New Weebly Editor and Weebly Mobile Editor

Weebly Editor and Weebly Mobile EditorWeebly announced that they have made substantial updates on May 2, 2013, which includes a brand new Weebly Editor and Mobile Editor.

From a design perspective, the updated Weebly Editor is a substantial improvement from the previous version, giving it a fresh, modern look and feel.

Although from a website building, nuts and bolts perspective, Weebly didn’t unveil any new tools (they call these website building components “elements”), they did add 2 brand new features which we are quite excited about (Site Planner and Mobile Editor).

We’ll go over the major updates in the videos below, but they are mainly:

  1. New User Interface
  2. Site Planner
  3. New Mobile Editor

1) New Weebly Editor User Interface

The new user interface gives Weebly Editor a fresh, cool and modern feel.  If you compare the before-and-after look of the editor, you’ll see that the biggest difference right off the bat is the position of the website building menu bar (where you drag and drop elements into the website)

Weebly Editor and Weebly Mobile Editor
New Weebly Editor
Weebly Editor and Weebly Mobile Editor
Old Weebly Editor

We’ve heard mixed reviews on this re-location of the menu bar, as some Weebly users prefer it to be horizontally at the top (such as in the old editor) so they can have a wider screen to work with to build their websites.  Some users really like the re-design with the vertical menu bar on the left hand side.

We’re indifferent about it, mainly as the functionality of the elements remain unchanged.  So all the previous website building blocks (elements) are moved over into the new editor, so the way you are to construct your website remains the same.

Here’s a video that we’ve put together, which will walk you through our thoughts on the new Weebly editor:

2) Site Planner

Weebly surveyed their users extensively and one of the major findings is that users at times fail to completely build out their website is that they don’t have a clear plan of attack to help them achieve their goals.  This makes sense as in anything that we do, it’s much easier with a much higher rate of success if we have a clear road plan.

So what does Weebly do?  They incorporated a Site Planner function into their editor, to help users do a bit of website creation planning.  It helps you keep track of your website goals, to increase your chances of completing your website.

The Site Planner is a pretty traditional, yet innovative approach to helping you reach your website goals as we haven’t seen it done with any other website builders.

Weebly Site Planner

Traditional in a sense that we all know that to achieve goals, we need a roadmap or a plan.  Innovative in a sense that Weebly is actively helping their users achieve success, which we haven’t seen the other website builders do.

We go over what the Site Planner looks like and our thoughts in the video above (under Section 1 New User Interface).

3) New Weebly Mobile Editor

In our view, the new Weebly Mobile Editor is the biggest addition in this update.  It allows you to preview how your visitors actually views your website with their mobile phones.  As a result, you have the option to adjust your website to help improve their viewing experiences.

Weebly Mobile Editor

You can actually drag and drop, move or delete any elements directly in the Weebly mobile editor, and the changes will automatically be synchronized with the desktop editor (the non-Mobile editor).

We actually think that the synchronization feature is both good and bad:

Good – Whatever you add / remove from the desktop editor or mobile editor, both will be synchronized so you don’t have to edit the desktop editor first, then repeat the same change in the mobile editor (and vice versa).

Bad – You won’t have a true, dedicated mobile editor that allows you to create a unique mobile layout for your Weebly website, as any changes to the desktop editor will change for the mobile editor as well.  Being able to have a dedicated, separate mobile editor allows you to tailor the mobile experience to exactly to how you want your visitors to experience, without having to compromise on the desktop view.

Here’s a short video on our thoughts about the Weebly mobile editor:


Overall, the Weebly updates are quite exciting and you can see that they are really focused on improving your experiences when using them as your website builder.  Not only have Weebly made major investments in revamping and updating their user interface plus the mobile editor, they also created a Site Planner with the intent to help you create a plan, to accomplish  your website goals.

In a competitive world of website builders, Weebly is stepping up to maintain its position as one of the leaders, not only in user experience, but also as one of the easiest ways for anyone to create a website.

Click here if you’re interested in seeing our detailed review of Weebly as a website builder.

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  • Avatar
    This is terrible. Anytime I make a change to the desktop site, it wrecks my mobile site, and whenever I make a change to my mobile site, it wrecks my desktop site. I will be dumping this after that huge waste of time
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hi Justin, Weebly's latest templates are all mobile responsive. So you don't have to make changes separately. Whatever updates you make on the design will be automatically optimized for the mobile version of your site. Jeremy
  • Avatar
    I already have a weebly website but am not able to access to edit it. Each time I try to log into my account, it takes me to the only option of creating a new one. HELP
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hi Colleen, Have you tried reaching out to Weebly's team for direct support? Jeremy
  • Avatar
    Connie Phang
    I had created a weebly website on last year and even it has been published out. Now, I would like to login and modify it but I 'm unable to do it.....can u pls help ? thks.
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hi Connie, You can reach out to Weebly's support team if you forgot your username and password. They should be able to reset it for you. Or you can go to Weebly's log in page and you can also reset your password there too. - Jeremy
  • Avatar
    May I know is it possible to make Categories of the blog pages as Navigation Menu Item in Weebly? I don't seem to be able to do it.
    1 reply
    • Jeremy & Connie
      Jeremy & Connie
      Hi Alvin, I think it's possible. If you go to a particular category on your blog page, you will have a very unique URL for that specific category page. Then, go and create a new page in Weebly and you can choose to have the new page linked to an external URL. Use the URL of your category page there, so you are effectively creating a page link to the category page. Hope this helps! - Jeremy