Wix vs GoDaddy 2024: Which Is the Better Option for You?

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Wix and GoDaddy are great ‘jack-of-all-trades’ website builders, in that they have no allegiance or specification to one industry or feature. This makes them ideal for users wanting to start a small online business, as both can fit into a number of different roles.

Ultimately, Wix is the more complete package and better builder overall. Other builders just can’t match the sheer range of features it has to offer. Whatever your business may be, you better believe Wix can make it happen. GoDaddy, on the other hand, is much more basic in its building – but that also gives you a fast and uncomplicated building experience.

Which builder is the best for you depends on how much time and energy you have to manage an online business. But what about ease of use? How do I sell online? We will answer all these questions in this head-to-head battle. So let’s jump in!

Who Do We Recommend Each Builder For?

Wix is best for managing your small business

Wix has so many features that newcomers can often get paralyzed by the sheer amount of choice. But overcome this hurdle, and you won’t find a builder better equipped for managing a small online business.

GoDaddy is best for getting your site online quickly 

If you need a website up fast to advertise your business, GoDaddy is perfect for that. Its simplified builder means you can get a website ready in under an hour, giving you time to focus on other matters.

Wix vs GoDaddy: Quick Comparison

Need to see the builders up close and personal? We’ve put together this quick comparison table summarizing each research category, so you can see how each stacks up:

Wix vs GoDaddy Wix GoDaddy
Set up & Editor Wix’s drag-and-drop editor makes it very beginner-friendly and easy to use. Plus it also offers a fast ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) option, so it has something to appeal to everyone. GoDaddy’s ADI setup is super simple, so you can get your site up and running in no time. Its editor isn’t as straightforward as Wix’s, though.
Templates Wix offers a huge range of industry-specific themes, and has almost limitless customizability for near-complete creative control. GoDaddy has come a long way in its designs and customization, but it’s still more limited than Wix. It doesn’t offer the same scope for customization.
Pricing Wix has a range of plans to choose from, including a free one. Wix's prices are pretty good for the industry standard, but GoDaddy is cheaper than Wix. GoDaddy has four affordable pricing plans, as well as a free one. It offers great value for money, and has one of the lowest monthly costs out of all the builders we tested.
Features Wix has a wealth of quality features, as well as a massive app store filled with nearly everything imaginable. No matter what you need, Wix has it. GoDaddy has a modest but solid selection of in-built features that are perfect for smaller websites. However, it doesn’t have an app store to help outside of that.
Selling Wix has some of the best ecommerce features we've tested, letting you create a powerful online store with ease. GoDaddy's ecommerce options aren't as scalable as Wix's. It can manage a small store or side-hustle, but that's about it.
SEO Wix gives you SEMrush, Google Analytics and Mircosoft Clarity integration built-in, giving it near-undisputed SEO prowess. GoDaddy has a useful SEO Wizard to help you optimize your website for search, but it’s only available on paid plans.

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Setup & Editor: Wix

A common feature shared by both builders is how easy they are for beginners to pick up and get to grips with, with both Wix and GoDaddy scoring 4 out of 5 for user experience in our research.

Although they both provide a great user experience, our user testing found GoDaddy to be the better choice for total beginners, whereas Wix is better for those seeking a more hands-on approach with plenty of creative control. When you boot each website builder up, you will be presented with a choice to use artificial design intelligence (ADI) to make your website template.

a sport shoe website with a chat window open
I was able to add an AI chatbot to my site to help me out during the sites setup. Source: Website Builder Expert


When starting a new business online, indecisiveness can be as much of a killer as unpreparedness. ADI can effectively root this out by building you a custom template based on your answers to a short questionnaire. The finished product for both builders looks great and is filled with auto-generated images and text to give you an idea of what you should be aiming for – just like a premade template. Also, in our own testing, we found that both Wix and GoDaddy generated completely new templates based on our answers, meaning it truly is customized for your particular business.

What sets GoDaddy apart is its speed – you can have a published site in under a minute, making it the fastest builder for getting online.

GoDaddy setup page from onboarding asking what sections you'd like on your site
GoDaddy’s onboarding asked us 3 simple questions before offering suggested sections for our test website. Source: Website Builder Expert


However, we found that once in the editor, GoDaddy’s drag-and-drop wasn’t as advanced as Wix’s, with nowhere near the amount of preciseness in design. Elements could only be placed in certain blocks, and there was little customization to be found in their style and size on the page.

In streamlining the entire building process, GoDaddy has stripped back a lot of user choices. For instance, while GoDaddy does have premade templates to pick from, it heavily advertises the use of ADI, whereas Wix is more upfront about there being two choices of ADI or templates.

a sports site in grayscale in a website editor
GoDaddy's editor is a lot simpler than Wix. All my editing tools were in the menu on the right. Source: Website Builder Expert

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The Winner

Wix has the best setup & editor

Wix’s editor is more advanced, meaning you can build your website with control over design and what elements you want.

Templates: Wix

GoDaddy pushes its ADI ahead of its templates for new users for one reason – compared to Wix, its template design is lacking. While Wix stuns with over 800 templates across industries ranging from online sports stores to forensic pathology, GoDaddy only has 100 templates to choose from.

Wix’s template page, showing six online store template examples.
Wix has over 800 templates to choose from, although they aren’t all visually striking, there’s something for every industry. Source: Website Builder Expert

When we tested them, the limited nature of GoDaddy’s editor made each template look fairly similar to each other, compared to the better variety of design and webpage structure combinations Wix can manage.

a selection of GoDaddy templates for the same website
GoDaddy gave me a choice of different template layouts, but all still based on my ADI design. Source: Website Builder Expert

Wix is our highest-ranked builder for design. Each element of a Wix template is totally customizable, letting you drag and drop it wherever you want it to be. If you have some web design skills already, Wix Studio is a new mode that gives you total design freedom over your website to use code and other web development tools while still having access to Wix’s range of features.

A collage of interactive web elements, including a pie chart, a download icon, and various buttons like "SWITCH," encouraging user interaction with playful calls to action.
Wix Studio allows you to create code-free animations. Source: Website Builder Expert

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The Winner

Wix has the best templates

Wix’s templates have increased customization and come premade for a larger number of industries, meaning you will find at least one perfect match for your business.

Pricing: GoDaddy

Cheap prices always go down well, but we like to look beyond that and really see what you get for your money.

Wix Pricing:

Wix’s pricing is split into four plans, three of which have ecommerce features:

  • Light – $17 per month billed annually
  • Core – $29 per month billed annually (Basic Ecommerce)
  • Business – $36 per month billed annually (Standard Ecommerce)
  • Business Elite – $159 per month billed annually (Advanced Ecommerce)

In our research, Wix scores an okay 3.7 out of 5 for value for money. With Wix, you get the absolute best in features and creative customization, but at a slightly higher cost than GoDaddy which starts at $10.99 per month. For new online businesses trying to get off the ground, Wix gives users the tools for succeeding – but with slightly larger start-up costs.

If you do like receiving discounts, we’re proud to give all our readers 10% off at checkout if you use our code TAKE10.

Luckily for new users, Wix has a free website builder plan, making it perfect for new businesses that have little to no budget. This free plan has no expiry date, meaning you can have a free website indefinitely – as long as you don’t mind some limitations. First and foremost is the lack of sales features, which impacts new online business owners. You will also have to contend with Wix ads on your site, 500MB of storage, and a .wixsite.com domain name.

a shoe website with a big ad banner
Wix placed a banner ad at the top of my website on the free plan. Source: Website Builder Expert

GoDaddy Pricing:

GoDaddy’s pricing is split also into four plans, with only one plan having ecommerce features:

  • Basic – $10.99 per month billed annually
  • Premium – $14.99 per month billed annually
  • Commerce – $20.99 per month billed annually

GoDaddy scores the highest for value for money in our research with 4.3 out of 5. Compared with Wix, the Basic plan’s starting price of $10.99 is much easier to budget for. If you do decide to sell, then the Commerce plan is almost $10 cheaper than Wix’s most basic ecommerce plan ($29/mo).

Like Wix, GoDaddy also has a free plan. You can’t sell on this free plan, and you’ll also have to contend with GoDaddy ads and a .godaddysites.com domain name.

A sports website with a large banner ad
GoDaddy placed a banner ad for a different company on top of my website, meaning they are still making money! Source: Website Builder Expert

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The Winner

GoDaddy has the best value for money

GoDaddy’s cheaper pricing means it is better value for money, and although you get fewer features, you can still run a quality website for nearly two-thirds the price of Wix.

Features: Wix

Features Wix GoDaddy
Score 4.6/5 3.4/5
Industry-specific features (e.g. menus, RSVP forms, etc.)
✔️ ✔️
Edit from mobile
Email Marketing
✔️ ✔️
Social Media Integration
✔️ ✔️
App store

Features are what really separate the average platforms from the elite. What you can and can’t do on each platform is crucial to your final decision, especially when starting a new business.

With an overall feature score of 4.6 out of 5, Wix is our reigning king of website features. Whatever your online business is, Wix has the tools you need, including:

  • Wix Menu (for restaurants)
  • Wix Booking (for trainers/therapists/hairdressers, etc)
  • Wix Hotels (self-explanatory)
  • Pricing plans to showcase transparent prices to your site visitors
  • Membership groups for accessing exclusive content
  • Email marketing for connecting with subscribers with branded newsletters
wix app management in the backend
Wix offers some great business apps, which I could manage from the dashboard. Source: Website Builder Expert

What truly sets Wix apart is how all these features work seamlessly together with Wix’s design, even at the extreme rate Wix adds them. Wix updates itself with new features on a monthly basis, meaning you are never too long away from your website’s next upgrade.

For users wanting to start a new business, Wix is a one-stop shop where every aspect can be done from the Wix Dashboard – a huge relief for those worried the process might have been difficult!

a screenshot of the Wix editor showing booking settings with placeholder images of stairs and a tea set
When I clicked on the Wix Booking App, I was able to make events that others could sign up for. It was all managed from the Wix Dashboard. Source: Website Builder Expert

GoDaddy, with only 3.4 out of 5 for website features, just can’t hold a candle to Wix’s range of features. As well as lacking an app store – meaning it loses a lot of niche, business-related features – building a website with GoDaddy is much more limited than Wix, with an emphasis on being streamlined and easy to use rather than being the best quality possible.

Adding a new service to GoDaddy website
It was so easy for me to add new services within my GoDaddy dashboard. Source: Website Builder Expert

However, where GoDaddy does stand out is in its marketing and social media integration. With features such as building branded content and email automation available on every plan, GoDaddy is great for getting your business name out there. It’s also a good alternative for those needing a website to advertise their business and little else.

a digital ads maker with a pic of two hands outstretching towards the sky
GoDaddy also uses AI to make digital ads. I was able to make ads for my website for both Facebook and Instagram. Source: Website Builder Expert

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The Winner

Wix has the best features

Wix’s feature offering makes it flexible and usable for any type of business, with trust that you will be receiving the best quality possible.

Selling: Wix

Neither Wix nor GoDaddy are ecommerce-only platforms, but you can sell products on both of them.  For many users wanting to start online businesses, selling a few products on a website would seem the easiest option. If that’s the case, we recommend Wix, as it scores 4.2 out of 5 in our research compared to GoDaddy’s 3.3 out of 5.

Both providers include the most vital sales features on their respective ecommerce plans:

  • The ability to sell unlimited types and quantities of products
  • Sell both physical and/or digital products
  • Process payments securely through gateways like PayPal, Stripe, or Square (although Wix offers a larger number of gateway options)
  • No transaction fees are imposed by the website builder
  • Mobile apps for managing your store on the go
  • Various shipping and accountancy options
  • Discount and sale codes

With GoDaddy, you can have all this for the low price of $20.99 per month, compared to Wix’s more expensive $29 per month Core plan, which would make GoDaddy the winner, surely? The issue with GoDaddy’s ecommerce is that is where its features end, as it has very little in the way of dropshipping and international selling tools. As a small business, you don’t want to immediately cap your business’ potential growth.

Ecommerce design elements for GoDaddy's website editor
I could add a selection of ecommerce-specific sections to my test website. Source: Website Builder Expert

Wix has ecommerce plans all the way up to specialized enterprise plans – and with necessary apps on Wix like dropshipping available for users, Wix’s sales features let you run a sizable and profitable online store, while GoDaddy limits you to a smaller business.

Wix Dropshipping Apps
You’ll find all of Wix’s dropshipping apps in its extensive app store, along with customer reviews and ratings to help you pick the best one. Source: Website Builder Expert

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The Winner

Wix is the best for selling

Wix has the best sales features available as it allows online stores to scale up as they grow bigger, meaning you can rely on Wix for longer.

SEO: Wix

The strength of your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will determine how highly you rank on search engines like Google. The higher you rank, the more eyes will be on your site. Simple, right?

Wix SEO received 5 out of 5 in our research. Like most website-building features, Wix provides top-notch customization across the board, allowing you to edit things that will have an impact on SEO, such as meta titles and descriptions, URL slugs, and header code.

But that on its own wouldn’t be enough. What really elevates Wix above GoDaddy in this field is the partnerships and integrations it has been able to swing. The SEO tools you can now use for Wix in the dashboard are:

screenshot of Wix's SEO tools
Wix's dashboard provided me with all the SEO tools I could need, plus a handy checklist. Source: Website Builder Expert

Normally, all of these would be required to be used in separate windows and/or paying a subscription. To have them all in one place and included with the rest of Wix makes it one of the most powerful SEO tools on the web!

GoDaddy SEO largely depends on your pricing plan. For those of you on the Standard, Premium, or Ecommerce plan, you’ll have access to its advanced SEO tools, including its SEO Wizard website optimizer. Although excellent for SEO newbies, it’s not accessible for those of you on the free or Standard plans.

You’ll have to make do with just the basics – you’ll still have control over your meta titles and descriptions, URL slugs, and image alt tags, but will have to do without canonical tags or SEO best practice prompts. It also can’t compete with the sheer amount of extra integrations and partnerships Wix has, but then again no other competitor really can.

a window warning users they need to upgrade to use GoDaddy SEO
On the free plan, I had to upgrade before I could use SEO. I could even just pay to use SEO. Source: Website Builder Expert

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The Winner

Wix has better SEO tools

With integrations with Semrush, Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, and more, Wix demolishes all others when it comes to SEO.

How We Test

We test all our website builders against our research methodology so we can give our readers the most accurate information and a solid base for all our recommendations. But we don’t just trust the research – all our writers have hands-on experience building with every provider we talk about. When we express an opinion about a builder, positive or negative, you can trust that it’s coming from a place of genuine, human interaction with it.

For a versus article like this one, we take special care to pick out and analyze who the target audience is for both builders. For Wix vs GoDaddy, we cast ourselves in the shoes of a small business owner and used that in combination with our own knowledge to inform the winners of each category.

Wix vs GoDaddy: Summary

It was a great showing from the two builders, but in the end, Wix is the overall winner. Its superior features make it difficult to suggest any other builder to prospective online business owners.

That being said, GoDaddy certainly cements itself as a solid cheap alternative, great for those who are short on time and money and perhaps those who need to streamline their operations between their in-person and online presence.

If you want to know more about each builder, you can read our full Wix Review and GoDaddy Review for more. 


No! Neither require any coding knowledge, but you can access Wix’s code to make more advanced changes if you wish. There are lots of guides in Wix’s help center that can walk you through how to use code on Wix.
GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar, and also offers hosting services and website security. Its website builder, GoCentral, is an all-in-one package, but you can build your site elsewhere and purchase elements individually through one of GoDaddy’s other services.
Buying a domain with GoDaddy can cost between $2 to $20 per year, whereas a domain with Wix can cost between $10 and $45 per year. So if you’re looking to save money then GoDaddy is your option, but if you want an overall better website then we recommend spending extra with Wix. If you already bought a domain on Wix, and now want to move to GoDaddy, you don’t have to buy a new domain – you can transfer your domain from Wix to GoDaddy in a few simple steps.

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