly also gives you a better range of payment options, having integrated PayPal, Stripe, and Square into its ecommerce platform. This selection of payment processors is broader than some of Weebly’s peers, allowing you more flexibility to pick the one that fits your needs. Integrating these payment processors into your Weebly online store takes just a few clicks.

Overall, with all the features that you get with Weebly eCommerce, combined with its drag and drop website building platform, Weebly is a great platform to build your online store on.

Its ecommerce tools are available to you even if you are not using its Business or Performance plans, but you only get limited access to the online store tools.

To get full access to Weebly’s advanced ecommerce features, sign up for the Business or Performance plans and also remember that there is a 30-day money back guarantee. This completely removes all the financial risks from you, while you test it out.

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Charlie Carmichael

About Charlie Carmichael

It's my job to research website builders and find out which one's really are best for your specific needs. Having tested numerous builders, I'm in a great position to help you guys not only get online, but have great success once there.


Charlie Carmichael

About Charlie Carmichael

It's my job to research website builders and find out which one's really are best for your specific needs. Having tested numerous builders, I'm in a great position to help you guys not only get online, but have great success once there.

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    Thanks for this really helpful piece. I currently have a free Weebly website and am looking to add the shopping function. For the time being the Pro package would easily cover my needs as I am still quite small. Do you know if it is easy to upgrade between the packages as my needs change?

    • Dan Barraclough

      Hi Jen,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Like anything on Weebly, it’s really easy to upgrade your plan. Simply hit the orange ‘Upgrade’ button in the top right next to ‘Publish’, and then pick a plan that suits your website’s growing needs.


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    I found this post extremely helpful in my process. My only question remaining: Does weebly support Canada Post shipping options??
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      Hi Shealo,

      Thanks for you comment. Unfortunately Weebly eCommerce doesn’t currently support Canada Post shipping. It does have real time shipping, but access to Canada Post is still something it’s currently reviewing.



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    I’m just starting on my “store” (Weebly no longer has a store tab). I will have only a few items and I’ve started adding them to my “Products Page”. Can I finish that, then add the gateway? Or should I have approached it the other way around? Thanks!

    • Natasha Willett

      Hi Linda,
      Great comment. I would 100% build your store first then your actual website, so build up your product library and set your categories, apply the relevant taxes and shipping methods, then create your storefront. Setting up your payment gateway can come at any time, but I’d personally look at doing this when you are managing all the other business set ups such as shipping and taxes, especially as they all fall in the same setup location within the dashboard. Don’t forget that Weebly only support Paypal, stripe and Square as their payment gateway options.
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    Thanks for a great article! I am a personal trainer and built my website through Weebly. I have just signed up to a Pro Plan, but am wondering whether I need to upgrade again. Basically I run fitness and wellbeing weekends every few months, always at different locations and different prices/rooms etc. Do you think the Weebly Ecommerce features would be good for setting up this type of thing?


    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Tanya, upgrading to Weebly Business unlocks features like unlimited members and membership registration (both sound pretty useful if you run a fitness bookings company). You’ll also cut transaction fees down to zero, so factor that in to any calculations. Plus, and we think this is a big factor, you’ll get your own checkout domain (rather than Weebly.com). This makes your company look super professional. Good luck!

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    Great article! It is very helpful for me. Do you have any idea of how to change the language of checkout page? I am editing my product page using weebly and wondering if there is solution/workaround to change the language of checkout page from English to Traditional Chinese.

    Thank you.

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    Will we be paying 3% to Weebly PLUS 2.9% to Square?

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Doug,

      With most ecommerce platforms, there will be a percentage charge on transactions (to Weebly) and then a payment processor fee (levied by the processor, for example PayPal).

      You might be interested to hear that BigCommerce doesn’t charge transaction fees on any plan.

      Hope this helps!


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    I have been using Weebly for a year and love it but have run into one big issue. I use Square for processing and when the transactions get reported back to Square it only shows a custom total amount. It doesn’t show the sales tax separated out which is a problem when i run my sales tax reports. Apparently the API interface doesn’t allows for the separation. Do you know if any other processors would work better or if it’s just a problem in general? I also offer PayPal and it does show the sales tax separated on the PayPal reports.

    Thank you!

    • charlie Carmichael

      “Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for your question.

      To my knowledge, no processor is capable of that on Weebly. Square, Stripe and Authorize.net all only show the custom total amount. For more information, it’s best to reach out to Weebly’s customer support who will know all the ins and outs of their payment processors.

      Hope that helps. Thanks,


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    So helpful and timely. I currently use Weebly and was looking into connecting Shopify to my non-ecommerce website, but now I will just use Weebly’s. Do you know if it is easy integrate drop shippers like AliExpress?

    • Tom Watts

      Hi JoeF,

      At this moment is time Weebly doesn’t support dropshipping as far as I know! They definitely don’t have an AliExpress integration right now.

      This has been floating around the Weebly forums for a while, so it’s definitely something customers want. But whether we’ll see it soon I’m not sure.

      – Tom

  10. #

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback with the community – we really do appreciate it!

    • Tom Watts

      Hello modrealsg,

      Great to know you found the discussion so helpful.

      Feel free to share if you think friends and family could benefit too!

      Thanks for reading,
      – Tom

  11. #

    Weebly has many issues related to discounting:

    It doesn’t offer quantity discounts automatically. You have to create a coupon, make it visible to the end-user at some point, and then ask them to copy and paste it when checking out. And that coupon is good for only a single discount. So, if you want to offer discount rates based upon different quantities, you have to create a table, and hope the end-user picks the right one.
    You can’t use more than one coupon.
    You can’t create unique one-time use coupons

    These are just some, not all, of the issues with discounting that Weebly may have overlooked, or just didn’t think about.

    • Tom Watts

      Hello Doug,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback with the community – we really do appreciate it!

      I think you’ve pulled out an important point here, especially if you are using Weebly for low-cost, high-volume goods that lend themselves to quantity-discounting!

      Hopefully the Weebly eCommerce team will address this sooner rather than later.

      In the meantime, if it is proving a challenge to your ecommerce business, have you considered maybe trying another platform. Both Squarespace and Wix are great options for small, independent shops and their ecommerce templates, editor and set-up would not be hugely different to Weebly – but you may find them easier to use and to achieve what you want.

      I’ve linked to our reviews so hopefully they give you some food for thought.

      Hope that helps,
      – Tom

  12. #

    Hi Jeremy! Thanks for the very informative article. Do you have any knowledge of Weebly’s intention of adding drop shipping into their e-commerce product? I found this
    Community Manager Adam
    ‎08-15-2017 12:41 PM
    Status changed to: We’re Considering It.

    on https://community.weebly.com/t5/Vote-on-Features/DROPSHIPPING/idi-p/38529

    but wonder if you have any additional information. Thanks.

    • Tom Watts

      Hello Pauline,

      Unfortunately we don’t have any more insight than you do about Weebly’s drop-shipping plans at the moment.

      It’s definitely a good move from Weebly though as drop-shipping is becoming increasingly popular with small business owners.

      I guess we will just have to wait and see! Fingers crossed it’s not too long.

      In the meantime, both Shopify and BigCommerce offer drop-shipping if you need it. Shopify have even prepared a handy drop-shipping guide you may find useful!

      – Tom

  13. #

    I am wanting to build a site where I can offer music for download but for a donation rather than a specific fixed price. Is that possible through Weebly or Wix? If so, which would be better?

    Thanx, Michael

    • Jeremy

      Hello Michael,

      Wix has specific tools for musicians or if you want to setup a music related store. Here are more details about their tools.

      I’m not entirely sure if it can be done via donation though, as the tool is setup specifically to help you sell at prices that you fix. So perhaps you can set a fixed donation amount?


  14. #

    I use Weebly to build sites for several organizations and built a small three-item cart. However, Weebly will not allow the receipts to be emailed to anyone but me. That should be added to their interface. I’m their webmaster, not their accountant. 🙂

    • Jeremy

      Hey Mark,

      Interesting observation. I guess if you have your email as the primary contact with Weebly (since you are the webmaster), that email is set as the default address. It would definitely be helpful if they had an option to insert another email address!


  15. #

    Hi Jeremy
    Do you have a similar review and also comparison chart for multi-vendor marketplace builder site,
    and preferably free ones.


    • Jeremy

      Hey FXD,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a review guide for marketplace builders. Sorry about that!


  16. #

    I am a total newby, i really appreciate this information as a new online business builder. I have two ideas to sell, both totally opposite. One idea involves one off items, the other a membership to my site or shop including a one off fee. My understanding is i should purchase my domain name from godaddy for example, not to have a sub domain address, have easy payment options, shipping and auto weights, and an easy way to build and update the site with low monthly fees, low transaction fees, and a way to get traffic. Hopefully i am on the right track, perusal night one.

    Does weebly now have a membership subscription option now?
    How do i get links to pay to connect to my site?
    Can i build my shop by myself totally with help as i go, like step one do such and such etc.

    Thank you

    • Jeremy

      Hi Cath,

      Weebly doesn’t have a paid membership subscription setup yet. I’ve seen people use Sentry Login to facilitate the setting up of a membership subscription program.

      You can also check out Weebly’s App Center – I think there is a new app there that also facilitates membership subscription. Just search for “membership”.

      As for domain names, you can either purchase it through Weebly or purchase it from domain name registrars such as GoDaddy. We have a domain name guide here which will give you a few ideas as well as pros and cons of each approach.

      Weebly is really easy to use, especially when compared to other website builders. So I think it’s worth giving them a test drive since you don’t have to upgrade until you think Weebly works well for you.


  17. #

    Great article. On weebly – can you add product variations that change the price of the item with each selection? For example – I sell bridal veils and I need to allow the clients to select the color, length, edging, and embellishments. The embellishments and edging can make the price of the veil change depending on what is chosen. Can weebly’s shopping cart do this?


    • Jeremy

      Hey Kathy,

      I don’t think Weebly allows you to change the price of the product, depending on the option / product variation that you select.

      Take a look at BigCommerce, which is a “pure” ecommerce builder and so they will have a lot more advanced tools and options. I believe you can create a variation of your “base” product and adjust the price based on that specific variation. Go to their support portal and search for “Adding Product SKUs”


  18. #

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for your article, but I’m a little bit confuse.

    I’m thinking to sell a digital goods (art and illustration), I have two option here, weebly vs shopify.
    Weebly business plan is much cheaper but honestly shopify looks more pro because they have complete documentations and there are tons of information about them on the net.

    Btw, I tried to find weebly demo site, but it looks like all of those are personal blog, nothing pro. And all of weebly themes are broken on my chrome.

    Do you have a reference of a e-commerce site powered by weebly?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Jeremy

      Hi Kris,

      You will be able to find some Weebly ecommerce store examples here.

      Shopify does have much more tutorials and features for sure, but you’re right in that they charge a higher price per month. But for sure, they’re a superior online store builder!

      If you haven’t seen our review of Shopify, you can see it here.


  19. #

    Is it possible to use Facebook remarketing pixel on Weebly?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Marianne,

      I think you can try inserting the pixel in Weebly’s header code area. You can access this through the SEO settings in Weebly. Give that a try?


  20. #

    You really shouldn’t gloss over the cost of these processing credit card processing systems. 3% to weebly plus 3% to the card company? That’s a big chunk of change. If you’re working on 20% profit margins and have to give away more than 25% of that to process payments you’re off to a terrible start..

    • Jeremy

      Hello Steve,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Credit card processing fee is unavoidable. It’s just the fee that merchants have to pay the payment processor to handle payments.

      As for the 3% transaction fee that gets paid to Weebly, one can sign up to their Business Plan and this entire transaction fee will be waived.

      I can certainly understand how this transaction fee can impact net profits if you subscribed to Weebly’s Starter or Pro plans. But hopefully as you grow your business, the profits could be re-invested into upgrading your plan to the Business plan. You also get to unlock a lot of advanced features with this plan!


  21. #

    Hello Jeremy,
    Thank you for this detailed review. I’m still wrapping my head around creating my own ecommerce site as I’ve only used Ebay and Etsy in the past. I see that the domain name is free for one year. What happens after that year is up? How much does it cost to register the domain after the year and is that done through Weebly or through a different organization? Thanks in advance for helping a confused newbie haha.

    • Jeremy

      Hey Frank,

      With Weebly, the annual renewal fee for a custom domain name (after the free first year) is $39.95 (currently listed on Weebly’s pricing page). It’s not the cheapest to be honest, so you might be better off over the long run to purchase your own domain name from domain name registrars such as GoDaddy or NameCheap, then connect it to your Weebly site.

      We have a guide to domain name here. I think you’ll find it helpful!


  22. #


    Can you review the Weebly App Ecwid. I understand its an ecommerce platform similar to Shopify, but how does it compare to Weeblys ecommerce? Do you have to have the Business Plan and pay for an Ecwid plan

    • Jeremy

      Hi Brandon,

      We don’t have a review on Ecwid, but I know they’ve been in business for many years now (see their website here). While it’s always preferable to use the “native” ecommerce tools built by Weebly, Ecwid does offer a much broader set of tools / features for users. I think that would be the advantage of using something like Ecwid.

      The drawback is that you’ll be integrating an external app / widget, that’s not controlled or managed by Weebly. While there shouldn’t be any conflict as presumably Weebly will review the Ecwid app before allowing it to be listed in its app store, if you need help with the app, you’ll have to reach out to Ecwid directly, and probably not Weebly (they’ll just tell you to contact Ecwid).

      I don’t think you need to use Weebly’s Business (ecommerce) plan if you use Ecwid. That’s the point!

      Hope this helps.


  23. #


    How do I manage my sales/orders? I can see I have a pending order, but I cant see how I change it to despatched and also get the shipping email out to my customer.

    Many Thanks,

    • Jeremy


      In your Weebly editor, go to the Orders section of the Store tab. There you can select an order, and change the status as “Shipped”. Other options include marking the item as “returned”, or “refunded”.

      Feel free to reach out to Weebly’s support team if you have any further questions!


  24. #

    Thanks for the information Jeremy,

    I have 2 question about Weebly:

    Does Weebly have the ability to display webpages in other languages and have the user select a language? We have many customers that speak other languages (Chinese, Spanish….). We are looking for a drag and drop website provider that can support multiple languages.

    Can you host multiple domains on one Weebly account? We have 2 eCommerce sites, a blog, and a website all with different domain names. Would we need an account for each one?

    Does Weebly or any other provider support both multiple languages and hosting multiple domains.

    • Jeremy

      Hey Keith,

      You can show multiple languages with a Weebly site, but it does require you to either add an App or edit a little bit of codes. We have a discussion article about that here.

      If you want separate domains, you can create 2 separate websites. You can create both sites under one Weebly account – though you have to pay for both websites separately if you decide to upgrade to a premium plan.

      If all you want is a single website, but want both domain names connected to the same website, you can connect one domain name to your website (so that domain name will display on the web browser), and for the second domain name, just “forward” it to your main domain name – you can do that through your domain name registrar.

      Hope this explains things!


  25. #

    Thanks Jeremy.
    I have spent days researching website building programs. As a business its imperative that the correct tools are available without breaking the bank. Doing research beforehand made a difference.
    I had narrowed my choices to Wix, Weebly or Squarespace. I needed an easy web authoring system, eCommerce and newsletter capability.
    After reading your review I have settled on Weebly. It has all the basics needed to put a business online. The kicker was the fact that Weebly Promote is now part of the package.

    Cascade Miniatures of Oregon

    • Jeremy

      Thanks for sharing your process with us, Luci. Glad you settled on using Weebly to kick start your ecommerce website! Weebly is a really pleasant platform to use. Intuitive and user-friendly!


  26. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    You ROCK big time…still I’d like to know if I could have my domain name and website with Weebly but have a store with Shopify? I want to take some advantages Shopify offer (Facebook store, etc? I called Weebly and they tried telling me I could have a Frontstore with Shopify. I am totally confused. Are there big differences between an e-store and Frontstore? How is that I can build a store with Weebly but have a Frontstore elsewhere such as Shopify? Much appreciated.

    • Jeremy

      Hey there,

      Thanks so much for your feedback!

      I think a storefront and an online store is the same thing here. It’s just an ecommerce website that allows merchants to sell products!

      Take a look at Shopify Buy Button. You can insert it into your Weebly website and take advantage of some of the tools & features that Shopify has to offer.

      Having said that, it is always my own personal preference to use tools created by one single platform, if possible. So if you want to use Weebly, then use their ecommerce tools. If you want to use Shopify, then use their online store builder (you can see our review on them here).

      The main reason is that while you can definitely mix Weebly with Shopify’s shopping tools, it also increases risks (although pretty low) that some tools may conflict between the two platforms. So when you reach out for support with Weebly, they might tell you to go to Shopify, and vice versa.

      Just my own view on things!


  27. #

    Hi, thank you so much for the invaluable info you are sharing. It has been really helpful. I’m new to Weebly and just starting the trial session. Thinking of purchasing the business version but have a few questions:
    1). Does Weebly provide up sell / cross sell functionality on product page or elsewhere?
    2) can customers choose which currency they want to pay in, assuming using PayPal?

    • Jeremy

      Hello Veronica,

      Currently Weebly doesn’t have any upsell / cross-sell options. In more advanced shopping carts, complementary products tend to appear in the check out cart (when the customer is purchasing). But Weebly doesn’t have this yet.

      One workaround is to manually insert links below your products and say something like “If you like this product, you’ll also like these”.

      So you can insert complementary product images in a few different columns, then hyperlink them to their respective product pages.

      Another workaround is to email your customers and promote other products. It’s a very effective way to re-market to people who already purchased from you.

      Regarding currency, there isn’t an option to do that either. You can set 1 single currency to sell your products, so your customers won’t get to choose which currency they want to pay in.

      But this doesn’t mean if you sell in USD, your customers must pay in USD. They can pay in Canadian dollars (for example), and your payment processor will automatically convert the currency into USD for you.

      For instance, if you are selling a product for US$50, the Canadian customer will pay US$50. You will receive US$50 (less the payment processing fee, or any transaction fee from Weebly depending on which plan you are using). The customer will get charged in Canadian dollar, at the prevailing exchange rate listed by the payment processor. The customer can just review the current exchange rate to get an idea how much he/she will pay in his/her own currency. That’s generally how people shop internationally anyway.

      Hope this explains things a bit!


  28. #

    Hi, thank you for this review. I have been looking into a site builder to use to give a domain name as a gift. Do you know if you can change the Google account that the site is associated with? For example if I were to sign up, make the domain name, and then wanted to hand that account over to someone else, could they then change the account information and associate it with their google account instead?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Jeremy

      Hi Alex,

      I’m not entirely sure if I fully understand your question – specially your reference to “Google account”. I’ll try to answer it anyway.

      If you signed up to a website builder and want to transfer it to someone else, I think you can just change the email address from yours to the person you are migrating the site to. Remember to change any payment details.

      If you want to migrate your domain name to someone else, you can do that as well. For instance, GoDaddy (the domain name registrar) allows you to migrate domain names from one person to another, for a small fee. It does take time to complete the migration though.

      But keep in mind that if you signed up for a domain name, you cannot migrate it to someone else until after 60 days. It’s a specific regulation (from ICANN) that prohibits any transfers until after the initial 60 day period.


  29. #

    Great information and discussion. I have been using Weebly for ages and totally happy with how easy it is to use. We need to add on a shop for beauty products. I can’t see it but does Weebly allow for a “we recommend” or “others shoppers brought…” To try and add on more sales?

    Can you buy a template for just the shopping page?

    We also have medical grade products so need somehow to have a disclaimer that the customer must be approved by us prior to completing the sale of products with active ingredients. Do you have a suggestion how to handle this?


    • Jeremy

      Hi Jane,

      I don’t think Weebly has that tool yet. But what you can do, is right below the main product images / text on your product pages, insert the recommendations yourself. So this process is a bit manual when you set up each product page, but it can be just as effective. Just drag in a few image elements, and insert text below the product images. Then hyperlink the images to the respective product pages that you recommend.

      I don’t think there are any templates just for shopping pages right now. I’m not aware of the ability to have a unique design just for your check out page. It might be possible, but you’ll need to “hack” the system a bit, but that requires you to be very proficient with codes (and even so, I’m not even sure if Weebly will somehow give you access to configure the check out page design).

      As for the disclaimer, Weebly doesn’t have the feature where your buyers must check a box to agree to certain terms prior to completing a sale. But can you consider placing large disclaimer text, saying something along the lines of “if you complete the purchase, you automatically agree to the terms….”.

      I’m not a lawyer so this is just a suggestion! Best to consult your own legal advisor in that regards.


  30. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    Great review. We have a Weebly site with the Business Plan option. Would you happen to know if or which EPOS system works best with Weebly. Our store is totally online but we are going to open a bricks and mortar boutique soon and I’d like to integrate both.



    • Jeremy

      Hi Derek,

      Perhaps Square? Weebly’s ecommerce platform is integrate with Square.

      If not, check out Shopify. They are one of the best ecommerce online store builders available today, and they also offer a good Point of Sale system that can integrate your online store with offline operations.

      So at the end of the day, you’re managing one single system, instead of trying to merge a few different platforms. Here is our discussion about their POS.


  31. #

    Hi there, thank you for a very informative site! Just a question on Weebly’s SSL certificate, do you know if Weebly is updating things on the back end for Paypal’s upgrade happening on 30/09/2015? Thanks!

    • Jeremy

      Hi Sindy,

      I can’t say with certainty that Weebly is updating, but I’m pretty sure they are. A growing number of users are using Weebly’s ecommerce features – so I’m pretty sure they’ll continue to ensure that PayPal is properly integrated.


  32. #


    Thanks for the information and review!

    Is there a workaround to provide shoppers with real time shipping costs during checkout using weebly? Especially from carriers such as FedEx , ups etc.

    Doing manual shipping costs for client is incredibly inefficient.


    • Jeremy

      Hi Alex,

      Weebly doesn’t have a real time shipping cost estimator feature yet.

      If that feature is really important to you, check out Squarespace, or pure ecommerce builders such as Shopify or Bigcommerce.

      If you already have a Weebly site, it’s a bit of a hassle to migrate sites. But if it is an important enough of a feature, it might be worth the transition.

      I’d recommend Shopify or Bigcommerce if you have plans on growing / expanding your ecommerce store, as both platforms have a lot of flexibility and add-on tools if you need them now, or in the future as your business grows.


  33. #

    SO glad I found this info! I built my Weebly site last year and am adding product now. Problem
    1) trying to share a new listing to Facebook page it shows a Blank photo box
    2) Sharing a new listing from Weebly to my Pinterest page says blocked so as not to download explicit content
    I need to be able to share, facebook, Etsy,&/or Pinterest to promote my website

    • Jeremy

      Hi Janet,

      If the sharing button is part of the product set up, then I would think that the product image should be the one that’s being shared on Facebook or Pinterest.

      Have you tried asking Weebly’s support team as to why that is not the case? I know that sometimes it’s hard to control how Facebook determines which specific image will appear on a Facebook share, but something should show up at the very least.


  34. #

    Thank you for this article. After reading your short bio I can say your article reaches the focus of why I read it. I am seriously considering Weebly and this article really helped me in answering many questions and gave me the basic education I needed. Thanks!

    • Jeremy

      Thanks Elma! Glad you’re finding our discussions here helpful to you.


  35. #

    Hi, Which template did you use in your review examples?
    (my apologies if this is explained somewhere, I am rushing to make a decision about getting the Weebly business plan).
    Your store looks perfect but i cannot find anything like it in the Weebly choices. I am happy to pay for a separate template.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Vanessa,

      That template in the images above is the Cameleon theme (from DivTag Templates), but the business has paused the sale of its premium themes.

      But if you Google for “weebly templates” or variations of that search phrase, there are a few other premium theme providers out there.


      • #

        Thanks Jeremy,

        So bummed about DivTag ceasing sales.
        Hoping this theme was yours
        Please let me know if there is a way i can buy this source code from you.

        Aloha, vanessa

  36. #

    I have over 200 products to sell. I don’t want to categorize them, but I’m worried the page won’t load with that many products on it? Thoughts?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Michael,

      If your business has over 200 products, I’d highly suggest you take a look at either Shopify or Bigcommerce, as those are “pure” ecommerce builders and have much more advanced tools than Wix.

      Wix is great for ecommerce businesses that have less products, and require a bit less advanced tools to help them manage a large number of products (such as yours).

      Take a look at this ecommerce builder comparison table – you might find it helpful.

      Here are also our detailed discussions on Shopify and Bigcommerce.

      Hope this points you in the right direction!


  37. #

    Jeremy, thank you for your review! I’ve been leaning toward Weebly for e-commerce and had found it easy (if anything, too distractingly feature rich) for building sites. I still plan to use them since they get a lot of things right (CSV upload, video and gallery options for products, unlimited products, low to no transaction fees, SSL certificate).

    On your list of improvements, I have two comments.

    1) Have you tried integrating Receiptful or other optimized newsletter services with Weebly? That’s what I’m thinking to do.

    2) One thing that most of these e-commerce site builders forget is affiliate marketing. I was originally looking to use Mal’s E-Commerce in part because of that.

    • Jeremy

      Hi there,

      Weebly’s ecommerce tools are not as advanced as other pure online store builders (such as Shopify), but they do make it really easy to get an online store up and running for sure!

      One of the drawbacks (at the moment) is that there aren’t any newsletter integrations with Weebly and I’m hopeful that they’re going to add some soon. I don’t think Receiptful integrates with Weebly (yet, anyway).

      Weebly recently announced that you can now use IFTT (If This Then That) to integrate / connect to various services. It’s a really great idea to expand on what Weebly users can do with their website. Hopefully they will grow the number of tools they will connect to!


  38. #

    When customers checkout can I offer them a shipping option AND a free local pickup option?

    • Jeremy

      Melissa – I don’t think there is a default option for this.

      What you can do, is follow up with an email to your customer to offer an option for free local pick up. If they’re interested, they can just respond to the email.

      It’s a bit manual, but that’s the only workaround I can think of right now.


  39. #

    Thank you for this in depth review of Weebly, I am considering a cost effective way of creating my own on-line store with Weebly, my question is , as I don’t store my images on my computer can I download them from Photobucket to my Weebly site, also I believe Google have set up new criteria for displaying websites will the Weebly site meet the new Google criteria,
    Thanks so much

    • Jeremy

      hi Diane,

      I don’t think you can insert images directly from other sources, so you’d have to save the images to your computer first, then import them into Weebly.

      The new Google update that’s coming up relates to mobile friendliness of websites. So Google said that they will be factoring in whether a website is mobile ready into their search algorithm – meaning that they will give mobile ready websites an advantage when it comes to mobile searches.

      Weebly has some mobile responsive templates, and for older templates that are not mobile responsive, you can use Weebly’s mobile editor, which will create a mobile friendly interface for you.


  40. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    I appreciate the thorough reviews you have done on several website builders. Do any of them work for subscription products – monthly automated fulfillment of same product?

    Thank you

  41. #

    I actually want to remove the add to cart and price button from my store because I offer services (personal training) and don’t want to show the prices next to the product.
    What I want weekly to do is to add the option to turn these features off.
    Do you know of any easy way to do this?
    Any advice is appreciated.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Daneka,

      I don’t think Weebly currently has that option and you can ask them to see if they have any plans on building that feature in.

      Have you tried not using the Weebly product page, and just create a normal (non-product) page so you have much more control over what is displayed on your pages? This way you don’t have to show prices next to your product images / descriptions.

      If you don’t use any product pages, then the shopping cart won’t show up.


  42. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    I noticed you mentioned below that Paypal is an option for customer checkouts with the Starter package. Has that changed recently? I have a pro account and every time I try to select the Paypal checkout option for my customers, weebly prompts me that I have to upgrade to the Business account to use Paypal! So I’m really confused.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Michael,

      Strange. As far as I know, you should be able to access ecommerce tools even if you are using the Weebly Starter plan.

      Have you checked with their support team to see why it prompts you to upgrade to their Business plan? I’d be curious if they changed their plans! But I just went to their site and it still says you can use their ecommerce tools even with their Starter plan.


  43. #

    I have hosted my site on Weebly using the Pro account. I want to setup e-commerce on my site. Do i have to use Weebly’s e-commerce products and payment gateway? I would like to use ccAvenue as my payment gateway. How do i integrate this?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Guari,

      You don’t have to use Weebly’s ecommerce tools, but in a way it’s preferable to use them because they are integrated with their website builder and so everything will work smoothly.

      I’m not familiar with ccAvenue, but you’ll have to contact their support team to see how they can help you integrate their tools into Weebly. Perhaps they are an ecommerce widget that you can insert into your site using the “embed code” element?


  44. #

    what about adding a product review and star rating widget for the store products

    • Jeremy

      Hi Nathan,

      You can insert review / rating widgets using the Weebly embed code element. I know you can get rating widgets for free with PollDaddy so check them out.


  45. #

    We’ve used Weebly for about a year or so and my only major issue is the inability to reorder products quickly or easily. I sell hundreds of pieces of jewelry and when I add new selections, they are added last on the list. I have to change the settings to show 72 items (which can be seen by customers) go through every category and reorder them. Then I have to put the settings back to 24. I’ve asked about it and there’s been no update as far as I know. Have you heard anything? What are your thoughts?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Tonya,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yeah I think that can be tricky especially if you have a lot of products (hundreds). I’m not aware of a way to quickly re-arrange the order of products. Weebly’s ecommerce features are very effective in helping users get an online store up and running, but for sure they’re not a “pure” ecommerce builder like Shopify or Bigcommerce, so their flexibility / features is not as comprehensive.

      If it’s a huge issue for you, have you considered checking out other ecommerce builders like Shopify or Bigcommerce?


      • #

        Believe me, I’ve considered it! But honestly, I’m burnt out from it. I’ve tried at least 7 different companies & built about 10 sites since 2005 and they either held me up without the decency of using a gun or they were so complicated that I gave up! I’m not a tech person, I just have a humble master’s in math and a dream. I’ve suggested a csv download capability so at least you could reorder them that way, but they don’t have that either. I need something I can manage, but rebuilding at this point is something I’d need to get therapy for before I could do it! lol I’m thinking about paying someone to build it and to train me in it. But I’ll look into the 2 options you gave. Thanks for that (but especially for listening)!

        • #

          You might want to look into AllProWebTools. I, in all honesty, can’t say they have the best customer service. But I can say they have one of the most comprehensive shopping carts out there for the price. They also have a built in CRM with importing capabilities (so I’m told). I’ve integrated some of my clients using them. I do the merchant services piece for my clients and have helped here and there in their structuring of their shopping carts. If you go with them, you have to use what used to be Merchant Warehouse, which is now Cayan. I do offer that versus having them set it up. I can offer better rates and then you have another person to help if there are issues. You can also use PayPal.

  46. #

    Do weebly have a gift card/gift certificate option now?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Christelle,

      I don’t think so, not yet. At least I haven’t seen that feature yet!

      Perhaps you can email Weebly to suggest this feature. I’m sure they get a lot of feature requests so the more they hear about certain features, the more likely they will incorporate it into their platform!


  47. #

    If i get the weebly starter plan would that allow me to use the paypal as a payment option?

    • Jeremy

      Hey Sheldon,

      Yes you can access Weebly’s ecommerce tools (including using PayPal) if you are using their Starter Plan. We go over the pricing plans and what you get with Starter Plan in our discussion above. Check it out if you haven’t yet!


  48. #

    Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry about shopping carts on Weebly. The article was very easy to understand and helped me make a decision. Thank you.

    • Jeremy

      You’re very welcome Betsy! Glad I can be of some help!


  49. Jeremy

    Hey Knuckles,

    You can check out our discussions about Weebly’s plans here but the main difference between Business and Pro is ecommerce and membership functions.

    But if you are going to be operating a web design business, then the Designer Platform may be of interest to you, unless you don’t mind letting people know that you are using Weebly to power your business. We’ve seen designers go either way, so there are considerations on both strategies.

    However, the Designer Platform may not be completely updated yet so you might want to check into it. All the ecommerce tools, membership tools and recent blog feature updates may not yet be available to the Designer Platform (yet).



  50. #

    Thanks Jeremy, Wondering what the difference between Weebly Pro, Weebly Business, and Designer Platform will mean to me and my audience. I like the idea of the designer site for client reviews and approval, but will there be any difference in capabilities. Specifically in the area of commerce, and using Div Tag Templates and widgets.


    by the way, you guys have awesome products.

  51. #


    Thank you for the article & comments. It’s very helpful. I’m having trouble finding out info about what Weebly allows you to store for member info (business plan acct.)? For example, can I store multiple shipping addresses for 1 member and can I have these addresses displayed and editable on a page? I’m creating a flower delivery site where I would like the member to be able to store and manage their recipient information.


    • Jeremy

      Hey Vicky,

      I don’t think you can store addresses with Weebly’s membership function. Weebly’s membership tools are not integrated with their ecommerce tools. So in a sense, you won’t be able to have your customers create a membership profile (at least not at the moment anyway but this may change as Weebly grows!)


  52. #

    Thank you so much for your research, it was incredibly helpful and extensive. I was wondering if, through Weebly, I would be able to create gift certificates for my site/products? Is this a feature? If it isn’t, is there another builder that does have this feature? I think this will be a big part of my business. Thanks for your reply!

    • Jeremy

      Hi Laine,

      Weebly doesn’t have this feature but if it’s a big part of your business, check out Shopify (our discussion is here). They offer a tool where you can sell gift cards, and the usesr of the gift card can use it over multiple visits.

      Hope this helps!


  53. #

    How long does it take for transactions made on Weebly to hit my bank?

    • Jeremy

      Hey Esther,

      It really depends on which payment processor you use, as Weebly doesn’t have any access to the sales dollars that you earn from your ecommerce sales.

      With Weebly, you can choose to use either PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net to accept payments from your customers, so the money is actually stored temporarily by these payment processors.

      With PayPal, once you request that the money get paid out to your bank account, I think it takes a few business days but you have to log into PayPal and manually request this transfer every time.

      With Stripe it takes 7 days but they’re continually transferring money to your bank account on a 7 day rolling basis. So if you’re making sales everyday, you’ll continue to your profits transferred to your bank account on a daily basis (versus PayPal where you have to log in to request a transfer every single time).


  54. #

    First of all,thanks for your intensive research in this topics that helps lot of people.
    I got a question about Wix and Weebly features.
    As you were saying about Weebly e-commerce that users can use some of the e-commerce features,if they are not on premium plans.So,what are those features that I can use being a free member??Can I add unlimited items(I mean items,not products)??
    I have seen on wix site that almost all of the e-commerce templates say “Price:e-commerce”.What that mean??does it mean,I have to be a premium member to use that template??
    Do you know,how many premium members(paid members) do wix and weebly have??
    Do you think,it would be a good idea for a new start-up to build kinda like same type of Website Builder in 2015.
    Your opinion would be appreciated.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Salim,

      With Weebly, you can still use their ecommerce tools even if you are using their Free plan. You can sell up to 5 products and there is a 3% transaction fee and this is in addition to the payment transaction fee (such as PayPal’s fee).

      Also be aware that to connect your own domain name to a Weebly site, you need to upgrade to at least their Starter plan. We have more discussions about this here.

      For Wix, you will need to upgrade to at least their eCommerce Plan before you can use their ecommerce tools. We have more pricing details on our main Wix discussion here.

      In terms of paid members, Wix has over 1 million premium subscribers, and this information for Weebly is not publicly available. We know Wix has over 1 million paying users because Wix is a public company and so this information is readily available.

      – Jeremy

  55. #

    Thanks for this review. I’ve been toiling between Volusion, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Weebly. I didn’t think Weebly would be powerful enough, but after building a scrap store, it looks like their engine can handle my project easily(higher volumes on a limited number of SKUs). I’m wanting to do recurring billing (like gift of the month) but I don’t see any capacity for this. Any ideas on a hack?

    Also, I’m using MailChimp’s embed code to collect customer info for sequential email campaigns. No MailChimp integration required, and it’s seamless to the customer, so I can do my email campaigns in MailChimp. It’s not integrated with orders, but for a Birthday reminder – it’s an elegant solution.

    • Jeremy

      Hey Heather,

      Yes Weebly has really surprised a lot of us! Their ecommerce features are pretty comprehensive and if one isn’t looking for a super advanced solution, Weebly works quite well!

      However, having said that, there are still a number of updates we’d like to see from them. Recurring billing is one of them.

      As for Mailchimp, we’d still love to see a full integration with a newsletter service provider, so customers won’t have to manually sign up again. So it just makes the entire process very seamless, that your follow up marketing campaign will automatically kick in without any more work from both your and your customers’ perspective.

      – Jeremy

  56. #

    Weebly doesn’t have sales analytics, right? That’s one MAJOR downfall compared to Squarespace and Shopify-alike. If it’s serious about this whole eComm thing they should be adding that feature (maybe 3rd party accounting even). What do you think?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Hanes,

      That’s a great point so thanks for bringing that up. It would be awesome if Weebly will incorporate a summary dashboard, which will really be something powerful for online stores!

      One thing to note is that they do allow users to connect with QuickBooks accounting software (for Business Plan users only) so I guess that’s one way to extract daily information. But it would still be nice to log into Weebly and get a quick summary of daily sales activities!

      And yes, Squarespace (see our discussion here) and Shopify (see our discussion here) does provide this.

      – Jeremy

  57. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    I would like to start a business selling fabric online. Weebly doesn’t seem to be able to handle a quantity other than a whole number (when buying fabric, customers are likely to want to buy in quarter yard increments, for example 2.25 yards). Any recommendations on that if I still would like to choose Weebly? What other service could I use to get this feature?


    • Jeremy


      That’s a great point – I’ve never thought of selling products that need a fraction of a whole number!

      I would suggest testing out Shopify or Bigcommerce which are both much more advanced ecommerce builder platforms. Both are more flexible in that you can hire specialists (available on their website) to help you customize certain fields if you want to.

      But be sure to call / email them up first, and see if using fractions of a whole number is available (or if it can be customized to make it work)!

      – Jeremy

  58. #

    Hi Jeremy~ I am interested in using Weebly for a new business. I need to know two things as this will be a regional business specifically in one state. There will not be shipping charges as customers orders will be delivered door to door versus through mail delivery. A) Does Weebly allow me to limit zip codes so that only customers in the region I’ve chosen can make purchases? B) Can I eliminate the shipping feature on my page?

    Thank you,


    • Jeremy

      Hi Christine,

      I don’t think there is a way to restrict your visitors based on zip code, nor can you stop any transactions from users that are outside of your targeted area. The only workaround I can think of is to clearly label throughout your website and checkout cart that you only sell to customers within certain area and be very specific about it.

      As for shipping, you can set your shipping rates to zero.

      – Jeremy

  59. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    With Weebly you can import a CSV file including images for a large number of product all at once. So far so good. Weebly gives this example of an image address: http://www.weebly.com/images/new/logo.png. When I upload images to Weebly and then do a save as from my site online, images have an address like this: 2949311. So my question is, is there a place in your Weebly admin where you can locate your images addresses as in first example with a hierarchical file structure as opposed to a number? Do they retain their original names there? The numbers are meaningless and would make the upload process almost impossible, and by the way, they also reduce SEO reach. The only other option would be to store images on a website other than your Weebly site. I don’t have this option as both of my domains are now pointing to Weebly. I think Weebly needs to end this practice of assigning numbers and give me access to my uploaded files in a way that I can find, read and understand them. Unless, I am missing something,afaic, this is a serious shortcoming.



    • Jeremy

      Hi Joe,

      I suspect one of the main reasons why they append a series of digits after your image upload file is because your site is hosted with Weebly, along with millions of other sites. So to accommodate all the images across these sites, Weebly has to give your image a unique “extension” or else you might share the same file name as others.

      As for SEO, make sure you give your image an alt-text so that search engines know what the image is about. By doing that, you increase the chances of your image showing up on Google image searches (for instance). With Weebly giving your images unique file names won’t stop search engines from indexing your images.

      Hope this help clarify some of your concerns!

      – Jeremy

      • #

        Hi Jeremy,

        It doesn’t answer the heart of the question which is, if in order to load a batch of products via a spread sheet I need to give the URL of the images, how do I find the URL? A workaround would be, I suppose, to put a bunch if images on a hidden page and then publish that page to be visible temporarily so that I could note down the URL via “save image as”. In fact, as far as I can see, that might be the only way.



        • Jeremy

          Hey Joe,

          I see what you mean. Yes that could be a bit labor intensive if you are uploading hundred of products! I think your workaround will work, but doesn’t make it super easy either. But perhaps it’s a worth while investment upfront to get your site up!

          Another option is to check out Squarespace’s ecommerce platform (see our discussion here). I know they have a bit more of a content management system.

          Short of this, I’d suggest you check out some dedicated ecommerce builders such as Shopify or Bigcommerce.

          – Jeremy

  60. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    I’m using Weebly Pro through HostGator for a nonprofit site that supports missionaries. We will have a page for each missionary, and need to make sure the donations are specified as to which missionary(-ies) it’s intended for. I’m considering use of a shopping cart with a place to “buy”(donate) on each missionary page. If I buy the Weebly e-commerce feature, does that sound like it would work? If so, I’d probably use Stripe to handle the transaction, unless you have a better suggestion.


    • Jeremy

      Hi Joe,

      I think that might just work. You can set up each missionary as a separate “product” page, then your visitors can donate by adding that “product” to the shopping cart.

      That way, you’ll know exactly which donation goes to which missionary.

      Good luck with that!

      – Jeremy

  61. #


    Great article! Thank you so much! I think I will choose Weebly for my online store building.

    Just one question: can my customers comment under each product after they make the purchase? Is it possible for them to give a rating to the product? I think it’s good for people to see the reviews from others, and it can really encourage more buyers to my site!


    • Jeremy

      Hi Yi,

      Weebly doesn’t have a buyer review feature built into their tools. However, what you can do is insert commenting widgets such as Disqus yourself – it’s free to sign up and you can insert the widget codes into your Weebly page using their Embed Code element.

      You can also try using Facebook comments widget as well, which is free.

      If you want a product review function built into your website builder, I’d suggest taking a look at either Shopify or Bigcommerce. Both are good ecommerce store builders!

      – Jeremy

      • #

        Thank you Jeremy! I will definitely try out Disqus!

  62. #


    I have started playing around with Weebly for a new online store I’m creating. I won’t have a huge number of different products, however I am interested in how I will keep track of the stock, especially the different sizes of the products.

    I’ve seen the inventory management check box but my question is: if I tick this, then it allows me to track my stock in the back end, but it also shows the customer on the front end how much stock is available which I don’t know if its a good or bad thing for sales? Is there any way to change/turn this off/hide from the front end?

    If not, do you have suggestions for how to track the stock, or ensure I don’t ‘over-sell’ an item?

    Thanks for your time!

    • Jeremy

      Hey Kate,

      I don’t think there is a way to separate what you show on your product page (“front end”), and what you have recorded in the “back end”. So if you record that you have 5 items within Weebly Editor in the back end, this same figure will also show up on your product page in the front end.

      It’s hard to say if it’s a good or bad thing. Showing lower number of product items can artificially create some sort of urgency so to encourage your shoppers to buy sooner. But then if you’re not actively monitoring this carefully, if a few shoppers purchased and the number of products reduces to zero (out of stock), this will prevent some shoppers from purchasing.

      – Jeremy

  63. #

    Thanks for your in depth review, it is truly helpful! I was wondering, is there any way to add in sample pages in the form of pdf’s or some other add on that would allow customers to get a preview of content if you are selling books/workbooks?


    • Jeremy

      Hi Cindy,

      Weebly allows you to embed / display a PDF file using the “Document” element. So what you can consider doing is to create a separate PDF document with sample pages, then embed that PDF directly to your page. You can see Weebly’s tutorial here.

      Glad our discussions have been helpful! Do click on the social sharing buttons on the left to share our pages with others!

      – Jeremy

  64. #

    Hi –
    Thank you for your reviews. I already have a website (without e-commerce)and am looking to change/upgrade to e-commerce. 1 – Can I import my pictures, etc from my current site into Weebly?? 2 – Can I keep my domain name as all my business cards, labels, etc are printed??? And, can I setup my products with variants by copy and paste or do I need to do each one separately?? Lastly, the shipping is an issue as it depends on size AND weight (some of our framed images are large) -can Weebly handle shipping by each variant or do they have an app for it??? Thank you so much . .

    • Jeremy

      Hi Judi,

      1) You can import products into Weebly using a CSV file (mainly I think titles, descriptions, but not images), or if you have stores on Etsy or Shopify.

      2) Yes you can. You just have to go to your domain registrar, and point your domain name to Weebly. You can see Weebly’s help page about it here.

      3) You can copy products in Weebly Editor. So once you have 1 product set up, just go into that product and there is an option to “copy” the product to replicate it. You should see the button on the upper right corner of your screen.

      4) I dont’ think you can create separate shipping & handling for each variant within each individual product (not yet anyway).

      Generally, while Weebly is a very functional website builder for online stores, if you need a more powerful builder, something that is dedicated just for building online stores, you can check out Shopify or Bigcommerce.

      Hope this is helpful!

      – Jeremy

  65. #

    Hi Jeremy!
    We subscribed to Weebly Business because we felt it would allow us to create one site that would both:
    1) tell our company story and promote our core business – selling and rebuilding large machinery, as well as
    2) allowing us to have an efficient ecommerce store to sell our replacement parts (www.csi-parts.com).

    Now that we are building the site, we are wondering if Weebly is still a good fit. Is Weebly ecommerce built to handle managing, tracking and selling 100-300 products? We have not been able to find sites that sell more than 15 products. Can you suggest any examples of larger Weebly stores? How do you recommend setting up, tracking and managing a large amount of inventory?

    One thought, I read in the comments that someone switched to Shopify to handle their e-commerce needs for large inventory. Can we keep Weebly for the look for our site but use something like Shopify for the ecommerce part? How does that work?

    Thank you – we really appreciate all of your insight! Very helpful!

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Christine,

      If you are trying to manage hundreds of items, then Weebly Commerce may not be as suitable at the moment (though I’m sure they will be improving this). It sounds like you need something a lot more powerful so platforms such as Shopify or Bigcommmerce might be something you might want to look into, as they are both dedicated online store builders.

      Unfortunately there isn’t a way to integrate Shopify / Bigcommerce with Weebly at the moment. But one option if you really want to keep your Weebly site, is to set up your Weebly site to showcase your products, then use either Shopify or Bigcommerce to run the actual store.

      It’s not a preferred approach, but it’s possible.

      – Jeremy

  66. #

    Hi Jeremy

    I am currently trying out Weebly and I am happy with the functionality. However I want my products only for display, (including zoom and page description) and not sales and I want to disable the store/e-commerce function. How do I do that , I am using the PARIS theme in Weebly.

    Ila D

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Ila,

      The product page with the zoom function is only available for e-commerce functions. I haven’t seen or used any external widgets that allows you to zoom into a product whlle pointing a mouse cursor over it, but I’m sure it exists somewhere.

      That way, you can install the widget (maybe through the “Embed Code” element) and upload your image that way. It’s worth a search on Google!

      – Jeremy

  67. Jeremy & Connie

    Hey Audrey,

    That’s a good suggestion! Maybe a workaround is to list out the product the same way as with other products, but just insert a disclaimer that the product is not yet in production and that the visitor will be purchasing a pre-order? Just a thought to get around this before a “formal” function is created by Weebly.

    If you are looking for more Weebly templates, check out MOJO Marketplace which provides additional Weebly template choices beyond what is currently available from Weebly.

    – Jeremy

  68. #

    Great read.
    I have noticed that another function that should be added would be a pre-order function. I have looked everywhere to see if it is possible on weebly and haven’t found anything at this stage to make it easier. Apart from that, I have been happy with Weebly. A few more professional looking templates would be nice too…

  69. #

    I see from your update (Jan 2014) that you say that weebly has dropped the 3% transaction for starter and pro plans. I’ve just had a look at upgrading and it still looks like this being charged when I look at the ‘compare plans’ page. Am I missing something?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Claire,

      Thanks for bringing this up. I think I made a mistake and you’re right, unless you sign up to the Weebly Business plan, there is a 3% transaction fee. Their main reasons include providing a lot of e-commerce tools for users, including SSL certificate to ensure that all transactions are secure for all your customers.

      The reason why I thought they’ve removed the fee is that my Weebly site was created before Weebly introduced the Business Plan (their e-commerce tools), so they “grandfathered” in “old” users so that they won’t be subject to any transaction fees.

      So to clarify this, all “new” users will be subject to the transaction fees, unless if you upgrade to their Business Plan.

      Thanks for bringing this up and I’m sorry for the mistake! I’ve just updated our website for this.

      – Jeremy

  70. #

    Hi Jeremy,
    Thanks so much for your articles. I am researching site & store builders for a client and have almost decided on Weebly. My only issue is that they do not offer e-mail. I am looking to use Weebly via Bluehost, but am concerned that their version of Weebly Sitebuilder does not include the updates that Weebly Inc. released in Nov 2013 (making it among the best website store builders, you claimed).

    Two questions as of Feb 18, 2014:
    1. Has Bluehost updated to the Nov 2013 Weebly Ecommerce solution as well as the newer features allowing site search, header slideshows and custom footers?
    2. When Bluehost does upgrade these features, will they be easily available for their current customers using Weebly sitebuilder to upgrade to these features?

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hey Christine,

      Weebly recently partnered up with Google Business Apps so I believe you can get a coupon to get a slight discount when you sign up with Google email services which allows you to use your own custom domain as your email address (we use Google Apps for this website as well). The downside, of course, is that you still need to pay a few dollars per month for this service.

      An alternative is to try using Windows Live which allows you to create your own custom email address for free.

      As of today, I believe the e-commerce functions have not yet been introduced to Weebly resellers such as Bluehost, iPage, Fatcow, HostGator yet. When Weebly makes big changes / updates, they usually run with it on their own site first (available for those using Weebly.com directly), before sharing the new features to other resellers. I think this is so they work out any bugs, before updating others.

      But in terms of Weebly Pro features (such as site search, header slideshows, footers, etc), I think the resellers such as Bluehost have those updates already. Best to check with Bluehost’s support team to ensure that this is accurate!

      When Bluehost and other resellers get feature updates, any existing customers should also have access to them. But again best to check with Bluehost as the way they price their Weebly plans is different from Weebly.com.

      You can also click here to see our comparison chart for online store builders (if you haven’t see it yet!)

      For others reading this comment, you can also see our article on Weebly and Bluehost’s version of Weebly here. We go over some of the main differences and concerns.

      – Jeremy

  71. #

    hi Jeremy,
    Your articles are a great resource! Especially for a non-techie person like me starting the overwhelming task of building an online store. I have a few questions, does Weebly offer the “automatic sales confirmation email” to a customer after the purchase of a product similar to SquareSpace?

    I noticed SquareSpace does not provide an SSL certificate like Weebly, would that be an issue?

    Thanks, I’ve been playing around with both Weebly and SquareSpace and trying choose which one to use for my store (art prints and instant downloadable printables).

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Laura,

      Squarespace doesn’t have SSL as their checkout cart is fully integrated with Stripe, and so the SSL certificate is provided by Stripe when your customers go through the check out process. So from a security perspective, your customers’ data is safe (as is with Weebly) and is guarded by Stripe. As such, I don’t think you have much to worry about should you go with Squarespace.

      Regarding sales confirmation email, I don’t think Weebly offers this yet and it may be something they are working on adding. I haven’t heard anything yet, but if anyone else reading this has any insights, do share with the rest of us!

      [UPDATE Weebly now allows you to send automated emails to your customers, including order confirmations, download confirmations (for digital products), product shipped notifications, refund notifications, and cancellation of order notifications.]

      – Jeremy

  72. #

    We also sell one of a kind items and I have been so busy studying and researching everything else that I had not thought of the concerns that Ella is running into when a product is sold and I have not seen this mentioned in any of the ‘features’ sections on the websites. I submitted the question to Squarespace and had a reply back within about 20 minutes. She said she was going to submit the issue to their developers. Part of the reply:

    “In the meantime, I can suggest a workaround by using a search block:


    You can add this to a hidden page on your site, and use it to search your site content, including your products, at any time.”

    To my query for further confirmation of how it would work:
    “Yes, you’re correct — if you make a hidden page with a search block, you should be able to search for your products. Additionally, when your customers make a purchase on your site, you’ll see the Pending order in your site’s commerce area which will detail exactly which item was ordered.”

    Hope this helps give more info to anyone else in this situation. Thank you Ella for your original ask.

  73. #

    Hi, great site, I’ve been finding your article really useful and would like to pick your brains if that’s okay!

    I just set up a Weebly business account and have run into a few problems – the main one being keeping track of a high level of one of a kind stock. We have thousands of items, all one of a kind but some of them quite similar looking. With the Weebly business plan, if someone checks out there is no SKU details in the order notification we recieve (although they have said they are working on this) or a link back to the item, just the title and a tiny thumbnail making it impossible for us to work out which item it is! There’s also no search function for stock in the website builder, so if we want to edit an item we have to trawl manually through all the thousands of others to find it – likesiew when things are sold they say “out of stock” but stay visable, we have to trawl through manually to delete them. I think if we were selling a low variety of stock, with a high volume of each, it would be fine, but it’s impossible for selling thousands of OOAK items! I’ve been reading your articles trying to see if Shopify would be better for us, do you have any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Ella,

      Yeah that’s a pretty daunting task to search for the item that your customers purchased, or to find the item to edit if Weebly doesn’t have the search function yet.

      I think you’re on the right path in testing out Shopify. As much as we enjoy using Weebly, Shopify is a “pure play” when it comes to creating a store. So their online store features and add-on’s are much more advanced than Weebly (at least at the present moment).

      So I’d encourage you to test out Shopify and see if they have the right functions to support your business. You can also reach out to their support team to get a quick answer as well!

      – Jeremy

      • #

        Hi Jeremy,
        thaqnks – yes, I’ve been looking into Shopify and it’s defintaly more suited to our needs, Big Commerce looks great too, but pricey. I think Weebly is great for the price, especially for Grandfathered accounts, but for shops with lots of stock…I think unless there’s some big changes soon then they’re going to fall behind. So far ekmPowershop seems a good halfway point in terms of price/capabilities but the reviews aren’t brilliant – the search continues!

        • Jeremy & Connie

          Hi Ella,

          No problem. Just to share our own experiences – sometimes studying and reading up on features upon features of different website builders, it starts to get even more confusing! For us, it really wasn’t a very clear cut process.

          The best way that we’ve discovered is to dive right in and start building. For us, that was the only way we were able to really discover which platform was best for us.

          Good luck with your search!

          – Jeremy

  74. #

    Excellent review.
    I use Weebly’s Designer platform for some clients.
    How does the pricing work if I offer an ecommerce solution on the designer platform?

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Bruce,

      I don’t think the ecommerce features are offered to the Weebly designer platform yet. What Weebly typically does is launch new features to the “normal” account first, and work out any potential bugs, then offer the new features to the designer platform.

      The last I read, based on one of Weebly’s blog posts, is that the ecommerce solution will be introduced to designers sometime during the beginning of 2014. If you need a more precise time frame, perhaps you can email them? I’d be interested in knowing as well.

      – Jeremy

  75. #

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been looking into a lot of this stuff lately and I think I’d almost prefer Weebly’s business plan to Shopify’s starter plan. The only problem is that I’m more interested in using WordPress (or something else) for my Content Management System. It would be great if I could figure out how to buy Weebly’s eCommerce package and use it on my own domain with WordPress or another CMS.

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi John,

      Unfortunately I don’t think Weebly’s e-commerce tools are meant to be integrated into other CMS platforms. The only way I can think of doing this is to run your “normal” site on WordPress, then when it comes to products, point them to your Weebly site to handle the e-commerce side of things. It just gets a but inefficient when managing different CMS’.

      I was told by someone at Shopify that you can integrate Shopify’s shopping cart capabilities with WordPress, so I’d be curious on how to do this well. Has anyone reading this comment done this before?

      – Jeremy

  76. #

    I just signed up for a free Weebly account and I must say I am really impressed with the ease of drag and drop.

    Now, I’m looking at one of their E-commerce plans and my imagination is raging! The technicalities of developing pages with Cascading Style Sheets was bogging me down, but now I feel like I got handed a gift.

    Thank you for the review. I still haven’t decided what to do as per the hosting plan, but I really like the idea of having an alternative to paypal. The last time I had a paypal account, my bank notified me that if they decided to freeze my account (which they had started doing a lot of back then) they would charge me a hefty fee and I quit using them.

    I quit doing online sales at that point. I really like that option of Stripe. I like that there’s no mention of my customers having to become members or anything. One drawback, if I had really expensive items to sell is the holding moneys for 7 days, but I can live with that. Their fees are really reasonable.

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for your comment. I’d agree that Weebly is one of the easiest website builders available in the market today! For some folks that have a bit of HTML / CSS knowledge, it gets even better as they allow full access to further customize the website function and design.

      I think adding 3 available payment processor is a very thoughtful move from Weebly. Even though PayPal is very large, a lot of online store owners prefer other options for their own specific reasons. So offering up Stripe and Authorize.net is pretty awesome. Most other website builders (except for “pure” online store builders such as Shopify) don’t offer multiple payment processors that are integrated with their platform.

      I haven’t used either but most of the reviews I’ve read about Stripe is good. They’re fast and simple in terms of set up, and fees are very reasonable.

      As for Authorize.net, I’ve tried learning more about them before, including understanding their pricing structure, integration, etc, but got quite confused and their email help wasn’t too helpful. At least that was my own personal experience.

      – Jeremy

      • #

        Well, Authorize.net is geared mainly to licensed businesses and those that can afford to jump through all of the hoops that regulations expect of “big businesses” and they won’t exactly cater to someone small that is just starting out with less than ten products.

        I imagine, and this is just my supposition from reading their offerings about a decade ago, that they really want to avoid the types of businesses that can’t afford to jump through those hoops because they won’t make too much money from them.

        You’ve got to remember that most banks are concerned with “average daily balances”. Because those that have the larger amounts of transactions, therefore, more money on deposit, give them money they can play with while it’s in their hands.

        Not trying to scare you here but are you aware of what’s going on in the banking industry right now? Especially, internationally?

        Check out Karen Hudes, look up gold backwardation, and so some research. The IMF sent out in a recent newsletter that all banks of industrialized nations who have large debts should raise taxes on the wealthy and even suggested the confiscating large accounts such as they did with the Cypress banks.

        You’ve got Chase Bank, making some serious changes to their banking policies which started ooohh, I guess it was a year ago, maybe longer. I got my bank statement and they had printed in there that they had a new policy. “We reserve the right to hold all deposits for up to seven business days”.

        I told my hubby, that sounds like they are gearing up for a run on the banks.

        Then, Chase put another policy in place to ban all international wire transfers. Those that were selling precious metals and stuff like that couldn’t get any without those wire transfers. After Alex Jones, supposedly, did some investigation he found out that they would still allow them IF the business was willing to open an International Business Account backed with LOTS of money. And the banker that he talked to, he asked, “How much money would it take to open an account like that?”

        Her answer, “A lot more money than you have”.

        So, they are tightening the screws. If the little people manage to make a little cash before it all crashes, well and good. But don’t put all of your eggs in one basket or you will end up hungry and cold. And gold won’t save you because you can’t eat it.

        Go check out Karen Hudes. RT.com had some vids on her and Forbes magazine covered her interview in the news. She was an attorney at the World Bank and is a Whistle Blower. She and several other women attorneys around the world have all blown the whistle on the corruption going on.

        • Jeremy & Connie

          Interesting insights Stephanie – thanks for sharing. I wonder what type / level of businesses Authorize.net target. Businesses that do $[X] amount in revenues per month?

          In any case, at least from what I’ve observed, a lot of smaller to medium sized online businesses tend to use PayPal because it’s easier to set up. Stripe is definitely making some noise in the payment processing arena as well!

          – Jeremy

          • #

            When I was a lot younger, and before the internet became widely available, if a person wanted to start a business you had to have several things:

            1. a very good line of credit
            2. assets to back them up
            3. the willingness to go into debt whether you wanted to or not.

            You couldn’t start most businesses with cash or on a shoestring because the industries had it set up to keep you borrowing money.

            That’s why the bubble burst and just prior to it was so painful for small businesses and banks.

            Now, afterwards, you get for the first time businesses actually accruing cash and holding it back and trying to stay out of debt because that “paying net 30” or whatever their terms were is what kept them tied to the banks and slaves to debt.

            Now, along comes the internet. Then come along the Distributors who would buy products, net 30, and then sell to the little guy at more reasonable terms. They either payed by credit card or debit (cash) and there was no credit required to get the product except where the person used a credit card.

            That became such a boom for small business that a lot of companies got into the act.

            And that’s where we are today. IF I have the money, I can just about order from anybody, as long as I can meet their minimum order. Except for those huge conglomerates, they still deal with credit only.

            • #

              Hi Jeremy,

              I really want to thank you for all the info you are sharing in your post. It was exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for your “link” too : )

              So, whenever (1 month) I have my site up and running, feel free to visit me at ‘www.mydigitaldesignshop.com for now I’m an Etsyan but desperately looking for more freedom = my own webpage.

              I need room for at least 3000 digital items. Do you really think Weebly will do the job? or should I be planning on a more robust platform like Shopify/Wordpress.

              What do you think/know about Weebly’s SEO. Do they use tags? Is it better than WordPress?

              Sorry to ask you so many questions but you seem to be a really friendly guy :).

              Thank you!

              • Jeremy

                Hi Osi,

                For 3,000 items, I’d suggest you use a more advanced ecommerce solution (such as Shopify – see our review here)

                Even though Weebly has the capability for you to sell digital products, I’m not sure they have the right infrastructure for you to manage thousands of product items.

                Give Shopify a try and see if you like them! They’re a great ecommerce builder.


                • #

                  Hi Jeremy,

                  I want to sell 4 items on my first storefront to start so I feel like Weebly is the best fit right now.

                  My question to you is SEO. Does Weebly offer SEO tools like BigCommerce or Shopify? This is a very important point to me because I want to gain sales traction extremely fast.