Wix Promo Code: How Much Can You Save?

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If you’re creating a new website and looking for a website builder that’s user-friendly and has lots of features and design options, Wix might be the right one for you. In our testing and rating of website builders, Wix scores an outstanding 4.9 out of 5, so it’s one we’d recommend with or without a special deal. Usually, Wix’s standard pricing starts at $17/month when billed annually.

The good news, though, is that Wix pricing often has discounts that allow you to save money. One of the best discounts offered is the Wix 50% off deal, which runs frequently. You don’t need a specific code for this – when it’s active, you’ll see the plans for half-price automatically on Wix’s pricing page.

If you click on the Wix link and don’t see any deals, just wait a while; it’s likely one will become active soon!

Let’s take an in-depth peek at the various ways you can save money using Wix.

Wix Pricing: A Closer Look

Wix offers various premium site-building plans, which you can see in the image above. It also has a free plan, but it’s not appropriate for most businesses, as the hosting would be locked to a Wix subdomain and the storage is very limited, as you won’t be allowed to use your own custom domain..

All of the annual premium plans offer a free domain for one year. Here’s a rundown of the premium plans you can choose from:

Wix Plan Monthly Cost (Billed Monthly) Monthly Cost (Billed Annually) Sales Price Per Month (Billed Annually) Best For
Light $24/month $17/month $17/month (not included in sale) Individuals or those with one other collaborator. Good for bloggers or those with a small site without a lot of images. There are no ads, so it’s a step up for those with a free plan who want to remove ads.
Core $36/month $29/month $14.50/month Small sites with up to 5 collaborators who need only basic analytics. Good for small start-ups or those who are just starting to sell.
Business $43/month $36/month $18/month Ecommerce sites, those with up to 10 collaborators, and those who want some site analytics. Good for larger start-ups or those who have been in business for a while.
Business Elite $172/month $159/month $79.50/month Larger ecommerce sites, sites with up to 15 collaborators, and those who want to have more developer control and analytical information. Good for established companies with a solid team.

What Discounts Does Wix Offer?

The Wix 50% off deal is the best discount offered. This applies to the 12-month subscription for first-time customers, and the sale comes up periodically. While you might feel eager to sign up, we recommend waiting for the 50% Wix discount code to become available, to save as much on your plan as possible.

The Light plan isn’t included in the sale, so if that’s the plan you’re looking for, we recommend using a different discount to save money, such as the student discount or 10% off deal below.

That said, if you claim the 50% off Wix promo code you’ll be able to get the Core plan for just $14.50 per month, which is even cheaper than the Light plan!. This means you’ll not only save money but will also benefit from the extra features, like increased storage (50GB vs 2GB), the ability to set up customer accounts, and the option to have up to five collaborators.

With the higher-priced plans, you’ll save even more. Rather than spend the regular $29/month for the Core plan, you could wait until the sale is live and enjoy the Business plan for $18/month. This would give you 100GB of storage rather than 50GB, and you’d be able to have up to 10 collaborators. There are also some extra perks, like automated sales tax for 100 transactions per month and you could collect up to 1,000 customer reviews through the site with KudoBuzz.

While the Business Elite plan remains the most expensive option, even with 50% off, it’s still a great deal. You’ll enjoy substantially more valuable benefits, such as unlimited storage, up to 3,000 reviews, priority customer care, and automated sales tax for up to 500 transactions per month. This would cost you just under $80/month rather than the usual $159 monthly cost.

Does Wix Have a Student Discount?

Student discount
Students can always save with Wix. Source: Website Builder Expert

Students can get a 50% discount on all yearly plans with a Student Beans ID. If you’re a student this means you don’t have to wait for the standard 50% Wix discount to become available – you can get the deal anytime.

You just need to verify as a student with Student Beans to get started. Once you have your discount, you can apply it to any annual Wix plan – the discount applies to the first 12 months of your subscription. And be warned – once you’ve got your code, you need to use it within six months, or it’ll expire!

Wix Discount Code

If you’re really in a hurry and need to sign up for Wix now, but the 50% off code isn’t active and you’re not a student, you can use the code TAKE10, which will give you 10% off. This will apply to your first plan, as long as you choose an annual subscription, and applies to all of the paid plans listed above.

How Does Wix Pricing Compare to Other Website Builders?

Website Builder Wix Squarespace Shopify GoDaddy Hostinger
Overall Rating 4.9 4.8 4.5 4.4 4.2
Starting From $17, $15.30 with code TAKE10 $16, $14.40 with code WBE10 $1/month for your first month, then $29/month $10.99 $2.99+3 months free with 48-month plan
Free Plan or Trial Free Plan 14-day free trial 3-day free trial Free plan No
Number of Templates 900+ 150+ 100+ 100+ 100+

Wix has comparable pricing to the other four biggest players (Squarespace, Shopify, GoDaddy, and Hostinger) when you consider just the 10% off code. When you think about the 50% discount, though, Wix really shines.

While the other sites offer a low-cost plan for between $11 and $29, you can get a higher-value plan with the Wix promo code that costs less.

Here are reviews on these other sites, for your comparison:

Is Wix the Right Platform for You?

Wix website builder
Wix is our favorite website builder thanks to its many features and ease of use. Source: Website Builder Expert

In our tests, Wix came out at the top as the best overall website builder. If you’re just dipping your toe in the pool and aren’t sure if you want to commit to a paid plan, Wix offers a completely free option that offers 500MB of storage space and customer support. You will be able to upgrade to a bigger plan as needed but do be aware that you can’t switch templates once your site is live.

Wix also offers a drag-and-drop editor and a lot of prebuilt elements in its templates, making it one of the easiest website builders to use, particularly for beginners. With that being said, if you’re running a large online store with plans for a lot of growth, we recommend choosing a platform such as Spotify, which has better tools for scaling your business. This would have more value to you than one of Wix’s most expensive plans, even with 50% off.

Customer support is excellent; Wix offers 24/7 phone and chat support in addition to a comprehensive Help Center with lots of self-help materials.

For more information, read our full Wix review.


In summary, if you’re looking for a high-quality website builder with lots of great features and good pricing, Wix is our top choice. Waiting for the 50% discount code is your best bet to get the highest value. If you’re a student, you can get half off anytime.

Also, you can always use the code TAKE10 to take off 10%, which is a great option if you need to get your site up when the 50% deal isn’t active.

If you need help choosing your plan, we offer advice in our Wix Pricing Review. If you’re looking for additional information on website builders, check out our rundown of the best cheap website builders, to see how Wix compares.


Wix offers discounts on its plans regularly, which is why we keep our page updated on Wix deals as often as possible. Feel free to check back on this page for any future Wix 50% off deals.
Yes! Wix is worth it, especially since you can even use the free plan if you want. Wix received an overall score of 4.9/5 in our research and testing, making it our number one pick.
Yes, Wix is great for beginners; you can build a site in a matter of minutes, and it has a ton of templates to choose from. It’s also nice to have the option for a free plan so you can try out the features before committing.
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