Wix Pricing Plans | Our Review of The 5 Plans & Costs You Might Miss

Last updated on August 10, 2018

Wix Pricing Review

Wix Pricing review


Wix’s pricing plans offer really good value compared to other drag & drop website builders. We feel that Wix is the best All-Around website builder and their pricing range is lower than its direct competitors.

In addition to innovative website building features that is better than its competitors, Wix also offers 24/7 support (including daytime phone support), 500+ unique designs and a large app market to help you bolt on more tools to your website.

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Last Updated on August 10, 2018

When it comes to Wix pricing, it’s really not that complicated especially after we get into the details of what you can expect to receive.

Wix pricing plans page is detailed yet simple and transparent. But we do have a few thoughts we want to share with you to help you make a more informed decision.

Of course, one of the biggest questions is whether their premium plans are worth it to you.

There are also other costs associated with building a website with Wix that you might have missed. We’ll get into those below, as well.

Before we dig into Wix’s premium plans and understand what they offer you, we want to let you know that after our comprehensive, hands-on experiences with using Wix, we feel that they are the best All-Around drag & drop website builder in the market today.

You can see our detailed review of Wix here.

They are continuously introducing innovative and industry leading website building and design tools, which empowers even non-technical users to build professional-looking websites that match today’s design trend.

They even have an Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) system that can help build an entire website for you.

Wix is always introducing new features so unlike some other website builders out there, they are very progressive and not a stagnant platform at all.

Best of all, their tools are 100% code-free, so you don’t have to have any coding knowledge to build a good, functional website that you can be proud of.

Before we delve deeper into Wix’s monthly pricing plans, take a quick look at how we rate it:

Best All-Around Website Builder
Top Choice

4.7 out of 5

Ease Of Use

4.5 out of 5 stars

Help And Support

5 out of 5 stars

Design Flexibility

4 out of 5 stars

Value For Money

4.5 out of 5 stars

Now let’s get to the most important aspect of their pricing plans – the actual monthly prices themselves!

Wix Pricing Plans – What It Costs You Per Month

One thing you should note is that on Wix’s pricing page, the monthly prices reflect annual plans.

If you choose to enroll into a month-to-month payment plan, the monthly prices are slightly higher.

Don’t worry, we’ve done the math for you.

If you decide to go with their annual plans, you save anywhere from 18% to 36%.

Wix Prices:

Wix Pricing Plans Monthly Plan ($/month) Annual Plan ($/month) Savings (%)
Connect Domain $7.00 $5.00 29%
Combo $14.00 $10.00 29%
Unlimited $16.00 $14.00 14%
eCommerce $20.00 $17.00 15%
VIP $30.00 $25.00 17%

So picking an annual plan makes a lot of sense especially if you have an unlimited amount of time to try Wix for free.

I’m sure you know already, you can sign up and test Wix for free and the free trial has no time limit.  You don’t have to upgrade until you are ready.

Here’s another interesting fact.

82% of new Wix paid subscribers choose to sign up to annual plans.  This means that only 18% of their subscribers sign up to month-to-month payment plans.

Wix Pricing - Subscribers Annual Plan

This just goes to show that most people find the annual plan discounts significant to them – and they are.

If you really feel great about Wix and you want to commit to a 2-year plan, that’s also possible and you will receive an additional 5% discount.

In our view, while this option is pretty nice, the additional 5% discount isn’t that mind-blowing.  If you compare the discount you get from a 1-year plan versus the additional discount for a 2-year plan, signing up to Wix’s 1-year plan will give you the most “bang for the buck”.

Having said that, it’s there for you if you don’t mind committing to a 2-year plan.

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Wix Pricing Plans – Our Thoughts On Each Plan

Excluding the free plan, Wix offers you 5 premium plans to choose from.

Just to state the obvious, the cost per month increases if you pick a higher premium plan.

Wix Pricing Plans VIP eCommerce Unlimited Combo Connect Domain
Monthly Price $25.00 $17.00 $14.00 $10.00 $5.00
Unlimited Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage 20GB 20GB 10GB 3GB 500MB
Bandwidth Unlimited 20GB Unlimited 2GB 1GB
Free Domain * Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Remove Wix Ad Yes Yes Yes Yes No
SSL Encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Store Yes Yes No No No
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
VIP Support Yes No No No No
Ad Vouchers $300 $300 $300 $0 $0
Site Booster App Yes Yes Yes No No
Form Builder App Yes Yes Yes No No
Site Review ** Yes No No No No
Wix Pricing Plans VIP eCommerce Unlimited Combo Connect Domain

* Wix gives you a free domain name for 1-year if you sign up to their annual plans.

** With the VIP plan, Wix gives you a 1-time free review of your website’s design, user interface, and SEO.

To some of you, it’s not obvious which plan is the most suitable for your needs, so we’ve decided to share some of our thoughts with you below to help you select the best plan.

Before we dive in to discuss our thoughts and critiques, just know that with all Wix pricing plans include the following:

  • Hosting services (they’ll manage the security and all the technical aspects of keeping your website up and running for you).
  • You can connect your domain name to your website.
  • You can integrate Google Analytics so you can understand how your visitors are using your website (which pages are more popular, how long your visitors stay on each page, etc.)
  • Premium support (Phone, email, support center, forum).
  • No setup fees.
  • 14-day refund periodno questions asked * 

Wix Pricing - Included Features

 * Note that if you sign up to an annual plan, once you’re past the 14-day refund period, you will not qualify for a refund for the unused portion of the year. If you request a refund before the 14-day period expires, you’ll your entire annual plan refunded. Also keep in mind that you have an unlimited amount of time to test out Wix for free before you upgrade. There is no pressure to upgrade at all. You can take your time to test out Wix for free.

1) Connect Domain Plan ($5.00/month)

Not to sound blunt, but you can probably just ignore this plan.

Sure, you get to connect the website to your own custom domain name so you get the benefit of being able to brand your website as your own, but under this Connect Domain plan, Wix still displays their advertisement on your website.

That doesn’t sound 100% fair, right?  Why pay a monthly fee if they’re going to keep their brand on your website.

Now, we don’t think Wix is trying to sabotage you at all – nothing like that. I think it’s just a tactic for them to encourage you to sign up to at least their next, higher, premium plan – the Combo plan.

Put it this way. Wix’s biggest competitors – Squarespace and Weebly – both price their lowest premium plans at $12 per month and $8 per month, respectively. So this Connect Domain plan of $5.00 per month is just “too good to be true” for an outstanding website builder such as Wix.

We feel that Wix is worth a lot more than only $5.00 per month as in our view, they are the best all-around website builder available today.


2) Combo Plan ($10.00/month)

This plan will remove all Wix advertisements from your website, so your visitors will not know that your website is not custom built by you.

You get 2GB in bandwidth and 3GB of storage space under this plan.

Bandwidth is a bit tricky to explain without getting too technical. But I’d like to think of it as “electricity” to power your website. The more your webpages are visited, and the more content you cram into them, the more power it takes to display them to your visitors.

Now, it’s quite challenging to determine if 2GB in bandwidth and 3GB of storage space are enough for you. It all depends on how many visitors you expect and how much content (such as images) you intend to upload to your website.

The more visitors you have and the more graphics you insert into your pages, the more bandwidth you need to power your website.

If you’re approaching your bandwidth limit, Wix will warn you about it.

Unfortunately, if you run out of bandwidth (exceed 2GB per month), you cannot purchase more from Wix. You’ll need to upgrade to a higher premium plan which is an additional $4 per month (or the price of a fancy cup of coffee).

This is not all that bad considering if you run out of bandwidth, this usually means you are getting more website visitors than you expect – which is awesome.


3) Unlimited Plan ($14.00/month)

As the name of this premium plan suggests, you’ll receive an unlimited amount of bandwidth for your website.

So it doesn’t matter how many visitors visit your website, Wix will be able to keep your website powered up even under significant load.

The Wix Unlimited Plan is also their most popular plan.  It sort of makes sense as most users tend to be small businesses or entrepreneurs, and so the extra $4 per month (compared to the Combo plan) is not a big deal in return for unlimited bandwidth.

Not to mention you also get 10GB of storage space – 7GB or 233% more than what you get under the Combo plan.

With Wix’s Unlimited Plan, you also receive the Form Builder App (a $48 value) so you can create contact boxes so your visitors can get in touch with you. You’ll also receive the Site Booster App ($60 value) to improve your website’s chances of being discovered in Google (you can also see our guide on Website Builder SEO here).

While these extra apps are “nice to haves” and are worth something, I’m not entirely convinced that they should be the main decision factor for you.

I think the key factors you should consider include:

  • Unlimited bandwidth – great for businesses and entrepreneurs since your goal is to increase your website visitors.
  • If you don’t need any ecommerce tools – you’re not selling products through your website.


4) eCommerce Plan ($17.00/month)

If you intend to sell products (physical or digital), then you’ll need to select either this eCommerce plan or the VIP plan (more about this plan below).

We don’t really have that much more to add as your decision-making process should be pretty straightforward.  If you need online selling tools, this is the plan for you.

We have an entire guide dedicated to reviewing Wix’s ecommerce tools here. You’ll find it helpful if you want to create an online store.


5) VIP Plan ($25.00/month)

The Wix VIP plan also comes with a VIP pricing – the most expensive plan out of their 5 plans!

All (lame) jokes aside, this plan includes all the features you get from the lower plans, and more.

And to be fair, Wix’s VIP pricing plan is actually a lot more affordable than their competitors’ highest plans (in the $40 to $50 per month range).

As mentioned above, if you intend to operate an ecommerce store to sell physical or digital goods, the VIP plan can also help.  You see, the Wix eCommerce plan only provides you with 20GB in bandwidth per month. So if you have a boat load of shoppers land on your website, you might run out of bandwidth over the course of the month.

Granted, Wix will notify you once you approach your monthly limit (under the eCommerce plan), and you’ll have an opportunity to upgrade to the VIP plan to get the unlimited amount of bandwidth if you think you need it.

So what else do you get with the Wix VIP plan? Here are the two key things:

  • 10 Wix ShoutOut email campaigns per monthShoutOut is Wix’s email marketing program that helps you send out newsletters or promotional emails to your subscribers with ease. You can design your own emails without knowing any code (just drag & drop) and start promoting your services, products, brand – just like that. This is definitely helpful if you are a business and want to build a stronger brand and following. Here are the regular prices for Wix ShoutOut so you can get a sense of the bonus value the VIP plan offers – the Basic plan (5 email campaigns per month) is $4.90 and the Business Essential plan (20 email campaigns per month) is $12.90. So you’re roughly getting $6 to $7 in value per month for free with the VIP plan (that is if you use Wix ShoutOut).
  • Professional Site Review – Wix’s experts will review your website to provide you with feedback relating to your website’s design, user-interface, and SEO. To be honest, we haven’t tested this offering out before, but just to give you a frame of reference, if you hired a professional to do this for you, it can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. But again, we haven’t tried this Wix offering before so we can’t say how effective it is. Regardless, it’s a valuable offer even if you get just one very good advice from the professional review. It could potentially make a big difference for you.

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How Does Wix Pricing Compare To Their Competitors?

Wix pricing plans are actually more economical when compared to their direct competitors (Squarespace and Weebly).

Wix’s plans range from $5.00 per month to $25.00 per month, whereas Squarespace’s plans range from $12 per month to $40 per month, and Weebly’s plans range from $8 per month to $49 per month.

Pricing Comparison Wix.com Squarespace Weebly
Monthly Prices

(Based on Annual Plans)














Granted, each of these competitors offers you different experiences and features. But purely from a pricing perspective, Wix is a pretty good deal especially it is our view that Wix is the best All-Around website builder available in the market today.

Squarespace has the best designs and Weebly is the easiest to use. But Wix wins the All-Around category in our view.

If you’re interested in a more direct comparison across features, take a look at our website builder comparison chart here.

Costs Above & Beyond Wix Pricing Plans

Beyond paying the monthly subscription fee, there are other costs that you should take into consideration, including:

  • Domain name
  • Custom email addresses

Keep in mind that 24/7 support and hosting is included as part of your monthly plan, so you don’t have to worry about them.


Domain Name Cost ($14.95 to $24.85 per year)

What’s a domain name?  It’s your own personalized website address that people can type into a web browser to reach your website.

For instance, our website domain name is www.websitebuilderexpert.com

Each website has its own unique name on the internet and so there can be no duplicates. It’s a good opportunity to brand your website or business with your own unique domain name.

If you sign up to one of Wix’s annual plans (except for the Connect Domain plan, which you can ignore as mentioned above), you’ll get a free custom domain name for 1-year.

After the first year, you’ll need to pay an annual fee to keep the domain name registered to you.  If you don’t pay, then someone else can register that domain name and use it for him/herself.

So make sure you renew the domain name every year! Wix will remind you about it when it’s time to renew.

With Wix, the annual renewal fee is $14.95.  If you want to add privacy registration to your domain name, that’s an additional $9.90 per year.

Wix Pricing - Domain Name

Click to see Wix’s domain name offerings

Why would you want privacy registration?

Because domain names disclose public information such as the name and address of the person who registered the domain name, so you might want to hide such personal information. To do that, you’ll need to pay for privacy registration.

Wix Pricing - Privacy Registration

This is not a unique thing with Wix. If you use other domain name registrars such as GoDaddy, you’ll encounter the same situation.

Compared to Squarespace and Weebly, Wix’s domain name fees are reasonable.  Squarespace charges $20 per year (renewal fee + privacy) and Weebly charges $29.95 (renewal + privacy). So Wix lands right in the middle at $24.85 per year.

With that said, you don’t HAVE to get your custom domain name from Wix.  You can get it from other reputable domain name registrars such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.

So what should you do?  What are the pros and cons to each approach? We have a complete domain names guide that will dig into this.

If you do decide to get your domain name from Wix, here is their page that will give you more information.


Custom Email Addresses ($4.08 per month per email address)

Wix has partnered up with G Suites (basically Google’s Gmail for Business) to enable you to create custom email addresses directly within your Wix account.

This makes it a lot easier for you as traditionally, you’ll have to create email addresses with a separate service provider, prove that you own the domain name, then do all sorts of technical mumbo jumbo to get things setup.

With Wix partnering up with Google’s G Suites, you can pay for, setup and configure your email addresses right inside Wix’s dashboard.

So what do you get if you decide to use G Suites? You get:

  • A personalized email address
  • 25GB email inbox size
  • 5GB cloud storage space
  • Collaborative Calendar, Google Docs, Sheets & Slides
  • Online video meetings and messaging (Google Hangout)
  • No ads
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 support
  • Mobile device management (synchronize your emails with your smartphone)

Basically, all the features, reliability and security that you’d get from Gmail, except you get your own branded email addresses.

All these features will cost you $4.08 if you sign up for an annual plan, or $4.95 if you decide to go with a month-to-month plan.

Wix Pricing - G Suite Email

Click to see Wix’s email service offerings

We use G Suites ourselves to operate our business.  We like it because it’s reliable, easy to use and it just plain works.

For a few dollars per month per email, it’s a great investment for us since we’re reading and responding to emails all the time.

Conclusion – Wix Pricing Plans

We hope that this guide gave you a good overview of Wix’s pricing plans.

It’s not really that complicated but we certainly added our thoughts to each plan to make them a bit more insightful for you.

More importantly, you should keep in mind that there are additional costs to operating a website, and we’ve listed two common ones above – domain name renewal fees and custom email fees.

So if you only need one custom email address and want to add privacy registration to your domain name, be prepared to invest an additional $73.81 per year ($4.08 x 12 months + $14.95 Domain Name Renewal + $9.90 Privacy Registration) on top of the Wix premium plan cost.

Keep in mind that if you sign up to Wix’s annual premium plans, you get your first year’s domain name for free.

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Extra Comments:

When it comes to building websites, there may be future costs involved as well.  These may include hiring website or graphic designers.  When it comes to that point, we have a guide to help you figure out how much they cost and best practices when it comes to hiring them.

At the meantime, we have a collection of tutorials and guides on how to use various tools (most of them are free) to help you create logos, design home pages, pick the right color scheme, choose the appropriate font style, etc.

You don’t always have to hire professionals to help you design your site.  Our guides will walk you through these items in a non-technical way. You don’t need to have an amazing design talent to create good design. You just have to follow a few principles which we’ll outline for you.

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Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! We wanted to build a website to start a side business, and felt overwhelmed, confused & scared about how to actually do it, which builder to use, and making wrong decisions. After years of trials & errors using different website builders, we're here to share our experiences with you.



About Jeremy

Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! We wanted to build a website to start a side business, and felt overwhelmed, confused & scared about how to actually do it, which builder to use, and making wrong decisions. After years of trials & errors using different website builders, we're here to share our experiences with you.


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  2. Mike July 23, 2018 at 3:05 PM #

    Curious about Wix Code features and how it’s priced? thank you

  3. Liz July 16, 2018 at 12:18 PM #

    Great articles!
    I’m just looking into redesigning our sports club website – we had an awful clunky one designed on wordpress for some extortionate fee by someone a few years ago but it was too hard for anyone to edit so we let the domain lapse and deleted it. I’ve been running the club’s annual event on a WIX site (entries through an external system) but I was wondering about building the new club one on there too. Problem is when I’ve been playing around I can’t see a way to do a ‘members area’ – needing a log in – can Wix do that? I’d like to do it so that members can book into training sessions and order club kit, but that can’t be open to anyone browsing the site.

    I could write a website for it, but I’ve done too much on the committee in the last two years and I want to leave them a system that anyone can maintain and change easily instead of the debacle I’ve been trying to clean up after for the last two years.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  4. Warren Christoforou July 1, 2018 at 4:35 PM #

    Hi Jeremy, my website is to rent my apartment out in Phuket. Is eCommerce the best option for me? I need my customers to be able to check availability and then make a booking and payment. Can wix eCommerce do these tasks? Will the plan I already paid for with Domain on a 12 month plan be deducted?

  5. Olivia June 18, 2018 at 5:00 AM #

    We have been using shopify for our ecommerce store but have found that a lot of our profit is going towards paying fees. Are there any transaction fees associated with wix? Or is it simply the annual fee mentioned in the article?

    • Fred Isaac
      Fred Isaac June 27, 2018 at 3:49 AM #

      Hi Olivia, you can avoid Shopify’s fees by using Shopify Payments – have you tried this already? Wix doesn’t charge transaction fees, so this might be a good option for you if you sell a small number of products.

  6. Ellana April 6, 2018 at 7:19 AM #

    Your articles have been so helpful and I love all of the content and tips you provide. I decided to try Wix because I’ve seen positive reviews.

    I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a plan for greater storage and a domain name. This would be fine but I’m also hoping to get a store started for selling my art.

    Right now my website already has the store attached. It looks like I can start adding items and selling already. I read your article for Wix’s eCommerce plan, and they make it sound like I can’t sell anything at all unless I have that plan.

    Is it possible to list and sell things on the free trial or smaller plans? Thank you!

    • Fred Isaac
      Fred Isaac April 12, 2018 at 2:35 AM #

      Hi Ellana,

      Thank you for your comment, glad you found the article useful!

      To my knowledge you do need a Wix eCommerce or VIP plan to run an online store and accept payments. You may be able to list products on a lower plan, but to accept payments you will need to upgrade. At just $17/month, Wix eCommerce is very reasonably priced and you won’t need to sell many pieces of art at all to make your money back.

      Hope this helps and good luck selling your art online!

  7. anne February 24, 2018 at 12:15 PM #

    I currently bought a domain through another company WebAura. I like the opportunity to do an online store through WIX how do I use that same domain that I purchased through WebAura with WIX?


    • Natasha Willett
      Natasha Willett March 14, 2018 at 2:41 AM #

      Hi Anne,

      Thank you for your comment. In short yes, you should be able to transfer your domain over to Wix. Wix make this really simple but just be mindful that this only applies to certain extensions such as .com or .info. Why not have a closer look at the link I’ve attached which breaks down step by step the process you will have to undertake to connect a pre existing domain with Wix.

      I hope this has helped.

  8. Mike C February 17, 2018 at 8:14 AM #

    Jeremy – I think Wix is a good solution and I have signed up for their unlimited plan and secured a domain. However to me the email pricing seems pricey. If I want to have an email MikeC@…and another like info@…it starts adding up pretty quickly. Is there a more cost effective way to use the registered domain and to emails?

    • Natasha Willett
      Natasha Willett March 7, 2018 at 8:14 AM #

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for the question, great to hear that Wix has worked out for you.
      It’s certainly frustrating that the Gsuite email plan costs extra, but it’s just one of those things unfortunately. It costs to host your emails (and ensure that they are associated with your domain) and while Wix can subsidize your website hosting, it wouldn’t be cost-effective to extend this to email hosting too.

      An alternative would be to consider 1and1s website builder, which although it isn’t quite as good as Wix, it does offer very affordable mailbox plans that you can add to your plan. For more details: https://www.websitebuilderexpert.com/1and1-website-builder-review/

      Hope this helps.

  9. LAB November 16, 2017 at 12:09 PM #

    If I have a domain name registered with GoDaddy which also gives me an email address, can I use this with WIX?

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts November 21, 2017 at 2:29 AM #

      Hello LAB,

      You can use your GoDaddy domain with Wix if you subscribe to a paid premium plan, which allows you to connect custom domains – something you can’t do on a free Wix plan.

      If you’re using your GoDaddy email as your primary email account, then there’s no reason why you can’t use it to register and log in with Wix too. We’ve more information in our domain name discussion.

      Thanks for reading, hope that clarifies things,
      – Tom

  10. Robyn November 15, 2017 at 7:07 PM #

    Hello, I have the Wix ecommerce plan, but don’t see the option to have limited merchandise from a drop shipper connected to the platform.. Is there an app for drop shipping or is there a way to manually import images from a drop shipper since I am starting my business out small with limited items to sell?

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts November 21, 2017 at 2:27 AM #

      Hi Robyn,

      It’s not currently possible to connect a drop shipping service to Wix, either directly or through an app – at least as far as I am aware.

      I do know this is something that has been requested, so we may see it in the future.

      If dropshipping is the cornerstone to your business, it may be worth considering Shopify, which is much more geared up to support a dropshipping business than Wix is.

      I’ve linked to our Shopify review, which could prove handy.

      We also have a guide to starting a dropshipping ecommerce business, so that may give you further food for thought.

      Hope that helps,
      – Tom

  11. Charles McLean November 2, 2017 at 9:17 AM #

    Hello I bought a Wix premium plan thinking I would be able to sell from my website. when I purchased the premium plan. it seems it should have been more clear that i wouldn’t be able to sell with it. Now that I realize i did not purchase an ecommerce plan, what about the money I already spent for the premium plan…do I now need to purchase ecommerce in addition to what i have already paid for (do they figure out the further purchase while considering or factoring in that i have already paid ie. is the ecommerce price factored in to what I have already paid? I would never have bought just the basic premium plan if had not realized i could not sell with it. Thanks!

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts November 6, 2017 at 1:36 AM #

      Hi Charles,

      Sounds like a bit of a frustrating situation right there!

      Thankfully, Wix have foreseen this issue and have got you covered.

      You can upgrade and change to a higher level premium plan anytime you want!

      Wix will even knock the remaining credit on your current plan off the cost of your higher level premium plan.

      So if you have paid for a 1-year premium plan and want to upgrade to the ‘ecommerce plan’ after 1 month, Wix will knock the remaining 11 months worth of credit off the price of the 1-year ecommerce plan. You’ll still have to pay a little extra to make up the deficit though as ecommerce plans are more expensive.

      Here’s Wix’s guide to upgrading.

      Hope that helps!
      – Tom

  12. Tom September 13, 2017 at 8:25 AM #

    I have a small service business and am looking for a simple website builder/host and have narrowed it down to WIX Combo and Duda Business+ lifetime.

    How do they compare is terms of domain name hosting and costs for first year and beyond?
    Technical support?
    Site promotion?

    thank you!

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts September 15, 2017 at 9:08 AM #

      Hi Tom,

      I don’t have too much experience with Duda’s website building platform, so it would be unfair of me to compare it directly with Wix for you.

      However, I will point you towards our Wix ecommerce review, which should cover the points you’ve raised in your question.

      Hope that gives you some food for thought.

      – Tom

  13. Mario September 5, 2017 at 6:12 AM #


    Once i pay for Gsuite, can i access my email on gmail.com or only via wix?

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts September 12, 2017 at 2:10 AM #

      Hi Mario,

      If you purchase a G Suite account through Wix, you will be able to access your inbox directly through Google or through your site.

      Best of both worlds!
      – Tom

  14. Tom August 24, 2017 at 9:18 AM #

    For eCommerce plan, what is the charges and fees for payments and gateways? Does WIX charge any commission?

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts August 30, 2017 at 1:27 AM #

      Hi Tom,

      Wix itself doesn’t charge you any fees for transactions and using payment gateways. You’ll just pay the monthly plan costs to Wix.

      However, you will need to pay a percentage per transaction to your payment gateway provider, who each charge their own rate. You’re probably looking at a fee of around 2.0 – 2.9% depending on supplier.

      You should also bear in mind that payment transaction fees are a fee that has to be paid to the payment processor for processing the payment (collecting the money and transferring over to the merchant). All merchants have to pay this fee, even in grocery stores. So it’s not a fee that Wix charges and collects.

      It might be worth having a read of our in-depth Wix eCommerce review too.

      Hope that helps,
      – Tom

  15. philip malone August 10, 2017 at 2:45 PM #

    If I will only do affiliate marketing (like Amazon products) do I need an ecommerce site? Wouldn’t a regular site with links be enough?


    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts August 11, 2017 at 1:46 AM #

      Hi phillip,

      You won’t need an ecommerce plan to run an affiliate marketing campaign.

      A regular site with links is all you need (well apart from good on-site SEO and self-promotion that is)!

      Best of luck,
      – Tom

  16. Pooja Goyal August 9, 2017 at 2:31 AM #

    I was under the impression that if I go with Wix’ Combo or Unlimited plan, I would still be able to sell a couple of items.
    I don’t need a whole store; this is basically a blog. Still, I wanted to make a few bucks and thought that I would be able to do that with ‘livemnc.com’.
    But, based on what I read in a comment here, it looks like I would have to pay for the eCommerce plan.

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts August 10, 2017 at 7:30 AM #

      Hi Pooja,

      Unfortunately to sell anything on Wix you will need an ecommerce plan as that is how their model works.

      That’s not to say there are any limits to the number of products you have to sell. You could look into the Wix App Market to see about adding a blog functionality onto the Wix eCommerce platform and that should give you the best of both worlds. The beauty of Wix is that you can really tailor how your site looks and what goes on it, so it’s at least worth giving the free trial a go and seeing if you can achieve the sort of you site you want to.

      It’s also worth pointing out that there are no transaction fees if you sell products with Wix. If you go to other platforms, they usually charge transaction fees unless you subscribe to their higher plans.

      Hope that’s some food for thought,
      – Tom

  17. Lulu August 1, 2017 at 4:44 PM #

    Great article, Jeremy! I’m almost convinced Wix is for me, but I’m still confused about email. I own three domains, and my current web host routes emails to those domains to my Comcast ISP email address. I want to get rid of the old web host. Can my three domains all be routed to me through Wix? I don’t even know if I’m asking the right question. 🙂

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts August 9, 2017 at 2:37 AM #

      Hi Lulu,

      You can host up to 6 sites through a Wix account, but you will need to upgrade each one individually for each domain name you want to use.

      For example, you can create and host your three sites on Wix, but would need to upgrade three times (so each one onto its own separate premium plan) in order to use your domain names.

      On the email front, Wix has partnered up with Google to offer Gmail for businesses so you can create custom email addresses with your Wix websites too.

      Hope that answers your question,
      – Tom

  18. Margaret July 29, 2017 at 2:27 PM #

    Appreciate all the information. Really helps in the decision making process – thanks so much!

  19. Rae July 22, 2017 at 9:15 AM #

    I am just in the creating aspect of my website….it will eventually offering digital downloads for a cost….I’m thinking First 3 free then varying charges depending on what amount s being downloaded. Does Wix offer 1)something that tracks downloads from site so this could be possible 2) to offer this do I need a commerce site and 3) can I switch between plans start with “unlimited” then switch to “ecommerce” when I am ready for that aspect.

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts August 3, 2017 at 7:33 AM #

      Hi Rae,

      You will definitely need a Wix ecommerce plan if you plan on selling goods – physical or digital.

      But thankfully it’s not a problem upgrading from an unlimited plan to an ecommerce one, and you can do this when you need to.

      Regarding your model of moving from free downloads to paid downloads, it would be worth looking through the Wix App Market to see if any third party apps offer this functionality because – as far as I know – Wix ecommerce is unable to handle such dynamic pricing by itself. One potential that springs to mind is ‘Sell Downloads’ by Sellfy, so it would be worth giving it a look.

      The only other resolution I can think of would be to list all your downloads on the site and then price the ones you want to give away for free at $0.00, while charging for all the rest. However, I’m not sure if this is dynamic enough for you.

      That’s my two cents, hope it provides some food for thought,
      – Tom

  20. Robert July 19, 2017 at 5:24 PM #

    Hi Jeremy –
    I’m about to create a website for design services. At some point in the future, I would like to add the eCommerce function to sell a number of one-of-a-kind books. Can the website set up in Unlimited be
    ‘upgraded’ to an eCommerce account without losing the content and formatting?

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts July 26, 2017 at 7:34 AM #

      Hi Robert,

      Absolutely you can upgrade to sell products in the future. All you’ll need to do is add Wix Stores to your site, access and select it in the editor, then click ‘upgrade now’.

      From there you can choose a plan to suit. Wix offer a lot of helpful advice on doing this in their support pages, just search for ‘upgrading wix stores’.

      Hope that helps.
      – Tom

  21. Venise Spence July 2, 2017 at 5:27 PM #

    I didn’t saw a wix paying option.will a wix payment processor work in places like Jamaica?

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts July 6, 2017 at 7:11 AM #

      Hi Venise,

      I’m not sure what you mean about not seeing a Wix ‘paying option’? If you’re looking to sign up, just click here and then ‘Select’ the plan that you want.

      You shouldn’t have any trouble setting up a payment gateway and processing ecommerce payments in Jamaica.

      If you’re not completely sold on Wix, you could take a look at Weebly pricing plans or even Shopify payment plans (in case you wanted a dedicated ecommerce platform to work with).

      Hope that helps,
      – Tom

  22. Kat M July 2, 2017 at 12:24 AM #

    I was under the impression that if I go with Wix’ Combo or Unlimited plan, I would still be able to sell a couple of items. (Like tarot readings or a craft or book). I don’t need a whole store; this is basically a blog. Still, I wanted to make a few bucks (in part, to afford the yearly cost of the site), and thought that I would be able to do that. But, based on what I read in a comment here, it looks like I would have to pay for the eCommerce plan (which I cannot afford). Is that correct?

    • Tom Watts
      Tom Watts July 6, 2017 at 6:48 AM #

      Hey Kat,

      Unfortunately you’re correct in your assumption – if you want to sell products through your Wix site then you would need an ecommerce plan.

      However, one idea you could potentially look into is selling your products on Etsy or a similar site, then download the relevant ecommerce app from the Wix App Store and connect it to your Etsy/etc account.

      That workaround could work, but bear in mind you’d miss out on all the additional tools and features that a Wix ecommerce plan can offer. We have a more in-depth discussion focused on Wix’s ecommerce platform here.

      That’s my two cents,

  23. Dalton June 27, 2017 at 2:40 AM #

    Great job on the website. Very informative. You put some pep in my step. I am ready to start my first website. Thanks.

  24. Gary Webster June 26, 2017 at 8:00 AM #

    I have a personal WIX account that I have JUST set up for my wife and so far so good. I am also looking at them to change over my school from Shopify. I need to know about their reporting capabilities for products and customers. We end up creating customer product reports many time per week that include the customers name and email.

  25. Tracy June 13, 2017 at 4:51 AM #


    Thank you so much for such an informative website! I am building a site for a friend. He has a domain name with Namesilo already, and mail addressed to the domain name is supposed to be forwarded to his personal email account. Can he still do this with Wix?

    Also, the website is for a service industry business (i.e. home improvement work) and not online products; therefore, would the Unlimited Plan be sufficient for this? If so, can he still accept payments using the Unlimited Plan or would he have to have eCommerce for that? Thank you for your time.

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy June 14, 2017 at 9:47 AM #

      Hey Tracy,

      Regarding email, your friend doesn’t have to change anything. You can still build a website using Wix and retain the existing email address elsewhere. So the email account and the Wix account can be completely separate.

      Your friend will need the eCommerce plan if he wants to use the online store tools. eCommerce can be for physical products or services.


  26. Paul June 7, 2017 at 3:28 AM #

    Hi Jeremy

    Thanks for your efforts on this guide, really helpful and explained very clearly, for a complete novice at this it’s all good. Dumb question: I’m looking to set up an astrology site offering readings, so will I need to choose the e-commerce option? Many thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy June 8, 2017 at 3:20 AM #

      Hello Paul,

      It all depends if you want to charge people a fee for your services! If “yes”, then you’ll need ecommerce capability so you can collect fees from your customers.


  27. Jonas June 4, 2017 at 5:05 PM #

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for this great work. I have a quick question though. I have used Wix unlimited plan to build a website earlier on and now wanted to add a store to the website. I saw they have various apps on their store for adding ecommerce feature to my already built website. Is that the same as using their ecommerce package if I just add a ecommerce app to the unlimited plan or I have to buy a ecommerce plan separately for that. That is, is unlimited plan + ecommerce app == ecommerce plan? And what would be the convenience associated with each part of the equation? Thanks

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy June 5, 2017 at 1:24 PM #

      Hey Jonas,

      If you subscribe to Wix’s Unlimited plan, you won’t have access to use Wix’s ecommerce tools. So if you want to build an online store, you’ll have to upgrade to their “eCommerce” plan.

      Once you’ve upgraded to their eCommerce plan, you should have access to their “Wix Stores” app which will provide you with selling tools.

      Hope this helps!


  28. Les Barnett May 26, 2017 at 2:44 PM #

    The time and dedication you put into this was outstanding and greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

  29. tom May 20, 2017 at 9:10 AM #

    Thank you for this article. Very helpful.

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy May 22, 2017 at 3:13 PM #

      You’re very welcome, Tom. Glad you found this guide helpful!


  30. Ro May 11, 2017 at 4:39 AM #

    Top. Thank you so much for your help. I never thought Wix is such a pleasant thing. You are close to stop me building my site in Squarespace 🙂

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy May 12, 2017 at 4:41 PM #

      Hi Ro,

      The important thing is to test out the platforms you are interested in. Getting some hands on experiences is the only way to be able to make an informed decision!


  31. Beth April 13, 2017 at 4:51 PM #

    GREAT job, Jeremy. EXCELLENT, understandable presentation of invaluable information that you clearly took a huge amount of time & trouble to compile. Thank you so, SOOO much.

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy April 14, 2017 at 10:40 AM #

      Thank you, Beth. Thanks for taking the time to read our guide!


  32. Rashmi April 8, 2017 at 2:21 AM #


    For ecommerce is the payment gateway facility included and does it work for countries like India.

    Thanks in advance

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy April 10, 2017 at 2:19 PM #


      Wix’s ecommerce tools are integrated with a number of different payment processors. One of them is PayPal and so it will work in India.

      We have more information about Wix’s ecommerce features here.


  33. Jaspal March 28, 2017 at 4:40 AM #

    Hi Jeremy!
    Grrreat helpful website !
    I am looking to build a “blog-type” website,
    i.e. NOT selling physical goods as such,
    is that a possibility with “Wix”?
    Thanks for your help – appreciate your time!

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy March 29, 2017 at 10:11 AM #

      Hello Jaspal,

      Yes, Wix can help you with that. If you view their templates selection, they’re definitely not laid out like a typical blog. Also, you don’t have to use their ecommerce plans if you’re not planning on selling any products.


  34. Phil Nelson March 17, 2017 at 4:27 PM #

    Good review, very helpful. **Thanks **

  35. Mark March 15, 2017 at 3:10 AM #

    G’day Jeremy.
    I’ve read a few of your reviews now and you do such a top job. Thank you.
    Wonder if you can put me on the track here.
    I’m looking for an e-commerce site that propogates the shopping cart purchases, but the last step not to be ‘pay now’, but rather ‘send email of my cart contents’ so that we can determine shipping costs. We can’t fully automate the process because we sell plants of various sizes and weights and can only determine the shipping costs after we see the full order. Maybe redirect to a fillable pdf for example.
    I’ve used wix before and like it. I would prefer to only to pay for the ecommerce component if i use it in its entirety.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy March 16, 2017 at 5:23 PM #

      Hey Mark,

      I don’t think Wix offers this custom function. Most online store builders won’t offer this unless they allow you to customize the shopping cart.

      One thing you can consider trying is to have your shoppers contact you and send you a list of what they want (you can use the contact box to do this). Then you can reply to them via email with your shipping quotes.

      It sounds a bit “old school” but I think it’s still effective without having to commit a lot of time into building a custom shopping cart (which you will have to utilize a more powerful platform such as WordPress).


  36. Sally February 25, 2017 at 8:31 PM #

    Hello Jeremy, I have a nonprofit organization. I am interested in setting up a WIX account. I will want to have a working DONATE button attached to the website, but I need to know which pricing plan to go with in order to do this. e-commerce?

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy February 27, 2017 at 11:30 AM #

      Hey Sally,

      I think if you use PayPal’s donate button, it will work with any one of Wix’s plans.

      If you go to Wix’s Help Center and search for “donate”, it will provide instructions on how to get this set up.

      Hope this helps!


  37. Kenny Ragsdale February 19, 2017 at 6:04 PM #

    This is EXCELLENT research information that has been very useful and instrumental in deciding which web design program to go with!

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy February 20, 2017 at 10:20 AM #

      Thanks for your feedback, Kenny. Glad you found this discussion review.


  38. Jojo February 13, 2017 at 3:06 PM #

    Brilliant site. Has saved me a lot of time and hassle

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy February 15, 2017 at 5:34 PM #

      You’re very welcome, Jojo. Glad you found this review helpful.


  39. Kim Stratton February 10, 2017 at 6:34 PM #

    Hi Jeremy
    Love your articles on website building. I am a landscape designer in Toronto Canada looking for a website builder that would best help me sell my designs and architectural photography on the same site. I have a domain name from a Canadian web host. I want a web host and site that is easy to contact when I have trouble/questions and a site that I can insert my project photos in and very few words and its up and running. Simple to the point and easy for a non techy like myself.

    Your recommendations for this Canadian?

    Thanks Kim

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy February 13, 2017 at 10:16 AM #

      Hi Kim,

      Yes, our recommendations are the same for users based in Canada as well!

      One thing you want to consider is whether you are selling physical items or digital items. Wix works just fine for selling physical items but they don’t have the capability to sell digital items yet unless you use the “Sell Download” app found in their app market.


  40. Sonia February 10, 2017 at 5:19 AM #

    I love your articles and emails. So glad I found you. Your info is very helpful. I am looking at a Wix site but I do have a question about the apps.

    If they say free/premium, does that mean they are free if you purchase a premium plan?

    Also in your above article you added the Shoutout app to the VIP plan. Is the email campaign only available in the VIP plan?

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy February 13, 2017 at 10:21 AM #

      Hello Sonia,

      I believe free apps are also available for Wix users who are using the free plan. So free really means free!

      As for Wix Shoutout, you can use this newsletter app even if you are not subscribed to Wix’s VIP plan – you just have to pay for this add-on.

      Here are the Shoutout pricing plans at the moment – I’ll also add it to this discussion above! Thanks for asking!


  41. Lisa Bader January 20, 2017 at 2:55 PM #

    Many thanks for providing such useful information! I appreciate your clear, crisp writing style and the screen grabs embedded in the article make it very easy to follow. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy January 23, 2017 at 6:42 AM #

      Hey Lisa,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you found this review of Wix’s pricing plan helpful.

      Good luck with building your website!


  42. Les Curwood January 20, 2017 at 10:45 AM #

    Thank you for a very good article on WIX.

    I have been searching the web to find out if the “Protected Pages” or “Members Only” functionality is included in the “WIX for Free” setup or whether I have to pay for one of their Plans to get those features. The WIX site does not give any indication, even on their Pricing page, and to raise an enquiry ticket with them requires me to create an account.


    • Jeremy
      Jeremy January 23, 2017 at 6:40 AM #

      Hi Les,

      The membership app is a free app, so you should be able to add that to your site.

      An easy way to check is to log into your Wix website and try adding the app and also try the protect page function. You’ll get your answer right away!


      • Ahmad Faizan August 7, 2018 at 1:56 AM #


        • Charlie Carmichael
          Charlie Carmichael August 15, 2018 at 6:10 AM #

          Hi Ahmad,

          Thanks for your comment. In order to get an online store with Wix you need to subscribe to either the ecommerce plan or VIP plan. Anything lower than these pricing plans will get give you access to an online store.

          Hope that helps,