Transfer a Domain From Wix to GoDaddy: A Step-By-Step Guide

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In our in-house, in-depth research into the best website builders on the market, Wix came out on top as the overall best option, with a score of 4.8 out of 5 seeing it excel.

Sometimes, however, all good things must come to an end.

And, if it’s the end of your journey with this popular website-building solution – and you’re looking to transfer your domain away from Wix to its similarly popular counterpart GoDaddy – we can help. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to transfer your Wix domain to GoDaddy, in just several short, superbly simple steps.

Let’s get started!

Why Transfer a Domain?

There are a few reasons why transferring a domain name from one website builder or domain registrar to another might be a good idea. These include:

  • Saving money or gaining flexibility by switching to a registrar with more affordable or flexible pricing structures.
  • Consolidating the several different domains you might own under a single registrar for more convenience, making them easier to manage and simplifying renewals.
  • Accessing superior customer service, more enticing features, or a more intuitive, user-friendly interface by switching to a different registrar.
  • Gaining more favorable domain renewal policies with a new registrar, or changing provider to avoid security concerns with an existing one.

Transferring Your Domain From Wix to GoDaddy

Ready to transfer your domain from Wix to GoDaddy? Here’s how.

Getting Your Authorization Code

Before you begin your domain name transfer from Wix to GoDaddy, you’ll first need to unlock your domain name from your existing domain registrar.

This will free your domain up for its move to GoDaddy – but to do this, you’ll require an authorization code (also known as an EPP code) from Wix.

To get this, head to the Domains page on your Wix dashboard.

From there, select the ‘More Actions’ icon next to the domain you want to transfer, then select “Transfer Away from Wix”, followed by “Transfer Domain”, and then finally “I Still Want to Transfer”. (Ultimately, Wix would prefer that you kept your domain with them, so they put plenty of steps in the way of you and your domain transfer!)

Transfer a domain away from Wix screenshot
Selecting the ‘Transfer Away from Wix’ button in the Domains page of your Wix dashboard helps you initiate the process of transferring your domain away from Wix (and to GoDaddy!)

Wix will then send a transfer authorization code to your domain’s registrant contact email address (this is the one you supplied when you first purchased the domain you’re transferring).

When you receive this, you’re ready to transfer your Wix domain to GoDaddy…

…so sign into your GoDaddy account, and read on to find out how!

Transferring the Domain

To transfer your domain from Wix to GoDaddy, log into your account, head to the GoDaddy transfers page, and search for your domain there. If the domain has been successfully unlocked – which, remember, you can do via the steps we’ve just outlined – you’ll see a green status bar.

If it’s not there or is a different color, you may need to revisit the above steps!

Next, enter your domain’s authorization code, and hit ‘Continue’. At this stage, you can choose to add domain protection for a fee, or not bother. Then, it’s simply a matter of moving your way through a final few prompts to confirm the transfer. Once that’s done, congratulations – you’ve transferred your domain from Wix to GoDaddy!

Well, more or less. You’ll still have to wait a few days for the transfer of your domain from Wix to GoDaddy to complete. But follow these steps, and you’ll have initiated the transfer – all you have to do then is sit back, relax, and wait for GoDaddy to do the rest!


Though it sounds a little arduous, transferring your domain from Wix to GoDaddy is actually a deceptively simple process. After all, both website builders are extremely easy to use – with Wix scoring 4.4 and GoDaddy scoring 4.1 out of 5, in our ease-of-use testing. Both make their sides of the domain transfer process extremely slick and straightforward.

Of course, this guide is specifically for transferring a domain from Wix to GoDaddy – but, if you’re looking for more general advice, we have you covered. Check out our comprehensive explainer which covers how to transfer a domain name, or brush up on the basics with our beginner’s guide to that big question: what is a domain name?

And, if you’re still at the start of your domain name and website creation journey, our guide to how to get a domain name is unmissable.

That’s almost all from us. Thanks for reading, good luck with your Wix to GoDaddy domain transfer, and be sure to leave your thoughts on this step-by-step guide in the comments section below – we’d love to hear from you!


According to GoDaddy, most domain transfers take five to seven days to complete.
You can check the status of your domain transfer from Wix to GoDaddy by heading to, and having a look at the Domain Information table there. If your transfer has been successful, the Status field will show “Pending Transfer”. You can also check the status of your domain transfer from your GoDaddy account and, if your domain transfer was unsuccessful, GoDaddy will also send you an email to let you know.
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