How To Contact Wix Customer Service: Get Support for Your Website

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Wix, the best website builder we’ve tested in 2024, offers a variety of support options so you can reach out for help at a time and in a format that works for you.

Wix caters to a diverse range of users, from complete beginners to advanced designers, but building a website can be stressful and overwhelming at any skill level. Everyone faces a roadblock at some point – it’s not just you!

Whether it’s live chat, phone, or social media, I’ve tested them all and will outline exactly how you can contact Wix’s customer service in the sections below.

WixBot: Contact Form

WixBot contact form conversation about editing a mobile site
I found the WixBot conversation to be quite repetitive, but it did save me the task of browsing the Help Center myself. Source: Website Builder Expert

Wix’s primary support channel is also known as WixBot – it’s basically an online contact form in the format of a conversation.

As Wix lacks email support, this contact form is the next best thing, and it’s available 24/7.

When testing the feature myself, I had the option to choose from a selection of categories for my issue, including “Domains,” “Account & Site Settings,” and “Wix Studio & Partner Program.”

Naturally, the experience is very automated and quite repetitive. However, the WixBot narrowed down the issue based on my answers and provided a relevant guide to help me fix the problem manually.

If you need further assistance, the chatbot lets you request a callback or connect with a “Customer Care Expert.”

Live Chat

Wix live chat box
Wix’s live chat connected me to a human to chat about my query. Source: Website Builder Expert

If Wix’s online contact form doesn’t help you find the answers you seek, you’ll see an option to “Start a live chat.” It notes that an expert will join the chat as soon as possible – in my experience, this took a few seconds.

After sharing my query, it took about a minute for the Wix expert to respond with a detailed answer and links to relevant guides. This customer service channel is ideal for individuals who want to talk directly with a human, instead of the standard bot or AI-generated service, like Shopify’s AI-powered live chat.

Wix’s live chat is available Monday through Friday, between 2AM and 6PM EST.

24/7 Phone Support

Table showing Wix callback times across different languages
English-speaking callbacks are available 24/7, making it a convenient channel for support. Source: Website Builder Expert

Alternatively, you can request a 24/7 callback from one of Wix’s agents. This can only be done via the WixBot contact form – there’s no way to call Wix directly since the website builder doesn’t advertise a contact number.

I recommend using Wix’s phone support if you have a complex issue that’s easier to describe verbally, but you’ll have to wait a little longer than the swift live chat alternative. Before you make a callback request, Wix states you should receive a call within three minutes. However, some users have claimed this can take up to 30 minutes.

This feature is available for all Wix plans, but you can skip the queue with VIP customer care if you subscribe to the $159 per month Business Elite plan. You might be charged for phone support depending on your phone provider.

Wix’s Help Center

Wix help center showing a selection of topics
I found it easy to search for support in Wix’s Help Center. Source: Website Builder Expert

All leading website builders offer a knowledge base, and Wix’s Help Center is one of the best I’ve tested.

With thousands of guides on a variety of topics and queries, Wix’s Help Center is the perfect complement to its phone-based, live chat, and online support options.

When testing, I could use the search box, explore trending articles, or browse by topics, such as “Account & billing,” “Connecting a domain,” and “Promoting your site.” For example, I searched to get help with adding alt text in the editor and was immediately presented with the relevant guide which walked me through the process step-by-step.

After choosing a guide, I also appreciated the signposting to other related content.

Similarly, Wix offers a dedicated knowledge base for search engine optimization – the Wix SEO Learning Hub is full of specialized guides, tutorials, and resources. In Wix’s words, it’s a base for “the most up to date SEO knowledge brought to you by industry leaders” and I think it’s an incredibly useful resource, especially for beginners.

Wix's SEO learning hub resource center page showing downloadable resources
I was impressed by the SEO-specific resources in the Wix SEO Learning Hub, including free downloadable guides from experts. Source: Website Builder Expert

Social Media

Wix's Instagram page
Wix is very active across all major social media platforms. Source: Website Builder Expert

In addition to these support options, Wix has a strong online presence across social media. While you can leave comments or message the primary Wix accounts, I recommend reaching out to the dedicated help accounts where possible. For example, the Wix Help account on X (formerly Twitter) usually responds to queries within 24 hours.

Wix is active across all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, X/Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Can I Hire Expert Support?

Wix marketplace form for hiring a professional, asking the question "what can a professional do for you?"
The Wix Marketplace form asked me a few simple questions about the project. Source: Website Builder Expert

If you aren’t sure how to use Wix to its full potential and want advanced support, you can hire a professional through Wix Marketplace. The service helps connect website owners with professional agencies and freelancers, such as SEO experts, web designers, and ecommerce specialists.

I could filter the marketplace by service:

  • Website design
  • Web development
  • Marketing & promoting
  • Online store
  • Graphic design
  • Small task – this includes projects like connecting a domain or improving site accessibility

To request expert support, I had to fill out a form. This asks basic questions about the project, and I loved the option to add extra information at the end. You can use this opportunity to share specific instructions or budget details.

Once the form is complete, Wix will match you with the right professionals for your task – it’s then up to you to hire the right fit! Working with these experts will cost extra, so you’ll need to choose someone that fits within your budget.

How To Contact Wix Customer Service: Roundup

Contacting Wix’s customer service is easy, with several channels to use:

  • Wix’s online contact form – the WixBot will direct you to relevant guides or give you the option to connect with a “Customer Care Expert” or request a callback
  • Live chat – chat with a member of Wix’s customer service team in real-time
  • 24/7 phone support – request a callback to explain your issue over the phone
  • Wix’s Help Center – an expansive library of guides, video tutorials, and resources
  • Social media – engage with Wix on channels you’re already using
  • Hire a professional – use Wix’s Marketplace to pay an expert to do the work for you

While we’re happy to lend a helping hand too, we aren’t Wixso use one of the channels listed above to connect with Wix’s customer service.

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