Weebly vs Weebly with Bluehost

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Bluehost Weebly Most Weebly users build their websites through the drag and drop builder through Weebly Inc.

But what most users don’t know, is that you can actually use Weebly with Bluehost to build your website as well!

I’ll get into the pros, cons and pricing differences of using Weebly on Weebly Inc. vs Bluehost.com,  but first, let me quickly explain some key differences and who or what is Bluehost.

Note: To reduce confusion, I’m going to refer to Weebly (the Company) as “Weebly Inc.”, and the actual website building technology that you use to build websites as “Weebly”. So both Weebly Inc. (the company) and Bluehost use Weebly (the website builder).

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Who and What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a very large and reputable hosting service.  They’ve been around since 1996 (even before Weebly was created) and they provide hosting services for millions of users.

Most people use Bluehost to set up other websites using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.  Basically, it’s a general platform where people build a variety of websites using other website building platforms.

In fact, Bluehost is a recommended host by WordPress since 2005 – this just goes to show that Bluehost is credible and is a trusted company.

Hosting with Weebly Inc. vs Hosting with Bluehost

When you sign up with an account with Weebly Inc. to create your website, your website is hosted with Weebly Inc.  That means all your pictures, text, slideshows, everything in your website, reside or is stored with Weebly Inc.  You will log in and access your website by going to the Weebly Inc. website (www.Weebly.com).

If you use Weebly through Bluehost.com, this means everything in your website is stored with Bluehost.com.  You will access your Weebly website by going to Bluehost.com.

Why is Weebly in Bluehost?

Inserting Weebly into Bluehost allows Weebly Inc., as a company, to reach millions of additional users.  Given that Bluehost is a reputable company and has a great branding, this gives Weebly Inc. an opportunity to increase their number of users.

On the other hand, it also gives Bluehost an opportunity to provide a user-friendly, drag and drop website builder to their customers.

As I mentioned above, Bluehost traditionally caters to WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, and they are much more complicated website builders to use.  Adding a drag and drop website builder such as Weebly to their product offering makes a lot of sense.

Is Weebly with Bluehost the same as Weebly with Weebly Inc.?

Yes and no. What we have noticed is that there is a time delay between when Weebly Inc. releases new features, and when Bluehost updates their version of Weebly.

Also, there are certain administrative functions that are available with Weebly Inc., but not available with Bluehost.

While Bluehost may not have all the newest Weebly features, there are a lot of benefits if you use Bluehost.  I’ll go over these below.

Bluehost Slow to Update with New Weebly Features

What we have noticed is that whenever Weebly Inc. releases new features, it takes a while for Bluehost to update their version of Weebly.

For example, at the time of this article, Weebly Inc. recently released new features such as:

  • Site search
  • Header slideshows
  • Custom footers
  • Expanded social icons element

At the moment, Bluehost’s version of Weebly has yet to include these new updates.  It has been around 3 months since the new features were released by Weebly Inc., so hopefully Bluehost will incorporate these soon.

Other than that, all the other basic website building tools work the same. You can still build a website using Bluehost’s Weebly quickly and easily.

Bluehost Weebly

Bluehost Limits the Number of Pages You Can Build

With the Basic version of Weebly with Bluehost, you can only create 6 pages per website. If you want to create more pages, you will need to upgrade to their “Professional” plan.  (I’ll go over the pricing differences between Weebly Inc. and Bluehost below).

With Weebly inc, you can create unlimited pages, even if you are using their free plan.

Missing Important Administrative Functions with Bluehost’s Weebly

There are 2 important administrative functions that are missing with Bluehost’s version of Weebly.

1) Editors

Normally with Weebly Inc., it gives you the ability to invite Editors to help you build your website.  So if you hire a developer or designer on contract to help you, you can just invite them without giving them full access to your website.

Weebly Bluehost Editor

With Bluehost, you cannot invite Editors to edit your website as this feature is missing.  So if you want to give someone access to your account, you will have to give them your Bluehost login name and password, which some people may resist as the editor will now have full access to your account, including the ability to reset your password and change other important information.

Many of you may not be comfortable with this, even though you can always change your password afterward.

2) Import External Templates

With Weebly Inc., you can import external Weebly templates with just 1-click. You have access to this feature whether you are using the free version of Weebly or the paid version.

Weebly Bluehost Import Themes

With Bluehost, you can import external Weebly templates, but this option is only available if you upgrade to their “Professional” package (I’ll go over the pricing differences between Weebly and Bluehost below).

What Benefits do Bluehost Offer that Weebly Doesn’t?

Weebly Inc. offers you a drag and drop website builder – that’s it.  While the website builder is simple and intuitive to use (read our comprehensive review on Weebly), Weebly Inc. really doesn’t offer other services.

They do one thing very well and offer you only one thing – enabling you to build websites easily.

But for those who want more than just the ability to build a website, using Weebly through Bluehost is an excellent option.

So what does Bluehost give you that Weebly doesn’t?

1) Unlimited email accounts

You can set up as many email addresses as you want using your domain name.

For example, if your website address is www.example.com, you can create your own custom email address such as john@example.com

This comes with the basic package from Bluehost, and they help you set it up (more on Bluehost help below).

2) Free domain name

If you use Bluehost, they give you a free domain name for 1 year.  A typical domain name will cost you around $12 a year.  So that’s a little bit of savings in your pocket.

3) 24 Hours 7 Days a Week Live Support

Weebly Inc. currently only offers you email support. With Bluehost, they provide you with 24/7 phone, live chat or email support.

This is really a nice perk that Bluehost offers, as different people have different learning habits and learning speed.  Some people are not afraid of technology, while some need a bit of hand-holding, which Bluehost provides.

Although in our experiences, Weebly Inc. usually responds to email in a day, for some of you who prefer speaking with someone on the phone or on internet live chat without waiting, Bluehost will cater to your needs.

Pricing Difference Between Weebly Inc. and Bluehost

Weebly Inc. recently changed their pricing structure for Weebly Pro.  So the following pricing information is taken from the most recent packages from both Weebly and Bluehost.

Weebly Pro and Starter Plans

The price for Pro and Starter Plans range from:

  • Pro – $6.63 to $9.83 / month
  • Starter – $3.29 / month to $4.83 / month

The price range depends if you sign up for a 6-month plan or up to 2 years. weebly pro and starter pricing

Bluehost Weebly Plans

A basic Bluehost plan starts at $6.95 / month (you can get it for $4.95 per month if you sign up for 36 months – but you can cancel and get your money back anytime).

With just the basic plan, you get access to use their Weebly website builder, but as mentioned, they limit you to only 6 pages per website.

Other additional benefits you receive include:

  1. Unlimited customized email addresses
  2. Free domain name for 1 year
  3. 24/7 live support

If you want more features, you will need to upgrade to their “Professional” plan for $8.99 / month.

You can also sign up for their e-Commerce plans for $2.99 per month as well.

Bluehost Weebly plans

Illustration of Pricing Differences

So let’s piece this all together in an illustration.

Depending on which plan you sign up with Weebly Inc., for the sake of illustration, your monthly investment will be around $4 to $10 (rounded to the closest dollar).

If you were to sign up with Bluehost, with their Professional Plan (most people will likely do so to access more features), the monthly fee will be around $14 to $16 (rounded to the closest dollar).

In appearance, it’s cheaper to register with Weebly Inc., than with Bluehost.

However, you should consider the other “value added” services that Bluehost gives you:

  1. Email address – We pay $4.16 a month with Google Business Apps to get 1 customized email address. With Bluehost, you can have an unlimited number of custom email addresses.
  2. Free 1-year domain name – that’s around a $12 per year value (so $1 a month, but only for 1 year)
  3. 24/7 live support – hard to put a value on this, but it’s worth good money to some people

So if we take the approximate Bluehost monthly price of $14 – $16, and adjust for the 2 quantifiable benefits above (email and domain name), the adjusted monthly price will then be approximately $9 to $11.

Not too far off from Weebly’s plans, not to mention you will receive 24/7 support from Bluehost.

Here’s a quick table to help illustrate:

Bluehost vs Weebly Pricing Comparison Chart

Even after adjusting for the free email and 1-year free domain name, Bluehost is still a little bit more expensive. But you have to consider the 24/7 live support they provide you.  We didn’t include this in our calculation as it is not easy to put a price tag on it.

If you tend to like instant support at any time, rather than waiting for email support, this Bluehost support benefit could be worth a lot to you.

Money Back Guarantee

If you sign up with Weebly Inc’s Pro / Starter package, you have a 30-day money back guarantee period.

For Bluehost, you can also cancel at any time during the first 30 days and get all your money back.

Once you passed the 30 days, you can get a full refund for any unused portion of the remainder of your contract. So it’s pretty fair.

Bluehost Guarantee

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Choosing between using Weebly Inc. or Bluehost’s Weebly is a very personal decision.  Both offer you the easy to use drag and drop website builder, but here are my summarized pros and cons for each:

Weebly Inc.


  • You are using Weebly directly from its creator (Weebly Inc.)
  • You get faster updates when Weebly releases new features
  • It’s slightly cheaper on a per month basis
  • You can create unlimited pages across all their plans (including the free plan)


  • No email package – you have to set it up yourself
  • You have to set up your own domain name



  • They help you set up your own custom email address
  • They give you a free domain name for 1 year and help you get it set up
  • 24 / 7 live support (phone, chat or email)


  • You have to wait a bit for new updates from Weebly Inc.
  • They limit you to creating 6 pages and you will have to upgrade your plan if you want to create more pages
  • Slightly more expensive

I think the best way to compare whether you should use Weebly through Weebly Inc. or Bluehost, is whether you feel comfortable working your way through getting your administrative account settings up and running by yourself (such as account set up, connecting your email and domain name, and other technical issues), or paying a few dollars more to have someone live guide you through the process.

If the first option is okay with you, then using Weebly with Weebly Inc. is a great option.

If you are afraid of anything technical, and would like instant support available to you, using Weebly with Bluehost is the way to go.  At the end of the day, the extra few dollars per month may go a long way in terms of live support.

If you have any additional questions about Bluehost, feel free to use their Live Chat a try!  They can answer all your questions, and at the same time, gives you an opportunity to test out their support services.

bluehost live chat

In my own experience, their instant support works great and I feel like I get my questions answered right away, which saves me a lot of time and keeps me productive.

Either way, both Bluehost and Weebly Inc. offer 30 days money back guarantee, so that removes a lot of risks from you.

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  • Lisa
    This comparison between Weebly Inc. and Bluehost was extremely helpful. Thanks so much!
    1 reply
    • Hannah Whitfield
      Thanks so much for the feedback, Lisa! Hannah
  • Rebecca Ruano
    Thanks for answeing my exact question! I'm sure you didn't even know I was going to ask. Haha, I guess this makes me "somebody"! And that makes my day!! I haven't checked the date of this article, and I need to start making a habit of that. Because if this is current infomation, then this information is very valuable knowledge. In which case, Thank you very very much. Otherwise, thanks. ;P
    1 reply
    • Fred Isaac
      Hi Rebecca, we update our articles regularly so it should be all good. Glad you found it useful!
  • Wendy Bodin
    Bluehost was bought out by another company, Endurance. Since they are Endurance now, they are not as friendly or helpful as before. Plus I've received a lot of wrong information from them. I was told by them that Weebly is a third party contractor and they no longer provide support for Weebly websites, although I have one with them. I'm up for renewal and don't know what way to go between Bluehosts Weebly or with Weebly itself. No one will answer my questions. Your article here looks outdated to me. What is really going on. I need to know.
    1 reply
    • Tom Watts
      Hello Wendy, Thanks for joining the discussion and letting us know your situation. It certainly sounds frustrating. It's definitely always frustrating when you're not receiving the responses you want from the customer care care team - it can really damage trust and this can have knock on effects for your site, probably as you well know! While I don't have access behind the scenes at Bluehost/Endurance, my advice to you would be to take a step back and consider the following: "Do you want to continue paying money to a company for a website when they have given you wrong information, not provided the support you require and generally aren't meeting the standard you've come to expect?" I know I would have reservations about renewing if it was me, so it could be worth looking at Weebly without Bluehost as this removes the downside of your experience, while also keeping your website on the platform your used to. Hope that helps, - Tom
  • Shama Patel
    Thank you for the wonderful article above. My client has a Weebly website through Bluehost. I have a few questions. 1. Weebly recently upgraded their features through Bluehost. Some of the features I used previously, I can no longer locate. Where can I find a document that lists all the changes, upgrades, & features that are no longer available? 2. How can I install SSL for the Weebly website through Bluehost. 3. Do you know when the Undo feature will be available on Weebly? This would be quite useful when I need to revert my changes. 4. If I make any change to my design on Weebly, does it automatically Save? Or do I have to Publish to keep the changes Saved? Thanks, Shama
    1 reply
    • Tom Watts
      Hi Shama, Glad you found the article handy - feel free to give us a helping hand with a share using the social icons above, we really appreciate it + you never know who else you might help! Now, for your questions, I'll run through them in order. 1) I believe the information you're looking for is located on the Bluehost website and can be found in this 'Weebly Upgrade FAQ'. 2) Weebly usually includes SSL for their websites if you subcscribe through their Business and Performance plans, but due to the ongoing upgrades between Bluehost and Weebly this may be up in the air at the moment. Your best port of call is the Bluehost Knowledge Base. Use the link above in answer 1) as a jumping off point and you should be able to find what you need. If not, I'd recommend contacting Bluehost support to find out how the upgrade has affected SSL installation. 3) The undo feature is an ongoing request with Weebly's technical team and seems to be gatherng more and more traction - so hopefully it will be available sooner rather than later. In the menatime, if you're editing text and the cursor is still in the text-box then you should have 'undo' and 'redo' buttons availble in the editing toolbar, which can be handy if you accidentally delete some content you're working on. 4) Weebly autosaves everything as you work, so no worries there. Hope that all proves usual, - Tom
  • Jason
    Jeremy, I recently signed up for bluehost. Being a new user, i was anxious to experiment and I clicked on Weebly. I chose a theme and it loaded looking exactly as the sample looked... which was great. However, I made some edits that I no longer want. By the time I was done editing I had basically deleted most of the template except for the heading. I wanted to chose a different theme and expected it to load as the sample looked. However, it simply applied the new template to the changes that I made. So, no matter what template I select... it pretty much opens up blank. Do you know if there is there any way to uninstall Weebly so that I can start over? Bluehost provides an uninstall option for Wordpress... but ... it appears they do not for Weebly. Thanks,
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Jason, I suspect the reason for that is that Weebly doesn't want to overwrite all your edits or customizations. Imagine if you've spent time inserting your images and other content, but want to switch themes, then the new theme deleted all your previous content. That wouldn't be ideal for a lot of users! Try completely deleting your website and setting up a new one. But be sure to reach out to Bluehost's support to see if that will work. Jeremy
  • Scott
    I have to concur with Troy. I have not been able to update our websites since Friday 3/24/2017 We are unable to access the Weebly on Blueshost. I have called three times and they respond they are aware of the issue and are working on it. Since we use our 6 websites to update news etc it has become problematic not to be able to edit sites you are paying for. They have given us a free month for our troubles however it is 3/28/2017 and the Weebly interface with Bluehost still is broken.
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hey Scott, Thanks for the update on this situation. And sorry to hear that you aren't able to update your websites through Bluehost. It's nice of them to offer 1 free month as compensation, but would be nicer if they patch things up! Did they offer any time estimates? Jeremy
  • Troy
    I have to disagree with your disposition and accolades for bluehost and the weebly interface. I've been a bluehost customer for 4 years, and when I do need tech support, plan on spending at least an hour or so on the phone. the hold times are ridiculous. The weebly pro interface on bluehost hasn't worked correctly since February 2017. The say they're working on a fix... It's been over a month and I still have no access to update my website. I probably should have migrated my website to a new host by now, but keep putting it off... Essentially they are charging you for a product that doesn't work, and seem to be allocating few resources to the fix if its been over a month. Not a good company in my opinion. Oddly enough their parent company Endurance is no longer publishing customer survey results in their fiscal reporting package. that alone says a lot...
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hey Troy, Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Sorry to hear about your experiences with Bluehost. I've always encouraged users to use the website builder directly (in this case, Weebly.com), if possible. The main reason being that you'll get the latest and greatest tools from Weebly directly, and their support team are actually employed by Weebly. Further, as you pointed out, the version of Weebly with Bluehost is outdated. I think I've highlighted this in my guide above as well. Have you considered migrating to use Weebly.com directly? Thanks for your comment! Jeremy
  • Eric Hanford Miller
    Really excellent compare/contrast, Jeremy--much appreciated. We already use Weebly (Pro) for several sites on BlueHost but were looking at the "Weebly Inc." option because of the feature latency you mentioned. But BlueHost handsdown has the best help desk of any hosting company we've ever worked with: a living, breathing knowledgeable human being actually answers the phone 24/7 and we've never had an issue they didn't resolve within 2 calls. As opposed to SquareSpace--a company that apparently can't afford a phone line and considers it beneath their dignity to get their hands dirty with actual problem solving
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Thanks for your feedback, Eric. Weebly.com does have phone support as well, though not 24 hours a day (only from 6am - 6pm PST). If Squarespace introduced phone support, that would be awesome! I think that's definitely something they should consider. Jeremy
  • Howard
    Hi Jeremy Your article and its conclusion suggest me to believe the best option ( after trying weebly free for a while to see how I like it) would be to buy a domaine name and then hook it to weebly.com?? Also: can weebly give you any choice of templates available online ( as well as their custom ones) from any source ...providing you pay for it? And finally: would my gmail be good for contact? What is used for reader comments to reach me?? is it appropriate to use your domaine name; for contact me or for comments from readers on an essay ( like here)? Thanks howard
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hey Howard, 1) It's really up to you if you want to use Weebly.com directly or through another provider such as Bluehost. But I personally prefer using Weebly from Weebly.com directly for the reasons I mentioned above. 2) You can purchase a domain name either directly through Weebly or through another provider, then connect it to your website. We have a guide that will talk more about domain name options here. 3) You can use any of the templates offered by Weebly for free. There are other premium templates providers for Weebly as well. You can find some of them here. 4) It's really up to you. But if you want a more professional email address, Weebly does offer you the ability to set up custom email addresses through Google Business Apps (for a few dollars per month). Weebly's website will have more details about that. Jeremy
  • Paul A.
    In your comparison of Weebly vs Weebly on BlueHost, there is one important point that you did not cover. BlueHost allows you to host an unlimited number of sites on one account. Does Weebly.com also allow this, or does a user have to pay for each extra account hosted on Weebly.com? With this in mind, I am also wondering about the reverse. I know that Weebly.com allows a user to design as many websites as possible (although I am not sure if the user has to pay extra to host each site). Does Weebly on BlueHost also allow this possibility? In other Words, when I sign up on a Weebly account on BlueHost, can I use this account to create say 10 websites and host them all on BlueHost at no extra cost? (I'm looking for the best of both worlds here).
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hello Paul, You raise a good point. With Weebly, if you want to create a new website, you will need to create this website separately from your other website. Although, this can be done under your single Weebly account so you don't have to use another email to sign up to a new Weebly account. So if you decide to upgrade this second (or third or fourth) website, you must do so separately as each website you create under your Weebly account is independent of one another. I believe this is the same for Bluehost's version of Weebly as well. If you want to create a second Weebly site under Bluehost, you will need to set this up independent of your first website, and pay for this separately. Jeremy