Squarespace Offer Code 2020

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Save Money With Exclusive Squarespace Promo Code: Enter “WBE” at Checkout for 10% Off

Squarespace Offer Code

Squarespace is a website builder popular with creatives due to its stunning designs and powerful, high quality features. It’s perfect for creating a  sleek and modern website, without needing any technical or coding knowledge. No wonder millions of people have chosen it to build their very own websites!

If you’re interested in Squarespace, you’re in luck – there’s never been a better time to sign up. Why? Well, Squarespace has provided us with an exclusive Squarespace offer code, so that our readers can save money when they choose a paid plan. Simply enter the active Squarespace promo code WBE at checkout to save 10% off your plan! 

There are no hidden terms and conditions – as long as you’re a first-time Squarespace customer, you can get 10% off your plan

However, we don’t want to leave anyone out, so if you already have a Squarespace plan, you can use this code to get 10% off as long as it’s your first time upgrading.

Good to know

The code is only valid for your first purchase or upgrade – you can’t use it to continually renew your plan.

This is a great way of kick-starting your Squarespace subscription – by using our exclusive offer code you can save up to $4 per month. See how much you could save in the table below:

PlansOriginal Monthly Price *Offer Code Monthly Price
Personal $12$10.8
Basic Commerce$26$23.4
Advanced Commerce$40$36


* Monthly prices based on annual plans. Using this Squarespace offer code makes the most financial sense if you are signing up to annual plans. If you want to pay on a month to month basis (prices will be higher), the 10% discount won’t be as financially meaningful. 

So, just how does this Squarespace discount code work? Once your free trial is over, choose your Squarespace price plan and select the best contract for you – whether that’s a monthly, annual, or even two-year plan.

At checkout you’ll enter your details as normal and go through to the review page before confirming your purchase. There, you’ll see a “Promo Code” box – simply enter the code WBE into that box to enjoy 10% off your chosen plan. The savings will appear on the right-hand side as part of your subscription cost breakdown.

You can only use this Squarespace promo code once. It’ll work whether you’re a first-time customer, or even if you want to upgrade an existing plan – but once you’ve received the discount, you can’t use it again. This is an exclusive, one-time deal per customer – so make the most of it!

Don’t miss out. Join the ranks of other WBE readers who’ve used our Squarespace offer code this year – over 400 of them so far!

Calling All Students!

If you’re a student and have a valid school email address, then you can get 50% off your first year of Squarespace. That’s any new website or online store!

Check out this special student discount to learn more about Squarespace’s awesome savings. Heads up, though – you can’t use it alongside any other offer codes, so you’ll have to pick between this one and the 10% coupon. (Although we think we know which one you’ll choose…)

You can even apply the discount to up to three websites under the one school email address. Head on over to Squarespace today and search for your school to get started!

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  • Mike
    it works hurrayh!!
  • Jen
    Thank you so much for the coupon code!
  • Chris
  • Alex
    Offer code works! Thanks!!
  • EBW
    Easy to grasp and useful update; thanks so much.
  • Simian
    Still works as of 8/1. Thanks a bunch!
    1 reply
    • Natasha Willett
      Hi Simian, Enjoy creating that SquareSpace site. Natasha
  • David Cory Enderby
    Thanks bud! Jesus bless you always and forever!
  • Isiah Mitchell
    could i use this code on the monthly plan then in 1 month use it again when i upgrade to business plan for a year?
    1 reply
    • Natasha Willett
      Hi Isiah, Thank you for your comment. You can only use this code once. So should you agree to pay by monthly installments, the offer of 10% will be taken off this. Natasha.
  • Simon D Scott
    Thanks for the 10% coupon! Great advices all around your website and newsletter.
    1 reply
    • Tom Watts
      Hi Simon, Thanks for being a subscriber, hope the emails have proven useful for you. It would be great to see your Squarespace site when you build it! -Tom
  • Damla
    Thank you so much for really objectifying the different needs of people with real examples. It helps people with no web design experience be confident with their decisions & the money they put in. Also huge thanks for the offer code! :)
    1 reply
    • Tom Watts
      Hi Damla, Great to hear that you found the discussion useful. Feel free to share on your social channels if you think others might benefit too - it's a nice way of paying it forward! :) Thanks for reading, - Tom