How to Use Weebly: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

how to use weebly featured imageWeebly powers over 40 million websites worldwide. Will yours be the next? It should be. And we’ll show you how easily it can be done in just 7 steps.

So what can you expect from this guide? You’ll be taken through each step, one by one, on how to build a Weebly website. We’ll cover the basics, from to start (signing up) to finish (publishing) with all the creative stuff in between.

As we show you how to make the most of Weebly’s editing features, you’ll soon see why it’s rated one of our easiest to use builders. You’ll learn how to edit templates, choose a domain, integrate apps, and how to set up an online store.

So just sit back, relax, and get ready to create.

Before you start, why not read our Weebly review here?


Sign up

Firstly, head over to Then, click ‘Get Started’ – either in the top right or bottom left corner. Now type in your name, email, and new password. The Weebly ball is rolling.

weebly get started page
Getting started with Weebly is easy, with two clear action buttons in sight

After clicking ‘Sign Up’, you’re taken to a page with one question and two options: ‘Do you want to sell online?’. Choose from ‘Yes’ or ‘Not Now’, depending on your ecommerce ambitions. Note the second option is ‘Not Now’, so if you do want to sell later down the line, that’s absolutely fine…

weebly online store option
You can set up an online store anytime with Weebly, showing its flexibility

Weebly does offer a Free Plan, which is great for cost-conscious website creators. But you can upgrade with a premium plan at any time. There are four to choose from, letting you bulk your website with better design and ecommerce features.

The pricing plan you pick will depend on your budget and business plans. The plans are:

  • Starter $8 per month
  • Pro $12 per month
  • Business $25 per month
  • Performance $38 per month

So what do you get for your money? We’ve briefly summarized the benefits of each plan below.

Starter: No adverts, making your website look cleaner and more professional

Pro: Add HD video players to improve the user experience

Business: Ecommerce features to make money from your website

Performance: Premium selling features, including abandoned cart emails and gift cards


Want to know more about prices? Read our Weebly pricing review.

Or read more about Weebly’s features.

Thinking of selling online? Compare Weebly to other Ecommerce Platforms.


Select a theme

Weebly gives you plenty of categories to choose from: ‘Business’, ‘Portfolio’, ‘Personal’, ‘Event’, ‘Blog’ and ‘Other’. From your choice, they then suggest some more specific themes. Can’t find one you like? Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘View More Themes’.

The Weebly themes are modern, sleek, and all mobile responsive. This means they look awesome on any screen. And, unlike Wix, you can change templates at any time, so you’re not restricted by your choice.

Can’t decide? You can preview each one by clicking the thumbnail to see how it looks on a full screen. Then, if you like it, hit ‘Start Editing’ in the top right. Make sure you click around for your favorite theme.

Learn how to choose and change Weebly themes with our article here.

weebly template options
Weebly has a wide choice of mobile responsive themes, for almost any industry

Weebly also offers industry-specific options. It has delicious restaurant templates, fresh cleaning service designs, strong-looking personal training themes – you get the idea. These options save you even more design time – you just need to edit the text boxes and images and you’re good to go.

The template is what your visitors see first, so make sure it says what you want it to. Do you want a clear CTA (Call To Action) button, like ‘Book Now’? Or would a series of images work better? Whichever you choose, there’s a Weebly theme to suit.

weebly travel template preview
Weebly’s travel industry-specific templates come with well-placed action buttons

Choose your domain

Before you start editing, you’ll need to name your website. If you want a free domain, then go for the Weebly subdomain. It’s not as attractive to look at  – it adds ‘’ – but you’re saving valuable cents. Plus, you can easily register a new domain later if you change your mind.

See the image below for an example of a Weebly subdomain.

weebly domain choices
Weebly offers a free subdomain name, ideal for cost-conscious users

Already have a domain? You can easily connect it by clicking ‘connect or transfer now’ at the bottom of the popup – then just type in your URL and press ‘Search’. Alternatively, if you want a unique name for your Weebly website, you can choose from three options:

  • 1 Year ($19.95)
  • 2 Years ($16.95/yr)
  • 5 Years ($14.96/yr)
weebly domain prices
Weebly offers discounted domain names, saving you dollars down the line

For a great domain, we recommend that you:

  • Keep the name short
  • Include popular keywords
  • Target your area
  • Make it memorable

Design your Weebly website

After choosing your domain name, you’re taken to the Weebly website builder screen. This is where you’ll let your creative juices flow. We’ll go through the menus and features one by one, but here’s what it looks like at first glance:

weebly editor homepage
The Weebly editing homepage is easy to navigate and use

Click here for our Weebly tutorials.

Editing text boxes

Weebly is a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) website builder. This means you can click and edit, as well as drag and drop media, without needing to know any code. So to update the text, simply click the box and type.

weebly text box
Editing text boxes takes just a couple of clicks with Weebly

Editing the background

You can customize your theme even more by changing the background. Simply click the background image and select ‘Edit Background’. From there you can change the image, scrolling effect, and page alignments.

Adding elements

This is where you add the fun stuff. Using the ‘Element Menu’, on the left hand side, simply drag and drop your chosen media icon anywhere on the page. You can throw text, videos, buttons, and more anywhere you like. Take a look at the Element Bar below:

weebly elements bar
The Weebly Elements Bar clearly shows what you can drag and drop onto your site

Let’s say you want to add an image. Drag the icon where you want, then click ‘Upload Image’. A popup will then give you some options: you can upload from your computer, or press ‘Search’ and find a free Weebly image.

It’s worth noting that, with the free plan, you cannot add HD Videos.

weebly images search menu
Weebly provides a wide choice of free images to keep your design costs down

To edit other pages on your Weebly website, simply click ‘Pages’ on the top Navigation Menu and choose a different page. Adding elements is the same process for each page – just drag, drop, and click your way to a beautiful website.

weebly navigation menu
Switching pages is a breeze with the Weebly navigation menu

From the Navigation Menu, you can make the most of Weebly’s flexibility. Change your theme, edit your site settings, move to a different page – it’s all there.

Check out our video below on how to use Weebly’s basic elements.


Add apps

Also in the Navigation Bar is ‘Apps’. You guessed it – this takes you to the App Center. Whatever your website, Weebly has an application to help boost your performance. We recommend adding some popular apps like  ‘Social Feed’, ‘Site Booster’, and ‘Content Color Box’.

Not only does it categorize apps for sales, traffic, social and Weebly-specific, but it even recommends apps just for your website. It’s like having your own personal shopper – the American Dream, right?

weebly app center
Weebly has over 300 apps to boost your website’s performance and appearance

Weebly has an impressive amount of apps – over 300, to be (sort of) precise. More than 50 are free, and there are always new apps being added, so you won’t struggle for choice.

Don’t feel overwhelmed – you can sort by ‘Popular’, ‘Highest Rated’, ‘New’, and ‘Free’. Or just search for whichever type you want, whether it’s an FAQ section, countdown timer, or social feed. You can even categorize them on the left hand side.

weebly apps search bar
You can search for specific apps to make things even easier

Also, before making any purchases, you can check the user ratings on each thumbnail. Can’t find one you like? Scroll to the very bottom and you can submit a new app idea, or even develop your own (if you can code).


Add a store

Back at Step 1, you had the choice of setting up an online store. If you chose not to and changed your mind, no worries – you can easily set one up from the navigation menu. Click ‘Store’, and you’re taken to the clear and simple setup page.

Don’t want a store? You can skip this step.

weebly online store setup page
Setting up an online store is explained clearly, with simple action buttons

From here, you can see all the steps you need to create an online store, including everything from adding products to setting up taxes. You can then integrate each feature with just a few clicks. Just use the action buttons on the right hand side.

The options follow a natural order for setting up an online store. So, starting from the top, setting up a Weebly online store looks like this:

  1. Add Store Information
  2. Add a Product
  3. Start Accepting Payments
  4. Set up Shipping
  5. Set up Taxes
  6. Publish and Start Accepting Orders

While you can sell stuff on the Free Weebly Plan, you need to upgrade to ‘Business’ (at the least) to access premium tools like PayPal and coupon generators. Fear not, you can change plans throughout by clicking the strategically placed yellow ‘Upgrade’ prompts. See below (you can’t miss them).

weebly upgrade action buttons
Changing your Weebly price plan is easy with the ‘Upgrade’ prompts

Publish your Weebly website

If you’re happy with what you’ve created, you can now publish. Great! If you’re not completely happy, don’t worry – you can revisit the Weebly website editor to make some changes after you publish.

To publish your site, hit the blue ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner. You will then receive a popup telling you it’s published, and how to integrate a ‘Pro Tip’. Weebly really wants your site to succeed.

weebly publishing popup
After publishing, Weebly provides a helpful Pro Tip

You’ve now published your Weebly website. Like we said, it’s easy to update and edit at any time. You can also upgrade your plan if you want to. Just head back to Step 1 to view the plans and their benefits.

Weebly pros and cons

As you can see, then, Weebly is really easy to use, and offers some handy features. But what makes it so popular? We’ve done our research and revealed its top 3 pros below.

  • Best for Small Businesses
  • Templates
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Guides

First of all, it’s the best website builder for small businesses. It provides all the basic tools needed for a functional, attractive business website, and you can set up an online store with minimal fuss. Best of all, using website builders like Weebly saves you thousands of dollars on web designers!

Secondly, it has some great looking templates. Weebly’s themes have recently been updated, and they now include a huge choice of mobile responsive options. Also, unlike its competitor Wix, you can customize with HTML, and even download your site’s code.

Love a rivalry? Read our Wix vs Weebly article here.

Lastly, we love Weebly’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guides. Within the Weebly Support Center, you’re given great tips on how to increase your website’s ranking on Google. You’ll find advice on coding, keyword research, and how to track your site’s success.

In short, Weebly is easy to use and it’s quick to get started. On average, it only takes a couple of hours to create a stunning Weebly website. So, after reading this guide, you’ll be ready to go.

We’ve tested each website builder thoroughly to give you the most accurate and fair advice. During our testing, one person said about Weebly:

It was actually really easy, it was just really simple.

However, at WBE, we provide accurate, honest advice. Sure, Weebly is easy to use, but it has some pitfalls. We’ve highlighted three of its biggest cons below.

  • Limited Drag and Drop
  • Cannot Restore
  • No Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

The drag and drop feature is fun, sure, but it’s limited. Unless you’re confident playing with the HTML/CSS tools, you can’t customize the basics like column width or background design. This can be frustrating, especially when Wix and Squarespace offer stronger drag-and-drop powers.

Secondly, you cannot restore your website to a previous point. To do this, you need to contact the Weebly support team, which is both time consuming and irritating. Just think, you’re in a hurry to publish, and you now need to phone up and wait. A nightmare.

Lastly, Weebly – unlike Wix, GoDaddy and Jimdo – has no ADI option. ADI has made it quicker than ever to build a website: you provide a few details, then in a matter of minutes, you have a brand new website ready to go. This is a relatively small blot on Weebly’s copybook.

However, our testing revealed that overall, Weebly is a solid all-round choice. Some people did feel it was slightly difficult to use at first, but things became really simple after that. Also, the website builder’s cheapest pricing plan represents really good value for money.

How to use Weebly: Conclusion

Now you’re ready to create a Weebly website. Feels good, doesn’t it? We’re sure you’ve nailed the steps already, but let’s go through the stages one more time:

Step 1: Sign up and choose a price plan

Step 2: Select a theme to suit your needs

Step 3: Choose your domain name

Step 4: Build your Weebly website using the Elements Bar

Step 5: Add apps to boost your website

Step 6: Add an online store

Step 7: Publish

So, from Sign Up to Publish, these are the 7 steps for creating a Weebly website. It really is that simple.

Now let’s recap what we love about Weebly. Essentially, it’s really easy to use  : the drag-and-drop feature lets you customize everything from text boxes to videos, which means anyone can use Weebly (even with no coding experience).

Don’t believe us? Read some of the latest Weebly success stories here.

Overall, though, Weebly is a solid website builder. It has everything you need for a sleek, professional site, with minimal effort. You can also create a website for free, although we recommend choosing a premium plan for a more advanced, personalized Weebly website that truly works for you.

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