Squarespace Extensions | The Top 8 Reviewed

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We’ve picked the best Squarespace extensions, recommended by the platform itself

Squarespace is a website builder that’s best for creating stylish, visually-driven sites. Those sites all come with a built-in set of features, from unlimited storage space to free SSL security. Squarespace extensions are third-party apps and tools that you can use to add even more capabilities to your site.

Extensions are totally optional, and some are free while others cost anywhere between $5 and $40/month. Since Squarespace is such a popular website builder, you can find third-party extensions built for it all over the internet – but we recommend going straight to the source. Below, we’ll briefly review the best Squarespace-recommended extensions across three important categories:

  1. Marketing and Social Media
  2. Sales
  3. Shipping

And then, if you’re still wondering what else is out there, we’ll cover some other safe extensions you can use – and show you what to look out for if you’re using a plugin that hasn’t been recommended by Squarespace.

Marketing and Social Media

Delighted: For sending customer feedback surveys

About Delighted

Starting price: Free

Availability: Anywhere

Languages: 32+

delighted features

Delighted is a free plugin for anyone selling products on their Squarespace site. It lets you send feedback surveys to customers after they’ve made a purchase. For a tool with no costs, the insights you’ll be able to gain are invaluable. This plugin is a simple way to learn more about your customers’ experiences, and it could really pay off: businesses who measure customer satisfaction are 33% more likely to describe themselves as successful than those who don’t.

Outfy: For creating and pushing social posts

About Outfy

Starting price: Free

Availability: Anywhere

Languages: English

outfy features

Outfy is a free plugin you can use to create social posts with your own personalized captions and hashtags. By choosing the “autopilot” function, you can push posts automatically and increase your reach across platforms. You can also customize professionally designed images, GIFs, and videos without paying a graphic designer, which will save major funds in the long run!

GoDataFeed: For connecting social channels in one place

About GoDataFeed

Starting price: $39/month

Availability: 29 countries, including the US, the UK, India, and Canada

Languages: English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish

godatafeed features

GoDataFeed lets you connect to all of your social channels from one place, using your Squarespace store to automatically generate product feeds for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and over 200 other marketing channels. You can easily customize your product data as much or as little as you want, so you’ll have full control over how your items appear across channels.


EZ Texting: For communicating with customers

About EZ Texting

Starting price: $29/month

Availability: US and Canada

Languages: English

ez texting features

EZ Texting is a gem for merchants because it allows you to set up automated texts for everything from shipping confirmations to promotional offers. When it comes to online shopping and shipping, communication is key, so this tool is a great way to show customers that you’re available when they need you.

TaxJar: For handling sales tax

About TaxJar

Starting price: $19/month

Availability: US

Languages: English

taxjar features

TaxJar helps you save time and avoid headaches by automating sales tax reporting and filing. And it’s not just mysterious calculations, either – you get in-house sales tax experts (read: real humans) to keep things running smoothly.


ShipStation: For organizing shipping orders and finding the best rates

About ShipStation

Starting price: $9/month

Availability: Australia, Canada, US, and UK

Languages: English

shipstation features

If you’re interested in ecommerce, you may have already heard of ShipStation – it’s a popular shipping solution that integrates with over 160 online marketplaces and selling channels. At $9/month, it’s also an affordable way to organize and ship orders. ShipStation is a staple of selling online because it lets you customize your automation rules, auto-select shipping preferences, and find the best rates.

Easyship: For tracking orders and returns

About Easyship

Starting price: Free

Availability: 27 countries, including the US, the UK, and India

Languages: English

easyship features

Connect your ecommerce store for free with Easyship to access pre-negotiated shipping solutions like USPS and DHL. You can also link other courier accounts to use your own rates. We like Easyship because it’s a no-cost way to calculate taxes, duties, and courier fees up front. Plus, you can offer tracking and automated returns to your customers.

AfterShip: For a more branded approach to tracking orders and returns

About AfterShip

Starting price: Free

Availability: Anywhere

Languages: 27+

aftership features

AfterShip is another free plugin that helps you go the extra mile with your shipping, and be more communicative with customers. A branded tracking page shows customers their latest order status, and you can send automated emails, SMS, and push notifications that are personalized to each customer’s details. It’s also convenient for you as a seller, since you can track all of your shipments across 600+ carriers worldwide in one simple dashboard.

What About Other Extensions and Integrations?

The Squarespace extensions covered above made our list of the best tools for two reasons: because we think they’re the most affordable necessities for running a website or online store, and because they’re recommended by Squarespace itself. That said, there are tons of other Squarespace-approved integrations out there. Here are some of the most common, split up by category.


  • Mailchimp integrates with your Squarespace site to create an email marketing subscriber list through forms, newsletter buttons, and RSS-to-Email campaigns.
  • Instagram Shopping enables product tagging, which lets you promote products from your website in posts and stories.
  • Google Ads offers a $100 credit to Squarespace site owners who spend $25 or more.

Domains and Email

  • G Suite offers custom email addresses for your Squarespace domain.
  • GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Google Domains can all connect your associated domain name to Squarespace in a few steps, without editing DNS settings.
  • Other third-party domain name registrars can also connect to Squarespace, as long as they offer access to DNS settings.


  • AMP helps blog posts load faster on mobile devices by creating more readable formats.
  • Apple News publishes your blog as a branded channel on the Apple News app.
  • Disqus replaces Squarespace’s built-in commenting system with more advanced commenting features to engage readers.

Images and Videos

  • Unsplash lets you add stock images to your Squarespace site for free, or you can use Getty Images for a small fee.
  • YouTube, Animoto, Vimeo, and Wistia content can all be embedded in video blocks and galleries.

Connecting Social Accounts

Social media integration is a must-have for websites in today’s world, which is why we reviewed a few social media-friendly marketing extensions in the beginning of this post. But you can also simply integrate a ton of different social accounts with your Squarespace site. This allows visitors to share and engage with content across multiple social channels, including:

  • 500px
  • Flickr
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

You can add icon links to each of these sites directly from your Squarespace site editor for easy access.

What about extensions that Squarespace hasn’t recommended?

It’s best to be cautious of any third-party extensions that haven’t actually been recommended by Squarespace. There are plenty of perfectly harmless tools out there, but it’s also possible for these “unverified” extensions to be out-of-date with Squarespace’s software, or even use malicious code that can damage the data and files on your website.

If you’re interested in using an unverified third-party extension, be sure to look up user reviews of the tool on sites like Trustpilot or even forums like Reddit to see if other website owners have encountered any problems in the past.

Squarespace Extensions: Summary

There’s no limit to the amount of Squarespace extensions you can find on the internet – but adding tools to your website is a case of quality over quantity, so we’ve narrowed this article down to the best extensions available. To recap:

The 8 Best Squarespace Extensions

  1. Delighted (free) – For sending customer feedback surveys.
  2. Outfy (free) – For creating and pushing social posts.
  3. GoDataFeed ($39/month) – For connecting social channels in one place.
  4. EZ Texting ($29/month) – For communicating with customers.
  5. TaxJar ($17/month) – For handling sales tax.
  6. ShipStation ($9/month) – For organizing shipping orders and finding the best rates.
  7. Easyship (free) – For tracking orders and returns.
  8. AfterShip (free) – For a more branded approach to tracking orders and returns.

Of course, you’re not limited to these extensions – they’re just our Squarespace-approved top picks. The best way to figure out which tools you need is to set up your Squarespace site (or get a feel for it with a 14-day free trial), and note any features you’d like to add as you go.

Have a favorite Squarespace extension that we didn’t cover here? Tell us why you like it in the comments below – we’d love to hear about the tools you find useful!


There is none! ‘Plugin’, or ‘extension’, is Squarespace’s name for a third-party app or integration. The Squarespace Extensions page is the equivalent of an app store, and it’s where you can find all of their recommended plugins.
Just head to the Squarespace Extension page and select your desired plugin. Click on the ‘Connect To Site’ button, and select your website to allow access. Simple!
You’ll need to contact the extension provider directly if you’re experiencing problems. Squarespace doesn’t provide any kind of plugin support.
Absolutely not! All plugins are optional additions that are designed to improve the running of your site and expand its functionality, but you don’t need to use them if you don’t want to.
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