Squarespace Membership Area Demystified: A Complete Guide

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Looking to create a membership website to offer your most loyal followers a curated selection of your latest, most premium content? Squarespace – which came second out of all the membership website builders we tested – is a brilliant place to start.

Scoring an excellent 4.7 out of 5 for design and 4.6 for both value for money and features, Squarespace is one of the leading website builders for creating and maintaining an exclusive community of followers – something you can use Squarespace Membership Areas to do.

So what are Squarespace Membership Areas, how can they benefit your business, and how can you add a membership area to your Squarespace website?

Read on for our top tips for unlocking the power of Squarespace Membership Areas for your business and brand, and explore our favorite examples from across the web.

What Are Squarespace Membership Areas?

Squarespace Membership Areas (also known as Squarespace Member Sites) allow you to create restricted access areas on your Squarespace-created website.

With a Squarespace Membership Area, you can provide access to members-only content such as premium articles, videos, online courses, e-books, webinars, community forums, digital downloads, discounts, or any other type of exclusive material or experiences.

You can choose to make your Squarespace Membership Area free to register for, or charge a subscription fee.

Benefits of Squarespace Membership Areas

Setting up a Squarespace Membership Area offers a huge range of benefits for your brand, business, and bottom line.

Squarespace Membership Areas:

  • Provide a reliable source of income: by restricting your best content to paying subscribers, you can generate a consistent stream of revenue. And, by creating different membership tiers – each with its own unique benefits and pricing – you can cater to a wider breadth of audience preferences and income levels.
  • Are free to create: it won’t cost you anything to add a Squarespace Membership Area to your website. However, you will need to be on one of Squarespace’s paid plans – either Digital Products or a Business or Commerce plan – to enable this feature.
  • Are simple to set up and manage: Squarespace’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create your Squarespace Membership Area in your brand’s own image; customizing the content and layout to fit your business’s unique look and feel.
  • Build a community around your brand: Squarespace Membership Areas facilitate greater member interaction, allowing them to discuss, debate, and get to know each other through comments, forums, and other community features such as webinars, events, and live Q&A sessions. This fosters a sense of belonging among members; it enhances the community experience and engenders participation and interest.

Examples of Squarespace Membership Areas

Want to take a look at Squarespace Membership Areas in action? Let’s dive into three real-world Squarespace Membership Areas for a peek.


Australian-owned coffee roastery Zarraffa’s’ Squarespace website utilizes its Membership Area feature for subscribers to its Z Card program.

By registering, customers not only get a free drink now (and on their birthday), but exclusive access to recent news, offers, giveaways, and competitions, too – all offered through Zarraffa’s’ Squarespace Membership Area.

Zarraffas website screenshot
Zarraffa’s uses a Squarespace Membership Area to promote its Z Card program and offer subscribers exclusive access to news, competitions, and rewards.

Vocal Kinesthetics

Founded by Kimberly Moller, Vocal Kinesthetics is a San Diego-based voice coaching provider.

Built with Squarespace, VK’s website utilizes a Squarespace Membership Area to collect a monthly subscription fee of $99. This provides access to VK’s online studio, as well as a membership to VK – and all the community building and benefits that come with it.

VK website screenshot
Vocal Kinesthetics charges a membership fee to unlock access to its online studio. It achieves this through a Squarespace Membership Area.

Yellow Co

A membership service for female entrepreneurs, Yellow Co’s gorgeous, minimalist website is emblematic of Squarespace’s committed, laser-like focus on design and aesthetics.

Yellow Co is also, however, an excellent example of a site using a Squarespace Membership Area to win and retain subscribers. Signing up offers members exclusive access to PDF downloads, conference speaker videos, online courses, and quarterly “realign” sessions.

Yellow Co website screenshot
Becoming a member of Yellow Co unlocks a veritable treasure trove of content – all built on the infrastructure of a Squarespace Membership Area.

How to Create a Squarespace Membership Area

Ready to create your own Squarespace Membership Area? Here’s how.

First, you’ll need to build a website with Squarespace – that seems straightforward enough. And, fortunately, it is. In our tests of the best ecommerce website builders, Squarespace ranked easiest to use and scored 4.3 out of 5 in our ease of use metric.

With your Squarespace website set up, you’ll need to be on a paid plan – either Squarespace’s Business Plan ($23 per month), Basic Commerce ($27 per month), or its Digital Products add-on. If this feels like information overload, don’t panic. You can learn more about Squarespace’s pricing plans in our simple, jargon-free guide.

On top of this fee, you’ll need to select one of Squarespace’s membership site pricing plans. These start at $9 per month (when you bill annually; it’s $12 per month when you bill month-to-month), and max out at $119 per month.

That’s a big difference, but the most expensive plan also scores you zero transaction fees. With the cheapest plan, you’ll need to pay 7% on every sale you make.

With that in mind, choose carefully – and be sure to select the plan that’s the best fit for your business’s size and sales volume.

Squarespace Member Sites pricing plans screenshot

Once you’re in the Squarespace editor, open the “Settings” menu from the left-hand menu and select the “Member’s Area” tab. Click on the “Create Member Area’ button and hit the “+” to choose a name for your member area, set a description, and select a landing page that reflects your business’s specific style and flavor.

This next stage is all about customization, and it’s where you’ll choose a pricing model (will you offer subscriptions, for example, on a monthly, annual, or lifetime basis?) and set a price for your memberships. At this point, you’ll also be able to choose what’s included in your membership plan and select which specific pieces of content, feature sets, or benefits each level of membership will unlock.

From here, you can start actually adding the content to your members-only area, filling your site with exclusive pages, blog posts, videos, and downloadable resources to keep your paying subscribers engaged. At this stage, be sure to organize your Squarespace Membership Area’s content into categories or menus so it’s easy for you – and your subscribers – to navigate.

Finally, you’ll need to connect with your preferred payment processor, so you can actually accept all those membership fees once the subscriptions start flowing in. Fortunately, Squarespace makes integration a breeze – and it’s far easier than it sounds!

Want to know how to add a membership area in Squarespace – but need the shorter version? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a super quick, super simple guide to creating a Squarespace Membership Area.

  1. Create a Squarespace account and sign up for one of its premium plans.
  2. When editing your website, head to ‘Settings’ on the left-hand side.
  3. Click on the ‘Members Area’ tab.
  4. Press ‘Create Member Area’ which navigates you to the members panel.
  5. Hit the + button to create, and name, your new member area.
  6. Set up your membership type (either One Time, Recurring, or Free). If you’ve selected a paid membership type, be sure to enter the amount you’d like members to pay.

You’re all done! A brand new member area has been created.

Keen on creating a membership website, but want more general – rather than Squarespace-specific – tips? Head to our guide on how to create a membership website for the full rundown.

Tips for Creating a Successful Squarespace Membership Area

Putting together a Squarespace Membership Area is easy – and relatively quick – to set up.

But, to make it successful, you’ll need to put the work in. That means choosing the right membership business model, creating good content, setting the right price, and promoting your membership area to the right audience.

Here are our top tips to help you do just that.

  • Choose the right content: understand the interests and needs of your target audience – through conducting surveys or research to identify the topics, formats, and subjects they’re most passionate about. Armed with more information about your target audience, you’ll know what type of content to create. You can offer members-only resources that provide real value, address specific problems, and offer the most relevant solutions.
  • Set a fair price: research other membership sites, especially those offering similar content or experiences, or that operate in the same niche, to gauge what your audience might be willing to pay. Consider offering multiple membership tiers (each with varying levels of access and benefits) to appeal to all budgets.
  • Promote your Squarespace Membership Area: use compelling language and visuals to showcase its exclusive content, community interaction, and the plethora of perks your member site offers. Then, shout about it through every channel you have a presence on, be it your website or social media accounts, or via your email marketing database.
  • Provide excellent customer service: respond to member enquiries, concerns, and comments with speed and courtesy. Organize regular, member-only events, live Q&A sessions, and polls to keep them involved and engaged; and make them feel valued.

Creating a Squarespace Membership Area: Summary

Setting up a Squarespace Membership Area can help you build a community of paying subscribers, then – by engaging and re-engaging them with targeted, relevant content exclusive only to them – help them build a strong, enduring connection with your brand.

Better still, Squarespace is one of the best website builders to do it with. Along with Wix, it’s the easiest website builder to use (scoring 4.4 out of 5 in our comprehensive in-house research), and, at 4.7, offers the most design flexibility going. Even if you don’t find Squarespace immediately easy to use – which we think you will – our guide to how to use Squarespace should clear up any initial teething pains.

Want to get stuck in, and try Squarespace out yourself?

Start your Squarespace journey today with a 14-day free trial, and take your first strides towards a stunning members-only area for your customers.

Just don’t forget to let us know how you get on in the comments section below!


To add a membership area in Squarespace (called Squarespace Membership Areas, or Squarespace Member Sites), follow these steps. (We’ve also outlined them, along with more details, in the “How to Create a Squarespace Membership Area” section above.)
  1. Create a Squarespace account and sign up for one of its premium plans.
  2. When editing your website, head to ‘Settings’ on the left-hand side.
  3. Click on the ‘Members Area’ tab.
  4. Press ‘Create Member Area’ which navigates you to the members panel.
  5. Hit the + button to create, and name, your new member area.
  6. Set up your membership type (either One Time, Recurring, or Free). If you’ve selected a paid membership type, be sure to enter the amount you’d like members to pay.
  7. You’re all done! A brand new member area has been created.

When you create a membership website with Squarespace, it can be about anything you – and your customers – are interested in. Some membership website ideas include:
  • Healthy cooking and meal planning
  • Writing and publishing network
  • Remote work productivity centers
  • Mindfulness and meditation hubs
  • Personalized fitness plans

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